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Can You Have Protein Shakes On A Carnivore Diet

Candy Bar Shake- High Protein/Low Carb

Are you worried about not getting enough protein? Or do you believe protein shakes are necessary for muscle building on any diet?

If you want a short answer, or a typical answer from some of the Carnivore gurus like Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Paul Saladino, Dr. Kevin Stock, and Amber Ohearn.

Then it is a big fat NO.

However, I find that the standard answer isnt always the end of the story and there can be room for discussion and a bit of wiggle room in your life.

So lets have a look into it, shall we?

Who Shouldnt Buy Ample

  • Customers who are looking for a cost effective meal replacement option.
  • Folks who want more flavor options than vanilla and chocolate may want to look elsewhere. That said, we love the way these flavors taste.

This low-carb formula contains prebiotics and probiotics to make it easier to digest. It also tastes great and delivers a filling, yet moderate amount of calories.

Protein And Weight Loss

When it comes to weight, protein is often considered the most important macronutrient for keeping you on track. Of course, the other macronutrients also play a role, but it’s protein that’s often credited with keeping you full so you can stick to your plan and see results.

According to a report published in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition in April 2015, higher protein diets may help increase the number of calories you burn by boosting metabolism both when you’re resting and right after you eat.

Protein can also prevent your body from decreasing the number of calories you burn at rest and from plateauing as you lose weight. It can also help you feel full faster and for longer.

But even though protein plays a role in weight loss, does that mean you should go on a strictly protein shake diet plan? Probably not. Not only are protein shakes lacking in other essential vitamins and minerals, but the results are often short-lived.

If you’re on a protein shake diet for a week or five days, it’s probably not long enough to cause any real harm, but there’s a good chance you’ll regain any weight you’ve lost when you start eating whole foods again.

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Rbar Energy And Protein Bars

Say hello to pure deliciousness in 7 real-food ingredients or less. We love RBars because of their taste and dedication to purity. Those who love RX bars will enjoy RBars just as much, if not more. The big bonus here for some is that RBars do not contain egg as we see many athletes who need to be egg free for a variety of reasons.

Another major bonus is that RBars are smaller in size compared to your typical protein bar. This makes them much easier to carry and also scarf down mid training session or work meeting. RBars energy bars are designed for a quick boost or pre-workout fuel and their protein bars are great for post workout or even an afternoon snack to carry you over until dinner. Our absolute favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bar.

Things To Consider When Picking A Protein Bar:

9 Tips for Eating More Protein + Premier Protein Giveaway ...

Trying to lose weight can be a challenge on its own, so you want your food to be on your side too! While a lot of protein bars may appear to be healthy, its in your best interest to not be too trusting. Always check the nutrition label for important factors that could either benefit or hinder your weight loss goals, like sugars, additives, calories and fats.

Look for a bar that is high in protein and low in calories with a substantial amount of fibre to help keep you satisfied between meals and boost your energy levels.

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How Are Dr Gs Protein Bars And Shakes Different From Other Brands

Most quick, packaged foods you find in the grocery store contain large amounts of carbohydrates, which may give you an initial burst of energy, but ultimately leave you feeling depleted and hungry in a short amount of time, so you end up eating more than you should.

Dr. Gs protein shakes and bars are scientifically formulated to deliver a protein boost to your body while satisfying your hunger, so you feel full and energized for extended periods of time.

Gold Standard Fit 40 Preworkout Booster

The Optimum Nutrition Fit 40 is a performance booster that helps to replenish muscle energy stores that get depleted during high intensity training. One of the most important things that you do before, during or after workouts is feed your body protein to accelerate weight loss. The Fit 40 supplement helps you train harder and longer, and helps your body recover after intense exercise.

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Only Eat Quality Protein Bars And Protein Shakes

Not all protein bars and shakes are equal.

Youll fuel your body with quality ingredients when you select the right brand otherwise youll end up sabotaging your health with junk and toxins.

Make sure to select brands that are made from grass-fed whey plus free of GMOs and toxins.

Be sure to read the labels closely because many bars at the supermarket contain artificial sweeteners likeSurculose/Splenda .

Some protein bars and shakes may be low calorie therefore excellent for snacks while others will have more calories and better to use as a meal replacement.

The high-quality protein bars and meal replacement shakes I use are from Isagenix.

They have all the macros fat, carbs, and protein. Check them out here to read about them.

Prefer Keto: Check out Kiss My Ketoand use coupon code LESSTOXIC for 10% off.

The Best Protein Shake


Make sure you find a protein shake thats higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates. This study found a high protein low-carb shake was better than a high-carb/low protein shake.

The best protein shake for the protein shake diet is BioTrust Low-Carb.

Both of these protein shakes are grass-fed, low-carb, have no artificial sweeteners and are Stevia sweetened without any denaturing of the protein.

You have be careful with a lot of protein shakes out there on the market that use cheap fillers, artificial sweeteners and other junk you dont want to be putting in your body.

When you think about the cost of a protein shake its a lot cheaper than you would normally be paying for a meal.

Buying the ingredients for meals can start to add up. When you do the breakdown the protein shake will only end up costing you a couple bucks per serving.

So, in the long run, you could be saving a lot more money by drinking protein shakes than you would be buying and preparing meals.

After you finish the one week on the protein shake diet its a good idea to stick with drinking some protein shakes.

Otherwise, you can quickly gain all your weight back. I recommend replacing up to two meals per day with protein shakes.

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How Much Do Meal Replacements Cost

The prices of meal replacements vary based on container size and ingredients. In general, meal replacements with high-quality ingredients that dont contain additives or artificial ingredients are going to be more expensive, as are higher calorie meal replacements. On top of that, if the container has more servings, youll be paying more per order though its more important to look at the price per serving to get an accurate sense of cost since container sizes vary by product. Overall, a container of meal replacements can cost anywhere from $40 to $100 depending on the brand and the contents.

Best Meal Replacement

$4.11 per serving

Ask About The Calories

When people consume too many calories, they gain weight, but if they dont eat enough calories, they experience fatigue, nutrient deficiencies, and more. So before you buy the lowest calorie meal replacement on the market because you want to lose weight, ask yourself if its enough to keep hunger at bay and lower the odds of you overeating later. For some people, theyll eat one or two large meals after taking one or two meal replacements, and it works wonders for them. For others, theyll have 90-calorie shakes and wind up so hungry and unsatisfied that they binge later.

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Can You Drink Protein Shakes On The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is similar to the DASH diet. Its core philosophy is to eat a balanced diet, limiting processed foods and eating lots of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Protein powder can fit in with a Mediterranean menu, but youll want to be mindful of whats included in the mix.

Youll want to avoid protein powders with additives, colors, artificial flavors or sugar. A plain powder made from whey, hemp or pea is a good choice. While they may not taste the most exciting, you can add these powders to smoothies made from low-glycemic fruits or blend them with your favorite nut butterall while sticking to your Mediterranean diet regimen.

Go Far With This Low Carb Protein Bar

Pin on Protein Bars, Nutrition Shakes &  more

The first ingredient in the recipe today is chocolate whey protein powder. Use whatever brand of whey protein powder you like. The key here is to use one that you know agrees with your stomach. Maybe its a brand that has minimal ingredients, or one that already contains digestive enzymes to help it pass through more easily. Whatever your choice is, make sure the flavor is good because it will have a lot to do with how yummy this protein bar turns out to be!

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Can You Drink Protein Shakes On Keto Diet

Ketos low-carb, high-fat plan makes meal planning a bit of a challenge for beginners. But there are some protein powder options available for Keto dieters. Stick with low-carb options like egg white protein or a zero-carb option like Isopure. Additional options include beef protein or vegan-friendly keto supplements sourced from seeds, legumes or alfalfa. The latter options are typically excluded from a keto diet. However, many powders on the market extract the plant proteins, removing the sugar and carb content theyre known for.

Calories Per Gram Of Protein

Its good to get 20 grams of protein, but if you need to drink a thousand calories to get those 20 grams, its not an effective means to get your protein. The best possible amount of calories per gram of calorie you can get is four thats pure protein, which youll get in the Isopure Zero Carb product and we preferred products that kept the calorie count on the lower side.

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How To Make Them Part Of Your Weight Loss Plan

To help you lose weight and support your muscle growth try replacing 1 to 2 meals a day with a meal replacement bar or shake.

For example, start your morning with a shake, eat a bar for lunch, and then eat a healthy dinner.

Dinner can be super easy.

Just cook up your favorite meat and enjoy with a salad and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Note: Depending on your exercise program you may need to include a few healthy snacks.

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Fact Check: Protein Bars and Shakes Fuel Workouts

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Who Should Buy Vega Protein Nutrition Shake

  • Anyone looking to reduce their intake of animal proteins.
  • Those wary of soy theres none here.
  • Those who want more than protein from a shake: Vegas drink provides about 25 percent of the recommended daily intake of a suite of micronutrients, including Vitamins B12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K.
  • People who prefer no artificial flavors or sweeteners in their protein shakes.

Who Shouldnt Buy Huel

  • Folks who limit artificial sweeteners, as Huel contains sucralose. Theres an unflavored version, but youll probably want to add some sweetener its not great.
  • If youre sensitive to gums, you wont love the xanthan, acacia, and guar here.

Huel delivers the most amount of vitamins of any pick on this list and is both plant-based and high in protein. Really, this pick can scratch a bunch of different itches.

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Vital Proteins Collagen Bar

Quite possibly one of our favorite high protein bars of all time. This magical bar contains 17g of protein and only 1g of sugar in addition to MCT oil for a brain boost. These are also fantastic if you are looking for more joint and skin support as its not always feasible to carry and mix powdered collagen into your food and beverage.

Made With Flavour Boost

Quest Nutrition Protein Shake RTD at

We all know that if something tastes horrid, you wont drink it. Thats why at TPW we have a slight flavour obsession, Ok a HUGE flavour obsession. So much so that weve now created a new range of Premium Flavours, used in all of our shakes to deliver a level of flavour we know you wont have experienced before. Why so confident? Well when youve interviewed over 1000 people on what makes their tastebuds tingle you get a pretty good grip on what works and what doesnt, plus flavour is part of the philosophy on which our great brand heritage is built. We’ve used premium flavours since we opened our doors.

* Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and based on personal experience. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan. Nutritional Information per serving based on Chocolate Silk.

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Nutrition Salted Caramel Meal Replacement Shake

310 Shakes are one of the more delicious tasting protein shakes for weight loss. Made with premium ingredients, these superfood meal replacement shakes are effective when paired with exercise and a modified eating program. Salted Caramel was a limited edition flavor that was so good that 310 Nutrition has kept it around indefinitely.

What To Consider When Buying Protein Bars And Protein Shakes

Your protein bar goals

To find out which protein bar is best, consider what you need. If you need energy, look for a bar with more carbs, which will give you a short-term boost. If you’re looking for a meal replacement or snack option, pick a bar with fewer calories. Kosher protein bars are available.

Read ingredients list

As raw protein doesn’t taste good on its own, protein products generally also contain fiber and some kind of flavor or sweetener.

Nutritional value

The healthiest protein products contain high amounts of fiber. Try to avoid high amounts of sugar or sweeteners, which can be unhealthy.


You should look for protein products that are made from a short list of ingredients you can pronounce. The longer and more complicated the ingredient list, the more processed the food.


Protein bars won’t taste as good as candy bars – they have far less sugar. So picking a favorite flavor can be really important in choosing the best protein bar for you. Fortunately, protein bars and shakes come in a wide variety of flavors, from chocolate to peanut butter .

Protein powders also come in different flavors, like vanilla protein powder or chocolate protein powder, so you can make the healthy protein smoothie or milkshake that tastes the best to you.


Sam’s Club sells a wide variety of protein bar boxes in the $16-$20 range and different protein powders from $20-$63.

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How To Do The Protein Shake Diet

First off, I recommend you use a whey protein powder like either BioTrust Low Carb.

This study found the whey protein group ended up having significantly less body fat and greater preservation of lean muscle.

You want to have some muscle on your body as itll help regulate your blood sugar and elevate your metabolism.

Many people who go on calorie-restricted diets end up losing muscle more than fat appearing skinny fat.

One of the big benefits of the protein shake is its really effective for the person on-the-go. All you have to do is blend or shake up the protein shake powder and youre good to go.

Although I do not recommend using soy protein or drinking Soylent on the protein shake diet.

This study found whey protein stimulated protein synthesis better than soy protein.

Whey is more quickly absorbed than soy protein. This leads to more lean muscle spared during weight loss.

To measure how much protein you should be taking per day all you really have to do is to take your body weight in kilograms and multiply it by three.

So for example, if you weigh 150 pounds you would divide that by 2.2 to get your weight in kilograms. Then you just multiply that number by three to get your daily protein requirements

150 / 2.2 = 68 x 3 = 204g of protein per day

I recommend adding some other low-cal foods to your shakes too. This will help increase fiber and give your body some needed micronutrients to keep your energy levels high.

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