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Lesson 40, CNA Training – Nutrition and Hydration [Part1]

This online programme Food, Nutrition and Health consists of two MOOCs that can be taken in any desired order. Your time investment will be about 6-8 hours per week per online course, and the average length is 7-8 weeks per MOOC. Of course, you can study in your own time, at your own pace, so you can adjust the duration.

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What Is Basic Food And Nutrition

Basic food and nutrition refers to the minimum requirements of food and nutrients needed for a human being to survive. Knowledge of food and nutrition are not only good for people who want to stay healthy but also for nurses working in the nursing profession. Food and nutrition classes teach about food and nutrition in relation to disease and health.

Vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers, water, and minerals make up the nutritional elements of food. Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates provide the body with a source of energy. Vitamins help to regulate tissue and cell growth in the body. Minerals promote the healthy growth of bones. Proteins are needed for healthy growth of humans, and they are also known as the bodys building blocks. Fibers help humans ease the process of defecation. Water helps the body prevent dehydration.

Food and nutrition must be consumed in healthy portions to perform their duties. Proper food and nutrition maintains the good heath of the body and helps maintain metabolism. Nurses are available to help patients who need help creating a plan of proper food and nutrition so that they can get their health back in good standings.

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Some Changes Will Be Coming To The Nutrition Facts Panel To Make Assessing The Nutritional Value Of Food Easier

. Some key changes are the inclusion of an “added sugars” section, the removal of the “calories from fat” section, and the actual amounts of minerals like vitamin D and calcium will be listed with the daily value percentage. My favorite changes are that any food that can generally be consumed in one sitting, such as a can of soda, must list the entire package as one serving.

Secondly, if the food would typically be consumed in multiple sittings, there will be a requirement for a dual panel one panel listing the nutrition facts for one serving and the other listing the nutrition facts for the entire package. Read this from the FDA for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Iin

Vegan Nutritionist &  Vegetarian Nutrition Course Online
  • Coaching Intensive Practicum: This course is approved by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching , which means that graduates of this program will be prepared to apply and sit for the NBHWC board certification exam to become a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach . The NBHWC was founded by leaders from academic and vocational coaching programs and aspires to standardize the education and certification process for Health Coaches around the world. All Health Coach Training Program graduates are eligible to take the Coaching Intensive Practicum, and non-HCTP graduates are also eligible to take the Coaching Intensive Practicum. Learn more about Coaching Intensive Practicum.
  • International Association for Health Coaches : All IIN Health Coach Training Program graduates are eligible to take the IAHC certification exam, no further courses or education required. This exam tests knowledge on the scope of practice and ethical responsibilities of a Health Coach. Graduates who pass the exam earn the title Certified International Health Coach. The mission of the IAHC is to advocate on behalf of Health Coaches and continue to develop the profession in concert with other healthcare professionals.
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    Are The Courses Accredited With The University Of Cambridge

    When you successfully complete a Cambridge Advance Online course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement issued by the University of Cambridge. The course content is created in collaboration with University of Cambridge academics but the courses do not carry any academic credits towards a University of Cambridge degree or diploma qualification.

    What Do You Learn In Nutrition Class

    Although research has shown that having a solid foundation of nutritional knowledge is vital for nurses to provide the highest quality of care to their patients, many recently graduated nurses do not know some basic information that could help them treat patients with chronic conditions.

    While most college nursing nutrition classes are meant to provide only a basic overview of the most important upper-level information about diet and wellness, you will find that you do learn much in this class.

    Depending on the textbook you use and the teacher you have, some of the topics you will most likely study include the following:

    • The bodys nutritional needs
    • Basics of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates
    • Basics of vitamins and minerals
    • Nutritional supplements
    • Obesity, anorexia, bulimia, and other weight-related diseases
    • Rickets, scurvy, and other nutrition-related diseases
    • Nutritional needs across the age spectrum
    • Basic digestion

    While a 100-level nutrition class will not go into much more detail than this, a 200-level or higher class may have more information about in-depth digestive processes.

    For example the Krebs citric acid cycle, digestive enzymes, and even nutrition for children and pregnant women.

    However, you will most likely find that this is not one of your hardest classes and that it will not be the one causing you the most stress this semester.

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    How To Pass Nutrition And Diet Therapy In Nursing School And Study Guide

    Medical Nutrition Therapy

    Many student find that it can be difficult remembering all the necessary nutrition information to help patient get better. The key is to find out the information that is the most important. The easiest way to do this is to get a study book that will help highlight the most important information that you will be likely tested on.

    A great study guide to help with this class is by Mary Ann Hogan called Prentice Hall Reviews & Rationales: Nutrition & Diet Therapy. Here is what it looks like:

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    On Completion Of This Course You’ll Walk Away With:

    An understanding of the relationship between food and nutrition, and the foundational science involved in developing nutrition plans for different individuals and contexts.

    The ability to interpret nutritional research through informed knowledge of fats and carbohydrates, supplements, diet fads, the effects of sugar, and the importance of protein.

    certificate from the Stanford Center for Health Education

    Can I Resubmit Course Work

    Our courses are assessed with a range of methods including quizzes, course participation and a final project. You will be able to take quizzes up to three times. Content submitted during the course will receive peer feedback and these submissions will form the basis of your final submission. Should your final submission fail to meet the required criteria, you will have one opportunity to resubmit following tutor feedback.

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    Nutrition And Diet Therapy Diploma

    Nutrition and Diet Therapy Diploma Online

    Train now as a nutrition consultant, nutritionist, or a holistic nutritionist

    This government recognized Nutrition and Diet Therapy Diploma online qualifies for the Diploma in Nutrition and Diet Therapy. Course covers various modules in nutrition to enhance your knowledge in nutrition health and diet therapy.

    Topic covers includes:

    • Introduction to the Nutrition and Diet Therapy
    • Carbohydrates, fats, protein
    • The role of minerals, vitamins, and supplements
    • Nutrition throughout the life cycle
    • Nutrition and the aging process
    • Nutrition and weight management
    • Nutrition and physical fitness
    • Nutrition and diseases including diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and cancer. Body Systems of the human body including cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, immune system and endocrine systems will be covered.
    • Therapeutic process and drug interactions
    • Patient interaction and the therapeutic process
    • Setting up a holistic nutrition practice in the community

    Course duration 40 weeks

    Course is fully online. Nutrition case studies will be completed at the end of the course

    This course can be completed in 40 weeks, or as soon as possible.

    Prerequisite grade 12 education, be able to operate a computer, Hepatitis B vaccine, Tb Skin Test and Criminal reference test.

    This course is accredited by the National Association of Holistic Health Practitioners-nahhp

    Course is tax deductible and is completed fully online


    Develop A Critical Mindset About Nutrition And Food

    Coping with COVID: Nutrition Therapy for Better Mood &  Grounding

    The two online courses together cover everything you need to now about food and nutrition from fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals to water. You will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to become more critical towards the food and health related messages were constantly bombarded with. You will learn how to distinguish misinformation about food and nutrition as you discover what is complete nonsense, what has a scientific basis and what the truth is .

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    Iins Nutrition And Health Curriculum

    IINs online Health Coach Training ProgramTM covers a variety of subjects in nutrition, nutrition science, and lifestyle and functional medicine.

    You’ll hear from experts on topics such as food as functional medicine, joy and self-care, healthy cooking and budgeting, and how nutrition plays a pivotal role in overall wellness. We also cover more complex health topics, such as gut health and the human microbiome, digestive issues and the role of the elimination diet, inflammation and anti-inflammatory eating, stress management and dietary choices, sugar and hormonal balance, adrenal health, and much more.

    IIN takes an integrative and holistic approach to wellness, embracing and teaching the concept of integrative nutrition.

    Food changes everything, but your health is determined by much more than just the food you eat. You also must nourish the areas of your life that feed your soul, such as fostering positive relationships, having a fulfilling career, and finding joy and purpose. This is what we refer to as integrative nutrition, the integration of all dimensions of your well-being to create true health and happiness.

    You’ll embrace bio-IINdividuality, empowering you to discover your own health philosophy, including what foods and ways of eating work best for you.

    Youll dive deeper into health coach topics and your health coach training during Integration and Lab Modules that bring your education to life.

    Internet & Computer Literacy Required:

    You must have regular/ reliable access to the internet to take this course. You must be able to save documents as PDF or other windows-accessible files. Please do not upload submissions as .gdoc or “.pages” . It is the students responsibility to ensure that assignments uploaded in a format that is appropriate. Supported file types include DOC, DOCX, HTM, HTML, MP3, MPG, PDF, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, RTF, TXT, ZIP, and most image types. If you upload in an unacceptable format, a grade of “0” will be & if an appropriate version is later uploaded, it will be graded as late . Please double- check everything you upload to make sure it is what you intended & the format is correct before the due date/time. You must be proficient in working your computer utilizing the web saving/uploading files & operating the Blackboard course website to take this distance learning course. If you have technical problems, please contact the ACC helpdesk: To familiarize yourself with Blackboard, go here:

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    How Can You Make Nutrition Class Easier

    Here are my top study tips for making even a surprisingly difficult nutrition class as easy as possible.

    Of course, if you have a teacher who likes to keep this simple in the first place, these tips will make the class a breeze.

  • Find a study buddy, and meet with him or her once each week .
  • Create flashcards for supplements, vitamins, minerals, and other lists.
  • Schedule a time to study the day before each examination.
  • Check out YouTube videos, such as the Nutrition for Nursing series.
  • Be sure not to stress too much about this class.
  • Hire a tutor if you’re struggling in this class, or any class.
  • Keep These Tips In Mind The Next Time You Go Out To Eat Or Go Food Shopping

    Nutritional Therapy degree course – why I chose to study with BCNH?

    Last semester I took the most useful class I’ve ever taken so far . It was a nutrition class in which I learned all about proper eating habits, what happens to your body when you eat different foods, food safety, and consumerism. I found out so much about how I should be eating in order for my body to function at its best, and it was really eye-opening. Here are the 10 most important things I learned in those four months.

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    How Much Time Will You Need To Dedicate To Nutrition Class

    As I mentioned, I found that I had to dedicate very little time to my nutrition class outside my class time.

    My paper and hands-on assignment were easily accomplished with a little over half a day of dedicated work. Studying was simple with my study partner, giving me an easy A in this class.

    Other than your actual class time, you will probably want to dedicate an hour each week to completing homework assignments, another half hour to studying for quizzes and tests and a full day to completing a single nutrition assignment.

    What To Expect From A Career In The Nutrition Industry

    With todays society becoming increasingly health-conscious, more people are seeking the help of professionals to manage their eating habits and lifestyles. The diet and nutrition industry is one of the fastest growing, with new and diverse job offerings appearing every year. Nutrition programs at Ontario colleges provide students with the theoretical knowledge and business skills they need to take on a role in this exciting industry.

    If you have a passion for health and nutrition and want to turn it into a career helping others, heres what you need to know.

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    Schedule At Tidewater Community College

    Virtual LocationWW
    This class has no scheduled meeting times. It will be conducted online, requiring students to have reliable and daily access to a computer and Internet service.
    39747Virtual LocationWW
    This class has no scheduled meeting times. It will be conducted online, requiring students to have reliable and daily access to a computer and Internet service.
    Virtual LocationWW
    This class has no scheduled meeting times. It will be conducted online, requiring students to have reliable and daily access to a computer and Internet service.
    Already a student at Tidewater?A New Student?
  • Register using SIS at My VCCS
  • Purchase books
  • Complete and submit an application for admission
  • Request transcripts from your high school or other colleges attended
  • Take placement tests
  • Any questions? Contact the college and talk to a counselor.

    What Will I Learn

    Nutrition Awareness â CPD Accredited
    • summarisethe basics of genetics and the central dogma
    • describethe technologies used in sequencing and measurement of DNA and RNA
    • identify different types of genetic variation
    • predict the impact of different types of genetic variation
    • summarisethe basics of genetic engineering
    • critically assess the contemporary consumer genetic testing landscape

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    Evolved And Reimagined Holistic Healthnutrition And Coaching Curriculum

    As the wellness world has evolved, so has our Health Coach Training ProgramTM curriculum:

    • Learn from the best, with the best, in IIN’s innovative curriculum that was created by master educators and the exclusive content of over 95 visiting faculty, coaches, and guides.

    • Dive deep into the science behind wellness concepts, connect mind and body with interactive tools and resources, and explore cutting-edge topics like nutrigenomics, biohacking, psychospirituality, and much more.

    • Access this life-changing content from any device on our brand-new mobile app and state-of-the-art IIN Learning Center platform, bringing your online education to life wherever you are in the world.

    • Earn a globally respected education in six or 12 months, in English or Spanish, that will set you apart from other health and wellness coaches and empower you to unlock your potential to live a life you love.

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