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Carnivore Diet Food List: Organ Meats

Organ meats are among natures original superfoods. Thats because theyre even richer than muscle meats in some of the most important nutrients.

Different organ meats have different micro and macronutrient blends, which means that diversifying your nutrient intake is as simple as varying your organ meat intake.

Organ meats tend to provide predictably specific benefits to people who eat them. In other words, beef kidney contains special peptides that may benefit the health of our own kidneys.

Beef brain is one of the richest sources of cholesterol and this cholesterol also provides the perfect fuel source for our energy-hungry brains. Organ meats make nutrition intuitive and simple.

Some of our favorite organ meats include:

  • Liver

Is It Safe What Are The Risks Of A Carnivore Diet

Well, a carnivore lifestyle might not give you the extra edge when it comes to your health and nutrition goals, but could it actually be harmful to your health?

Heres the full breakdown of the pros and cons around this popular diet trend.

Poor Nutrition Intake

Cutting out entire food groups on any diet can increase the risk of nutrient deficiencies over time . Meat and fish are excellent sources of high quality protein, and provide valuable nutrition, but they cannot provide all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to function and thrive properly .

Carbohydrates can be found in some of the most nutrient dense foods on the plant – mainly fruits and vegetables. Eliminating carbohydrates entirely can also eliminate major sources of key nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, potassium, and fiber.


Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that plays a role in healthy digestion, and helps to keep things moving . Thus, cutting out carbs altogether might lead to constipation and GI distress initially.

Increased Heart Health Risks

While fatty seafood is a source of heart healthy omega-3s, if a majority of your fat intake is coming from other animal based sources, youre likely going to be eating high amounts of saturated fat.

Saturated fat, especially in the absence of healthy unsaturated fats, is associated with increased blood cholesterol levels and may negatively impact heart health .

Disordered Eating Habits

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Snacks On Carnivore Diet

This is another area where carnivores are somewhat limited, and that’s the in-between foods while on an all-meat diet.

Carnivore-eating folks can’t just pick up a banana or a cookie along with your afternoon coffee. High-carb snacks are an absolute no-no on a zero carb diet like this. You can’t grab any plant foods to nibble on, either.

Here are some tips you can use.

If you can find some 100% pork sausages, then you can cook them ahead of time and try them cold as a snack between meals in this diet.

One cardinal rule to remember is to avoid processed foods when on carnivore diet also canned animal food.

You can do the same with foods like smoked salmon, which is surprisingly fulfilling.

We used to recommend some beef jerky as a carnivore diet meal, but it’s really difficult to get some with no high additives, spices, and even sugar thrown in.

Does Not Provide Fiber

Pin on Zero carb diet

Fiber is a non-digestible carb that promotes gut health, feeds our microbiome, and promotes healthy bowel movements. Since fiber solely exists in plant foods, the carnivore diet will not come with its benefits.

This may also provoke digestive issues as well, including constipation, diarrhea, and an increased risk of colon cancer for some. Though there is a lack of research on how an all-meat diet affects gut health, the current evidence suggests that it is healthier to have fiber in our diets.

That being said, I have come across anecdotal reports that suggest some people may benefit from cutting out fiber for a short period of time. This might alter the microbiome, gut, and immune system positively for those with certain gut conditions.

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Health Benefits Of Carnivore Keto

People have experienced many of the same benefits of keto:

  • better moods,
  • weight loss
  • inflammation

Inflammation can be influenced by what you eat. If you have joint problems, the carnivore diet has helped many people with this. Some do meats and greens, but a true carnivore diet is animal kingdom only. It comes down to how you feel, and your blood work. Maybe this is the way youre meant to eat, or maybe its not.

They say an elimination diet is good to try if youre suffering from inflammation, arthritis or other autoimmune issues. I think the carnivore diet is like the ultimate elimination diet. This carnivore keto diet may be great for dealing with these things too. If you can find the stuff that makes you react, whether by getting inflamed, or feeling the effects mentally, then an elimination diet is a good thing to look into, and so may this carnivore diet.

Most inflammation foods are plant based. But some people handle certain proteins better than others, so this will be good to test if doing a carnivore keto diet. In the video below, Dr. Ken D. Berry gives a quick and easy overview explaining the carnivore diet and its potential.

Rule Number Three: Take Activated Charcoal In The Middle Of Your Fast This Will Help Alleviate Your Brain Fog

Activated charcoal can absorb some of the toxins released while detoxing. Intense exercise and a sauna will catalyse expelling the toxins as you sweat them out. Glutathione supports methylation and will help counter the toxic oxidation and support your body in cleaning itself out and rejuvenating your cells.

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A Carnivore Diet Success Story

The breakthrough story of Mikhalia Peterson is one of the reasons the diet has exploded in popularity.

Mikhalia, Daughter of the psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson, has been outspoken about her results as a result of following the carnivore diet. Diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of seven and severe depression at the age of 12, Mikhalia then had a hip and ankle replacement at seventeen.

Following this, she had to take Adderall to stay awake, sleeping approximately 17 hours a day. Mikhalia adopted the carnivore diet approach having previously started out on an elimination diet in late 2015, and now claims to be healthier than ever.

The Takeaway: Want To Go Carnivore

CARNIVORE DIET MEAL PLAN | Carnivore Diet Food List!

The Carnivore Diet works similarly to keto. By eliminating carbs, you control hunger, reduce cravings, lower blood sugar, and burn more fat. As a result, you lose weight.

But Carnivore goes a step further than keto: It eliminates plant foods entirely. This approach soothes the compromised gut by limiting fiber and other plant-based irritants passing through the intestines.

On Carnivore, you dont have to remember much. Just load up on healthy meats and avoid plants. Its more or less the opposite of going vegan.

If you want to try Carnivore, do a short-term experiment. Try it for 2 to 6 weeks while monitoring your blood work and energy levels. Some people feel better, others dont.

Its not clear if long-term Carnivore is safe. Theres no research on this question.

One concern is that limiting fiber from plants could negatively impact the gut microbiome. All that protein may promote the growth of bad bacteria.

Another concern is that Carnivore, by eliminating veggies, could lead to micronutrient deficiencies. This risk, however, can likely be minimized by consuming organ meats. More on this next.

If you havent tried a standard keto diet yet, do so before embarking on Carnivore. Once youve adapted to low-carb, youll be better prepared to eat only meat.

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Carnivore Diet Food Pyramid

Since this is a lot of information at once, we figured we could help translate the above info. To do this, we’ll be using something we’re all familiar with from grade school: the food pyramid! Though this food pyramid is much simpler, it still functions in the same way as that standard food pyramid in terms of intake.

The Carnivore Diet food pyramid pictured above is fit for those following the Carnivore Diet’s standard variation. There are three main Carnivore Diet variations, including hardcore carnivore, standard carnivore, and keto-carnivore.

Of the three variations, hardcore carnivore is the most strict, while keto-carnivore is the most lenient. We’ve found that most people tend to fall somewhere between standard and keto-carnivore. We’ll leave an infographic below breaking down the three most popular Carnivore Diet variations.

Fruit On The Carnivore Adjacent Diet Menu

One of the main features of the carnivore adjacent diet is that it includes fruit.

Fruit is the only part of a plant that is meant to be eaten by predators. Its sweet and laxative for a reason. When we eat the fruit, walk away, and defecate, weve spread and fertilized a plants seeds.

To play it safe, if you dont have any sensitivities, and are at a healthy weight, small to moderate servings of quality whole fruit are likely not bad for you. But avoid fruit juices and dried fruits.

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Do You Need Any Supplements

Advocates of the carnivore diet dont recommend any specific supplements. However, when following this diet, you likely wont meet 100% of all recommended dietary allowances for micronutrients. Some people choose to take a multivitamin to cover their bases to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

The carnivore diet plan may affect your metabolism in various ways, including changing your vitamin and mineral needs by lowering your daily needs for certain vitamins and micronutrients .

Organ meats are encouraged to prevent deficiencies since they are richer in many vitamins and minerals.

Since people like Shawn Baker claim that they havent developed any signs of deficiencies, many advocates of the diet claim it is safe without supplements. Again, researchers need to study this more rigorously.

Benefits Of Keto Cycle Diet

KAIT on Instagram: It may seem pretty straight forward to ...

As the keto cycle diet is new, there arent enough relevant studies to understand its benefits. However, some of the main noticeable advantages include:

Muscle gain:

Although the standard keto diet plan leads to muscle growth, the cyclical keto diet is said to be more effective.

The insulin allows glucose and amino acids into your muscle cells to regulate muscle growth during the diet.

This process decreases protein breakdown and increases protein synthesis in the muscle tissue.

Performance boasting for athletes:

The keto cycle diet is beneficial for athletes. The reason is that athletes see the benefits of regular high-carb intake before training sessions.

They see more performance improvements compared to those who follow the standard keto diet.

Reduced keto diet side effects:

The keto diet comes with side effects known as the keto flu. Such effects may have symptoms like fatigue, nausea, headaches, weakness, constipation, irritability, and difficulties in sleeping.

When you perform carb cycling through the keto cycle diet, it will decrease these symptoms since you will be performing carbs intake for 1-2 days.

Addition of fibers

Some people may complain of suffering from constipation when performing the keto diet. Its because they wouldnt get enough fiber when taking fewer carbs and high fat.

Performing the keto cycle diet rather than the standard keto diet would enable you to consume more fiber.

Easier to stick to:

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Other Protein Foods You Are Allowed To Eat

Since a carnivore diet consists solely of animal products, it’s recommended to stick with the rule that if it came from animals, itâs allowed on your plate.

Yes, that’s right. No vegetables. However, there are some non-meat products allowed on low-carb diets like the carnivore diet.

Letâs take a closer look.

Does The Carnivore Diet Work

It does. Any diet that allows you to eat lots of tasty meat and eggs while cutting out processed crap is automatically an effective weight-loss tool. When cutting carbs, fat gets burned first which means if youre eating mainly protein, your body will use its fat stores as energy before it begins burning muscle tissue for fuel.

There are lots of arguments against the carnivore diet which centers around nutrient deficiencies, but I didnt notice anything except weight loss when I was eating this way. And I felt great! Of course, I didnt do any bloodwork neither do I follow this diet for very long when I do it, I simply use it as a tool to get things moving when I need to.

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Keto Carnivore & Strict Carnivore Options

You might want fat loss or body composition improvements and donât need to gain weight on a carnivore diet. In this case, opt for a keto sweetener instead of honey.

Strict carnivore dieters may find the combination of eggs, milk, and butter to be satisfying enough or want to add just the vanilla extract for a bit of additional flavor.

I love My Sweet Ketoâs savory Carnivore Cake. Not only is it beautiful but also a great way to celebrate with something special while not involving any sweet flavors. If youâre not ready to experiment with honey or a keto sweetener and like savory recipes, try her idea instead!

Do whatever is best for your context.

Do you need meal ideas? Try these 30 Easy Carnivore Diet Meal Ideas.

The Carnivore Diet Food List: Whats On The Menu

Grocery List for Perfectly Balanced Carnivore Diet

In general, these foods will be on the carnivore menu*:

  • Meat beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, etc.
  • Fish salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, etc.
  • Shellfish oysters, scallops, clams, shrimp, crab, lobster, etc.
  • Other animal products eggs, lard, bone marrow, bone broth, etc.
  • Organ meats suets, liver, kidney, heart, etc.
  • Water unflavored, sparkling or still

*Opt for 100% pasture-raised or wild-caught animal products whenever possible for a healthier variation of the carnivore diet.

Processed meats like bacon, sausage, and beef jerky are also allowed, but not recommended in high quantities.

These foods may be included in small amounts:

  • Low-lactose dairy heavy cream, hard cheese, butter, etc.
  • Processed or smoked meats bacon, sausage, beef jerky, etc.
  • Seasonings salt, pepper, and seasonings with no carbs are allowed in some cases.
  • Low-toxin plants according to Dr. Saladino, this includes olives, avocado, lettuce, cucumbers , and various squashes.

Foods that are typically avoided on the carnivore diet include*:

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Consider How Youll Feel

As explained in our 4-week plan of the Carnivore Diet later in this article, some people may find the diet boring and may lack energy.

Once the body adapts and enters into ketosis, you will experience a noticeable increase in energy. However, before this you may be left feeling lethargic and drained, especially in the first fortnight. When it comes to fitness fanatics, who have a very active lifestyle, a supplement/ food/ drink that provides energy might be a good way to offset this lack of energy in the early weeks.

The Low Down On Animal Fats

When people hear zero carbs they automatically think fat. Bad saturated fat! However, there is such a thing as healthy fats so dont be alarmed! When you are eating a high protein diet your body will naturally produce ketones which burn fat for energy and create ketone bodies in your blood which can be used up by many cells in your body as an alternative fuel source when glucose is low. Its important to note that the liver uses these ketone bodies as fuel when there is no glucose in your bloodstream and they are quickly converted to energy.

The Carnivore Diet calls for lots of animal fat from the consumption of organ meats and egg yolks, along with the few other things permitted on a carnivore diet food list. These contain tons of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and cholesterol which helps regulate hormones.

Your body needs fat to regulate hormones properly. Fat is essential in hormone production and regulation as well as cell membranes. Egg yolks contain choline which helps transport fats to your cells so they can be utilized for energy instead of being stored as fat!

Another benefit was the regulation of my hormones. Cramps? No such thing on the carnivore diet! This was the best menstrual cycle Ive ever endured. And I say that as someone who usually has the worst time during that time of the month.

I love having keto snacks at the ready. Try my favorite keto chocolate bars, bone broth and protein powders here. Use code ONANDOFFKETO for 10% off your order!

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It Can Help Reduce Inflammation And Increase Autophagy

Calorie and carb restriction can help reduce inflammation levels and promote autophagy . This can have a significant impact on someones overall wellbeing if they struggle with chronic inflammation and weight loss.

Keep in mind, however, that consuming high amounts of protein multiple times throughout the day can prevent autophagy. Without incorporating intermittent fasting with your carnivore diet, you may not experience these effects to the fullest.

What Is Allowed On A Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Diet Food List

A carnivorous diet revolves exclusively around animal foods and excludes all other fibrous plant foods.

  • Meat: ruminant animals , poultry , pork, organ meats
  • Fish & seafood: freshwater or ocean fish , shellfish
  • Other animal foods: eggs, bone broth, bone marrow
  • Animal fat: butter, tallow, lard, suet
  • Dairy foods: raw milk, soft and aged cheese, homemade raw milk yogurt, kefir

Take a look How to Cook Meat on a Carnivore Diet and learn all the cooking techniques!

If you need help with your plan, use my carnivore diet meal plan to get started. I also have many carnivore diet meal prep tips you can try.

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