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Dash Or Mediterranean Diet?

Now, we will talk about a new dietary approach, which was developed by , the writer of the Dash Diet Mediterranean Solution book, in which she presented a great combination of the two diets, which are both approved to be the best for health among the diets around the world. And combining both of them offers tons of health benefits. This interesting approach is balanced, easy, and healthy. This combination covers the two perennial best diets, the Dash diet, and the Med diet.

Why Recommend A Dash Diet The Evidence

Unlike the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet originated as a randomized controlled trial conducted in several research centers around the U.S. The control diet was designed to represent a typical but unhealthy American diet of the 1990s. It was low in fruits, vegetables and dairy products high in fat and saturated fat.

The study focus was specific: Besides reducing sodium, how else could a diet improve blood pressure?

These were the groundbreaking results of one of the earliest DASH diet studies:

  • Combining components that create a DASH diet + a reduction in sodium decreased blood pressure more effectively than either DASH diet alone or sodium reduction alone.
  • At any level of sodium intake, choosing foods to create a DASH-style pattern can reduce systolic blood pressure. DASH-style eating produces the biggest drops in blood pressure in people with highest sodium consumption.
  • Great news for people who have trouble reducing sodium: Incorporating DASH-style food choices can reduce blood pressure as much as a stricter sodium limit in an otherwise unhealthy eating pattern.

To look at long term effects on health, large prospective population studies use scoring systems to represent how peoples diets align with the components of the DASH diet.

Closeup on the DASH Diet

As created for these early studies, the DASH diet is:

The Mediterranean Diet: What Are The Fundamentals

Not only does the Mediterranean diet differ among different countries, specific guidelines for how to implement this kind of eating pattern can also vary among sources, and among the controlled clinical trials testing this style of eating.Overall:

  • The Mediterranean diet is a plant-focused diet. Emphasis is on vegetables, fruits, whole grains and pulses
  • Total fat content is not low, but can range between 30% of calories and 40% . Its low enough in saturated fat to meet general health recommendations although some specific modifications may be needed to bring levels low enough to meet major recommendations for people with existing cardiovascular disease or elevated LDL or non-HDL cholesterol.
  • Most of the fat provided is unsaturated fat.
  • Olive oil is the primary source of fat in the traditional Mediterranean diet. This makes the diet high in monounsaturated fat . And if Extra Virgin is chosen, olive oil polyphenols and other plant compounds may bring extra protective benefits.
  • Nuts are also important. They provide unsaturated fat and potentially protective phytochemicals.
  • Fish is included at least two or three times each week. It is eaten more frequently than red meat .

To study long-term health, observational cohort studies use scoring systems to identify how dietary patterns are associated with health.

Heres an example of one of the most common Mediterranean diet scoring systems in US-based studies:

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Difference Between The Mind Dash And Mediterranean Diet

But the MIND diet also differs from those plans in a few significant ways and proved more effective than either of them at reducing the risk of Alzheimers. The MIND diet recommends frequent servings of green leafy vegetables. Kale, spinach, broccoli, collards and other greens are packed with vitamins A and C and other nutrients. At least two servings a week can help, and researchers found six or more servings a week provide the greatest brain benefits.

The Mediterranean and DASH diets do not specifically recommend these types of vegetables, but the MIND diet study found that including greens in addition to other veggies made a difference in reducing the risk of Alzheimers.

Like other diets focused on weight loss and heart health, the MIND diet emphasizes the importance of vegetables for brain health. The researchers recommend eating a salad and at least one other vegetable every day to reduce the risk of Alzheimers.

What Are The Basics Of A Dash Diet

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Unlike the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet and its OmniHeart variations began in randomized controlled trials, so these studies include specific amounts that represent amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, pulses , and dairy above average U.S. adult intake and amounts of sodium and sweets substantially less than in the average U.S. diet.

Observational cohort studies use scoring systems to identify how dietary patterns are associated with health. Several different scoring systems have been created, and each translates the DASH principles into quantifiable points slightly differently.

This DASH diet scoring system is among the most commonly used in observational population studies in the U.S. .

You can see that although fat content is not part of this scoring system, because of which food choices earn the most points, a high DASH diet score does represent a diet likely to be relatively low in saturated fat. Some other DASH scores include limits on fat consumption.

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Does The Mediterranean Diet Have A Branding Problem

How many studies does the MIND diet have backing it up or even the DASH diet compared to the Mediterranean diet? It seems that both diets were developed using existing research for a new diet plan that incorporates these elements. I think it is good to promote healthy diets such as the two above, but again they just seem like homegrown versions of the original Mediterranean diet. Why do we have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to healthy, effective diets?

One may think it is all about marketing. As a reader on the blog so aptly commented We must push forward a new diet with a new name, so we can market it! There is no quick money to be made by advocating for an old diet. That may be true. The Mediterranean diet is an old diet. But that doesnt mean it cannot be applied to todays lifestyle as I hope I have shown here on Olive Tomato.

Another issue is how accessible a diet appears. As a health professional, I can understand the importance of compliance to a diet. Perhaps these versions may appeal more to the American public because of the supposed ease and the fact that they have a catchy name. They may appeal more because they include good portions of meat or maybe because they do not include wine. An important question here is: can these man-made diets provide the same results as the Mediterranean diet? And are they easier? And finally is the Mediterranean diet as difficult, expensive and vague as it is presented to be? As I have said numerous times: No.

What Foods Are Allowed In The Dash Diet

  • Whole grains

Grains are considered a kind of carbohydrate, which provides the body with energy. Moreover, they are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals

Quinoa, farro, freekeh, and brown rice, pita bread, whole-grain bread, oatmeal, cereal, grits, air-popped popcorn, and bagel

  • Healthy fats

Extra-virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado,

  • Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber as well, in addition, they dont contain fat and they are low in calories

Kale, potatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, tomato, collard, carrots, green peas, broccoli, etc.

  • Fruits

Fruits provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, in addition to fiber. They also contain low calories and fat

Raisins, mango, melon, grapefruit, peach, apples, bananas, dates, oranges, strawberries, etc.

  • Dairy products that are fat-free or low in fat

Dairy products provide the body with calcium, which promotes bone and tooth health

Fat-free milk, low-fat milk, fat-free cheeses, low-fat cheese, yogurt

  • Fish, poultry, lean protein

Fish and poultry provide the body with protein and healthy nutrients

  • Legumes and Lentils

They contain healthy fats, protein, and fiber, In addition to potassium and magnesium

Sunflower seeds, walnuts, mixed nuts, almonds, and peanuts

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Mediterranean Vs Dash Diet

There are many and many different kinds of diets everywhere! But, you should recognize that good nutrition leads to good health, so you should search for a suitable balanced diet to follow. In this article, we will try to provide you with information about the Dash diet, the Mediterranean diet, and the unique combination of both diets, which is presented throughout The Dash Diet Mediterranean Solution book.

The Differences Between The Dash Diet And The Mediterranean Diet:

DASH Diet, Pritikin Diet & Mediterranean Diet
  • In the Mediterranean diet, fish is recommended to be eaten more than in the Dash diet
  • The Dash diet supports eating more dairy than the Med diet
  • In the Med diet, eating red meats is limited, while in the Dash diet, red meats are allowed
  • The Med diet is based on eating less dairy
  • The Mediterranean diet focuses on the rich omega-3 fatty acids foods more than the Dash diet

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How Omniheart Variations Of A Dash Diet Cut Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Blood Pressure: All three diets reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared to peoples starting point these changes were statistically significant and clinically meaningful. The diets higher in protein and in unsaturated fat reduced blood pressure slightly more, by about 9/5 mm Hg.

  • In people who began with established hypertension, blood pressure dropped about 16/8 mm Hg with the protein and unsaturated fat diets.

LDL cholesterol: All three diets reduced LDL by over 11 mg/dL compared to baseline. However, only the higher-protein diets reduction was statistically significant .

  • Among people whose LDL was initially over 130 mg/dL, LDL dropped an average of at least 20 mg/dL in six weeks on all three diets.

Triglycerides: The higher-carbohydrate diet did not change levels from baseline. Both the higher-unsaturated fat and higher-protein diets significantly reduced levels .

Insulin sensitivity: None of the participants in the OmniHeart study had diabetes. However, follow-up analysis showed that the diet higher in fat, which replaced some carbohydrate with unsaturated fat, improved two different measures of insulin sensitivity.

Inflammation : reduced by all three OmniHeart diets, with no difference between the diets.

Subclinical heart muscle damage was by each of the three diet variations compared to baseline diet. Changes were statistically significant, with no difference between the OmniHeart diets.

Dash Diet Vs Mediterranean Diet The Similarities

As summarized above, both diets are based on a food intake high in fruit and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts. The aim of both the Dash and Med diet, is not weight loss, although both have been used successfully as part of a weight loss program. Both diets also promote a long term change in eating style, rather than a fad or short term regime. Unsaturated fats are heavily promoted, whilst saturated fats, high sugar products and empty calories are discouraged. While the Dash diet has slightly more structure in terms of the number of serves of foods per day depending on caloric requirements, both diets are reasonably flexible and do not involve calorie counting.

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Dash Diet Mind Dietall Roads Lead To The Mediterranean Diet

I remember when I was studying nutrition in college, we were taught the DASH diet, which basically stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It was considered the gold standard of diets when it came to high blood pressure. At the time the diet was developed, it was based on research that showed that certain minerals such as potassium and magnesium, reduced blood pressure. The authors noted that in order for the diet to be accepted by the American public it included meat, even though research had showed consistently that a vegetarian diet lowers blood pressure.

This diet therefore was a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. It also was low in fat and moderate to high in carbohydrates which at the time were considered necessary factors of a healthy diet.

Fast forward to 2016 where we now know that healthy fats such as olive oil do not necessarily make you fat, but the overly processed carbohydrates do. When reviewing the website that sells and promotes the DASH diet books, it refers to the DASH diet as home-grown compared to the Mediterranean diet. In other words, an Americanized version of the Mediterranean diet. However it goes on to say that the new book that is based on newer DASH research, is more similar to the Mediterranean diet: more good fats and less refined carbohydrates.

So basically its the Mediterranean diet but without the wine and more meat.

The Mind Diet: A Detailed Guide For Beginners

Mediterranean Dash Diet / AvaxHome

The MIND diet is designed to prevent dementia and loss of brain function as you age.

It combines the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet to create a dietary pattern that focuses specifically on brain health.

This article is a detailed guide for beginners, with everything you need to know about the MIND diet and how to follow it.

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Why Recommend A Mediterranean Diet The Evidence

The traditional diets of Spain, Italy, Greece, Southern France, and Morocco are not the same. But there are important commonalities. And decades of population studies show a link between eating habits that embody those common features and lower risk of chronic disease.

  • A meta-analysis of 27 prospective cohort studies found that each additional increase in Mediterranean diet score was associated with a further decrease in cardiovascular disease incidence or mortality.
  • An umbrella review of multiple prospective cohort meta-analyses links a more Mediterranean-style diet with lower incidence of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
  • Highest Mediterranean diet scores compared to lowest scores are associated with lower overall cancer incidence in some analyses of prospective cohort studies, but not in all. Among cancer types, evidence is strongest supporting links to colorectal cancer risk.
  • Among people with existing coronary heart disease , greater adherence to a Mediterranean diet was associated with lower hazard of both recurrent coronary heart disease events and allcause mortality.

Evidence on the Mediterranean diet and health began with observations in these populations. Now analyses pulling together results of multiple randomized controlled clinical trials comparing a Mediterranean-style diet to some other diet shows specific effects that are likely contributing to better health.

Systolic Blood Pressure: reduced 0.67 mm Hg Diastolic Blood Pressure: reduced 0.94 mm Hg

The Health Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet

Pears, bananas, lemons, apples, oranges, figs, dates, peaches, pomegranate, etc.

  • Vegetables such as:

Kale, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, eggplant, onions, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, fennel, leeks, asparagus, etc.

  • Fish and seafood are considered excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids and protein as well such as:

Salmon, tuna, sardines, trout, shrimp, crab, mussels, clams, etc.

  • Legumes are important sources of many nutrients such as:

Chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans, etc.

  • Whole grains are good sources of carbs and fiber such as:

Brown rice, barley, corn, whole-grain bread, etc.

  • Healthy fats are considered an important component in the Med diet. and extra-virgin olive oil is considered the primary fat source
  • Seeds and nuts such as:

Hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

Red meats and sugar should be limited. And highly processed foods should be avoided

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Dash Diet Vs Mediterranean Diet: How To Gain The Most Value

Rather than getting distracted by their differences, start by focusing on what the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet, and all three DASH OmniHeart variations have in common. Compared to typical U.S. eating habits, they all include MORE:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Legumes and soy foods at least three times a week, and work toward more)
  • Unsaturated oils

Compared to typical U.S. eating habits, they all include LESS:

  • Sweet snacks and desserts
  • Processed meats
  • Highly-processed snack foods

Personalize: Mediterranean-style diet, DASH diet and its OmniHeart variations all offer potential for improving heart health and reducing cancer risk.

You cant compare results from different studies involving completely different people to identify a diet thats best.

But the big picture from overall research does provide some suggestions:

Maybe not the best dog, but Lucky was the blend that was a perfect choice for us.

Whether youre considering choices for eating habits, paint colors, or dogs, youve got lots of options including a blend. We found a blend at our local Humane Society who was the best dog for me and my family, and we never looked back.

The Mind Diet May Reduce Harmful Beta

DASH vs Mediterranean Diet

Researchers also believe the MIND diet may benefit the brain by reducing potentially harmful beta-amyloid proteins.

Beta-amyloid proteins are protein fragments found naturally in the body.

However, they can accumulate and form plaques that build up in the brain, disrupting communication between brain cells and eventually leading to brain cell death .

In fact, many scientists believe these plaques are one of the primary causes of Alzheimers disease .

Animal and test-tube studies suggest that the antioxidants and vitamins that many MIND diet foods contain may help prevent the formation of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain .

Additionally, the MIND diet limits foods that contain saturated fats and trans fats, which studies have shown can increase beta-amyloid protein levels in mices brains .

Human observational studies have found that consuming these fats was associated with a doubled risk of Alzheimers disease .

However, it is important to note that this type of research is not able to determine cause and effect. Higher-quality, controlled studies are needed to discover exactly how the MIND diet may benefit brain health.

Summary: Researchers believe that the foods of the MIND diet contain nutrients that may help prevent beta-amyloid plaque formation, a potential cause of Alzheimers disease.

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