Shedding For The Wedding Diet

Eating Out And The Bachelorette Party


Following a pre-wedding diet should not stop you from having fun. Enjoy these single girl status carefree days. Be it your bachelorette party to honour your singlehood or hanging out with your friends at your favourite restaurant you can always keep a watch on your diet.

Plan a healthy menu, and lest you forget, a healthy menu need not be boring. You and your friends can pre-plan healthy meals and snacks and dance the night away. Opt for healthy eating options at the restaurant for example, an alternative to pizza could be a whole wheat base or choose wholewheat pita bread with hummus.

Track What Youre Eating

Tracking what you’re eating can actually be an incredibly helpful tool. It does NOT have to be forever – even tracking for a few days can be an eye-opening experience. This way, you can see what’s really worth it to you.

I like the app Lose It because there are fewer foods, i.e. less confusion when you’re trying to input chicken.

How to determine the correct calorie amount for you? I honestly have found that app algorithms and calculations based on your height, weight and gender are pretty inaccurate – because they don’t take into account your metabolism!

So I recommend tracking what you’re eating normally for 3-5 days and then subtracting 100-250 calories from that average. This way, your new calorie goal will suit your metabolism, and will be doable for the long term

Focus On The World Around You

All of the time inside means that you may be hyper-focused on the smaller details of your day-to-day life . But weight “loss” specifically is dangerous, Katzman says. “When we focus on weight loss, one thing that happens is that it’s never enough,” she says. It could put you in a constant state of dissatisfaction, as you’re trying to shed more pounds. ” is a time of excitement, not a time to feel inadequate.”

Tishman says focusing on your overall health is a helpful approach. Rather than honing in on calories or exercise, shift your attention to how you’re feeling. “It’s important to zoom out and look at the bigger picture,” she says. “Can you achieve a balance between feeling confident and healthy instead of focusing on getting to a certain weight and fixating on calories and workouts?”

Beyond thinking about your partnership and your confidence, Katzman suggests considering the world around you too. “This is an opportunity to get in touch with what matters to you, who you are about and, quite frankly, who you want to be when you emerge from quarantine.” She challenges couples to do an accurate assessment of their attention. For example, how much of your mental real estate are you giving to exercise and diet versus how you can be making a difference. “If you spend your energy focused on the satisfaction with your body, what you’re doing is going very small at a time when you and your partner can really be thinking about who you want to be in the world.”

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How To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding 3 Months Away

Your weight loss plan does NOT need to be complicated.

Calories in VS calories out. It is really as simple as that. If you are consuming more calories than you are burning each day, your body is holding on to those excess calories and turning them into body fat.

“Experts” sometimes make it seem complicated by telling you to meal prep for 10 hours, or create recipes with 15 ingredients. But weight loss done the right way can be simple.

You are getting so close to your wedding and the most important thing is that you feel good when you walk down the aisle. You need to feel confident in your wedding dress. Dont worry! On your big day, you can enjoy a slice of wedding cake guilt free! Eat your cake and enjoy the rest of your day. It is, after all, your wedding day!

You probably feel like you dont have time to do a lot of research. Planning a wedding is a lot of work. I have good news! I have done it all for you! Here are some general tips I recommend for weight loss, and I list a simple meal plan for your get ready for wedding diet.

A Full Colourful Plate Of Nutrition

Shedding for the Wedding? Shed the Lies Instead! (With images ...

One should not avoid carbs. Avoid simple carbs and include complex carbs in your diet like whole grain wheat, ragi, oats, brown bread, brown pasta, etc. Add salads, protein, and green vegetables to your plate. Include lentils like kidney beans, chickpeas, kala chana, etc. Lentils are an excellent source of protein and also have a lot of minerals.

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Challenge Your Relationship With Food

Diet culture has produced a harmful dialogue around food and meals. Labeling certain foods as “good” or “bad” only fosters negative relationships with food. “We don’t believe in the term ‘cheat day’ because having the occasional dessert or cocktails with your friends isn’t cheatingit’s called enjoying your life,” says Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, co-founders of Tone It Up. “We never want to feel guilty or be hard on .” It’s all about balance, they say.

Eating Disorders And The Fashion Industry

In the fashion and magazine world, dieting to fit into your wedding dress is not only acceptable but also encouraged. Times magazine ran a story in 2012 about a popular new diet plan called The K-E Diet also known as the feeding tube diet. This popular story followed the bride-to-be for eight days while she lived on a nasal feeding tube in order to consume carbohydrate-free, low-calories powder down her nose into her esophagus. The article failed to mention that feeding tubes are only used in live-saving medical settings and diets can be extremely dangerous. The public was outraged but also fascinated that the woman was able to lose as much weight as she did. Individuals who have a history of eating disorders may struggle with finding a wedding dress as society places pressure to lose weight in order to fit into the perfect dress. It is important to keep in mind that no dress or wedding is worth losing your health or your mental stability over.

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Do: Consider Spot Treatments

To many brides to bes dismay their big day approaches and even though they have worked very hard on their diet and have indeed dropped most of the weight they wanted to they still have one or two trouble spots that diet and exercise has simply not touched often in the tummy area that are still, in their minds , ruining the fit of their wedding dress.

This is where a series of electrotherapy treatments can be a great pre wedding present for a bride to be to treat herself to. Electrotherapy for weight reduction basically involves making use of an electric muscle stimulator, or slimming machine to target specific areas that diet and exercise have not and offer visible results in just a single session. And you can even use the treatment to help reduce the appearance of cellulite so that your honeymoon bikini look is every bit as stunning as your wedding days!

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Weight Loss

How to Organize the Kitchen For Healthy Eating From Shedding for the Wedding’s Ashley Koff

How to lose weight before the big day — and avoid ‘heavier ever after’

The wedding cake, the flowers, the rings … the personal trainer? For some brides- and grooms-to-be, getting in shape for the big day is an important part of wedding planning.

But could they be setting themselves up for failure? Not only do last-ditch dieting efforts usually fail, but new research shows that married people tend to gain more weight over the years than singles or people who are widowed or divorced.

Still, saying “I do” doesn’t have to lead to a lifetime of excess poundage.

Just as getting married is a major lifestyle change, so is successful weight loss, experts say. It’s natural for brides and grooms to want to look their best for their wedding day, and going about it the right way can make the difference between living healthier, or heavier, ever after.

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Serena Williams Diet Plan

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Serena is an elite athlete who had a tough delivery before her wedding. She also had to get back in the game after all that.

She says she hates the gym but follows a grueling workout plan that maintains her body. The sports star is particular about keeping away from injury and enhancing endurance, flexibility, and muscle functions.

She does cardio, Zumba, running, cycling, and swimming. Strength training on her arms, legs, and abdomen. Serena is on a raw and vegan diet. She takes more nuts, beans, lentils, and sprouted quinoa.

She incorporates oats, toasted Ezekiel bread, brown rice, chicken, and fruits. Serena says she cheats with pizza, chips, and tacos, once in a while.


Kate Middleton slimmed down for the royal wedding, by following the Dukan diet. She started with straight protein and veggies. The routine was then split into three phases, depending on the weight-loss plan.

Looking drop dead gorgeous on your wedding day is an unforgettable sight. So, we understand why you have to stay in shape.

But this wedding diet plan is beyond the wedding. It extends into a healthy lifestyle for after your wedding.

Checkup best ways to lose weight for a wedding, regardless of the time. Look smashing on your day, and sustain the lifestyle.

Do: Add Some Exercise To Your Diet Plan

What you eat is obviously very important when shedding for the wedding but diet changes alone will not result in long lasting weight loss. While you dont have to plan on embarking on an Arnold Schwarzenegger like gym regime an extra walk in the park at lunchtime, an extra session of aerobics or a an investment in a good old fashioned bike to spin around the neighbourhood are all great ways to add some extra exercise to your daily routine at what is admittedly a very busy time.

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Practice Positive Self Talk

To avoid the noise around “shedding for the wedding,” actively focus your attention on positive thoughts. To do this, Farris recommends starting by questioning your own diet culture experiences. “Challenge the unrealistic and harmful expectations you notice,” she says. Once you’re aware of your internal dialogue, you can shut down negative thoughts and focus your energy on positive ideas instead. “Consider expanding how you define your self-image beyond pressures around size.” Focus on your gorgeous eyes or your radiant smile, for example.

Next, assess the external voices you let into your thoughts. Tishman says it’s essential to limit the “compare and despair mentality.” “This can contribute to shame, anxiety, depression, self-criticism, lack of self worth and other unhelpful feelings.” Her advice is to replace those thoughts and pressures with a manta. Build one into your life that reminds you that you are enough as you are. It can even be as simple as: “I am enough.” Because you are!

Remember Exercise Is Just One Piece Of The Puzzle

Pin on diet

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Save The Carbs For The Honeymoon

True love waitsto eat carbohydrates. We all love pizza, and pastries, and donuts, but if youre carbo-loading before the wedding, your dress is going to be a tad snug. Our bodies prefer to use carbs as our main source of fuel, if we eat too many carbs, our bodies create fat storage to use as energy later. On the other hand, if we eat to few carbs, our bodies will seek to use another source of energy, such as stored fat. In other words, reducing your carb intake teaches your body to burn fat instead of carbs, and reducing your calorie intake allows your body to burn that fat. Additionally, cutting carbs can help you lean out, getting rid of extra water weight that keeps you bloated.

Designers Are Becoming More Size

You shouldnt have to feel like you need to drop weight in order to fit in a wedding dress. Cookie cutter dresses are a thing of the past, and bridal designers today are making wedding dresses for all body types and sizes, not just the stick-thin models who debut them on the runway. Supermodel Ashley Graham recently teamed up with Pronovias to launch her own size-inclusive collection, while Fame and Partners launched a capsule collection for the modern woman with Davids Bridal and new wedding dress company Floravere has gowns up to size 26, ensuring women of all sizes theyll be able to find something that makes them feel like a million bucks. If youre worried youll have to lose weight to find a gown that fits you, you can kick that fear to the curb, because its become much easier in recent years to find the perfect gown, no matter your body type.

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To 6 Months Wedding Diet Plan

Not only are you super organised if youve got this long to follow a wedding diet plan, but you have enough time make long-lasting lifestyle changes. With this amount of time, you will be able to lose weight sustainably and gradually, which will hopefully result in keeping the weight off permanently.

Below Faye has shared her best tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for 6-12 months before your wedding day, to ensure you look and feel your best.

Up your protein intake

Try to consume more protein than excess carbohydrates and fats. Protein requires more energy to be broken down by the stomach, therefore it increases your metabolism. advises Faye. It also helps to suppress our hunger hormone, ghrelin, which results in feeling fuller for longer, and is responsible for healing, maintaining and revealing lean muscle. Its what will make you look toned both in and out of your wedding dress!

So, whats the right amount of protein for you to consume? This varies, but the general rule for weight loss is to eat 1.6g of protein per kg of body weight. Our bodies can only absorb 20-30g of protein in one sitting, so youll need to spread this out throughout the day!

Carbs are your friend

The key with carbs is not to avoid them completely but to focus on unrefined carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa. These all have a low glycemic index , which means the sugar released into your body is consumed at a aslow rate, says Faye.

Fibre = fullness

Little and often is key

Be Mindful Of Calories

How To Lose Weight Fast Before Your Wedding | At Home | Shedding | Get Fit & Lean

If you really eat only the foods on the clean eating plan, you probably wont have to count calories, since you will feel naturally satiated. Youd be surprised how many calories you eliminate when you remove white starch, added sugar, and alcohol from your diet .

But just to be sure, keep a food journal during your first week to make sure you’re eating the right amount. You can also invest in an activity tracker to see your energy balance from day to day, or use a free food tracking app, like LoseIt or MyFitnessPal.

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Its Time To End The Madness

Look, Im not saying that dieting and exercising before your wedding day is a negative thing, but Im tired of reading articles that imply feeling your best on your wedding day means you have to be working out and dieting beforehand. Shouldnt you feel your best on your wedding day because youre marrying the love of your life? Or because youre about to attend the best party of all time? Why is weight loss so intrinsically tied to how we feel about ourselves, and why is that link only reserved for women? Your physical appearance might be a part of your wedding day journey, but it shouldnt hijack what the day is really all about. So, lets shatter the notion that those surface-level things are in any way the key to having a happy and joyful wedding day. Its time to say f*ck it and halt to a stop on our never-ending journey towards unattainable beauty standards. The best way to get wedding day ready is to be 100%you.

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The Relationship Between Dieting And Eating Disorders

Studies have shown that dieting is a trigger for the development of eating disorders and popular weight loss trends associated with dieting force individuals to be consumed with calorie counting, weight loss, exercise and food restriction. The National Eating Disorders Association reports that 35% of normal dieters progress to pathological dieting and that 20-25% of those individuals develop eating disorders.

There are many different types of diets and studies have shown that nearly 50 percent of all American adults are currently dieting and 90 percent of individuals who diet will regain their weight within five years. Individuals who engage in binge eating are consumed with food and many try to engage in dieting and restricting behaviors in order to prevent additional weight gain however developing a healthy relationship with food and body image is a key concept in successfully overcoming binge eating disorder. Food restriction can be viewed as a diet subtype, whether you are reducing your caloric intake, burning more calories through exercise or eliminating specific food groups, it is merely the same thing as dieting. Many individuals view restricting food as eliminating food altogether however this is not true. Eliminating fats, sugars or carbohydrates are all different forms of restrictive diets that can trigger the development of an eating disorder or worsen the binge eating disorder at hand.

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