Modified Atkins Diet For Weight Loss

Low Glycemic Index Treatment

Atkins Weight Loss Program Testimonial – Michael – Week 7

The low glycemic index treatment is an attempt to achieve the stable blood glucose levels seen in children on the classic ketogenic diet while using a much less restrictive regimen. The hypothesis is that stable blood glucose may be one of the mechanisms of action involved in the ketogenic diet, which occurs because the absorption of the limited carbohydrates is slowed by the high fat content. Although it is also a high-fat diet , the LGIT allows more carbohydrate than either the classic ketogenic diet or the modified Atkins diet, approximately 40â60 g per day. However, the types of carbohydrates consumed are restricted to those that have a glycaemic index lower than 50. Like the modified Atkins diet, the LGIT is initiated and maintained at outpatient clinics and does not require precise weighing of food or intensive dietitian support. Both are offered at most centres that run ketogenic diet programmes, and in some centres they are often the primary dietary therapy for adolescents.

Short-term results for the LGIT indicate that at one month approximately half of the patients experience a greater than 50% reduction in seizure frequency, with overall figures approaching that of the ketogenic diet. The data also indicate fewer side effects than the ketogenic diet and that it is better tolerated, with more palatable meals.

How Many Apples To Lose Weight

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What Dr Arefa Cassoobhoy Says

Does It Work?

The Atkins diet is one of the best-known low-carb diets, and the research shows it can work. If you fill your day with processed carbs like white bread, pasta, and white potatoes, and you dont eat many fruits and veggies, then this diet may be the jump-start you need to lose weight.

You can quit your usual go-to foods and start with the Atkins food list. The initial phase in the Atkins 20 plan is limited in food choices but focused on protein, fat, and vegetables that are low carb and not starchy. In each phase you add back food groups: first nuts, seeds, and berries then fruits, starchy vegetables, beans, and whole grains. With the Atkins 40 plan you can choose from a larger variety of foods and carbs but still little to no starchy foods.

With Atkins 20, the closer you get to your weight loss goal, the more variety of foods youre allowed. Ideally, youll stick to their healthy list and not go back to your old ways.

If you like variety in the foods you eat, the Atkins 40 plan would likely be better for you. Of course you’ll still need to keep your portion sizes under control, which may be easier as a low-carb diet can help tame hunger.

Is It Good for Certain Conditions?

When youre overweight, shedding pounds can improve your health, and we know the Atkins diet works. But its still unclear how the higher amounts of animal protein and fat in the Atkins diet affect long-term health.

The Final Word

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Does It Allow For Dietary Restrictions Or Preferences

Vegetarians and vegans: Atkins doesnt require you to eat meat. Also, you’ll have to skip the first phase of Atkins 20, which limits carbs too much.

Vegetarians get protein from:

  • Seeds
  • High-protein grains like quinoa

Gluten-free diet: Its easy to stick to that eating plan when youre on Atkins. Foods with gluten are high in carbs. People on Atkins eat less gluten than people who eat the standard American diet.

Low-salt diet: Theres no need to add salt to any recipes for Atkins. Stay away from canned and packaged foods as much as you can, because they often have added sugars and other carbs, bad-for-you fats, and salt.

How The Atkins 40 Diet Plan Works

Modified Atkins Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Start the Atkins 40 program by eating 40 grams of net carbs, 4 to 6-ounce servings of protein and 2 to 4 servings of fat per day. As you approach your weight loss goals, start to increase your carbohydrate portion size. By offering flexible eating options and a variety of food choices, it is simple to follow and easy to lose weight on Atkins 40 from day one. Your daily carbs can come from all food groups and you can choose to eat anything from the Acceptable Foods list below. With Atkins, you have the opportunity to customize your diet plan to achieve your weight loss goals in no time.

Net carbs represent the total carbohydrate content of the food minus the fiber content and sugar alcohols, if any. The net carbs calculation reflects the grams of carbohydrate that significantly impact your blood sugar level and therefore are the only carbs you need spread out between three meals and two snacks in a day.

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How Do Body Wraps Work For Weight Loss

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Am I A Candidate For A Ketogenic Diet

While the short answer is yes for the majority of people consuming a western diet, we urge you to consult your doctor prior to making the switch to Keto. The Charlie Foundation will provide you with the information and tools necessary to adopt the diet. Partnering with your doctor during this process will ensure the safest and most therapeutic outcome.

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Tdee Is Low How Do I Lose Weight

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Modified Atkins Diet As An Effective Therapy For Epilepsy

Atkins Weight Loss Program – Video Testimonial – Lauren – Week 1

One of the most interesting articles I came across was at, where a modified Atkins diet was outlined for individuals who suffer from seizure disorders. Please dont try this for yourself if you suffer from a seizure disorder bring it to the attention of your doctor and ask if it might work for you!

The modified Atkins program used for helping treat seizures is actually the opposite of what I did. This version calls for more fats and was extremely strict on the carbs and the ratio of all the foods eaten. According to Johns Hopkins University, the diet reduced the number of seizures in severely epileptic children by half or more, even without medication.

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What About Vegetarians

It is possible to do the Atkins diet as a vegetarian , but difficult.

You can use soy-based foods for protein and eat plenty of nuts and seeds. Olive oil and coconut oil are excellent plant-based fat sources.

Lacto-ovo-vegetarians can also eat eggs, cheese, butter, heavy cream and other high-fat dairy foods.

How Does It Work

When a person follows the Atkins Diet, their bodys metabolism switches from burning glucose, or sugar, as fuel to burning stored body fat. This switch is called ketosis.

When glucose levels are low, insulin levels are also low, and ketosis occurs. In other words, when glucose levels are low, the body switches to using its fat stores, as well as dietary fat, for energy. In theory, this can help a person lose body fat and weight.

Before a person eats, their glucose levels are low, so their insulin levels are also low. When that person eats, their glucose levels rise, and the body produces more insulin to help it use glucose.

The glycemic index is a scale that ranks carbohydrates, or carbs, from 0 to 100, depending on how quickly they increase blood sugar levels after consumption, and by how much.

Refined carbs, such as white bread and candy, contain high levels of glucose. These foods have high GI scores, as their carbs enter the blood rapidly, causing a glucose spike.

Other types of carbs, such as beans, do not affect blood glucose levels so quickly or severely. They have a low glycemic load and score lower on the glycemic index.

Net carbs are the total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols have a minimal effect on blood sugar levels. According to Dr. Atkins, the best carbs are those with a low glycemic load.

To make up for the lack of nutrient-rich foods, the Atkins diet encourages people to use vitamin and mineral supplements.

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Atkins : The Easy & Effective Low Carb Diet Plan

Atkins 40 is an easy low carb diet plan based on portion control and eating 40g net carbs per day. If you have less than 40 pounds to lose, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or want a wider variety of food choices from the first day of your diet, Atkins 40 could be a great fit for you. With Atkins 40 you can enjoy a range of food that you choose from. From protein and veggies to pasta and potatoes, there is an extensive list of food to plan your meals around while still losing weight and feeling satisfied.

Use Of The Modified Atkins Diet In Refractory Epilepsy

Atkins Diet

With its comparatively fewer dietary restrictions, the Atkins diet may be less restrictive than the ketogenic diet. Kossoff et al. hypothesized that the Atkins diet can induce metabolic ketosis and might reduce seizures in patients with epilepsy, similar to the ketogenic diet . In 2003, they published a pilot study of six patients, aged 7 to 52 years, who were started on the Atkins diet for the treatment of intractable focal and multifocal epilepsy . Five patients maintained moderate to large ketosis for periods of 6 weeks to 24 months three patients had seizure reduction and were able to reduce antiepileptic medications. This study provided preliminary evidence that the Atkins diet may have a role as therapy for patients with medically resistant epilepsy.

The same group published their experience with the modified Atkins diet in 20 children with intractable epilepsy in 2006 . Eighty percent of the patients stayed on the diet for six months. In all children, at least moderate urinary ketosis developed within 4 days of starting the modified Atkins diet. At 6 months on the diet, 65% had a > 50% response, and 35% had a > 90% response. This was strikingly similar to prospective studies on the traditional ketogenic diet .

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How Long Should I Be On A Ketogenic Diet

According to the International Ketogenic Study Group* a 3-month trial of the diet is advised for children with epilepsy to determine its effectiveness. The diet is typically used up to three years in children. A time-frame has not been established for adults with epilepsy. The report also advises adjustment to therapy or potentially discontinuation if an adverse effect occurs that cannot be rectified.

Since most people following a western diet are not proficient at metabolizing fat optimally, this period allows the body time to become fat-adapted, utilizing dietary fat efficiently and effectively. There are a variety of nutritional plans that will enable a ketogenic lifestyle, and flexibility is one of the hallmarks of the diet that make it easy to adopt as a life-long tool to enhance your health. Our nutritionists can help figure out both the short and long-term options best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Phase : Preparing For Weight Loss Maintenance

The focus of phase 3 is to find a carb limit that will allow you to maintain your results. The Atkins diet does this by introducing some healthy high-carb foods like fruits, starchy vegetables, and whole grains.

Increasing net carb intake by no more than 10 grams per week is recommended. Because of this significant rise in carb intake, it is crucial that you monitor your weight loss during this phase.

If you notice staling, its time to cut back a bit on the carbs. If you are still losing weight, keep increasing carb intake until you hit a stall or reach your goal weight.

This phase will last only until youve lost your target amount of weight and kept it off for a month. By the end of the phase, people typically are eating between 80 and 100 grams of net carbs daily.

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The Diet Promotes An Excessive Intake Of Animal Products

Another alarming issue with the Atkins diet is the large amount of animal products that will inevitably be included given the restrictions to other food groups.

Although animal products can be part of a balanced diet, their consumption in excess undoubtedly causes issue, specifically regarding heart disease, aging, and potentially certain cancers.

The main issues with large meat consumption are the high saturated fat and cholesterol intakes that come attached to these products.

In particular, saturated fat has the ability to raise blood cholesterol by reducing the number of LDL-cholesterol receptors and increasing the rate of both LDL-cholesterol oxidation, both of which cause inflammation and arterial plaque formation.

In the same manner, excess dietary cholesterol may be responsible for cholesterol crystal-induced arterial wall injury and leads to increased inflammation, plaque build-up and subsequently the onset of atherosclerosis .

As well as these two negative impactors on health, the high methionine content in meat may increase free radical generation, and the rate of oxidation leading to protein damage and age acceleration.

In addition, methionine can react with glucose to create gaseous sulphur-containing compounds which may increase tumor proliferation rates, and is associated with cancer progression .

Tolerability And Side Effects

How Does the Atkins Diet Work

The modified Atkins diet has generally been well tolerated. In the study by Kossoff et al., significant constipation was reported in four children . Six children lost weight, median of 2.7kg, three of whom were the heaviest in the cohort. Cholesterol values increased from a mean of 192mg/dL to 221mg/dL at the end of 6 months, but this increase was half of the reported increase with the ketogenic diet . In the study on 30 adults who were administered the modified Atkins diet for refractory epilepsy, total cholesterol increased from 187mg/dL to 201mg/dL, but the LDL, HDL, and triglycerides remained in average risk ranges .

Gastrointestinal side effects such as constipation and vomiting have been the commonest side effects reported . These are most marked at the initiation of the diet, with time they improve . Weight loss is prominent in obese patients . One child developed aspiration pneumonia in the study by Kang et al. . Kidney stones, seen in 5% of patients on the ketogenic diet, have not been reported with the modified Atkins diet to date.

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