South Beach Diet Vs Paleo

Why I Love Phase 3

What is The Difference Between Atkins and South Beach Diet?

The fact that theres a clearly defined end point with The South Beach Diet is one of my favorite parts about their program. That means they arent expecting you to be on it forever they want you to move one and care about your success moving forward.

Over the course of completing the 3 Phases, you will hopefully have hit your weight loss goals, and learned a lot about being healthy along the way.

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South Beach Diet Vs Paleo Power Meals

In order to help you to find which plans, services, or products may represent the better choice for you, we have compared South Beach Diet with Paleo Power Meals, based on few major characteristics of the products and services: Popularity, How it Works, Different, Health & Nutrition, Meals, Menus and Recipes, Plans & Pricing, Help & Support and more.

Paleo Allows For Whole

Although paleo does restrict some carb sources, it isnt necessarily a low-carb diet in the same way keto is.

Because paleo does not emphasize macronutrients, your diet could theoretically be very high in carbs, depending on which foods you choose to eat within the specified parameters.

Because grains, refined sugars and legumes arent permitted, the carb sources on the paleo diet are somewhat limited but not eliminated. Paleo still allows carbs from groups of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and unrefined sweeteners.

Conversely, the keto diet restricts all rich sources of carbohydrates, including starchy vegetables, most fruits, grains, sweeteners and most legumes.

Due to the fact that total carb intake must remain below a certain threshold to maintain ketosis, many high-carb foods, regardless of their source, simply dont fit into a keto diet.


Keto restricts your carb intake, while paleo allows for many whole-food sources of carbs, provided they fall into the permitted food categories.

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Is The South Beach Diet Right For You

Most people could benefit from this diet, says Dr. Jampolis. Unlike other low-carb diets, its not high in saturated fat, which is a plus, and the emphasis on quality protein, fat, fiber and carbs makes it one of the healthier options. Plus, while grains are cut completely for the first two weeks, they are added back in during the second phase, and dairy is not cut at all, so this makes the diet more livable.

That being said, the diet isnt right for everyone. As noted previously, individuals with diabetes should consult their doctor, and those with advanced kidney disease may have to limit their protein intake. Vegetarians or vegans may have more limited meal options, as could those with lactose intolerance, given the amount of dairy in the diet. Still, Dr. Jampolis cannot think of anyone who should avoid the South Beach Diet altogether.

Beyond health considerations, the diet may pose lifestyle challenges for someespecially during the more restrictive first phase. Phase One may be more challenging eating out, going on vacation or during the holidays, so probably best to start when you have two weeks to eat mainly at home and prepare appropriately, notes Dr. Jampolis.

Slightly increased food costs could also be a factor, given the diets emphasis on eating protein with every snack and meal. However, Dr. Jampolis points out that there are ways to make the diet more budget-friendly and that the costs could be offset by not dining out.

South Beach Diet Alternatives: 3 Cheaper Competitors

South Beach vs Paleo Diet [Feb 2020]: Which is Best?

Looking for some solid South Beach Diet Alternatives? Well, South Beach Diet is one of the most popular diets on the planet, and while its a great option for many folks out there, that doesnt mean its the right diet for everyone.

With that in mind, lets take a look at a few diets that we think make great alternatives to South Beach Diet

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Paleo Focuses More On Ideology While Keto Focuses On Macronutrients

One of the key differences between the paleo and keto diets is the ideological message, or lack thereof.

The paleo diet places a heavy emphasis on lifestyle choices beyond just the diet. It explicitly encourages a specific style of exercise and mindfulness in daily activities to accompany the dietary pattern.

One of the mainstays of the paleo lifestyle is to incorporate short, intense periods of exercise into your routine. This style of physical activity is thought to reduce the stress that may accompany longer workouts.

Other methods of stress reduction encouraged on the paleo diet include yoga and meditation.

When paired with the diet, these lifestyle practices are intended to support the total wellness of your body and mind, leading to better overall health.

While the paleo diet regimen is very specific, it doesnt place any emphasis on macronutrients at all. You are permitted to eat as much protein, fat and carbohydrates as you want, provided youve chosen them from the set list of allowable foods.

Keto, on the other hand, doesnt have an associated ideology or lifestyle component. While it does encourage choosing healthy food sources, the main focus is macronutrient distribution.

Any other implemented lifestyle changes alongside the keto diet are the up to the individual and are not part of the diet regimen itself.

Final Thoughts: The Best Alternative Is

The South Beach Diet is one of the best diet programs out there, but that doesnt mean its going to work for everyone!

Check out the list above for 3 solid alternatives all of the diets we have listed have been proven to work, and can produce great weight loss results!

The Top Pick?

Nutrisystem is our top-rated meal delivery diet here at the site so theyre a great place to start if youre looking for a really good alternative.

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Dukan Diet Vs South Beach Diet

Millions of results come up when you search for a weight loss diet online.

A diet like the Dukan diet is at the top of the list of the most popular diets because it has received support from several celebrities, including Kate Middleton. Also ranked among the top 50 is the South Beach diet.

Some people will follow any diet as long as it has celebrity support, whereas others will look deeper into what the diet offers before making a decision.

This article looks at the Dukan diet, and the South Beach diet, two of the most popular weight loss diet plans currently available. Which one of these options is superior to the other?

Lose Up To 18 Pounds In Your First Month

The Paleo Diet And Diabetes

Right now, Nutrisystem is running a new program promotion they call Personal Plans.

With this brand new system, they can help you lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches during your first month. For men, it gets even better you may be able to shed up to 18 pounds!

For me, this was a big incentive for signing up, because it gives you a pretty clear number that you can shoot for.

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Risks Of The South Beach Diet

On the flip side, there are a few risks associated with the South Beach Diet:

  • The focus on protein can be challenging. Someone with advanced kidney disease, for instance, may have to limit their protein intake, which is an emphasis in the South Beach Diet, adds Dr. Jampolis. Additionally, while there are suggestions for vegans and vegetarians, they may find the first phase of the diet more challenging.
  • It can lead to quick drops in blood sugar. Individuals with diabetes should be careful if theyre taking insulin or blood sugar-lowering medications, as blood sugar may drop quickly on the diet, says Dr. Jampolis. She recommends these individuals speak to their doctor and closely monitor their blood sugars upon beginning the South Beach Diet.
  • Sugar substitutes in recipes are not necessarily the healthiest. Some South Beach Diet recipes include sugar-free products and sugar substitutes. These may not be the healthiest, says Dr. Jampolis. Instead, she recommends choosing natural sweeteners, such as stevia or monk fruit.

The Keto Diet Vs The Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet became extremely popular at the start of the millennium after the publication of Robert C. Atkins best-selling book. The Atkins diet, like the South Beach Diet, is divided into phases that gradually get less restrictive with the final phase allowing you to eat whatever you like in moderation. The idea is to kickstart weight loss with less than 20 grams of carbs a day, a level that will put your body into ketosis. You will, though, gradually work your way out of it.

Atkins Fast Facts:

  • Divided into 4 phases: High fat, moderate protein, very low carb
  • Phase 1, which last 2 weeks, is basically keto as it restricts your carb intake to just 20 grams a day
  • High fat, moderate protein, low carb

Keto vs Paleo

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How Do You Apply The Diet

The south beach diet is divided into phases. The first phase lasts for two weeks and is the strictest part of the cycle, involving limits on fruits, grains, and other carbohydrates. This phase involves three meals a day and two stacks. Phase two picks up at day fifteen and lasts as long as you need, to reach a goal weight. Limited portions of healthy carbs are reintroduced during this part of the cycle. Once the goal weight has been hit, you can enter the third phase where the rules of the first two phases are kept in mind, but treats and occasional exceptions can be made. You stay in this phase indefinitely.

Both Eliminate Added Sugar

Paleo Diet Vs South Beach

Keto and paleo diets strongly discourage the intake of added sugars.

For both diet plans, this largely falls under their shared message of avoiding heavily processed foods in general.

However, paleo dieters are a bit more flexible with this rule, as unrefined sugar sources like honey and maple syrup are still permitted.

Keto, on the other hand, doesnt allow any added sugar sources, refined or not, due to the high carb content of these foods.

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How Does The Keto Diet Work

The keto diet is so-named because it helps the body produce a sufficiently high amount of ketones. This leads to a metabolic state known as nutritional ketosis, which is typically defined as a ketone blood level of 0.7 – 2.5 millimoles per liter.

For practicality purposes, most people dont need to worry about whether or not they are actually in ketosis. If your carb intake is about 30 grams per day or less and youre eating plenty of fat – upwards of 80% of total calorie intake – youll be producing more than enough ketones.

Bear in mind that essentially all of the carbs you eat on keto should come from incidental food sources, like fibrous vegetables and nuts/seeds.

The remaining 15-30% of total daily calories should come from quality protein sources, such as whole eggs, protein powder, grass-fed beef, poultry, fish, and certain plant proteins.

It goes without saying that you should be monitoring your calorie intake if youre trying to lose weight on keto. Cutting out carbs isnt going to miraculously help you lose body fat if youre still eating too many calories.

And remember, fat is the most calorie-dense macronutrient, meaning the calories can pile up on keto pretty darn fast if youre not mindful of portion sizes.

Making Sense Of Different Diets

by Scott Rollins | Feb 20, 2016 | Articles, Conditions, Nutrition, Weight loss

With titles from A to Z, there are hundreds of diet plans and the media headlines are full of tips on this diet or that diet. The medical literature banters back and forth about the benefits and risks of low carb versus low fat versus high protein as we hyper-analyze measurements such as good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, insulin, glucose, weight and blood pressure. But which diets really work, what do they have in common, and which ones promote good health?

On my bookshelf sit about 30 books on various diets which I have read over the years, including The Atkins, HCG, Hormone, Jenny-Craig, Mediterranean, NutriSystem, Paleo, Ornish, Pritikin, South Beach, Weight-Watchers, and Zone diets, just to name a few. Each diet has its own claim to fame, and there are some common-sense threads that they all share, with a few of them making recent medical news.

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What Do You Eat On The Diet

What you eat is also of course important. While weve already touched on this some, well take a look at a typical day on both diets.

  • South Beach Diet has you eating every two to three hours, or six times a day. A day on the plan looks quite different depending on what phase youre in. During Phase One, which lasts two weeks youll be asked to avoid fatty meat and poultry butter and coconut oil whole milk any refined sugar any nutritive sweeteners all grains and all fruits and all starchy vegetables. In phase two and three, youre allowed up to four servings of whole grains or starchy vegetables and up to three servings of fruit a day. All phases youll be eating protein-based meals with healthy fats and non-starchy vegetables. Stevia and non-nutritive sweeteners are allowed for daily dessert or treat. Servings are based upon a balance of calories, calorie intake and glycemic index.
  • Paleo Diet normally encourages three meals and a single snack a day, or three to four times eating per day. Instead of phases, youll start with a baseline principle of proportions: half of your plate should be a vegetable, a 1-2 palm-sized serving of animal-based protein, a serving of healthy fat and an optional starchy fruit or vegetable if you need more. A typical day might look like scrambled eggs for breakfast tuna and avocado salad for lunch ham and pineapple skewers for dinner, and a piece of fruit as a snack.

Both Emphasize Healthy Fats

Dr. Terry Wahls – Maximizing Nutrient Density for Optimal Health

In line with their shared goal of achieving optimal health, both paleo and keto diets encourage the intake of unrefined, healthy fats.

Both diets also recommend moderate-to-liberal amounts of selected refined oils, such as olive and avocado oils, as well as nuts, seeds and fish. These foods are known to benefit heart health because of their poly- and monounsaturated fat content .

Both diets also discourage the use of heavily processed fats, such as trans fats, which are detrimental to health when consumed regularly

Keto places very heavy emphasis on fat in general, as it is the cornerstone of the entire diet. Paleo, while not necessarily a high-fat diet, uses this recommendation to support overall health.

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How Do Atkins & Other Low Carb Diets Work

The Atkins 20 Diet is very similar to the ketogenic approach, in that you will limit yourself to about 20 grams of net carbs per day when following their program. You will also eliminate pretty much all sugar from your diet.

As a result, your bodys metabolic switch should be flipped, and you will go from burning carbs and sugar for energy to burning fat this usually translates to fast and effective weight loss!

Just because youre limiting your carbs, though, doesnt mean youll just be eating a big plate of meat for every meal. Atkins Diet is built around a wide variety of foods, including nutrient-rich food and high-fiber veggies.

Atkins does have some other plans that allow for more carbs, so be sure to read up on all of their offerings when you check out their website.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Results are going to vary with the Atkins Diet plans, but if you follow it correctly, you can expect to lose weight pretty quickly. People with the most weight to lose can expect the most dramatic results out of the gates, but fast weight loss should happen for most people following the plan.

The Atkins Diet has helped people lose 10, 20, 50, 100 pounds, and even more.

Bottom Line: The Atkins Approach Works

If you have a lot of weight to lose, its no secret by now that the Atkins Diet plan works, and it works very well. They have a number of different options to choose from these days, including Atkins 20 and Atkins 40.

Is The Paleo Diet Healthy

Paleo can be a relatively healthy way of eating if youre modest with meat intake and monitoring your calorie intake. You should also be mindful of eating raw, uncooked foods on paleo sure, our late ancestors may have eaten mostly raw foods, but they were also notoriously unhygienic.

Cooking is often a vital process for eliminating potentially harmful microbes from food in some cases, its actually necessary for activating nutrients, especially in vegetables . Also, consider that life expectancy has increased dramatically since the 20th century due to advancements in sanitization and better hygiene practices.

Its one thing to emulate the diet of a caveman, but its another to mimic their entire lifestyle.

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Different Types Of Diets

There are probably a dozen or more popular diets out there covering every circumstance you can imagine. Seriously, has a list of the 11 Weirdest Diets in History. Spoiler alert: the list includes things like tapeworms, cotton balls, and cigarettes.

While those diets are fascinating to read about, theyre not something you should be considering.

Pretty much all the popular diets are surrounded in controversies. Im going to do overviews of 13 popular diets. Not a single one of them is without controversy or critics, however, theyre all based mostly on real food consumption.

Im going to the categorize diets into 4 groups.

  • Popular Low-Carb Diets

Low Carb diets include diets where you consume fewer carbs. Ill cover Atkins, Paleo, Keto, and Whole30.

  • Popular Regional Diets

Regional diets are diets based on the way a certain part of the world eats. Ill cover Mediterranean, South Beach, and Nordic.

  • Popular Reduced-Meat Diets

Diets that reduce meat go here. Ill cover vegetarian, vegan and raw food.

  • Other Popular Diets

There are a few other popular diets that dont really fit into one of the above categories. Ill cover DASH, Weight Watchers and Fast 5:2. This is by no means an exhaustive list of other diets, there are probably thousands more that Im not going to cover.

Lets get going.

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