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Eat Your Way To A Faster Metabolism

Jumpstart Your Metabolism with Haylie Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Diet

The Rumor: Certain foods affect your metabolic rate and how quickly you burn through calories

You know that friend of yours who can eat whatever she wants and still looks great in a bikini? The same one who apologetically says, “I guess I have a high metabolism” — while stuffing a cupcake in her mouth and sipping on a milkshake?

Stop hating. She was likely blessed with a high metabolism: Part of our individual metabolic rates — the rates at which our bodies burn food for energy — is preprogrammed in our genes. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you can consume without gaining weight.

“Your metabolism is how your body burns fuel and burns energy,” says certified personal trainer Mark MacDonald, author of Body Confidence. “We should care about it because it determines our weight. It’s going to determine our appetites, and it really determines our body fat levels as well. So if your metabolism is slower, then you’re not going to burn fuel as fast, and that’s going to cause you to store body fat. If you have a fast metabolism, that’s going to allow you to burn more energy.”

The Verdict: Avoiding foods that slow metabolism is as important as incorporating ones that improve it

The good news is, anyone can improve his or her metabolic rate by choosing the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones. A growling belly signals falling blood sugar, and that’s bad for metabolism. To avoid this, MacDonald recommends eating five times a day.


How To Survive Phase 2 And Not Die Trying

Phase 2 is probably the most hated phase of DMA, by far.

Still, it is a fundamental phase for the functioning of the WFD and weight loss, that is to say, that in one way or another we have to find a way to overcome it. In these years that I have been with the DMA, I have learned a few tricks:

  • Breakfast is one of the hardest points, since eating vegetables and meat in the morning is not for everyone. If breakfast is also one of your biggest problems in P2, I recommend you to exchange breakfast for the mid-morning snack, since in P2 snacks the vegetable is optional. Choose a sweet breakfast like my Maya spice chocolate or my Cacao macaron with lemon custard.
  • Another common problem in Phase 2 is feeling weak, which is perfectly normal for this reason Haylie recommends these:
  • Eat a lot of phase vegetables to help your body expel toxins and balance your pH
  • Take milk thistle and chlorella to help your liver and your gastrointestinal tract process the toxins
  • Use a lot of lemon and lime to balance your pH
  • If necessary, take a multivitamin and potassium to make sure you do not miss anything. Always consult your doctor.
  • Finally, learn to manage your hunger and anxiety, and remember that cacao can help you: try this recipe.
  • What Happens After The Fast Metabolism Diet

    The Fast Metabolism Diet is a total of a 28-day process so what happens after the diet? How can you be sure to keep the weight off and your metabolism speedy? This is the time most people fear after the diet has ended, people fear they will fall back into old habits, old eating routines, skip out on physical fitness, and as with many diets out there, people are afraid they will only end up gaining the weight back and then some.What can you do to ensure these things wont happen? The answer is Lifetime Maintenance!

    Just because the 28-Day Cycle is over, dont think the lifestyle adapted during the diet is over as well!

    There are several things you can do to maintain all you have gained throughout the course of the Fast Metabolism Diet. Below are the Fast Metabolism Diets Lifetime Maintenance Guidelines to use as a reminder to never fall back into old, negative habits the positives gained and the weight lost during the diet will last a lifetime if you let it, and if you remain consistent with your new-found lifestyle.After the initial 28-day cycle, if you still have additional weight to lose, you will begin another 28-day cycle. Continue with however many back-to-back 28-day cycles needed until you reach your desired weight loss goals.However, if you are satisfied with your weight loss after the very first 28-day cycle, go ahead and begin the lifetime maintenance process. The Lifetime Maintenance Guidelines are as follows.:

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    Chapter : Help My Weight Is Stuck

    Weight fluctuation is normal it is a natural part of the weight loss process. But it is not the same that the weight varies as we have seen in chapter 4, that it stagnates entirely for weeks.

    In this chapter, we will see some tricks that can help you if your weight has stagnated. But first, lets clarify, when can we talk about stagnant weight? Usually, when the weight does not change for more than two weeks.

    Fast Metabolism Diet Plan Pdf

    Fast Metabolism Diet: The Definitive Guide (2020 Update)

    My grandmother become cured of her stop-degree coronary heart disorder by using certainly one of Deans predecessors, Nathan Pritikin, using comparable strategies.

    Thats why I have become a health practitioner within the first location and why I started out my nonprofit web site, NutritionFacts.org.

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    Fast Metabolism Diet Phase : What To Eat

    Phase 1 is the high glycaemia, moderate protein, low-fat phase. It includes foods high in carbohydrates such as brown rice and quinoa, fruits high in natural sugars, and foods low in fat and moderate protein.

    What to Eat

    Phase 1 includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks.

    • Breakfast consists of cereals and fruit
    • Lunch includes cereals, protein, vegetables, and fruit
    • Dinner includes cereals, vegetables, and protein.

    This routine teaches your body to use food for energy instead of storing it as fat.

    The phase 1 exercise should include at least a day of vigorous cardio. The ideal recommended exercises are running, exercising on an elliptical trainer, or a dynamic aerobics class.

    Healthy Fats Oils And All Of The Above

    Phase 3 is sunburn and focuses on hormones, heart, and heat.

    This idea is to provide your body with the variety to get all the nutrients it needs. To maintain normal body chemistry, you need complex carbohydrates, natural sugars, protein, fat, and even salt. This is because you might need high levels of these elements, especially if you are following a long, lean diet time. However, you shouldnt include everything you need at once, which is the idea behind the various steps. Moving from one stage to the next allows the targeted systems and organs at each phase to rest and restore themselves in turn.

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    What Is The Fast Metabolism Diet

    The Fast Metabolism Diet is a nutrition program that promises to help you lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days.

    It was developed by Haylie Pomroy, a celebrity nutritionist and wellness consultant with an academic background in animal science.

    The diet claims that eating particular foods at certain times tricks your metabolism into speeding up, resulting in weight loss.

    In addition to a weekly food plan, you receive an extensive list of foods to avoid. The diet also encourages exercise 23 times per week.

    If you havent reached your goal weight by the end of the first 28-day cycle, you are encouraged to start again, staying on the diet until you have lost your desired amount of weight.

    Once youve reached your weight goal, you are told you can maintain your results by repeating one week of the cycle every month or the full four-week cycle once every six months.

    Although some principles of this nutrition program are supported by science, most of its claims are not based on solid scientific evidence.


    The Fast Metabolism Diet is a 28-day program that aims to rev up your metabolism so that you can lose excess weight.

    The Fast Metabolism Diet program is split into three phases which are repeated on a weekly basis for a total of four weeks.

    Each phase emphasizes different foods and provides recommendations for various physical activities.

    Portion sizes vary by phase and depending on the amount of weight you want to lose. Below are the main guidelines organized by phase.

    Metabolic Diet Plan 13 Days: What Is A Metabolic Diet

    Fast Metabolism Diet Quick Start Kit Overview | The Fast Metabolism Diet

    The metabolic diet comes from the concept of metabolism. As mentioned above, metabolism is the process in which the food we eat is broken down for various purposes, including energy production. This is to mean that a metabolic diet is a blend of foods that help in boosting your metabolism.

    Do not get it twisted around. This meal plan does not contain any foods that are out of the ordinary. Instead, it is created using the everyday foods you can easily find at the store. The only difference here is that you might didnt know these foods can boost your metabolism.

    If you are considering starting this meal plan, the first thing you ought to do is sit down with your doctor or a dietitian. Without their go-ahead, you cannot start this diet plan. It is because taking matters into our hands, especially those dealing with dietary changes can prove fatal to our health.

    After getting the okay of your physician, the next on your list should be a visit to your dietitian or nutritionists office. Their help is imperative, especially when it comes to designing a metabolic diet plan within your daily calorie range.

    Want to build an attention-grabbing bubble butt, blast away fat thats stored in all the wrong places, spring-clean your diet, turn back the clock on your skin, skyrocket your self-confidence and shatter your insecurities? Check out the BetterMe app and set this plan in motion!

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    The Fast Metabolism Diet Overview

    This diet was easy on the one hand, because it definitely doesnt leave you feeling hungry, but you will have to shop!

    On this metabolism reset diet, you eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day of clean, unprocessed food, and you rotate foods within three phases within a weeks period.

    You can go crazy with the recipes, or you can keep it simple like I did and eat a lot of the same foods, so its as easy or as complicated as you make it.

    This is not a fad diet you could eat this way forever and be perfectly healthy. Eating whole, natural foods most of the time is what you should be aiming for anyway, but the key to this diet is the rotation of the foods throughout the three phases within the week.

    The recommendation is to follow the diet for a minimum of 4 weeks and the author claims you canlose up to 20 pounds in 28 days.

    Like most diets that work, you are allowed no dairy, nothing white , no alcohol, and no caffeine. I will admit that I cheated and still had coffee in the morning, but only after my lemon water, no ones perfect

    You must eat only certain fruits/veggies/meats depending upon which phase youre in, either 1, 2 or 3. One thing that helped me was to download the user friendly Fast Metabolism app it cost $1.99 and it helped me a lot with the shopping.

    You can also enter all the foods you eat as you go along to make sure you dont miss a component, and the app reminds you to drink water, which I liked!

    The Reasoning Behind The Fast Metabolism Diet

    Many people follow low-calorie diets, which make your body move to starvation mode and stubbornly hold on to weight. This diet claims to kick you out of that habit. In all the phases, youre avoiding foods that cause irritation or inflammation in the GI tract and can slow your bowels and create insulin resistance. Phase 1, Unwind, gently persuades your metabolism that it is no longer in an emergency situation its okay to actually digest the food you are eating rather than storing it. Fat and protein are harder to digest than carbohydrates like grains and fruit, so by keeping these low, the body is soothed and encouraged. Phase 2, Unlock, allows for the mobilization of stored energy in the form of fat, so that you can burn it as fuel. Phase 3, Unleash, is when you start burning the fat you unlocked in Phase 2, as well as the fat youre eating

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    I Havent Lost Weight In More Than Two Weeks

    If youve tried all the tips in the previous section, but your weight has stalled, here are Haylies recommendations for these cases:

    • Lengthen a phase: if it is easier to lose weight in Phase2, lengthen this phase by one day to help your metabolism. In this way, you will do two days of P1, three days of P2, and two days of P3. You can do it for up to two weeks in a row. If Phase 1 suits you better, extend Phase 1.
    • Swap out your grains: Try choosing lower-carb grains like quinoa or wild rice over higher-carb grains like brown rice.
    • Add more vegetables to your snacks: vegetables help process fats, so add them to your snacks, especially in P3.
    • Try a cabbage infusion: cabbage is a vegetable that has beneficial enzymes to process fats. Boil half a head of cabbage for half an hour and use that water as an infusion to drink at night .
    • Dont forget the importance of lemons: lemons are also excellent food they help process proteins and other nutrients and improve digestion. You can add them to your meals or make infusions.
    • Tip Haylie recommends trying this lemon infusion: in a jar, put strips of lemon peel cut with a peeler, cover with boiling water and let it steep for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, squeeze the lemon. Strain the water into a cup and add the lemon juice.

    Grilled Salmon Filets With Lemon & Dill

    13 Day Metabolism Diet

    Phase 2 opens up some more fish possibilities, and I love grilled or baked salmon of any kind. This recipe will take minutes to whip up during the week, and if you make the effort to get good fish and fresh dill, its really tasty. Throw a sauteed onion and bell pepper mix or kale salad on the side, and youll have a wonderful Phase 2 meal.


    Get the recipe from The Fast Metabolism Diet Community.

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    How Different Foods Effect The Fast Metabolism Diet

    Here, we are going to go over it in a little more depth. We are also going to go over some of the vitamins and minerals you can take that have also been shown to have a positive reaction over ones metabolism, either directly or through a systematic process, when combined with other vitamins and minerals, nutrients, or the bodys own natural functioning. First, a quick review of the foods known to increase the metabolic rate :

    Next, a list of foods and beverages that have been shown to decrease the metabolic rate:

    Now, a list of vitamins and minerals known to speed up the metabolism:

    Now, lets take a look at the foods you will be eating as well as the foods you will need to steer clear of for each phase:

    Phase 1 List of Allowed Foods

    Phase 2 List of Allowed Foods

    Phase 3 List of Allowed Foods

    All Phases Not-Allowed Food List

    Wed/thur Lots Of Proteins And Veggies Unlock

    Phase 2 of the Fast Metabolism Diet is the tough phase for most because you cant eat fruit or carbs! This is the phase where you start to see the weight fall off!

    In Phase 2 there are no carbs, just lean protein and veggies, and NO FRUIT at all aside from lemon or lime in your water.

    Phase 2 is EXACTLY how I ate during the 60 hour Lean and Green reset I recently did and had great results!

    I ate a lot of egg whites, chicken, sliced turkey , beef jerky, and a TON of vegetables.

    Its only two days, so its not like its the end of the world, thats the great thing about this diet, nothing last longer than a couple of days so you dont feel deprived!

    A typical day in Phase 2 for me looked like this:

    • Breakfast Egg white omelet with red pepper, onion and asparagus
    • Snack Beef jerky with celery sticks
    • Lunch Big serving of sliced turkey, and an even bigger serving of steamed broccoli or asparagus, side of mustard
    • Snack 2 boiled egg whites
    • Dinner Steamed white fish with red pepper topping, and an all you can eat salad with all the veggies you want

    Phase 2 is the Unlock phase, where you unlock fat stores. Mixing only lean proteins and veggies forces your body to lay down muscle and scavenge for fats, and since your adrenals are primed from phase 1, your body is primed to release fat cells.

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    What Is The Dual Efficient Metabolism Diet

    We all know at least one person who can eat whatever they want, which doesnt impact their diet. And obviously, we are super jealous of them.

    They can eat whatever they want without counting. And when it comes to weight loss and fat burning, they lose weight faster than we do.

    If you know someone who has these characteristics or if its YOU, then you have the dual efficient metabolism.

    Many of you must think why someone with dual efficient metabolism needs a diet plan?

    According to nutrition science, you have to follow and stick with a diet plan to stay healthy.

    Also, if people with dual efficient metabolism dont follow any particular diet plan then they may gain weight faster.

    So, a balanced diet plan helps people with dual efficient metabolism lose weight faster than other diet plans do.

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