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Foods That Help You Lose Weight

My Simple Plant Based Meal Plan | Weight Loss Over 50

The healthiest way to sustain weight loss is to eat more nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber and will leave you feeling fuller longer, or have a special compound that helps burn fat, like chili peppers.

Even some foods that are high in calories, like avocados, are weight-loss friendly because they fill you up and keep your blood sugar low by keeping insulin at near-fasting levels. Meanwhile, sea moss has been shown to help boost immunity and contains iodine that is helpful to your body’s metabolism so add it to smoothies or other foods.

If for any reason you find that you’re not losing weight on a plant-based diet, make sure you avoid processed foods or added sugars and eat whole plant-based foods instead.

Here are eight weight-loss-friendly and nutritionist-approved foods to add to your smoothie or menu, as well as helpful recipes to make eating a plant-based diet even easier.

  • Avocados for healthy fat
  • Leafy greens
  • Beans and legumes
  • Chili peppers and other spices
  • Chia seeds and other seeds
  • Grapefruit and all citrus fruit
  • Cruciferous Vegetables

How Much Weight Can I Lose With This Plan

This depends on how much of a calorie deficit you create, that is, how many fewer calories than you need to maintain your current weight. You can find more about how many calories you need to lose weight here, but most women will lose around 2lbs a week at 1100-1200 calories, men will lose a similar amount at 1500-1600 calories.

Why Eat A Whole Food Plant

There are many reasons to switch over to a whole food plant-based diet . For one thing, WFPB and vegan meal options generally cost less research shows vegetarians may save up to $750 more a year than their omnivore counterparts. Which makes sense when you consider that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the cost of beef is $3.71 per pound while the cost of beans is at $1.35 per pound.

Or how about health? Studies have shown those who embrace a plant based diet require fewer medications and enjoy a reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more. And lest we forget, plant-based diets are not only healthier for people, but also healthier for our planet boosting human lifespans and cutting harmful emissions in the process.

But hey, lets be honest here: Sometimes its just about losing weight, so let’s talk about a plant based diet for weight loss.

And theres nothing wrong with that if it relates to your healthier lifestyle goals! We all want to look and feel our best, and given that obesity contributes directly to an entire host of health concerns , dropping a few pounds if youre overweight is an all-around good decision.

Unfortunately, losing weight can sometimes be a real hassle. The good news is that with the whole food plant based diet, it doesnt have to be because a plant based diet for weight loss is actually pretty simple.

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White Sugar And White Flour

White flour and processed sugar are also highly processed, cause inflammation, and can create huge glucose spikes. White flour, unless organic, is made with wheat that is often treated with glyphosates- and can be inflammatory.

Now dont get me wrong- our bodies probably can handle small amounts of any of these we do have a beautiful built-in detox system but if your diet consists mainly of these, then giving your body a week or month of clean eating will feel life-changing!

Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Loss: The Bottom Line

How to Lose Weight on a Plant

Dont have another shy day at the beach or continue standing in the back of group photos. With a small shift in your grocery list, you can use veganism to lose weight, stay slim, and be healthy. You can check out the vegan grocery list we made here.

In the long-term, your body will thank you.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that 25% of all deaths in the USA are from heart disease. Other research shows that due to high consumption of fruit, vegetables, and fibers, vegans have a lower chance of heart disease as well as diabetes.

This article contains everything you need to know about beginning your journey to enjoying a healthy plant-based meal plan. It all boils down to knowing your calorie expenditure, counting your intake, avoiding the right items, and being sure you compensate for any micronutrients.

For better or for worse, every meal is a health-decision. Make the right decision for 3 meals a day, 7 days a week using this fuss-free, weight loss meal plan with easy-to-find ingredients.

Dont wait another day its easier than ever to be vegan. Browse our website for additional tips, tricks, and resources.

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    How To Lose Weight On A Plant

    Theres no need to count calories on a plant based diet for weight loss, but that doesnt mean you should dive in without knowing what youre doing. Transitioning to a nutritious plant-based diet takes some preparation, and a little guidance certainly helps. Here are a few tips to help ensure that youre giving your body what it needs while youre dropping the weight that it doesnt:

    Would You Prefer A Gradual Change To Whole

    We know that a sudden shift to plant-based eating isnt for everyone. We asked one of our expert contributors, Craig McDougall, MD, for his advice on a more gradual approach: Add around 1,000 calories of legumes, whole grains, and starchy vegetables to your everyday routine. These starchy foods keep you full and satisfied, so youll naturally eat less of the animal products and processed foods that are making you sick. Dr. McDougall has plenty of other great advice to share.

    Forks Over Knives founder Brian Wendel has some good tips too. He encourages people to not sweat the small stuff and to look at the big picture instead: Focus on the big changes like switching from meat, milk, and eggs to whole plant foods. Such changes dramatically improve the nutritional composition of your diet, so this is where you will find the most noticeable and measurable improvements in your health.

    The time to start making the change is now. Youll be glad you did.

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    A Note About Animal Foods

    A plant-based diet can exclude all or most animal foods, but it can also mean eating proportionately more foods from plant sources. While this meal plan doesn’t include animal foods, that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them entirely.

    Should you want to include animal foods, consider using them as a complement to your meal rather than the centerpiece. A few meals over the course of the week that include a small amount of animal foods may be a good place to start.

    For example, you can have scrambled eggs with a veggie hash and avocado once a week, or sprinkle some cheese on your black bean quesadilla.

    Snack When Youre Hungry

    WHAT I DID TO LOSE WEIGHT PLANT-BASED // Simple Healthy Vegan Weight Loss // Plant-Based Weight Loss

    It seems pretty central to most diet plans that snacking is the enemy, but ask yourself this: Is snacking still wrong if youre snacking on the right foods? If you find that youre hungry, then by all means grab a little something, just make sure that it isnt junk. Healthy nuts, fruits, and vegetables can curb your cravings, and help you remain committed to your plant-based diet.

    If youre the kind of person who likes to eat between meals, then make sure that you have high-quality, whole-food snacks on hand for when you need them. After all, a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts arent going to derail your diet, but a hunger-motivated junk-food binge definitely could.

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    Customize The Meal Plan To Your Unique Needs

    This meal plan has lower calories as a baseline so that you can build upon it and customize it to your unique needs by adding servings, snacks and dessert.

    For sustainable weight loss, it is recommended to decrease maintenance calories by no more than 15%. When you go above 20% it can be difficult to maintain and can lead to nutrient deficiencies. If you’re not sure what your maintenance calories are, you can use this easy vegan calorie calculator.

    For example, if you calculate that your maintenance calories is 2000 calories, then you should aim to consume around 1,700 calories per day for sustainable weight loss.

    When using the meal plan below, this example allows you to add 500 calories of snacks, extra meals or desserts. Feel free to use any of the recipes on this website!

    You can also swap out the meals if they are not to your liking. Just look for recipes with similar calories per serving. All recipes on this website come with the full nutrition information.

    A Final Word On What It Means To Eat A Plant

    The plant-based diet is a category of diets that have this in common: All plant-based diets limit animal-derived foods in favor of plants, Yule says. Instead of a diet centered on meat and dairy, the starring roles are played by vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. Its a fresh, flavorful approach to eating and has been shown to have significant health benefits, including weight loss and disease prevention.

    Additional reporting by Laura McArdle.

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    Take Advantage Of The Anabolic Window

    We all know the basics of calories. Eat more than you burn and youll gain weight eat less than you burn and youll lose weight .

    Youve also probably heard that drinking a protein shake right after your workout can help you recover faster and promote lean muscle growth.

    Thats because the time immediately following your workout is super important for optimal recovery from exercise. This referred to as the anabolic window. During this time, its super important to feed your body the right nutrients.

    Thats why I always try to get a post-workout shake within a half-hour or less after finishing my workout.

    Common Weight Loss Advice & Mistakes

    Easy Plant

    Lets get one thing out of the way: we as human beings are flawed in the way that we value personal anecdotes over good studies. After all, its easier to relate to an individual who has lost a bunch of weight than some numbers in a study.

    But the truth is that any eating pattern can make you lose weight if you just cut back on calories enough to get into a deficit.

    Dropping a few pounds for 2-4 weeks and really watching what you eat while working your way through hunger pains is one thing but, staying lean for years and years is the tricky part.

    What we truly want is to be at a comfortable weight without having to be super restrictive while still and being able to enjoy our healthy bodies, right? Unfortunately, many diets leave you unhappy and unhealthy in the long run.

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    Vegan Grocery List For Weight Loss

    • Vegetables. There are 300,000 edible plants in the world. Load up with as many as you can find! Asparagus, beets, calabrese, daikon, eggplant, fennel, ginger, heart of palm, iceberg lettuce, Jerusalem artichoke, kale, leeks, mangetout, nori, okra, plantain you get the picture.
    • Fruits. And its the same with fruits. Instead of reaching for the usual ones that tend to sit uneaten in the fruit bowl, pick up something new. They dont have to be fresh. Frozen berries make great smoothies, and can be defrosted and teamed with vegan apple pancakes or yogurts.
    • Legumes. Anything from fresh French beans to canned garbanzo beans to dried lentils, there is a wealth of tasty, nutritious options to try. Theyre great to add to soups, salads, curries and bakes. And dont forget soy products soy is a bean so is full of protein and very versatile, Try tofu, tempeh, edamame beans, soy milk and soy yogurt.
    • Grains. Rice is nice, but have you tried couscous, quinoa, freekeh, millet and farro? And dont forget oats which make a nutritious and filling breakfast. Plus there are lots of products made from grains like wholegrain bread and pasta.
    • Herbs and spices are our friends. Full of flavour, they can turn a Monday night super-basic dish into a real crowd-pleaser.
    • Vegetable stock. Really adds depth of flavour to dishes.
    • Healthy fats. We need some fat in our diets so choose healthy fats like avocados, seeds, nuts and nut butters but use them in moderation if weight loss is your ultimate aim.

    Your Diet Is One Of The First Places To Start If Youre Looking To Manage Your Health And Weight Focusing On Whole Foods From Plant Sources Can Reduce Body Weight Blood Pressure And Risk Of Heart Disease Cancer And Diabetes And It Can Make Your Environmental Impact More Sustainable

    But how do we embrace plants in our diets if were so accustomed to including meat and dairy as primary nutrition sources?

    We spoke with Dr. Reshma Shah, a physician, plant-based eating advocate, co-author of Nourish: The Definitive Plant-Based Nutrition Guide for Families and Stanford Healthy Living instructor, about simple ways to incorporate more plants into your diet and the benefits this can provide for both you and the planet.

    Focus on whole, minimally processed foods.

    People use many different terms to describe a plant-based diet, including vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescatarian, and flexitarian to name a few. The most restrictive is veganism, which excludes all animal products, including meat, eggs and dairy.

    While there are health benefits to adopting a vegan diet, highly processed foods with little to no nutritional value, like Oreos or French fries, could still be a legitimate part of a vegan diet.

    In contrast, a whole-foods, plant-based diet:

    • Emphasizes whole, minimally processed foods
    • Limits or avoids animal products
    • Focuses on plant nutrients from vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts
    • Limits refined foods like added sugar, white flour and processed oils

    The vast majority of what nutritional experts are saying reflects the mantra made famous by Michael Pollan in his book The Omnivores Dilemma eat food, mostly plants, not too much.

    Eating a plant-based diet helps the environment.

    Plant-based diets prevent animal cruelty.

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    Do Not Spend All Day Meal Prepping

    Unless you want to get burned out or meal prep is your passion. In that case, go for it! Otherwise, set a timer for two hours & when it dings you are DONE! Thats enough time to prep veggies, legumes, cook grains, and pick out recipes if needed. Enjoy your weekend! Dont do too much at once. Youll be amazed at what you can accomplish in two focused hours!

    These Are All Great Vegan Weight Loss Recipes Because Theyre Nutritious And Natural

    Plant-Based Diet 2022: What I Eat For Easy Weight Loss

    This whole food is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is more nutritious than wheat, rice, and oats. It is gluten free, high protein, extremely versatile, and perfect for one of the 20 Plant Based diet Recipes I ate to lose weight. Additionally I love eating these all natural plant based diet fruit popsicles for dessert. All recipes are healthy, whole food plant based, and gluten free!

    Thank you for visiting Anyreasonvegans.

    Hello guys! My name is Jessica and I am a recipe blogger who specializes in vegan and plant based recipes! I have been blogging for 4 years but I have been into cooking, baking, and creating my entire life, Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

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    Plant Based Diet Meal Plan Example

    Is this all sounding good so far? I hope so!

    For a successful plant-based diet meal plan, I suggest eating 5 meals a day-breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, and a post-workout shake/meal.

    To give you all my recommendations, tips, and advice, it would take way more time and space than I have here! But to get all that awesome info , check out my 7-Day Eat Real Challenge.

    But for some ideas to help you get started, here are a few of my favorite plant-based diet recipes!

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    It May Help You Lose Weight

    There’s a growing body of research connecting vegan and vegetarian diets to a lower body mass index and smaller waistlines. In fact, research presented at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in 2019 revealed that following a 16-week vegan diet can increase the good bacteria in your gut that are connected to improving your weight and body composition.

    But the good news for carnivores is that you might not have to give it all up to lose some weight. According to a March 2019 report, those who followed a plant-based diet the most as in, ate more plants and less meat were observed to have smaller waistlines and lower BMIs and body fat percentages, per the Epidemiology study.

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