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How The Atkins 40 Diet Plan Works

Carb Max Explained with Kristin Pope

Start the Atkins 40 program by eating 40 grams of net carbs, 4 to 6-ounce servings of protein and 2 to 4 servings of fat per day. As you approach your weight loss goals, start to increase your carbohydrate portion size. By offering flexible eating options and a variety of food choices, it is simple to follow and easy to lose weight on Atkins 40 from day one. Your daily carbs can come from all food groups and you can choose to eat anything from the Acceptable Foods list below. With Atkins, you have the opportunity to customize your diet plan to achieve your weight loss goals in no time.

Net carbs represent the total carbohydrate content of the food minus the fiber content and sugar alcohols, if any. The net carbs calculation reflects the grams of carbohydrate that significantly impact your blood sugar level and therefore are the only carbs you need spread out between three meals and two snacks in a day.

Who Will It Help

It seems to help similar numbers of patients as the ketogenic diet . It works for men and women equally and is being used actively in adolescents and adults. Like the ketogenic diet, it is mostly used for patients with daily seizures who have not fully responded to medications. It is under study for regions of the world with limited resources for which the classic ketogenic diet would be too difficult or time-consuming as well.

Q: Can Vegetarians Or Vegans Follow The Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet allows individuals to consume a wide variety of foods, all framed within a context of eating fewer carbohydrates and sugars. The diet can be followed as a vegetarian or vegan. Vegetarians can start in Phase 2 of Atkins 20 at 30 grams of Net Carbs and introduce seeds and nuts before berries. Vegetarians will can get their protein from eggs, cheese and soy products. Vegans can get sufficient protein from seeds, nuts, soy products, soy and rice cheeses, seitan, legumes and high protein grains like quinoa. Vegans can start in Phase 2 of Atkins 20 at 50 grams of Net Carbs so they can have nuts, seeds and legumes from the start.

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The Three Versions Of The Atkins Diet

Depending on your weight loss goals, the Atkins website recommends following one of their three eating plans:

  • Atkins 20® where you start out by eating 20 grams of net carbs per day.
  • Atkins 40® where you start out eating 40 grams of net carbs per day.
  • Atkins 100 where you start out eating 100 grams of net carbs per day diet plan.

Q: Isnt Atkins Criticized For Having Too Much Fat

how many carbs to eat on keto. Net Carbs vs Total Carbs on ...

Atkins does focus on fat, but a balance of fats that are commonly agreed to be healthy, such as naturally occurring saturated fats found in animal protein, polyunsaturated fats found in vegetable oils, and monounsaturated fats like olive oil and avocado. If they wish, individuals can easily avoid almost all saturated fats while on Atkins by following the plan as a vegetarian.

It is important to remember that if carbohydrate levels are low, fat intake needs to be higher. When the body is in fat-burning , it uses fat from our food intake and body fat for fuel. As you increase your carb level, the amount of fat consumed will decrease, and protein levels remain constant throughout the diet.

Research from more than 80 peer-reviewed independent studies has consistently demonstrated the diets safety and efficacy.

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Do I Have To Start Atkins In Phase 1

No. You can start in any of the first three phases. If you have just a few pounds to lose, up to about 15, you can probably start in Phase 2 at 25 to 30 grams of Net Carbs a day. If you are heavier, you can also start here, but it may take a little longer to lose weight without the kick-start that you get in Phase 1. You can also begin in Phase 3 at, say, 40 grams of Net Carbs a day if you have less than 40 pounds to lose.

How Many Carbs Should You Eat Per Day To Lose Weight

Low carbohydrate diets can be very effective for weight loss, according to research.

Reducing carbs tends to reduce your appetite and cause automatic weight loss, or weight loss without the need to count calories.

For some people, a low carb diet allows them to eat until fullness, feel satisfied, and still lose weight.

The number of carbs a person should eat every day for weight loss varies depending on their age, sex, body type, and activity levels.

This article reviews how many carbs you should eat per day to lose weight.

1 ).

According to the Food and Drug Administration , the Daily Value for carbs is 300 grams per day when eating a 2,000-calorie diet .

Some people reduce their daily carb intake with the aim of losing weight, cutting down to around 50150 grams per day.

Research has shown that low carb diets can be part of an effective weight loss strategy.

This diet restricts your intake of carbohydrates including sugars and starches like bread and pasta and replaces them with protein, healthy fats, and vegetables.

Studies show that low carb diets can reduce a persons appetite, lead to them eating fewer calories, and help them to lose weight more easily than in other diets, provided they maintain the diet .

In studies comparing low carb and low fat diets, researchers need to actively restrict calories in the low fat groups to make the results comparable, but the low carb groups are still usually more effective .

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How Many Carbs On Keto Varies From Person To Person

On a ketogenic diet, your goal is to enter the fat-burning state known as ketosis. To do this, youll eat a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, where your daily carb intake hovers between 25-50 grams.

That said, carb consumption will vary from person to person. Depending on genetics, body composition, and exercise routine, your carb intake may be higher or lower than the average.

To get an accurate estimate of your individual macro guidelines, you can either use the Perfect Keto Macro Calculator or continuously test your ketone levels.

Now that you how many carbs on keto you should consume based on your calorie intake, the rest is up to you. View the Perfect Keto recipe library for plenty of low-carb recipe ideas, tips, and tricks to help you enter ketosis.

Keto Vs Atkins: Which Is Better

Atkins Diet Plans

While both diets focus on being low-carb, its still important to remember that you never want to cut out carbs completely, as this can lead to micronutrient deficiencies.

The ketogenic diet is far more precise in what and how much you eat to change your bodys metabolism and how it uses energy. While it can be a hassle to keep track of food and ketone levels, the positive and healthy results are plentiful and worth it.

The Atkins diet is more easy to follow, but comes with some health risks without the same health benefits of the more strict keto diet.

So which is better for your overall health and lifestyle?

Answer: The keto diet wins this battle and has emerged as a more preferred method for losing weight and staying healthy.

Peter VanNewhyzen

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Beverages On The Atkins Diet

In all of the phases of the Atkins Diet, sugary drinks that include soda, lemonade, sweetened iced tea, fruit juices and sugared energy drinks are off-limits. These drinks are high in carbohydrates and force you over your limit, even in later stages when you’re allowed more than 20 grams.

For example, one 12-ounce can of cola contains about 38 grams of carbohydrate. When you’re restricted to 20 grams of carbs total per day, this drink is definitely off-limits.

Drinks acceptable on the Atkins diet include club soda, herbal tea , black coffee and flavored seltzer. Water of all kinds, including tap, spring and mineral, are allowed.

You can drink diet soda on Atkins as long as you avoid any with carbohydrates. The non-nutritive sweeteners explicitly allowed by the Atkins Diet are stevia, sucralose and saccharin. The program advises you have just one packet of any one of these sweeteners per day and that they count as 1 gram of carbs on your plan.

The Atkins Diet makes no specific mention of aspartame as a sweetener. Aspartame doesn’t raise blood sugar levels like sugar does and doesn’t contain carbohydrates, explains the International Food Information Council Foundation. This should make sodas sweetened with aspartame OK for the Atkins plan. As always, though, remember to check the label for added carbs.

Benefits Of Following A Low

One of the main benefits of following a low-carb diet is weight loss. For people with type 2 diabetes, this helps to reduce HbA1c and blood fats such as triglycerides and cholesterol. For people who dont have diabetes, losing weight can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and a low-carb diet is one option to help you do this.

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How Can I Eat Sweet Potatoes On A Standard Keto Diet

A lot of people on the keto diet don’t just keep track of their overall carb consumption, but also the amount of net carbs they’re consuming. The concept of net carbs was popularized by the Atkins diet they’re the amount of carbohydrates leftover in a food once you subtract the fiber and sugar alcohol from the total carb count. Essentially, the theory is that since your body cant digest most of the fiber and sugar alcohols, they dont need to be counted.

On average, a medium sweet potato has 27 grams of carbs, which would make up over half your allotted daily carbs on a traditional keto diet.

Tracking net carbs instead of total carbs makes it a little easier to fit sweet potatoes into your 40 grams of allotted daily carbs on the keto diet. For a basic medium-sized sweet potato, youd remove the fiber content to get an average of 24 net carbs.

Its also important to note that you dont have to eat the entire sweet potato if you want to keep your carb count low. Just cut the portions. Consider adding in sweet potatoes or your favorite vegetables according to the net carbs appropriate for your activity levels, says Sharma. Basically, if you’re working out a ton or at a super high intensity, you can easily have more carbs and burn them off without totally throwing off your keto diet.

Lowering The Risk Of Heart Disease


It was previously thought that increasing fat in the diet may result in a negative impact on our cholesterol levels and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease .

Research studies have shown that intake of fat in the diet can affect cholesterol levels. However, large meta-analyses have found no relationship between saturated fat intake and CVD or mortality rates. This suggests that lowering carb intake and replacing with increased protein and fat will not increase risk of CVD as previously thought.

To further support this, a recent Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology study, involving over 135,000 participants from around the world, also found that populations with higher fat intake had reduced mortality rates. Its important to keep in mind that this was an observational study, so we cannot draw solid conclusions from it. However, this study does make the previously held belief that increased fat intake leads to increased mortality much less likely.

Key points:

  • Contrary to previous beliefs, lowering carb intake and increasing protein and fat intake does not increase your risk of heart disease.
  • A suggested theory of why low-carb diets protect against heart disease is that they help to protect our blood vessels.

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What Is The Atkins Diet Does It Work

The Atkins diet is a severely carbohydrate-restricted diet. The severe carbohydrate restriction produces what Dr. Robert Atkins calls benign dietary ketosis, which he argues suppresses appetite. The diet has few other restrictions. Several studies support the idea that the Atkins diet produces more weight loss than a low-fat diet over 6 months but that long-term weight loss is no better. The diet can be difficult for people to adhere to long term. These studies have shown no adverse effects on blood lipid levels.

Key Points: Obesity

Obesity is defined as a body mass index greater than 30 kg/m2.


A 5% to 10% weight loss is a good goal with known health benefits.


Three randomized controlled clinical trails show that over 6 to 12 months, there are no adverse effects on lipids from the Atkins diet plan.


Sibutramine, orlistat, and phentermine are currently Food and Drug Administrationapproved medications to help overweight and obese patients lose weight.


Use Only Atkins Products

Atkins® products have been tested to ensure that their impact on your blood sugar level is minimal. The majority of Atkins® products can be suitable for Phase 1, as long as you dont sacrifice the intake of foundation vegetables and count the net carbs in your daily net carb count. If you are in Induction, you have 5 to 8 grams of net carbs to use for dairy, dressings, or Atkins products. You can plan accordingly.

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So Should You Try An Atkins Diet For Any Other Reason And What Should You Keep In Mind

The goal of the Atkins diet is to lose weight, so if your goal is to increase endurance performance, the Atkins diet may not be the most effective approach, Glassman says.

But the diet may work for you if weight loss is your primary goal, and you try it out during your off-season . Theres ease and clarity in being told exactly what you can eat while still enjoying a high-fat and high-protein diet, Glassman says.

And a 2009 JAMA Internal Medicine study shows that both a low-carb/protein and a high-carb vegetarian diet can help you lose weight, so you can pick your poison if dropping pounds is your main goal. Because the truth is, there are multiple ways to lose weight the key is finding the diet that works for your lifestyle, you can stick to long term, and supports your other hobbies and workouts .

Unless you have very specific athletic goals, you dont need to stress about the numbers and gramsjust include a mix of carbohydrates and protein, Glassman says, noting that you still need to be aware of the types of foods youre eating . Otherwise, experiment to see what feels best for your body.

The Atkins Diet Is A 4

Atkins Diet: Daily Sweetener Limit

The Atkins diet is split into 4 different phases:

  • Phase 1 : Under 20 grams of carbs per day for 2 weeks. Eat high-fat, high-protein, with low-carb vegetables like leafy greens. This kick-starts the weight loss.
  • Phase 2 : Slowly add more nuts, low-carb vegetables and small amounts of fruit back to your diet.
  • Phase 3 : When youre very close to your goal weight, add more carbs to your diet until weight loss slows down.
  • Phase 4 : Here you can eat as many healthy carbs as your body can tolerate without regaining weight.

However, these phases are a bit complicated and may not be necessary. You should be able to lose weight and keep it off as long as you stick to the meal plan below.

Some people choose to skip the induction phase altogether and include plenty of vegetables and fruit from the start. This approach can be very effective as well.

Others prefer to just stay in the induction phase indefinitely. This is also known as a very low-carb ketogenic diet .

You should avoid these foods on the Atkins diet:

You should base your diet around these healthy foods.

As long as you base your meals around a fatty protein source with vegetables or nuts and some healthy fats, you will lose weight. Its that simple.

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List Of Low Carb Foods For Atkins 20 Phase 1

Our Acceptable Low Carb Foods List is an easy guide to Atkins 20, Phase 1. During this phase, you will kick start induction by reducing your daily net carb intake to an average of 20g a day. Of these, 12-15 grams should be in the form of foundation vegetables. Enjoy any of the foods from the below list of acceptable low carb foundation vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, nuts and seeds, and most cheeses. Dont see your favorite foods on the list? They are likely included in the next phases!**

Use this list of acceptable low carb foods as your guide to serving sizes and net carbs per serving. Aim to eat at least three meals and two snacks every day. Never starve yourself or go more than 3-4 hours during the day without eating. And plan ahead so you arent tempted to eat foods not found on the following acceptable list! Visit our recipe page for hundreds of meal ideas using Phase 1 ingredients.

What Is The Future Of The Modified Atkins Diet

Lots of studies continue to occur, several evaluating this newer diet in comparison to the classic ketogenic diet. Other studies underway include:

  • Improving efficacy and safety in adults
  • Expanding usage in developing countries
  • Adding supplements to improve efficacy
  • Using MAD for milder epilepsies not often treated with the ketogenic diet
  • Using MAD for conditions other than epilepsy .

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