Paleo Diet Good For Diabetes

Why Would Someone Eat A Paleo Diet

Is the paleo keto diet a groundbreaking diabetes treatment?

Many people who eat paleolithic diets are looking to return to their roots and eat more healthily

Advocates argue that humans were able to live and thrive on the diet for 40,000 years and that modern lifestyle diseases could be prevented by returning to paleo foods.

People with diabetes can attain several benefits from the paleo diet, improving their health and reducing the risk of developing health complications in later life.

Is Paleo For Me

by Diabetes Care

What is the paleo diet? Meant to mimic the diets of our early ancestors, the paleo diet is also referred to as the caveman diet. Following this diet means youll be eating mostly fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, lean meats, nuts and seeds. It also means youll be eliminating processed foods, potatoes, beans, sugar and dairy from your diet. As a result, the paleo diet is relatively high in good fats, low in carbs and offers a moderate level of animal protein. In fact, those who eat a strictly paleo diet also cut out grains and legumes, as well as certain fats and vegetable oils .

Can I follow a paleo diet if I have diabetes? Given its low carb content, a paleo diet may lead to improved blood sugar control, which can be good for people with diabetes. Other benefits include weight loss and improved heart health too. Some early studies have even shown that paleo diets can improve hypoglycemia and reduce your insulin requirements¹. One small study showed that regardless of exercise, people with type 2 diabetes who followed a paleo diet were able to improve blood sugar levels and reduce body fat². However, there are no clear recommendations for incorporating the paleo diet into your type 2 diabetes management plan. More research needs to be done to determine exactly how and why paleo may benefit you.

Given that celiac disease is also more common when you have Type 1 diabetes, a paleo diet could be a good option for this population because it is gluten-free.

Lifestyle Interventions For Prediabetes

The question in lifestyle interventions for prediabetes is simple: how can you stop prediabetes from developing into full-blown diabetes, and preferably return to normal blood sugar readings? The really sad part about those interventions how many people look at them as just a way to delay the inevitable. Its all about putting off diabetes for a few more years what about normalizing blood sugar and not progressing to diabetes in the first place? Paleo is about optimal health, not just being less sick: why assume that delaying diabetes is the best we can do?

Ideally, interventions for prediabetes wouldnt just put off diabetes theyd prevent it. And ideally, youd research this out by taking people with prediabetes, having them eat different diets, and seeing which ones prevent full-blown diabetes down the line.

Unfortunately, there arent a lot of long-term studies like that. Most of the literature is either short-term or in people with outright diabetes. But what we have suggests that healthy diet and lifestyle interventions can be very effective much more so than drugs. Heres a look at some interesting studies.

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Paleo Diet And Diabetes

By Stacey

Given the skyrocketing popularity of the Paleo diet in the last few years, proponents of the lifestyle have been touting it as a way to improve ones health and reduce risk factors associated with chronic health conditions.

Many scholars, scientists, and health professionals are wondering if the diet of our cavemen ancestors could be a helpful solution to one of our biggest health problems, diabetes.

Lets dive into the basics about diabetes first, and then take a closer look at how the Paleo diet may of benefit to those looking to manage the condition through dietary modifications.

Paleolithic Diet Vs Western Diet

Is the Paleo Diet Effective for Diabetics?

Paleolithic diet devotees think that avoiding particular items from their food regime can reduce inflammation in the body, cardiovascular risk factors resulting in weight loss, bloating reduction, better skin, better glycemic control, and increased energy.

You might be wondering why the Paleo Diet eliminates entire grains, dairy, and legumes when these foods have been excellent for us for decades. According to some health experts, our “agricultural diet” is to blame for the growth in cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and others.

The truth is that most Americans consume considerably more carbohydrates than they need daily, as seen by our expanding waistlines. Low-grade inflammation, which is at the root of most chronic illnesses, has been linked to this highly processed diet.

Many specialists now believe that carbs, particularly foods that are processed and grains, stimulate appetite by causing the brain to react differently to the nutrients than meats and vegetables. Think about it, how many of you can eat a tortilla chip after another without becoming tired of it? How many of you can say the same thing about the chicken breast?

While the health benefits of Paleo eating have been widely publicized, many experts question if it is superior to a Mediterranean, Ketogenic, or Vegan diet, which all emphasize complete foods but are less restricted.

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What Is The Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is a way of eating that should mimic the menu of paleolithic era people, thats why its commonly even referred to as the Cavemen diet.

It is a diet consisting of what the earliest people ate, which means excluding processed, artificial foods, grains, and fast food most of the things we come across in modern western diets.

Essentially, the foods that are included in the diet are a hunter-gatherers choices: fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean meats.

This results in a diet that is relatively high in fat, moderate in animal protein, and low to moderate in carbohydrates.

The strict paleo diet is free of grains and legumes, including wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, brown rice, soy, beans, pinto beans). In addition, all vegetable oils, sugars and dairy products are excluded.

Are Croissants Safe To Consume For Diabetics

They often provide little or no nutritional value and may promote dangerously high blood glucose levels. Additionally, sugar may lead to weight gain and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Baked products, such as doughnuts, croissants, cakes, and cookies, as well as pizza dough, are often rich in sugar.

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Paleo Diet List For Diabetics

While on the surface you may think it doesnt sound very extensive, the Paleo diet food list for diabetics does include a lot of variety. Here are some examples of what you can find on a Paleo menu.

  • Meat
  • Game Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Mushrooms

While on the Paleo diet you avoid dairy, grains, processed foods and sugars, starches, legumes and alcohol. Some people refer to this as cleaner eating.

The subject of Paleo diet and diabetes is getting more attention from nutritionists and dieticians. While it may not be the diet of choice for everyone, the mounting evidence of the effects of the Paleo diet on diabetics means more people are taking notice.

Close to 30 million Americans suffer from diabetes. The North American diet is high in fat and processed and preservative ridden foods. With diet being one of the biggest factors impacting diabetes, the Paleo diet is hard to ignore.

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Paleo diet versus ketogenic diet

In the world of diets its hard to pick the one best suited for you. This is why its important to understand each diet and how each one can help you achieve your goals. Both the Paleo diet and ketogenic diet have been Continue reading

Best Diets For Diabetics

The Paleo Diet And Diabetes

For our Best Diets of 2022 ranking, the Forbes Health editorial team created a Forbes Health Best Diets Panel of experts to analyze 19 diets in a variety of areas, including diabetic health.

The diets we identified as the Best Diets for People With Diabetes had the highest average scores across our panel of physicians and registered dietitians for diabetic health, which we defined as the diets ability to prevent type 2 diabetes or help diabetics manage their diabetes.

Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning a new diet or eating plan.

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How To Stay Paleo When Eating Out

Creating the perfect Paleo diet shopping list is one thing, but what about when it comes to eating out? Sticking to a Paleo diet menu at social events and restaurants can be a bit more challenging, but it doesnt have to. Next time youre out, follow these simple Paleo diet rules to take the stress out of ordering:

1. Order a meat-based main dish, such as chicken, beef, or fish.

2. Swap out any starches try switching buns for lettuce wraps, rice for cauliflower rice and French fries for sweet potato fries.

3. Order a veggie as a side dish most restaurants offer steamed broccoli, side salads or other veggies as a substitute for no extra charge.

4. Ask if its possible to have your food cooked in coconut oil or olive oil instead of canola or vegetable oil.

5. Skip the sugary desserts and get a bowl of mixed fruit instead. Not only can this maximize your results as part of a Paleo diet for weight loss, but it also cuts down on your sugar intake as well.

Foods To Avoid In A Dash Diet

There are some foods to avoid when following the DASH diet. While most adults have average blood pressures of less than 120/80, high blood pressure is considered high. People with blood pressures of 140/90 or more are considered to have high blood pressure, so people with these types of conditions may want to stay away from the DASH diet. Fortunately, the DASH diet has been proven to be effective in lowering blood pressure.

One food you should avoid on the DASH diet is processed food. Processed foods often have high levels of sodium. Fresh foods are generally lower in sodium and contain more fiber, vitamins and minerals. Look for foods with lower sodium content in the outer aisles of the supermarket. They include fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and even nuts. Avoid processed foods if possible and choose fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

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Keto Recipes Easy Keto Dinner Recipes

The best keto and low carb recipes will be shared by you and by us in our articles! We are really happy about this new opportunity, with this, well definitely be able to share you the very best low carb recipes you can find out there.


If you are looking for healthy and easy keto recipes, youve come to the right place. Welcome to Wholesome Yum, a low carb keto blog where every recipe is low in carbs, gluten free, and 10 ingredients or less! I have hundreds of keto meals and dishes to suit your tastes, from breakfast to dinner to dessert, and everything in between.In this recipe index, you will find low carb keto diet recipes organized by course, by preparation type , by ingredient, and by additional dietary restrictions you may have, if any.Everything is easy to make, well tested, includes full nutritional information, and is filled with tips to make it perfectly every time because I believe keto can, and should, be absolutely delicious! The keto diet is a sugar free, low carb, high fat way of eating, focused on whole foods and keeping net carbs low. The primary staples on keto include healthy fats, meat, eggs, and low carb vegetables. But you also dont have to miss out on your favorite foods you can make keto pizza, bread, pancakes, cheesecake, and more.


If you prefer to search for keto meals instead of browsing, you can! Simply use the box below to find the keto diet recipes youre looking for.

The Paleo Diet And Your Cholesterol

What is Paleo Diet? What foods to eat and avoid on Paleo Diet

You may have heard that a paleo diet can help with weight loss. Thatâs most likely because itâs filled with of lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds while being low in carbohydrates and processed and sugary foods.

But researchers are also looking at how the paleo diet might affect your cholesterol.

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The Benefits Of A Paleo Diet For Diabetics

    Before you start a paleo diet for diabetics, it is important to understand some of the precautions and side effects of modern fruits. These modern fruits have been selectively bred and have higher sugar content than their historical counterparts. Pay attention to your blood glucose trends and carbohydrate intake to make sure that you are getting the most out of your diet. You may need to adjust your diabetes medications as a result.

    Diabetes And The Paleo Diet

    Editors Note: By providing a place for the community to share real life experiences we hope you find inspiration and new ways of thinking about management. We encourage you to approach these offerings as you would a buffet review the options, maybe try a few new things and come back for what works best for you. Bon Appetit! Check out our library of resources on Food.

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    The Paleo Diet Beginners Guide Including Best Vs Worst Foods

    By Rachael Link, MS, RD

    In the past few decades, our diets have changed dramatically. Processed foods are more common than fruits and vegetables, and its impossible to go more than a few miles down the road without spotting a dozen new fast food chains that have cropped up. Enter the Paleo diet plan, a diet that seeks to ditch the modern convenience foods in favor of the foods eaten by our ancestors.

    The Paleo diet has been associated with many health benefits from better blood sugar levels to reduced inflammation. Considered one of the best diet plans for weight loss because its high in protein and fat and emphasizes nutrient-rich foods, it may also increase satiety and help correct nutrient deficiencies. Still, the diet has remained the subject of much controversy in recent years.

    Despite this, the Paleo diet plan remains one of the most popular diets today, and there is a massive community of people who swear by it, claiming that it can be a convenient, easy to follow and effective way to attain better health.

    So what is the Paleo diet and does it work? Heres your Paleo diet beginners guide, complete with explaining what the Paleo diet exactly is, how it came to be, its profound health benefits, Paleo foods to eat vs. avoid, Paleo recipes and meal planning, how it compares to the popular keto diet, and more.

    Paleo Diet Plan Guide

    Which Diet is Better? Plant-Based or Paleo? | Mastering Diabetes | Dr. Joel Kahn

    Looking for a resource on the Paleo diet for beginners? Look no further. In this Paleo diet plan beginners guide, youll find more on the Paleo diet basics, some quick tips for maximizing your success on the Paleo diet, which Paleo diet foods you should include or avoid on the plan, and some tasty recipes to get you started.

  • Trying a 30-day Paleo meal plan can help you decide if the Paleo diet is right for you and if it can help you achieve your goals whether that includes weight loss, increased energy or simply overall better health.
  • If the regular Paleo diet feels overly restrictive or difficult to follow, try a modified version instead. There are plenty of options available, making it easy to find something that works for you.
  • Print out a list of healthy Paleo foods and bring it with you to the grocery store for an easy reference. Look for organic fruits and vegetables and unprocessed foods with minimal added ingredients to ensure youre getting the best quality.
  • As a simple rule of thumb, opt for whole foods that have been minimally processed whenever possible. Foods with long lists of ingredients are often pumped full of preservatives, additives and artificial sweeteners that youre better off without.
  • One of the best ways to avoid unhealthy cravings and snack foods is to simply keep them out of your kitchen altogether. Be sure to keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand and kick the junk foods to the curb.
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    Effects On Gut Bacteria

    A new study reveals that the Paleo diet may be linked to lower risk of heart disease and obesity. In this study, the researchers compared the TMAO levels of people who followed a strict Paleo diet and those who did not. The results showed that consuming a high-protein diet supported the growth of good bacteria and reduced the number of pathogenic microbes. However, a high-protein diet is linked to increased risk of micronutrient deficiencies, decreased gut health and the development of chronic diseases.

    The researchers also found a strong relationship between TMAO levels and a person’s diet. The findings indicated that a higher intake of animal-based protein, such as meat and fish, increased the production of TMAO in the blood. In this study, the participants’ blood levels of TMAO were nearly twice as high as those of the controls. The researchers also found that vegans had lower TMAO levels than paleo dieters. Further, the researchers found that TMAO levels were significantly reduced when the participants took carnitine supplements.

    Paleo Diet For Type 2 Diabetes

    Sara Barulli

    The Paleo Diet is based on a return to our ancestral diet. For example, the term is a shortened form of “Paleolithic,” which refers to the Stone Ag…

    The Paleo Diet is based on a return to our ancestral diet. For example, the term is a shortened form of “Paleolithic,” which refers to the Stone Age, when humans ate only entire, uncooked meals. The idea is that if we all eat like this again, we’ll all be healthy and toxin-free. This diet is quite popular right now as a modern-day “cure-all,” but is it? How would it affect your blood sugar control?

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