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What To Eat On A Low Carb Diet | Meal Ideas & What To Avoid

The tomatoes, peppers, onion and fresh cilantro in traditional Mexican salsa provide vitamin C and a lot of flavor, especially hotter salsas heavy on the jalapeño peppers. Tomato salsa is also rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that may help protect cells from damage.

Making salsa at home is easy, but there are plenty of store-bought ones that also taste delicious and avoid unhealthy ingredients.

The downside is that the usual way to enjoy salsa as a dip for tortilla chips means eating all the salt and fat in the chips. So much for a healthy snack. For a healthier option, consider making your own tortilla chips or choose baked chips instead of fried.

There are many creative ways to use salsa that take advantage of its flavor and versatility. So if youre a fan, dont limit your enjoyment to a huge basket of tortilla chips. Try these ideas for healthy things to eat with salsa.

Homemade Keto Tortilla Chips And Fresh Salsa

By Bree

Like many of the most enjoyable things in life, enjoying a snack consisting of tortilla chips and salsa comes with its share of pros and cons. Pro: its a classic snacking option thats just bursting with tons of flavor. Con: its also unfortunately on the higher end of things when it comes to carb content, which doesnt exactly make it an ideal snack for anyone on a keto diet. However, it would be a shame to not be able to enjoy this yummy snack just because of dietary restrictions, so Im pleased to present this recipe that makes homemade authentic keto tortilla chips and fresh salsa. The tortilla chips are made with mozzarella cheese and almond flour keeping them 100% grain-free, while the homemade salsa is delightfully low carb and oh so flavorful.

Ingredient Substitution And Omission Options For Keto Salsa

Though this recipe is pretty straightforward and only includes a few ingredients, there are a couple of things that you may wish to substitute. Regardless of what you choose, feel confident that this salsa is still going to taste AMAZING!

  • Fresh Tomatoes: If youre like me and like to purchase vegetables only when theyre in-season, fresh tomatoes may not always be an option. If thats the case, feel free to use canned tomatoes. About half to 2/3 of a can should be enough for this recipe, but feel free to eyeball it or give it the good ol taste test! Dont forget to check the label and see if theres any added sugar. Note that this substitution will alter the final carb content and nutrition information.
  • Fresh Lime Juice: If youd like to swap in store-bought lime juice for fresh lime juice, feel free! I recommend starting with 1 1/2 tablespoons of lime juice and going from there, depending on taste. Additionally, you can sub in fresh or store-bought lemon juice for lime juice at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Red Chili: To lessen or eliminate the spiciness of this salsa, you can decrease or altogether omit the red chili to yield a mild salsa. Note that this substitution will alter the final carb content and nutrition information.

Note that ingredient swaps will alter the recipes final nutrition facts.

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What To Serve With Salsa

If you want to make your snack/appetizer completely low carb, almost carb-free, I found that you can take a couple of stalks of celery and cut it into the desired length and use it as a scoop and fill with salsa. Just veggies, yum!

There are many crackers, parm crisps, tortilla chips etc that are low in carbs that as long as you count your carb intake you can indulge and enjoy. In fact, we have our own Keto Tortilla Chip recipe youll love!

And sometimes you just want Tostitos Scoops, so have a few and you can still stay within your carb count for the day and stay low carb. I try to stay within 60 carbs a day, and once in a while its a nice treat to use corn chips. I load up the scoops with a big scoop of salsa per chip.

Desert Pepper’s Peach Mango Salsa

What You Can Eat on a Low

Desert Pepper’s Peach Mango Salsa may have a higher amount of sugar compared to some of the other store-bought salsas listed, but it has an incredibly low sodium count. If you are looking for the best salsa in terms of sodium intake, this one is your best option. However, if you care more about the calories or sugar, your best bet would be to go with one of the other salsas in our “best” list.

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What Else Can I Add To Avocado Salsa

You can choose whatever you have in your refrigerator as far as onions, and peppers. They all work well. Use the color of your choice and the spiciness of your choice. Sometimes I use red onion because it adds another color to the Homemade Avocado Salsa, and if I dont have red in the house I always have Vidalia onions.

As far as the tomatoes I usually buy Campari tomatoes, and I use cherry tomatoes sometimes too, but just like all the other veggies, you can use the ones of your choice.

You can feel free to add mango to this salsa and its a good combo with the sweetness added to the rest.

Another ingredient that I like to add to all of my salsa recipes is fresh garlic. It only take a little to add such a nice flavor. yummy!

Why Are My Chips Soft

Your low carb chips have become soft because you didnt bake them long enough! I know it can be a little daunting when you see the edges start to go golden brown and you want to remove them straight away, but be patient- these arent chips made out of pita bread!

Another reason why your chips arent super crispy is that you didnt flatten them out thin enough. You want them to be 1/6 of an inch, at minimum.

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Use A Microwave To Start Your Dough

I don’t actually have a microwave at my house, so I used my stovetop with a very nonstick enameled pot to soften the cheese we use as dough.

While this works, it was one of the most annoying things to clean out of a pot, ever.

It didn’t mix as well, and stuck like glue to the pot – but when microwaved, it didn’t stick to the bowl at all and was basically mess-free.

I don’t like to use microwaves , but in this recipe, it really really helps since you’re just using it to soften cheese to the point you can form it into a dough.

Homemade Is The Way To Go

WHAT TO EAT ON A LOW-CARB DIET (and what NOT to eat)

Before making the tortilla chips, you should take a few minutes to prepare the fresh salsa. Its super easy to make, simply requiring you to place all of the ingredients the diced tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, jalapeno pepper, lime juice, and parsley into a bowl and mixing to combine. The veggies used in the salsa are all terrific low carb options that combine to make one incredibly flavorful salsa mixture, and the two jalapeno peppers give it a nice spicy kick. The capsaicin found in jalapeno peppers has many proven health benefits, but of particular interest for many people on the keto diet in particular is its ability to help shed unwanted pounds.

Place the salsa in the fridge until youre ready to serve it, and then go ahead and microwave your mozzarella cheese on high, stirring it at 30 second intervals, until its completely melted. Next, mix in the almond flour and salt while the cheese is still hot. Using almond flour is a great way to keep the tortilla chips grain-free and low carb. Its probably my favorite keto baking flour to use, as not only is it a great tasting source of heart healthy fats, but it could even help to make you smarter as well. Studies have found that almonds can increase brain acetylcholine levels and enhance overall memory function.

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How To Store Low Carb Avocado Salsa

Once you make your Avocado Salsa, put it in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid and store it in your refrigerator.

Avocados tend to turn brown the more they are exposed to the air, so only put out as much salsa as you are going to eat at one time. So, as a result, your salsa wont stay fresh for too many days. Therefore, eat it up while its still fresh.

Also if you add a little vinegar it may help preserve the leftovers.

What Ingredients Are In Low Carb Avocado Salsa

Avocado This is the main ingredient, obviously! Avocados have become so popular in many diets. They are rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals and high in protein, even though they are high in calories too. Its because of the fat in them but its a healthy fat, just like olive oil, that fits into a Keto and low carb meal plan.

Cilantro This green leafy wonder veggie. Its a staple ingredient in most Mexican and Spanish foods, but especially in salsa. I love Cilantro, to me, its what really makes the food stand out as being delicious!

Lime If you have ever been to Mexico You would see that lime is the number one staple in their food and drinks, everything has lime in it. I think its a very refreshing taste to add to this Low Carb Avocado Salsa.

Peppers One big ingredient in any kind of salsa is peppers. Peppers of all sorts and kinds go in salsa. In this Homemade Low Carb Avocado Salsa, there are Bell Peppers, you can feel free to choose the color or colors that you like best or ones that you happen to have in your refrigerator.

If you are anything like me I love to keep certain staples in my refrigerator at all times so that in the event that at the last minute I want to make something like this for dinner, or if friends stop by spur of the moment, I have something that I can offer and whip up quickly. And you can also pick the hot peppers of your choice, but I love using jalapenos.

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How To Make Avocado Salsa

Making avocado salsa is really easy and not complicated at all. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Chop onions, peppers, tomatoes, and cilantro
  • Mix together in a large bowl
  • Chop avocado
  • Add your avocado and salt to the pepper mixture
  • Squeeze a little lime into your mixture and toss together
  • Keto Fresh Tomato Salsa Low Carb

    Keto Salsa â BEST Low Carb Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe {Easy ...

    Get ready to make the best keto fresh tomato salsa.

    Super easy and delicious low carb salsa recipe.

    If you are looking for a homemade fresh tomato salsa this is the recipe for you.

    Quick low carb salsa for your ketogenic diet / lifestyle.

    Make from scratch low carb salsa with this simple recipe.

    No need to buy store bought when you can make DIY fresh tomato salsa at home today.

    With just a few simple ingredients you can make this yummy salsa.

    Serve for keto snacks, keto side dishes or keto appetizers.

    Enjoy with keto cheese chips, veggies or serve with homemade keto chips.

    Get ready to make this super tasty and delish low carb keto fresh tomato salsa.

    Check out these other

    I would love for you to share a link to this recipe, but please Do Not copy/paste the recipe or instructions to social media or websites. You may share one photo with a link back.

    Do Not Forget To Pin! So you can come back and make this tasty keto fresh tomato salsa recipe!

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    Low Carb Salsa Is Possible When You Make It At Home With Just 5 Simple And Healthy Ingredients Carbs In Homemade Salsa Is Much Lower Than When You Purchase It In Store So Make It At Home

    I need salsa in my life. Delicious, fresh, spicy low carb salsa.

    The Mexican flavors are lacking where we are living right now and its either purchase it with a ton of added sugar and carbs or make it at home!

    Make it at home it is! In the past Ive simply pulsed these ingredients together in a blender and called it simple salsa. It was good. That was until I tasted ROASTED tomatoes, peppers and garlic turned it into a salsa. You will never go back. Trust me.

    What To Serve With Avocado Salsa

    Well, this Homemade Avocado Salsa can be eaten just like other kinds of salsa. We have 2 other recipes on our site, Low Carb Tortilla Chips, and Low Carb Crackers, both of which go well with this recipe for Salsa. There are a lot of low carb choices of crackers you can buy online too that are good choices.

    Also, homemade Salsa can be added to eggs in the morning for breakfast, and its also a good topper for any kind of meat, like Burgers, Steak, Chicken or Pork.

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    How To Make Fresh Keto Salsa

    This is one of the easiest recipes you will ever make. All you have to do is chop up the ingredients and then add them to a mixing bowl together.

    Thats it! Make sure to cut up everything into really small pieces so that they fit on your low-carb chips easier.

    After you mix everything together, squeeze some fresh lime juice on top and sprinkle some chopped cilantro. Talk about delicious!

    Tools Needed To Make This Delish Ketogenic Salsa

    Best Low Carb Foods – Keto Diet Grocery Haul

    This recipe is so simple to make that it really doesnt require many tools. All you need is a sharp knife, chopping board, and a mixing bowl.

    • Sharp cutting knife: I prefer to chop my veggies into small, fine squares, so the sharper the knife, the easier this process is going to be.
    • Cutting board: A kitchen staple! Of course, its always best practice to cut on a cutting board, as opposed to a plate or your countertop.
    • Mixing bowl: The recipe will make two cups of salsa. The mixing bowl must be large enough to accommodate that, with a bit of extra room to allow for proper mixing.

    And thats it! See? When I say this recipe is easy, I mean it!

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    Best Tips For Avocado Salsa

    The first tip that I have is the most important because it involves picking out the avocados. If youve never bought avocados before it can be overwhelming. Mostly when you buy them they are all under-ripe, very hard. For that reason, you have to get them a few days ahead of time so that when you want to make your salsa they will be ripe.

    If you need to speed up the ripening process you can place them in a paper bag and they will ripen up sooner.

    If they are already ripe enough then place them into the refrigerator to last longer until you are ready to use them.

    Foods To Maybe Include

    If youre healthy, active and dont need to lose weight, you can afford to eat a few more carbs.

    • Tubers: Potatoes, sweet potatoes and some others.
    • Unrefined grains: Brown rice, oats, quinoa and many others.
    • Legumes: Lentils, black beans, pinto beans, etc. .

    Whats more, you can have the following in moderation, if you want:

    • Dark chocolate: Choose organic brands with at least 70% of cocoa.
    • Wine: Choose dry wines with no added sugar or carbs.

    Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and may provide health benefits if you eat it in moderation. However, be aware that both dark chocolate and alcohol will hinder your progress if you eat/drink too much.

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    How To Make Homemade Salsa Restaurant Style

    The first thing you need to do to make homemade salsa is put your tomatoes in a food processor or blender. You want a thick but juicy consistency, not too runny though or you wont be able to keep it on your chip .

    If the tomatoes are too runny just pour off any excess water.

    Pour the tomatoes into a bowl.

    Next place all of your other ingredients, your cilantro, jalapeno peppers and onions in your food processor. Blend until everything is chopped up well. You dont want some tiny pieces and some unchopped pieces. You want to have an even blend.

    Then pour into the bowl of tomatoes and blend together with a spoon.

    Lastly, add salt and lime juice. Mix well by hand with a large spoon and serve.

    How We Judged The Salsas

    Diet Tips

    To decide which store-bought salsa would be most and least healthy, we first ranked by sodium. If the sodium content matched, it was then ranked by calories and sugar content. The Food and Drug Administration recommends that, at most, 10 percent of your daily sugar should come in the form of added sugars, which equates to about 50 grams. From this amount, we gauged which salsa would be the best.

    Whether you are making a chip and dip spread to entertain guests or need to find the best salsa to top off your burrito, here are the best and worst picks

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    What Ingredients Are In This Salsa Recipe

    Canned Plum Tomatoes plump and juicy tomatoes make the salsa juicy too. Just make sure that when you buy the plum tomatoes you get the ones without the basil. Basil is good when making Italian food but not for Mexican salsa. If you cant find plum tomatoes in a can then just use a can of chopped tomatoes, again without basil.

    You can also use fresh tomatoes, especially in the Summer when your garden produces so many tomatoes so many that you dont know what to do with all of them! But either way make sure you drain as much liquid as possible or your salsa will be too watery.

    Onions You can use any onions of your choice but if available I like to use vidalia onions. They are just a little sweeter than your regular yellow onions. You can adjust the amount you use to satisfy your taste. It will not ruin your recipe. Its one of those things that if a recipe calls for one onion, I use 2 because I love onions.

    Jalapeno Peppers These peppers are a common choice for a lot of homemade salsa recipes and most people like them because they are not overwhelmingly hot but also not too mild.

    They give you just the right amount of flavor to enhance this recipe. Use a little more if you want more spice and a little less if you dont want as much heat. The change will not ruin the recipe.

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