What Is A Low Fat Diet Consist Of

Eating High Quantities Of Other Food Types

Ketogenic Diet: Is High Fat, Low-Carb Diet Good For Health?

High fat foods are a good source of fuel and are filling enough to last you throughout the day without needing glucose fuel. The whole point of a high fat diet is to consume a high level of fat and not much else. If you eat a high level of carbohydrates or sugars alongside fat, the effectiveness of the diet will weaken and could reverse its health and diet benefits. It is important to stick to eating only high fat foods, including the foods listed above.

High Fat Diet = Burning Both Fat And Glucose For Energy

On a high fat diet your body enjoys metabolic flexibility. It can easily burn both glucose and fat and can readily choose between the two.

For example:

Lets say youre fat adapted and havent eaten for 4 hours. Your body has already burned through all the glucose and all the dietary fat. Now, because youre fat adapted, your body can easily choose to burn some body fat for energy. You maintain high energy and dont get hungry. Convenient, huh?

On a high-carb diet you would get hungry and tired right after burning through all the glucose. After all your body cant effectively burn dietary fat or body fat

so you get hungry and have to refuel again.

Hah! How lame is that!?

Again, that example is grossly oversimplified, but you get the point.


Lets get a little more into the specific benefits of consuming most of our calories from healthy fat.

How Many Carbs Fats And Proteins Should I Consume Daily

This varies depending on your individual physiology and your goals.

As a general guideline the macronutrient ratio will look somewhat like this:

  • Carbohydrates: 5-30% of calories

On a high fat diet you generally consume somewhere between 50-150g of carbohydrates.

The lower end of the spectrum is usually best for overweight and not very active people. The higher end suits generally fit people who exercise a lot.

If you want to lose fat rapidly you can go below 50.

  • Protein: 15-30% of calories

If you exercise a lot, have a lot of muscle mass, are trying to build more muscle mass, or are trying to lose weight, then you will want to consume more protein.

If you fall in any of these categories, then you can get somewhere between 100-200g of protein per day.

Otherwise somewhere in the range of 70g 120g of protein per day is optimal.

  • Fat: 50-80% of calories

The rest of your calories should come from healthy fats.

Depending on your energy output that will be more or less.

I wouldnt worry about the exact number of grams of fat or calories from fat. The fats that make up the bulk of a proper high fat diet are incredibly healthy plus its hard to overeat on them.

Make sure that you do consume plenty of healthy fats. A low carb + low fat diet is seriously unhealthy. If youre feeling low energy on a high fat diet, its probably because youre not consuming enough fats.

Now, before we move on to the practical stuff, we have ONE last thing to cover

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What Is A Low Fat Diet

A low-fat diet is an eating plan that substantially limits the amount of dietary fat consumed, regardless of the type of fat. Those who follow the eating plan may be seeking weight loss, weight maintenance, or other outcomes like improved heart health. Foods included in a low-fat diet may be naturally low in fat or fat-free, like fruits and vegetables. The diet may also include processed foods that are manufactured to contain less fat than their traditional counterparts, like low-fat cookies or low-fat ice cream.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

A Low

Proponents of this increasingly popular diet approach believe that consuming apple cider vinegar essentially fermented apple cider will help with both weight loss and blood sugar control.

Although there are studies showing benefits of adding apple cider vinegar to your diet, theres not enough evidence to show that consuming it on a daily basis promotes weight loss, says Asche. It is also highly acidic, which could cause irritation in some people, especially if consumed without being diluted or in large amounts.

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Foods To Avoid On A High Fat Diet

To get the most out of a high fat diet, you want to ban high carb foods as well as any other unhealthy foods from your diet.

The list below contains all the foods that you want to AVOID if youre looking to optimize your health, energy levels, productivity, and overall well-being.

  • Sugar: Table sugar, soft drinks, fruit juices, ice cream, candy, and most processed foods
  • Artificial sweeteners: Aspartame, ascesulfame, sucralose, saccharin, and others
  • Seed- and vegetable oils: Soybean-, corn-, cottonseed-, sunflower-, grapeseed-, safflower and canola oils
  • Grains : Wheat, barley, rye, spelt, etc.
  • Trans fats: Hydrogenated and/or partially hydrogenated oils
  • Low fat, zero fat, and diet products: Certain dairy products, protein bars, cereals, crackers, etc.
  • MOST processed foods: Anything that has more than 5 ingredients is probably NOT good for you

Alright, now that we know which foods to eat and which to avoid, we can look at how a full day of eating a healthy high fat diet can look like.

No Blood Sugar Or Insulin Issues

Carbohydrate consumption raises your blood sugar and insulin levels. Therefore, if you lower your carb intake on a high fat diet, you stabilize both blood sugar and insulin levels. This means youre much healthier in general and prevent metabolic diseases such as insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and type-2-diabetes.

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Does Eating Fat Make You Oxidize More Fat For Atp

The short answer is yes, your body adapts quite quickly and robustly to the types of foods you consume. If you eat a low-carb, high-fat diet your body will start using more fat for fuel 00350-2″ rel=”nofollow”> 1,2,3,4). If you eat a low-fat, high-carb diet, your body will start using more carbohydrates for fuel. This is incredibly well documented in the literature. Here are just a few data points and studies showing this is true 00350-2″ rel=”nofollow”> 1).

Here is the other interesting thing, it appears that it isnt the high fat that makes you burn more fat, it is the lack of carbohydrates. When you consume high fat and high carbs you dont push the RER as much as if you just restrict carbohydrates. You also see the same effect if you eat low carb and low fat or if you are fasting . Carbohydrates really appear to be the main fuel selector . This really should fundamentally change how you view high fat diets and their mechanisms.

As you consume less carbohydrates and more fat your body WILL start oxidizing more fat for fuel. That is really incontrovertible. However, we need to be very smart with how we interpret this. Using more fat for fuel does not equal more weight loss. This has also been demonstrated in several studies, including the following.

Clearly, more fat oxidation does not equal more weight/fat loss. More on this topic to follow.

Reduction Of Ketone Mechanism

Ketogenic Diet: Is High Fat, Low-Carb Diet Good For Health?

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Low Fat Frozen Yogurt

Low fat or nonfat frozen yogurt is considered a healthier choice than ice cream because its much lower in fat.

However, it can contain just as much sugar as ice cream, if not more.

A 100-gram serving of nonfat frozen yogurt contains 21 grams of sugar, which is the same amount found in 100 grams of vanilla ice cream .

You should have frozen yogurt as a treat instead of ice cream if you like the taste better. Besides being lower in fat, its nutritional profile can be similar to that of regular ice cream.

Effortless Weight Loss If Thats Of Interest To You

High-fat diets are very satiating and because both hunger and appetite go down, you automatically consume less calories and start burning more body fat. Hence, you lose weight.

So weve got stable and effortless energy, a better working brain, lowered risk for metabolic diseases, and even faster weight loss on a high fat diet. Doesnt sound too shabby, does it?

IMPORTANT: Your body still can burn glucose for energy on a high fat diet. Too much blood glucose is toxic, so the body will always get rid of it by burning it for energy or storing it for later use.

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How Low Carb Is A Low

The lower your carbohydrate intake, the more powerful the effects may be on weight and blood sugar.15 For that reason, we recommend initially following the dietary advice fairly strictly. When youre happy with your weight and health, you may carefully try eating more carbs if desired .

Here are three examples of what a low-carb meal can look like, depending on how many carbs you plan to eat per day:

A strict low-carb diet is often called a keto or ketogenic diet. Its not a no-carb diet, but it contains less than 20 grams of carbs per day.

What Are Fats: High

You Are What You Eat

Theres a distinct difference between dietary and body fat. Dietary fats are the ones you eat, and there are several types, some are good for you, and others bad.

In this case, you are not what you eat. The fat you eat doesnt automatically deposit itself on your waist, hips, thighs, or bingo wings. The simple act of consuming fat also doesnt directly raise blood lipids and cholesterol levels.

Contrary to widespread belief, fat is not bad in reasonable quantities when you choose the right ones. Low-fat diets may have specific benefits for people with metabolic problems, like high cholesterol and triglycerides, heart problems, and damaged arteries, but if youre relatively healthy and consume a balanced diet, theres no need to fear fat.

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Fish Meat Poultry And Other Protein

  • Egg whites or egg substitutes
  • Crab, white fish, shrimp, and light tuna
  • Chicken and turkey breast , or ground turkey breast
  • The American Cancer Society recommends a healthy eating pattern that limits or doesn’t include processed and red meats, but if you choose to eat them, choose lean cuts , or extra-lean ground beef. Braise, roast, or cook them without adding fats.
  • Beans, peas, and lentils, cooked without added fats or fatty meats
  • Veggie burgers

Low Fat Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt has a long-standing reputation as a healthy food. Studies show that plain yogurt may aid weight loss and improve body composition, in part by increasing levels of the fullness hormones GLP-1 and PYY. Its also full of healthy probiotic bacteria (

11 ).

To enjoy the benefits that yogurt provides, choose one with the least amount of added sugar, and if you choose to have plain yogurt, spruce it up by adding fruit. You can also add a little honey or maple syrup for sweetness.

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What Foods Should I Include

  • Grains:
  • Whole-grain breads, cereals, pasta, and brown rice
  • Low-fat crackers and pretzels
  • Fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables
  • Fresh, frozen, dried, or canned fruit
  • Avocado
  • Nonfat or 1% milk
  • Nonfat or low-fat cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese
  • Meats and proteins:
  • Chicken or turkey with no skin
  • Baked or broiled fish
  • Lean beef and pork
  • Beans and peas, unsalted nuts, soy products
  • Egg whites and substitutes
  • Unsaturated oil, such as canola, olive, peanut, soybean, or sunflower oil
  • Soft or liquid margarine and vegetable oil spread
  • Low-fat salad dressing
  • What Does A Low Carb Diet Consist Of

    What type of low fat diet should patients with FCS follow?

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    You Get Hungry Quickly And Are Forced To Eat All Day Long

    Glucose is a fleeting energy source. You cant store a lot of it in your body, which means you have to constantly refuel the tank. You may be full for 2-4 hours after a high carb meal, yet after those initial few hours your energy drops, you get hungry, and you need to refuel the tank. Basically youre constantly hungry and are forced to eat all the time.

    Properly Stock Your Kitchen

    Take some time to plan for your new lifestyle. Remove tempting high-fat items from the kitchen to stay on track, and stock up with healthy low-fat foods to further increase your success.

    Focus on fruits, vegetables, beans, and lean proteins that are naturally low in fat and high in nutrition and satisfaction. Limit foods high in refined grains and added sugar, as they provide little satiation and nutrition value.

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    Unsaturated Saturated And Trans Fats

    Dietary fats make up one of the three macronutrients . Fats are found in both plants and animals. Humans need fats for warmth, energy storage, nerve cell function, and making important things like hormones and vitamins.

    The reason plants contain fats is because it provides energy for future baby plants. Their seeds are cushioned in a type of fat which promotes growth. Generally, plant fats are unsaturated and generally considered beneficial and heart healthy. Fish is also a source of unsaturated fats.

    On the other hand, beef and pork are sources of saturated fats so is dark chicken and whole dairy. Saturated fats stay solid at room temperature and should be consumed in moderation.

    Trans fats are the one fat that you should strive to avoid, because theyre linked to many diseases including colon cancer, heart disease, and type II diabetes. These partially hydrogenated oils are industrially modified to stay solid at room temperature . Deep-frying at high temperatures can also cause trans fats to occur.

    FACTProcessed foods contain less trans fats than before, but they can still be found in cheap processed foods like baked goods, margarine and shortening.

    What Is A Ketogenic Diet

    What Exactly Is the Keto Diet?

    A ketogenic diet primarily consists of 80-90% fat, 10-20% carbohydrate, and 2-5% protein, and is practiced by many for weight loss, type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, and seizures.Weight loss can be a goal of people on a ketogenic diet, but the diet’s popularity has led to an ethical debate over who should be encouraged to eat the diet.Some say that, while a diet should help the overweight and obese lose weight, a ketogenic diet may be dangerous to the health of those without serious medical conditions, since it contains such low levels of carbohydrates.

    • Acid Reflux

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    Eating The Wrong Types Of Fat

    One of the biggest mistakes people make with a high fat diet is eating the wrong type of fats. Not all high fat foods are a healthy sustainable source of energy.

    For example, red meat is high in fat but the wrong kind of fat your body needs. Whereas leaner meats such as chicken provide you with healthy fats and a sustainable source of energy that your body can use as fuel.

    => See our Healthy Energy Foods List here

    My Low Calorie Meal Plan

    I thrive on a high protein, balanced carb, low fat diet. Ive written several meal plans with macros split between 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat.

    But at the heart of it all, I attribute my success to starting with a calorie deficit and sticking to my calorie goals. End of story.

    If I eat too many grams of carbs, Ill reduce my portions of protein. As long as I dont go over my calorie budget for the day and maintained a calorie deficit, I kept losing weight.

    I try to avoid snacking, which was the biggest hurdle in my weight loss, and kind of still is. My main meals range between 300-500 calories.

    So, even when I can eat the same foods every day, the meals can have a great deal of variety. Whatever I add or season the meals with need to be weighed, measured, and tracked in MyFitnessPal

    This printable is how my diet breaks down by meals that I call predictable, yet flexible!

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