Will Eating A Burger Ruin My Diet

Keto Fast Food: Final Thoughts


It may come as a relief to know that it is still possible to enjoy certain fast foods while following the keto diet, particularly if you plan ahead to understand the nutritional information of the food you intend ordering.

With that said, eating fast food is definitely second to making your own healthy home cooked meals and should not start to substitute home cooked meals on a regular basis.

While some fast food chain stores advertise certain meals as being keto-friendly or low-carb, dont be deceived by clever marketing tactics. For instance, even some salads are way above the daily carb intake allowance due to salad dressings and sugar-rich seasoning.

At the end of the day, an occasional fast food order wont ruin your weight-loss or health goals but its good to ensure that such indulgences dont become a habit. Instead, let your focus remain on eating whole foods to meet your macronutrient requirements!

Can One Cheat Day Ruin My Entire Fitness Plan

It depends on what you cheat with, and the kind of diet you’re on, say experts


  • Why a cheat day may be good for you
  • On a diet but need a cheat day? Wait for this
  • How much can you afford to eat on your day off?
  • Diet trends and cheat meal options

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice and its never been easier to slip into one in Dubai the whole city seems to have taken up the fitness challenge. Thirty minutes of exercise, every day, for thirty days. The annual project, which was kicked-off last year and runs until November 24 this time around, is the brainchild of Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council.

It comes with an extensive list of fun events to help you make the transition to fit. But its never only about exercise what you eat is crucial to all results. Which is why its not all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes there are tears of craving and feelings of hanger .

One Skipped Gym Class Wont Ruin Your Week

Maybe youre okay when it comes to recovering from food-related mishaps. Perhaps your problem is exercise. It goes something like this: you end up working late on Monday, and missing your step aerobics class. And since youve now failed at your self-imposed exercise regime, you may as well not go to the gym at all this week

Again, this is a silly way to think. Youre unlikely to see any dramatic loss of fitness based on skipping a single workout. Why not go for a late-evening jog or walk, so that you still get some exercise? Or try out the Tuesday class instead?

Dont get hung up on being perfect. Again, in other areas of your life, you wouldnt think in such all or nothing terms: if you missed a small project deadline on Monday, you wouldnt give up hitting all your deadlines for the rest of the week.

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Why Cheat Days Are Bad

The negatives of a cheat day are right there in the name. Youâre cheating on your diet by taking one day in a specific period and eating whatever you want. The issue is that itâs incredibly easy to overindulge. Overindulging can completely ruin the weight loss and healthy gains youâve made. If a cheat day becomes a regular part of your week, you risk completely counteracting your dieting efforts. One study found that overeating after a period of dieting can lead to further binge eating, since it sets off a cycle of feast and famine. When you consider a cheat day as an all-out snackfest, this can exacerbate the problem.

One study found that overeating after a period of dieting can lead to further binge eating, since it sets off a cycle of feast and famine.

These diet setbacks can have lasting effects beyond just counteracting your healthy eating. For example, obesity-prone people tend to be less likely to move in the aftermath of overeating, which can wreak havoc their weight loss plans. Other short- and long-term effects of regular cheat days are more serious. For one, thereâs evidence that binge eating can raise your risk of cardiovascular disease for weeks. Other studies have found that one day of binge eating lowers insulin sensitivity, which can eventually lead to diabetes.

Foods To Eat When Youre Hungry Af But Refuse To Ruin Your Diet

25 Best Can Diabetics Eat Hamburgers

Youre just a few days into your diet, but at this moment youre almost over the edge. Youve already eaten your lunch and dinner, and along with it almost all your calories for the day. Its dire straights at this point and youre so hungry you would eat the arse out of a low flying seagull.

You need to eat something to maintain your sanity, but what could you possibly eat that will give you some level of satisfaction without completely destroying your diet?

Green apple w/peanut butter

1 green apple chopped + 1 tablespoon of peanut butter25g carbs

Chop pumpkin, onion, beetroot, capsicum, zuchinni & eggplant into squares.Add one tablespoon of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of salt and thyme to a bowel.Toss chopped vegetables through the oil.

Keep in refrigerator and eat up to 300g or a medium bowel size for a snack.

Approx. 100 calories

Chopped vegetables w/ kale nut dip

Crunchy & filling.

Slice raw carrot, capsicum, cucumber, celery & beetroot.Take 2 handfulls of chickpeas, 3 handfulls of kale, 1 handfull of cashews/almonds, 1 tbs olive oil, 1 bunch of parsley and 1/4 cup of water to food processor.

Dip vegetables into dip 🙂

1/2 teaspoon of magneasium citrateHydrolite

Mixed into 500ml of water

Brain octane oil

Be careful with this one!Super useful for staying really alert & avoiding cravings when dieting.

Start with just 1 tsp and gradually use more over days/weeks up to 1 tbsp.Can cause stomach cramps & disarster pants if over consumed first go.

Wrap up

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Never Dine While You Dash

In a rush? Don’t start shoveling food in your face. If there’s one resolution to make this year, it should be to extend your lunch break to at least 20 minutes. Why the time minimum? Experts have found it takes around that amount of time for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re full. It’s one of the reasons why fast food is so bad for your waistline you quickly eat the calorie-laden fare before your body can tell you you’ve had enough!

Part : The First Step Starts Before You Leave The House

If you know you are going out for a meal ahead of time, I recommend having a snack at home so you are in the right mind space at the restaurant. AKA- you are able to order with a clear mind not a starving stomach.

You may even be able to get away with ordering a small appetizer and feel satiated = money saver= BONUS

Sneaky Investigating

If you know where you are going ahead of time take a look at the restaurants menu online if possible. Decide what you are going to order before going there and becoming faced with temptation . This way you can execute that healthy order like a pro!


Make sure you are hydrated before any meal! We often have a difficult time telling the difference between thirst and hunger so get that water down the hatch! If you want to step your hoity-toity game up, ask the waiter for a warm lemon water to start.

Congrats youve set the stage and prepared the waitress for your adjusted menu item because your one of those customers AND you get to warm up that digestive system! Double BONUS!

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Shop And Restaurant Salads

You think youre being good by ordering the healthy option on the menu but restaurant and shop-bought salads often contain high amounts of fat because of the sauces and accompaniments, such as egg mayonnaise and Caeser dressing. A recent survey found one of the salads at a large chain of pizza restaurants contained nearly 1000 calories!

What to eat insteadYou can still tuck in to a salad, just ask for dressing on the side and stay away from the cheese and croutons. Or ask for balsamic vinegar or olive oil, which is a good fat and great for your skin and heart. After a bit of recipe inspiration? Try one of our healthy salad recipes!

You Can Still Eat The Burger And Still Lose The Weight


Whens the last time you ate a burger? Seriously, Im curious.

I cant remember the last time I ate a burger and fries. Eating chicken burgers with my dad was basically a family past time when I was growing up. If you dangled a $100 bill in front of me as reward for citing the last time a king beef sandwich touched my lips, Id have $100. But only because I ripped it out of your phalanges and ran down the street. Point is, I cant remember okay. Stop yelling at me I dont have your money! Can you spot me a Large meal deal with extra sauce on the side please? It wasnt long before my penchant for the takeaways got way out of hand. You know you have a problem when you drive the suburb over so the pre-pubescent teen at your local drive-through doesnt recognize you for the third day in a row. So I gave up the stuff cold patty. I started swimming , joined a gym, cleaned up my nutrition and over the next year I lost 28kgs.

I bet you want to know how I did it huh? The secret tricks, the diet I followed? Sorry champ, that shit doesnt exist. Its just: eat less, exercise more. Sad right? It wasnt so bad.

The cost of this burger $18.90 to be exact. A cost, Im not willing to cop. I want to work out three or four times a week. I want to eat boiled eggs, kale and quinoa most meals. I want to achieve the best body within my personal realm of genetic possibility. But bitch, I want a burger and fries too.

Now excuse me while I wipe the cheese off my plate.

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Never Set Unreasonable Expectations

This should come as good news for those of you who feel guilty for not following strict dietary lifestyles: Going vegan to lose weight won’t work for everyone. Especially for those who always eat eggs for breakfast and like to eat a burger for lunch. If the diet plan you’re following isn’t compatible with your lifestyle, the odds are higher that you’ll fall off the bandwagon and regain the weight. Rather, put a vegan spin on your omnivore lifestyleadd onions, peppers, and spinach to your omelet and order your burger with a side salad instead of fries. To lose weight without overhauling your lifestyle, also check out these 40 Ways to Lose Weight in 4 Seconds.

It Causes Guilt Which Leads To Purging

After a binge, the guilt can set in immediately.

In fact, Ive felt guilty about eating so much while eating whatever it is I was craving. But, while Im eating I dont feel as guilty as I do when I finally finish the pack of cookies or whatever delivery Ive ordered.

In recent times my binge eating has caused for purging in return.

Purging is when you throw up the food youve eaten to expel the calories and food. My guilt has really gotten to me since Ive started trying to lose weight.

When I realized my binge eating had brought me into the obese category in BMI, it really caught me off guard. I knew I had gained weight but was it really that much weight? Well, yes. I was already overweight when I started binging so adding an extra 35-40lbs was going to push me over the edge.

Im doing well by counting my calories. But, its now a lot more apparent when I over eat because Im making sure to log everything that goes in my mouth.

My most recent binge was actually the day before the cookie binge. I ordered from Mooyah Burgers a burger, fries, and a small shake. I thought I was ingesting less calories than ordering from Cheesecake Factory so I thought I was good. Turns out the burger I ordered was my daily amount of calories in one sitting. Add to that a milkshake and sweet potato fries, and well I felt so guilty.

Thats a lose-lose situation.

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Ok So What About My Health In General

Another aspect of weekend eating to consider is whether eating more flexibly can actually benefit you and your health. Individuals following a calorie controlled diet during the week often will indulge in a “treat” or “cheat” meal during the weekend. But those ‘treats’ can easily spiral out of control once you get that sweet taste of the forbidden fruit .

Any eating patterns you adopt should be long term and sustainable, and will incorporate all sorts of food groups – including treats!

“We can eat all the treats??!” we hear you cry!

Hold up. Not quite.

If you cut certain foods out permanently , invariably you will end up craving them and will likely slip up and binge further down the line. And besides, the odd doughnut, burger or pizza is good for the soul – right?

Plus, these cheeky bites can even help boost your boost metabolism!

But how?

Fat cells give off a hormone called Leptin which is the stuff that tells our brain that our energy stores are full and it’s time to STEP AWAY FROM THE DINNER PLATE. However if we cut down on our food intake for a prolonged period of time, this can lead to a decline in these Leptin levels. So treat meals can help keep your leptin levels from falling too low, especially if they contain lots of carbs .

Never Assume ‘diet’ Drinks Are Good Replacements

Pin by Susan Dorcy on Products I Love

They may tout “zero calories,” but a 2017 review published in the journal PLOS One concluded that diet drinks are not helpful for weight loss and that they may even cause people to pile on the pounds because they can dull your sweet receptors, causing you to consume more of traditionally sweet foods, and thus, consume more calories.

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One Meal One Day One Week

But when you are talking about nutrition, diet and health, say experts, you need to strategise. If a person has a cheat meal it doesnt mean they have to skip all their other meals on the same day. If you have a cheat meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner and snacks should be consumed in between according to the diet plan you are following, explains Shahine. Also, mind your portions. A cheat meal doesnt mean you can eat as much as you like, it is better to keep portions moderate.

If you want to choose a cheat meal, try to have having it at dinnertime to avoid overeating, and avoid heavy meals before bedtime.

What Country Eats The Most Mcdonalds

10 Countries That Consume Way Too Much McDonalds

  • 14 Consumes The Most McDonalds: Canada.
  • 15 Cant Stand It: Bolivia.
  • 16 Consumes The Most McDonalds: France.
  • 17 Cant Stand It: Iran.
  • 18 Consumes The Most McDonalds: China.
  • 19 Cant Stand It: Bermuda.
  • 20 Consumes The Most McDonalds: USA.

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The Best Way To Approach Cheat Days

The ideal way to approach a cheat day is to know yourself. Figure out what’s sustainable for you.

While the single-day binge can be helpful for some people, occasionally indulging in smaller portions of your favorite foods may be more sustainable for the long haul in others. That way, you can treat yourself a few times a week, rather than carving out an entire day to indulge. Because lets be real: while the idea of sitting down and slamming an entire pizza may sound appealing, the feeling of fullness after you chow down isnt.

Loosen up the reins a few times each week for some indulgent foods, suggests White. By allowing a couple smaller indulgences you give yourself a break from normal dieting without sabotaging your results. What that would look like: Aim to have treats comprise 10 to 20 percent of your daily calories. If you’re an average active guy who needs roughly 2,800 calories a day, 280 to 560 of those can be reserved for your cheats two to three times per week.

But what if those small treats are a slippery slope? If the idea of a small cookie, for example, puts you into a downward spiral of I ate one, so I should enjoy the entire sleeve, then the weekly indulgence might be a better approach for you.

It Controls Your Life

What I eat to be yummy.. like a SUSHI BURGER (Healthy)

I am not afraid to say that binge eating can and has controlled my life.

When I was at my worst, I was binging and depression eating everything I could get my hands on. All I bought at the store were snacks. And then I proceeded to eat most of those snacks within a few days, only to get more at the store to continue the cycle.

When Im alone and have nothing to do, its so easy for the cravings to pop up. They dont always happen then, but when Im at my weakest it hits hardest. I started out stress eating and then it turned into cravings.

Im trying to combat this by eating healthy, and eating well. Im logging everything I eat on My Fitness Pal, and so far Ive been logging for about 2 weeks straight and Ive lost about 5-10lbs because I forgot to weigh myself before I started.

But, a craving can hit at any time and unless I force myself to go to sleep, its going to win over me and Im going to have to try to fit that craving into my calories. If I cant its going to start the cycle over because Im going to feel guilt for eating over what I should.

Im slowly learning to control myself by eating right, going for walks, and occupying my mind so Im not at a weak point for as long as before. Hell, I even bought a new book to start reading again because I need something to do with my mind to keep it occupied.

While binge eating may have ruined my life by causing me to gain weight and be controlled by my cravings, Im learning to live with it and learning to conquer it.

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