Whole Food Plant Based Diet No Oil

Whole Food Plant Based Diet Pyramid

Whole food plant based diet: Traditional Khichdi No Oil/Ghee and discussion on Diabetes

A Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Diet shows that the typical western diet pyramid is not scientific. Instead of a diet pyramid, a better representation would be a healthy plate with servings of fruits, vegetables, pulses and legumes, whole grain, nuts and seeds, and herbs and spices. A well balanced nutritious Whole-foods, plant-based diet is one with a lot of variety every day.

How To Include Berries List Of Indian Berries

You can add berries like amla in you salads and smoothies. You can also add amla in rasam and sambar to give it that lovely tang. Low-salt pickles are a great way to have amla as well.Amla is not only the healthiest berry, but the healthiest food in the world, when it comes to its antioxidant capacity. It is easily available in India. You can have dried amla powder too!

Nutritionally important berries available in India are:

  • Gooseberry
  • Raisins
  • Proteinaholic By Garth Davis Md

    Worried you wont get enough protein on a plant-based diet? We hear you! This is a valid concern, given were constantly bombarded with messages about needing more protein to be healthy, lose weight, etc. Spoiler: there is such a thing as too much protein, and most of us are surpassing our needs everyday. Dr. Garth Davis book deconstructs our obsession with protein in American culture and reveals the scientific evidence that too much protein is harmful, not beneficial, to the human body.

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    Why Oil Doesnt Fit

    When it comes to healthy eating leaving ethics completely out of it heres what I believe:

  • Whole foods are good partial and processed foods are not.
  • Too many calories are bad our health problems are largely the result of chronic overnutrition.
  • A simple formula for health, as best there is one, comes from Dr. Joel Fuhrman: health equals nutrients divided by calories . In other words, the more nutrients you can get in the fewest number of calories, while still eating whole foods , the healthier youll be.
  • So lets look at how oil fits in with this philosophy:

  • Oil is not a whole food .
  • Oil is extremely dense in calories: while vegetables typically have around 100 calories per pound and fruits 300 calories per pound, oil has 4,000 calories per pound.
  • Even with all those calories, oil contains little in the way of micronutrition. Valuable omega-3 fatty acids, sometimes, but virtually nothing else.
  • Once I understood this , I was done with oil.

    Except, I wasnt. Because oil makes food taste really, really good.

    How Not To Die By Michael Greger Md

    Why No Oil in WFPB??

    Science nerds and novices alike will enjoy Dr. Gregors How Not To Die. It dives into the groundbreaking nutrition science and reveals WHY it is that a Standard American Diet is harmful and a whole food plant-based lifestyle is healing. He also offers up his now famous Daily Dozen — the 12 plant-based foods you should try to eat every day for optimal health.

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    Okay So Whats Wfpbno Then

    A truly healthy WFPB diet excludes oil. To make it crystal clear that all oil should be avoided in a WFPB diet, theres a second acronym, WFPBNO. This is shorthand for whole food, plant-based, no oil. This includes even those supposedly heart healthy oils like olive oil and oils used in for cooking or baking. It also includes those oils you might not realize are present in prepared foods such as breads, tortillas, granola bars, sauces, condiments, and so on.

    I personally do my best to follow a WFPBNO diet. Trust me, its not always easy to find oil-free prepared foods or to avoid oil when eating out. Oil is a refined product thats damaging to the endothelial lining of our arteries, which can lead to cardiovascular disease , diabetes and some types of dementia. So its well worth avoiding.

    The idea that certain oils like olive oil or coconut oil are good for you is a myth. While it is true that these oils may be less damaging, claims like heart healthy are misleading because no oil is healthy for your heart.

    All oils are damaging, period.

    Thoughts On Healthy Oils

    What about information showing some oils have health benefits? Much of it appears to be comparative. Oils containing more anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids may be less damaging than those with a lot of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fats, high saturated fat content, or trans fats, but some data shows all oils impair endothelial function to various degrees.

    This is true even of cold-pressed oils. Purported health benefits of these oils may be due to the lack of heat or chemicals used in processing. The expeller pressing process creates heat from friction, and other oils are extracted using solvents, residues of which may appear in trace amounts in the final product. Because unsaturated fats become unstable at high temperatures, oils exposed to heat could have more free radicals and, thus, cause greater cellular damage when ingested.

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    Summary: Oil Free Diets

    Oil free diets are often promoted as an ideal way for humans to eat . The research on oil free diets is fairly limited and its important to look at both sides of the story.

    The other side of the oil free story is a body of research that supports inclusion of unsaturated fats from a variety of food sources including oils. Restrictive diets can make eating unnecessarily complicated and stressful, and there is potential for development of disordered eating behaviors when one becomes too focused on everything they consume.

    How To Include Fruits List Of Indian Fruits

    No Oil Whole Food Plant Based Stuffed Bell Peppers

    Something as simple as eating Fruits everyday can make or break our health.

  • Eat a whole fruit or make a smoothie with the fiber intact for best health outcomes
  • Start your every meal with some fruit. It could be something as readily available as a banana
  • Choose local and seasonal fruits. These are not only less expensive but also healthier for us
  • It is recommended to eat at least 360gms of fruits every single day
  • In a tropical country like ours, we have access to local and seasonal fruits all year round.

    Some examples are:

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    List Of Top Diseases In India And How Indians Are Dying Because Of Them

    The top diseases in India today are include several chronic lifestyle diseases

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diarrhoeal diseases
  • Malignant and other tumors
  • Poor nutrition, lack of adequate healthcare, inability to access quality healthcare, poor hygiene standards, increase in smoking and alcohol, are some of the reasons Indians are dying from the top diseases in India today.

    Whole Food Plant Based Diet Vs Vegetarian

    A Whole Food Plant Based diet focuses on a Lifestyle with main aim of health. It excludes all animal based products including meat, fish, eggs, and all dairy products. It also excludes all processed foods including oil, white rice, maida, rava, semiya, sugar, jaggery, and alcohol.

    A vegetarian diet on the other hand is one that only excludes meat, fish, and in some cases eggs. It is not a diet that focuses on long term health but one that is built on on principle.

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    Official Weight Loss Recommendations

    The good news is that scientific consensus around the benefits of plant-based diets and effective weight loss exists and it encompasses the main tips youve probably already heard:

    • Eat more fruits and vegetables
    • Emphasize whole grains and low-fat dairy products
    • Lower saturated fat , cholesterol and trans fats
    • Eat more fiber
    • Choose lean protein
    • Keep added sugars and salt low

    Successful weight loss isnt very controversial, but due to contradicting media coverage, many of us end up in analysis paralysis, hopping from one fad diet to another.

    What Do We Mean By Whole Food Plant Based

    Recipe: Brians Sweet &  Smoky All

    The term plant based diet refers to a diet which does not include animal products, animal ingredients or food derived from animals. This is also sometimes known as a Vegan Diet. Whole Food adds another dimension to this. A whole-food, plant-based diet is one largely comprised of unprocessed plant foods. This means a diet comprised of a variety of fruits, berries, vegetables, greens, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, herbs, spices, and mushrooms. All this in their whole form – with the fiber intact- without removing components. Processed foods include oil, sugar/jaggery, white rice, maida, rava, semiya, among others.

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    Mushroom Stroganoff With Wheatballs

    Creamy mushroom gravy is the star of this delectable dish that offers a vegan twist on a classic comfort-food recipe. Hearty meatballs made from quinoa, chopped veggies, and savory herbs top a bed of whole wheat pasta and fresh spinach. The rich umami flavors of this vegan recipe really shine through when sprinkled with a garnish of fresh parsley and black pepper.

    How To Control Cholesterol

    You can control your cholesterol levels by eliminating animal foods from your diet such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. Eliminating processed food such as oil is also key to keeping your cholesterol levels in the normal range.

    If you are suffering from high cholesterol, it is also recommended to minimise the consumption of coconut and coffee.

    Upgrading to a Whole Food Plant Based diet is the best way to keep your cholesterol under control.

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    Whole Food Plant Based Diet Vs Mediterranean Diet

    A Whole Food Plant Based diet is one that calls for the exclusion of all animal and processed foods. It calls for the inclusion of a wide variety of whole plant foods. This is based on decades of research that show that a whole food plant based diet may be the most effective against chronic lifestyle diseases

    A Mediterranean diet which is believed to be the healthiest diet also calls for the elimination of processed foods. It calls for the maximization of whole plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses and legumes, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices. To this extent a Whole Food Plant Based diet and Mediterranean diet are similar.

    The difference is that a Mediterranean diet calls for the inclusion of seafood and moderate consumption of other animal foods and rare consumption of red meat.

    While a Mediterranean diet may be healthier than what most people are eating, it is not as healthy as a Whole Food Plant Based diet. This has been proven time and again by research, particularly for coronary artery disease which is the No1. cause of death today

    Whole Food Plant Based Diet Vs Intuitive Eating

    Mixed Veggies with No Oil: Whole Food Plant-based Diet Part 5

    A Whole Food Plant Based diet is one that focuses on building healthy habits for a lifetime. It is based on the best available balance of evidence. It encourages you to get out of your diet mentality and focus on long-term health. A Whole Food Plant Based diet has been shown to prevent treat and reverse chronic Lifestyle diseases and improve both short and long-term health.

    Intuitive eating is an eating style that promotes a healthy attitude towards food and the idea that you should eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Intuitive eating calls for looking at food as neither good or bad and have enjoyable eating experiences. It propagates that food that tastes good should make you feel good.

    While some of these may be true and the general attitude towards food should be one devoid of fear and negativity. Developments in health studies have shown us that some foods are not healthy for us even though they may taste good.

    This is especially true with processed foods. Sugar and salt are physiological addictive. So is fat. Some other unhealthy foods that tastes good and addictive are anything with caffeine, cheese, and high fat foods.

    Intuitive eating is not based on scientific research and may be dangerous for people with chronic lifestyle diseases

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    Where To Get Vitamins If One Follows Wfpb System

    Vitamins as the name goes and as we have all studied in school are vital for normal growth and development. There are 13 vitamins you need

  • Vitamins A, C, D, E, K. B vitamins of these all Vitamins except Vit D and Vit B12 are available in abundance on a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based diet
  • Vitamin D is made by animals like us, we need sunlight for this. I recommend 20 mins of direct sunlight on skin everyday or 2000IU Vit D supplement from a non-animal source
  • Vitamin B12 is not made by plants or animals but by soil bacteria that carpet the earth’s surface. It is mistakenly believed that Vit B12 is found in meat and dairy foods, but this is because factory farmed animals are given B12 injections. Therefore, it is a good idea to supplement these. Sampoorna Ahara has B12 fortified Flaxseed laddus to help you keep your B12 levels in place
  • For all other vitamins include a wide variety of whole plant foods and you have nothing to worry about

  • Eat fruits everyday – It is common knowledge that citrus fruits are rich in Vit C, but did you know that other fruits such as melons, berries and tropical fruits are rich in folates, Vit K, A, B1, B2, B6 among others. They are also mineral rich
  • Include a wide variety of local & seasonal vegetables – from carrots, to tomatoes to sweet potatoes, vegetables are rich in a wide range of vitamins
  • Greens – think greens think Vit E. Dark leafy greens are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Don’t forget to have them everyday
  • Wfpb Is Eating Closer To The Plant

    The term whole in WFPB describes foods that are minimally processed. This includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, and it also includes, in moderation nuts, seeds, avocados, natural sweeteners, and certain soy or wheat products that dont contain added fat such as tofu and tempeh.

    This also means avoiding heavily processed foods that contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Also to be avoided are highly refined grains such as white bread that have been stripped of most nutritional value.

    Oileven olive oilis also avoided due to being highly processed and basically liquid fat that is about 13% artery-clogging saturated fat.

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    How To Include Greens List Of Indian Greens

    You can include greens fairly easily in your daily diet

  • Make different kinds of dishes with greens like gravies, sambar, curries, smoothies, cutlets
  • You can add pureed greens to your rotis, idlis, dosas. Make raithas with greens too
  • Use Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen app by NutritionFacts.org as a reference to ensure that you get enough quantity of greens in your daily diet
  • There are several varieties of green leafy vegetables in India

  • Dhantu, harive
  • Should I Use Oil On A Plant

    Batch Cooking For a Whole Food Plant
    • Pin

    An issue that often comes up when deciding to eat a healthy whole food plant-based diet is the issue of oil. I cant tell you how many emails I get with readers asking if they should have oil on a plant-based diet.

    There are MANY schools of thought on oil. Some doctors swear you need oils to be healthy. Other doctors insist that oils are not only unnecessary but absolutely harmful.

    I tend to agree with my favorite plant-based doctors and follow the no oil plan. Doctors like Dr. McDougall, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn, and Dr. Fuhrman they advise people to avoid oil at all cost.

    There are other doctors who insist that people need oil to be healthy. The thing is, you have to decide what to believe.

    Sometimes its best to agree to disagree. If you are relatively healthy, you may not notice oil causing you harm. If, however, you are overweight or are trying to reverse disease its time to jump on the oil-free, whole food train. To be clear, I dont think anyone needs oil in their diet but you may not notice the toll it takes if you are fairly healthy.

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    Disordered Eating And Restrictive Diets

    Not so long ago, I was entwined by this whole no-oil diet movement. I kept seeing popular food bloggers pushing this notion that oil was the enemy of all things and could kill you.

    Slowly, but surely, I began to significantly reduce and sometimes restrict my oil consumption. For a few weeks, I didnt think much of it I was just riding the no-oil train ride.

    Then I began to think: is it really as dangerous as some folks have suggested? Will it really kill me to add some flavor to my cooked dishes? Why does it always have to be an all-in or all-out approach?

    I sometimes have chocolate, processed foods, and mock meats from time-to-time, and I am doing just fine.

    Lets be real here I am not a dietician nor a nutritionist. So, any thoughts I have about how food interacts with the body would be an assumption at best.

    Sure, I follow some nutrition food vloggers and read science-y articles sometimes, but its easy to find data that supports a specific opinion or get confused with the plethora of studies out in the wild.

    Long story short, I found myself falling into a restrictive way of eating again. I had to remind myself that balance is key and its okay to not eat perfect according to the standards of the masses.

    Maybe I dont need to necessarily deep fry my food, but a teaspoon of olive oil can go a long way in my cooked dishes.

    Once upon a time, I enforced way too many arbitrary diet rules, that left with me slipping into a disordered way of eating, thinking, and living.

    Why I Define My Diet As Plant

    Theres something incredibly uncomfortable with identifying my entire existence with a diet or movement, so I tread carefully with how I explain my dietary preferences.

    Yes, I love to eat food with a wide variety of colors, nutrients, cooking methods, and flavors, but its merely a preference, not how I identify myself.

    Theres a distinct difference there.

    I sincerely believe that eating a diet that mostly or wholly removes animal products is a great thing for our planet and its inhabitants. I even think the reduction of animal-derived foods and not total elimination is a step in the right direction, too.

    Every little bit counts. It can be a one-day switch for some folks or a decade-long journey and discovery for others.

    Do the best you can, whenever you can.

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