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Learn How Medifast Works For Weight Loss Success

Because the diet is so calorie-restrictive, Medifast is ideal for people who need to lose a significant amount of weight. It will also appeal to very busy people who cant or dont want to prepare meals, but still want a range of classic American quick-serve and portable dishes. And if you have days where making one whole meal isnt possible, Medifast even offers their own version of the lean and green meal, which you can order for home delivery.

What keeps people going on the plan are the results that are quickly revealed on the scale. Weigh in at the same time every other day, preferably before you eat, to keep your eye on the prize. The fact that you are eating every two to three hours also helps to keep you from breaking down and going off the plan. But when you do feel the urge to cave , having a Medifast-approved treat on hand can help make all the difference. In fact, you can look forward to eating one of the plans approved chocolate brownies every day without sabotaging your goal in the least.

What Is The Optavia Diet

Optavia is a subsidiary of Medifast. Like Medifast, it offers a 5 & 1 Plan, which consists of five “fuelings” per day, in addition to cooking one lean and green meal at home. It also has the 4, 2 & 2 Plan, which involves four fuelings and one snack from the company, as well as two meals cooked at home.

Optavia offers a third program the 3 & 3 Plan which includes three fuelings from the company plus three meals per day cooked at home. An evaluation of Optavia vs. Medifast shows that the main difference between the two programs is that the former provides access to a coach.

One of Optavia’s fueling choices is snack bars. Some of the ingredients are unhealthy, such as palm oil, added sugars and hydrogenated oil. Most bars on the market made by other companies, like other processed foods, would likely also contain unwholesome ingredients. Anyone looking for bars comparable to Optavia’s may want to consider healthier snack options.

How Much Exercise Do You Need

Key Takeaways:

  • Get At Least 20 to 30 Minutes per Day
  • Moderate Exercise Encouraged Running, Walking, Swimming, Etc.

Medifast also recommends finding the right exercise program for you to help complement their diet plan. They recommend getting daily exercise, based on your own individual needs.

The intensity, duration, and type can be decided by you. Some of the activities they recommend include running, swimming, jogging, dancing, and walking.

At least 20-30 minutes of exercises a day are recommended to complement your healthy meal plan and assist your body in losing weight quite effectively.

Of course, just like the diet plan you should always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise plan, before diving in.

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Healthline Diet Score: 225 Out Of 5

If you dont enjoy cooking or have time to make meals, you may be interested in a diet that minimizes your time in the kitchen.

The Optavia diet does just that. It encourages weight loss through a combination of low calorie, prepackaged products, a few simple home-cooked meals, and one-on-one support from a coach.

Still, you may wonder whether its safe and if it has any downsides.

This article reviews the pros and cons of the Optavia diet, as well as its effectiveness, to help you decide if its a good fit for you.

Rating Score Breakdown

Medifast Fitness And Activity

Pin on Medifast for You

Medifast also gives you the opportunity of being fit. Itis made through the right exercise that fits your needs. You have the liberty to decide the type, duration and the intensity of the exercise. The recommended exercises for you are jogging, swimming, walking, dancing. It should be made from 20 to 30 minutes a day.

In order for you to have a complete diet plan, Medifast requires you to get the right exercise for your body. It should be based on your own needs the duration, type and intensity of your workout are entirely decided by the users. You can try other activities, such as swimming, running, walking, dancing and other recommended exercises. Make the workout as part of your daily routine at least 20 to 30 minutes. This will help your body lose extra pounds. Make sure to consult your doctor before trying any exercise plan.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Innerbody Research recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary online. Over the past two decades, we have helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions involving staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles.

We extensively test, experience and order from each service we review. Our review of Medifast is no different. We try our best to give you, our readers, an unbiased exploration of at-home health services, free of marketing jargon or gimmicks. We evaluate the service based on our adherence to quality, the latest medical evidence and health standards, and a simple question: would we buy the product or service ourselves if it werent part of our job, and would we recommend it to family and friends?

Additionally this review of Medifast, like all health-related content on this website, was thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy.

May Lead To Weight Regain

Weight regain may be a concern after you stop the program.

Currently, no research has examined weight regain after the Optavia diet. Still, in a study on a similar, 16-week Medifast diet, participants regained an average of 11 pounds within 24 weeks of ending the program .

One potential cause of weight regain is your reliance on packaged food items. After the diet, it may be difficult to transition to shopping for and cooking healthy meals.

Additionally, due to the dramatic calorie restriction of the 5& 1 Plan, some weight regain may also be due to a slower metabolism.

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Its Not Recommended For Everyone

The health risks associated with the Medifast diet aresimilar to most other low-calorie diets, including fatigue, headaches, hairloss, bad breath and even menstrual changes. The Medifast meal plans is notrecommended for pregnant women, type 1 diabetics, people with severe liver orkidney disease and people who are recovering from a stroke or heart attack.

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Level Of Effort: Medium

Medifast 5 and 1 versus Take Shape for Life TSFL optimal weight 5& 1 weight loss program

You’ll need Medifast’s meal replacements for most of your food, but you have some flexibility for the meal you provide.

Limitations: You’ll mostly eat meal replacements. There is some variety: Medifast has more than 70 meal replacement options including shakes, bars, cereals, and snacks like pretzel sticks. Fruit, dairy products, and starches aren’t allowed in the Medifast GO! plan.

Cooking and shopping: Meal replacements simplify meal planning and preparation. Plus, you wonât have to make many trips to the grocery store.

Packaged foods or meals: Required.

In-person meetings: Optional. There are a handful of Medifast Weight Control Centers in Arizona and Louisiana.

Exercise: Daily exercise is encouraged, but the program doesnât offer a specific workout. Make your workouts half as long and half as intense while your body adjusts to getting fewer calories.

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What Criteria Do We Use To Judge Health Service Companies

At Innerbody, we customize our evaluation criteria depending on the type and nature of the health-related service. For Medifast and other meal programs, we have five areas that we use for our evaluations, including:

Variety of meal options: How well does the meal service accommodate people with different dietary goals and tastes? Its important that we can eat what we like to eat.

Nutritional value: Does the meal service operate with a firm grasp of nutritional needs of its customers?

Flavor: Do the meals taste good? Simple question, but if the answer is no, then nothing else matters!

Value: Are you getting your moneys worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the company offer discounts?

Customer support: How well does the company help you make the service ideal for you, with your unique dietary needs and lifestyle/routine considerations? How easy is it to plan and receive the meals delivered to your home?

Cost Of The Medifast Diet

The meal plans are a great value. For example, the womenâs 4-week package costs $299.50. This works out to approximately $11.00 per day. Penny-wise, Medifast compares favorably to other popular, yet pricey weight loss programs. If you decide to try Medifast, keep an eye out for coupons and promotion codes that can be redeemed when you purchase Medifast online.

Medifast is a healthy diet plan, but do some research first to see if this diet plan is the best program for you.

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What You Can Eat And What You Can’t

Medifast has more than 70 meal replacements. The meal you provide each day should include 5-7 ounces of lean protein, three servings of vegetables, and up to two servings of healthy fats.

You can also have condiments, sauces, dressings, and one snack per day. Snack choices include celery, Jell-O, a Popsicle, pickles, gum, or mints, and half an ounce of either walnuts, pistachios, or almonds.

Alcohol is off-limits so is everything that is not on the approved food list.

Can Be Adapted As Avegetarian And Gluten

Pin on Medifast for You

The Medifast diet can be adapted for many dietarypreferences, but since its already a restrictive diet, lacto-ovo vegetarianshave the most options. The choices are even more restricted for those who donteat dairy, and theres no vegan diet plan. However, many Medifast products aregluten-free, so the diet can be adapted for those who suffer from Celiac diseaseor simply prefer a diet without gluten.

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Get Healthy With Medifast Meals

Incorporating a variety of ready-to-eat and quick-to-prepare foods into your lifestyle can help you with weight loss. A wide selection of Medifast meal options can be found on eBay. Youll be able to choose the flavors you like to meet your goals.

What are the different food options available?

There are a variety of snacks, meals, and drinks available to create your Medifast meals. Its important to know about the various options so that you can select foods on eBay that you will enjoy.

  • Soups: Powders get mixed with water and heated to create bowls of soup.
  • Shakes: Blend powders with water or milk to create creamy milkshakes.
  • Protein bars: These are ready-to-eat bars available in a variety of flavors.
  • Cereals: Ready-to-eat cereals can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack.
  • Side dishes: These dishes, such as macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes, can be mixed with water and heated in order to enjoy as a meal or alongside of another item.

What is a custom bundle?

The average Medifast meal box includes seven individual servings. However, a custom bundle might include several open boxes, providing you with a greater variety. Look to see how many total servings you will get within your box. Also, review all of the different foods that you will be getting before you make your selection.

What is Optavia 23?What to look for when choosing Medifast mealsContent provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Medifast.

Is The Optavia Diet A Healthy Choice For You

The Optavia Diet deviates from health and nutrition guidelines encouraged by the United States Department of Agriculture . For example, Optavia’s 5& 1 plan tops out at 800 to 1,000 calories per day, an extreme reduction from the USDA’s recommendation of roughly 2,000 calories per day for adults.

An 800-calorie-per-day diet is considered a “very low calorie diet” and should be medically supervised. Extreme calorie restriction can cause fatigue, brain fog, headaches, or menstrual changes. As such, the 5& 1 option should not be used long-term. The 3& 3 and 4& 2& 1 plans typically supply between 1,100 and 2,500 calories per day and can be appropriate for longer periods.

Optavia’s plans also provide 80 to 100 grams of carbohydrates per day or about 40% of the diets daily calories. The USDA recommends a diet that is 45% to 65% carbs. The USDA also emphasizes grains and dairy products, which are not represented in Optavia’s 5& 1 plan.

The 5& 1 plan limits calories to 800 to 1,000 per day, so it might not meet all of your nutritional needs. It’s also not suitable for people who are pregnant or nursing, those who exercise 45 minutes per day or more, teens, older adults who are sedentary, or people with diabetes or gout.

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Other Tips For Diy Dieting At Home

  • Purchase a high-quality whey or casein protein powder .
  • Monitor your progress by weighing yourself at the end of each week. Aim to lose 1-2 pounds each week. If you are dropping pounds too slowly, adjust your caloric intake accordingly.
  • You can also purchase products from Wonderslim. Macronutrient profiles of Wonderslim foods are comparable to Medifast foods, but they are more affordable.
  • Be sure youre getting enough vitamins and nutrients as you design your diet plan. If youre concerned, incorporate some vitamins and supplements into your daily routine.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

See How The Medifast Weight Loss Program Can Work for You
  • Is this type of low calorie diet appropriate for my weight-loss needs?
  • What types of medical monitoring and oversight do I need?
  • Where can I find support and information?
  • What types of side effects should I watch out for?

their diabetes medication, compared to zero percent on the standard ADA food diet.

As of 2007, the National Institutes of Health is sponsoring a study on energy metabolism in the post-obese state at The University of Vermont. Medifast products are being used as the weight loss tool in the study. The study found that after 8 months, participants lost 4565 pounds. Other users of the Medifast diet include the Shands Teaching Hospital, which is affiliated with the University of Florida, as part of their adolescent obesity treatment program and the Maine State Prison in their weight-loss program for obese prisoners.

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Special Considerations For People With Health Conditions And Dietary Restrictions

Vegetarians may participate in Medifast diets, though they should be careful not to overeat high-carb legumes such as lentils until they have reached their target weight.

A few dozen Medifast meals and meal replacements are gluten-free. The company lists gluten-free foods on its website, which means people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance may preview their options to determine whether a Medifast diet would be realistic for them, considering their tastes.

Medifast may not be appropriate for vegans because many meal replacement options include animal products such as eggs.

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Medifast has also designed menus for mature customers and mothers nursing children. Check their offerings for specific information if either case applies to you.

A Medifast program can benefit dieters with heart disease or high cholesterol because losing weight is one way to address those health issues.

However, people with diabetes should be careful because restricting calories could negatively affect blood sugar. That is not to say that Medifast is automatically an inappropriate diet, but you should work with your physician to monitor your blood sugar and achieve a healthy weight safely.

Medifast programs do not include exercise regimens, so dieters would be wise to discuss their concerns with a doctor. That way, they can receive proper feedback to suit their bodies unique needs.

What Is A Medifast Diet

Medifast is a commercial weight-loss plan based on meal replacement. The major advantages of Medifast are:

  • It is satisfying as you need to have a meal every 2 to 3 hours every day, which keeps you satiated.
  • It is comparatively safe and is recommended by most physicians.
  • It is a long-term weight loss program.
  • It is less complex compared to other weight loss programs.

Medifast plan consists of

  • A five and one plan, where you are given five replacement meals and you can choose one regular meal for weight loss.
  • A three and three plan, where you are given three regular meals and three replacement meals for 6 weeks.

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The Programs Coaches Are Not Health Professionals

Most Optavia coaches have successfully lost weight on the program but are not certified health professionals.

As a result, they are unqualified to provide dietary or medical advice. Therefore, you should take their guidance with a grain of salt and talk to your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

If you have an existing health condition, its also important to consult a medical provider or registered dietitian before starting a new diet program.


The Optivia diet severely restricts calories and relies heavily on processed, packaged food items. As such, it can be expensive, difficult to maintain, and harmful to your health. Additionally, its coaches are not qualified to provide dietary advice.

What Regular Food Can Be Eaten On A Medifast Diet

Pin on medifast

If you need to lose a lot of weight, you may be considering Medifast because it is designed for weight loss at 2 to 5 lbs. per week. The majority of your food on Medifast comes from prepared Medifast meals and snacks, but it is important to know what other foods you will need to eat on the diet. To stay as healthy as possible, consult your doctor before starting any diet for weight loss.

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The Medifast Diet Program

The Medifast program sets out to structure a person’s lifestyle according to their diet and activities. There are different plans to suit women, men and diabetics. The program pushes the idea that it is a lifestyle change that aims to provide support and a community to help dieters to reach their goal.

The program consists of a few plans that act like stages or phases, gradually adjusting members to a new lifestyle thats conducive to weight loss and maintenance.

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