Whole Food Plant Based Diet Pyramid

Where To Get Vitamins If One Follows Wfpb System

Food Pyramid For Wholefood Plant-Based Living

Vitamins as the name goes and as we have all studied in school are vital for normal growth and development. There are 13 vitamins you need

  • Vitamins A, C, D, E, K. B vitamins of these all Vitamins except Vit D and Vit B12 are available in abundance on a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based diet
  • Vitamin D is made by animals like us, we need sunlight for this. I recommend 20 mins of direct sunlight on skin everyday or 2000IU Vit D supplement from a non-animal source
  • Vitamin B12 is not made by plants or animals but by soil bacteria that carpet the earth’s surface. It is mistakenly believed that Vit B12 is found in meat and dairy foods, but this is because factory farmed animals are given B12 injections. Therefore, it is a good idea to supplement these. Sampoorna Ahara has B12 fortified Flaxseed laddus to help you keep your B12 levels in place
  • For all other vitamins include a wide variety of whole plant foods and you have nothing to worry about

  • Eat fruits everyday – It is common knowledge that citrus fruits are rich in Vit C, but did you know that other fruits such as melons, berries and tropical fruits are rich in folates, Vit K, A, B1, B2, B6 among others. They are also mineral rich
  • Include a wide variety of local & seasonal vegetables – from carrots, to tomatoes to sweet potatoes, vegetables are rich in a wide range of vitamins
  • Greens – think greens think Vit E. Dark leafy greens are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Don’t forget to have them everyday
  • Whole Food Plant Based Diet Vs Keto Diet

    A Whole Food Plant Based diet is founded on sound research. It is a dietary recommendation that calls for the exclusion of animal foods and processed foods. It calls for the inclusion of a variety of whole plant foods. It does not call for the elimination of any single micronutrient, and has several proven long-term health benefits.

    A Ketogenic diet on the other hand, calls for the exclusion of a whole group of macronutrients – carbs. It is a high fat, carbohydrate deficient diet to mimic the fasting state. It has only been found to be helpful for those with pediatric epilepsy and not the general population. People on the ketogenic diet may have lost weight but at the cost of long term risk of chronic diseases and a lack of complete nutrition especially micronutrients.

    How To Include Nonleafy Vegetables

    You can include a wide variety of non leafy vegetable in your daily diet.

  • Plan and buy many varieties of local and seasonal produce
  • Look up interesting whole food plant based recipes. You can recreate your favourite recipe and make it whole food plant based as well
  • You can include vegetables in cereal dishes too. Mixed rice preparations, vegetable dosa, vegetable idli, vegetable roti are some easy examples
  • If you are fussy about eating vegetables you can make vegetable and fruit smoothies, cutlets, wraps, pasta, pizza, with loads of veggies to make it more interesting
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    What Does The Whole Food Plant

    As you can imagine, a diet pyramid is a triangle-shaped food chart illustrating different food groups from the bottom to the top, with various different levels.

    The food groups refer to the category of the foods with respect to their general physical and chemical nature along with our bodys nutritional requirements. For example, whole grain is a food group having grains or cereals. And, whole grains are an excellent source of carbohydrates.

    The pyramid is broad at the base and gets narrower towards the top, indicating the amount of a particular food group to include in your diet.

    There are many types of diet pyramids. The constituents of all diet types can be visualized in a pyramid. While a regular western diet pyramid would include animal products, oils, processed food, a plant-based pyramid wont.

    Additionally, you may find more layers within the pyramid depending on the diet type or health goal. You may also see more than one food group at one level. All the food groups at one level indicate a similar quantity to eat.

    Lets turn our focus to the WFPB diet. Based on our daily requirements of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, the different WFPB food groups are designated at various levels.

    In a typical Whole Food Plant-Based diet pyramid, you will find:

    • Fruits and vegetables at the base
    • Whole grains in the lower middle
    • Beans and legumes in the middle
    • Nuts and seeds in the upper-middle
    • Herbs and spices on top

    Weight Issues As A Vegan


    Much of our content is created for people looking to lose some weight. That makes sense because most of us carry around some extra body fat which isnt necessarily healthy.

    While we dont want the plant-based movement to become an elite club of thin people only and go into fat-shaming mode, wed love for each of you to become their healthiest self!

    Weight loss usually comes easily when focusing on whole plant-based food they are naturally low in calories and high in fiber, meaning you can fill up while shedding some pounds without even trying.

    So, what if youre gaining weight on a vegan or plant-based diet? You probably restricted either carbs or calories prior to making the switch, rely on processed food too much or just arent listening to your hunger and satiety cues.

    The EPIC-Oxford study which compared diet and BMI of 38,000 meat-eaters, fish-eaters, vegetarians and vegans, revealed that the vegan population was the only one with an average BMI in the healthy range. High protein and low fiber intakes were the factors most strongly associated with increasing BMI.

    Youre very likely no biological abnormality check our resources to see whats possible for you.

    Want to gain weight on a vegan diet in a healthy way? Many have done so before.

    What we know works for healthy weight loss can also work for healthy weight gain so long as you keep considering the calorie density principle.

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    The Vegan Food Pyramid: Full Guide To Meeting Your Nutrients

    When most of us first go vegan, we kind of just eat whatever plant-based foods we have on hand and consider tasty. Not much thought is wasted on meeting all of our nutritional needs because we didnt grow up worrying about this.

    But with all of the media attention veganism has been getting lately, more and more people are getting discouraged from trying to cut out animal products.

    It can be confusing because we learned that animal products play such a vital role in our diet. So, if youre interested in adopting a vegan lifestyle, you might, at some point, be wondering how to best replace the nutrients youd get from meat, eggs & dairy.

    And this is where the vegan food pyramid comes in to give you a better understanding and offer you a general eating guideline.

    But no need to stress over eating a perfect diet and following these recommendations all of the time its what you put on your plate most days that matters. If you dont feel like eating all of the suggested serving sizes each day or you dont have access to these foods, its not a big deal.

    Most likely, it will balance out over the course of a few days.

    If youre a new vegan, this article will help you figure out what and how much to put on your plate and if youve been on a plant-based diet for a little while already, you can compare how your diet stacks up to the experts recommendations.

    Getting Started With Whole

    Whole Food Plant Based Diet, quiet a mouthful isn’t it? Trust me, it gets easier. Both to get a hang of the name and also eat this way. Just give it some time. Your body will thank you for it.

    The first step to getting started on a whole-foods, plant-based diet is to understand what it is and learn more about it. This will give you clarity on why you need to upgrade your diet and lifestyle. It will empower you with the knowledge to make the change without getting overwhelmed or swayed by misinformation.

    The highlight of a whole foods, plant-based diet is the health benefits that you get from following it. Reduced risk of heart disease, better blood sugar levels, reduced diabetes risk, optimal weight and better weight management, reduced risk of strokes, hypertension, asthma, PCOS, and even some types of cancers. In the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic, reduced risk of severe COVID-19 infection. All this has been associated with a whole-foods, plant-based diet.

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    Mineral Rich Sea Veggies

    Yes Im giving the often forgotten sea vegetable their own category. Why? Well these little green isms from the sea are so mineral rich that add so much nutrition to any meal.

    You may just be thinking of nori rolls for sushi right?

    But theres a whole bunch of different kinds of seaweeds. Wakame is great for cooking your legumes with to absorb any gas released from the beans.

    Seaweeds are great in salads too. Start experimenting and seeing what which ones work for you.

    Can Whole Food Plant Based Diet Cure Cancer

    Vegan For Beginners: The Plant-based Food Pyramid & Plate (Get What You Need)

    A Whole Food Plant Based diet can lower risk of lifestyle related cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

    Studies have shown that a Whole Food Plant Based diet may be effective in reversing early-stage prostate cancer in a majority of patients

    There have been no studies showing that Whole Food Plant Based diet can reverse any other type of cancer.

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    Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Build Healthy Habits Versus Going On A Diet

  • Start with what is easy for you. This may be different for different people. Adding a medium apple to your diet, using natural peanut butter instead of dairy butter to breakfast toasts, using whole coconut milk, using unpolished rice are some examples.
  • Pace yourself. Get comfortable with one or two new habits before adding more. Doing too many things at once can be overwhelming and the chances of giving up are higher.
  • Focus on consistency. It’s easier to do something over the top once than to do something small regularly. The latter gives better results than the former.
  • Stock up on whole food plant based food. Keep fresh seasonal fruit, healthy snacks, & sweets to replace packaged processed ones. When you have a craving, you tend to reach out to what is closest, so keep healthy options ready.
  • Don’t get dejected by slipups and failures. Know that you can always do better tomorrow. Taking an apple to lunch is better than not having an apple, even if you happen to slip up on your lunch.
  • How To Control Treat Reverse & Prevent Heart Diseases

    A Whole Food Plant Based diet is the only therapy that has been found to control, treat, reverse and prevent heart disease in a majority of patients.

    The Lifestyle Heart Trial by Dr. Dean Ornish shows that a Whole Food Plant Based diet along with other positive Lifestyle changes like exercise and meditation not only help prevent but also a reverse heart disease in a majority of patients.

    Eating food rich in whole plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and mushrooms are the best way forward.

    Move To Get Your Food Be Part Of The Dance Of Life

    You might be a bit confused by this one at first, but it refers to us moving to get the food. I mean this in all forms, from getting our hands dirty in our own gardens, to heading to farmers markets and even just the effort of making our own food.

    It makes me sad that we can sit and home and order a fast food takeaway. No effort, no movement, zero connection.

    So make an effort to grow a few things at home, get your hands dirty, get out to your local farmers market and shake the hand that feeds you. This kind of movement creates a connection that nourishes your soul.

    How To Lose Weight And Gain Health

    whole food plant based diet pyramid for optimum health # ...

    You can lose weight and gain health on a Whole Food Plant Based diet.A Whole Food Plant Based diet is calorie dilute and rich in vitamins, minerals, micro and macronutrients. They are also rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients.

    Whole plant foods automatically help in achieving your ideal weight without having to think or worry about it. All this while also improving your overall health, energy levels, skin, and hair, and reducing your risk of chronic lifestyle diseases.

    Lose weight as a side effect of health, on a Whole Food Plant Based diet.

    How To Cook Whole Food Plant Based Diet At Home

    You can easily cook a whole food plant based diet at home by just changing a few ingredients to your regular cooking. If you are cooking mainly Indian food on a day-to-day basis many of them can be made whole food plant based by simply eliminating oil and dairy.

  • It all comes down to the ingredients. Before choosing an ingredient ask yourself two questions. Does this come from a plant? Is it whole? . If the answer to both questions is yes then you can use that ingredient for cooking.
  • When it comes to common Indian dishes like sambar, rasam, and dal most of the cooking process remains the same. You can add dry tadka at the end instead of an oil or ghee tadka.
  • Instead of cooking white rice, switch to unpolished rice varieties like brown rice, red rice, unpolished millets, daliya, etc.
  • Replace dairy with plant based alternatives for example you can use whole coconut milk, almond milk, peanut milk, or cashew milk instead of cow’s milk. Same goes with butter, buttermilk, cream, cheese, curds, etc
  • Instead of using maida switch to whole wheat or millet flour. Same goes with rava and semiya as well.
  • If you want to make dishes from other cuisines you can do those on the whole food plant based diet as well. Whole wheat pasta, pizza, burger, sandwiches, & desserts can be made using whole plant ingredients.
  • Whole Food Plant Based Diet Vs Mediterranean Diet

    A Whole Food Plant Based diet is one that calls for the exclusion of all animal and processed foods. It calls for the inclusion of a wide variety of whole plant foods. This is based on decades of research that show that a whole food plant based diet may be the most effective against chronic lifestyle diseases

    A Mediterranean diet which is believed to be the healthiest diet also calls for the elimination of processed foods. It calls for the maximization of whole plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses and legumes, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices. To this extent a Whole Food Plant Based diet and Mediterranean diet are similar.

    The difference is that a Mediterranean diet calls for the inclusion of seafood and moderate consumption of other animal foods and rare consumption of red meat.

    While a Mediterranean diet may be healthier than what most people are eating, it is not as healthy as a Whole Food Plant Based diet. This has been proven time and again by research, particularly for coronary artery disease which is the No1. cause of death today

    Amp Up The Plant With Veggies Leafy Greens & Sprouts

    Yes! This is where all the good stuff is in your veg and leafy greens. When I say amp up the plant this is generally what Im talking about. A lot of people say they find it hard to incorporate greens, well once you start cooking with me thats going to change pretty quickly!

    Ive helped hardcore protein junkies turn scrambled eggs in an epic salad breakfast situation with mountains of greens and herbs incorporates into an omelette with a side salad that left them saying wow ive never felt so satisfied and so energised for a workout!.

    Pizzas, pastas and curries all full of vegetables and super delicous.

    Ive also helped a lot of people fall in love with salads. Want to know my trick? Its ALL about the dressings people! Seriously, once someone learns how to make dressings with me, salad becomes their favourite meal.

    Establish Your Anchors And Approach

    Whole Food Plant Based 4 Year Vegan Transformation

    It’s important to establish the anchors for which all meal decisions extend from and are measured by. Although you won’t live perfectly, you’ll want to be sure your decisions are an extension of these whole-food, plant-based nutrition principles. Battling a lifetime of habits is never easy and I suggest starting with Level 1 and slowly working your way down the pyramid until you reach the more specific approaches to tackling your diet. Each of the principles are essential guiding forces in nutrition. A personal training client should aim to eventually integrate each into his or her day-to-day approach. While a number of factors may dictate the particular shape and form of each level, everyone will healthfully benefit from this nutritional foundation. Save the image above on your phone or desktop for quick reference.

    What Are The Negatives Of A Plant Based Diet

    The only negative of a plant based diet comprised of whole foods is that it works too well. So if you are on medication for a lifestyle disease, keep track of your values, you may have to work with your doctor to reduce medication. This is because on a plant based diet, your blood sugar starts moving towards normal, your blood pressure starts moving towards normal, so if you are on medication, you will have adjust accordingly.

    How To Include Spices

    Indian cooking by default includes a huge variety of spices. Turmeric, pepper, jeera, cinnamon, cardamom, ajwain, mustard, bay leaves, cloves, star anise, mace nutmeg, saffron, caraway seeds, etc.

    We make and use various combinations of spice mixes with these spices to flavour different dishes. If you are cooking regular Indian food at home you are likely using a variety of spices

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