Is Noom A Good Diet Plan

Lets Get One Thing Straight: As Much As Noom Tries To Not Be Seen As A Diet Its A Diet Calorie Tracking Calorie Budgets Daily Weights And The Categorization Of Food As Red Yellow Or Green Are All Diet Behaviors Theres Just No Way Around It

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Noom seems to assign a 1200 calorie budget to a lot of users. This is not realistic or sustainable for the long-term for most people. Its a low-calorie diet. Period.

You dont make up calories with exercise, and thinking this way can mess up your relationship with food and activity. In that, exercise becomes a way to earn food, or punish your way out of overeating.

Does Noom Really Work

In a study, it was found that almost 78% of people lose weight using Noom, and in fact, 23% were able to lose 10% of their body fat.

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Will It Help You Lose Weight

Unlike many alternative weight loss programs or fad diets, there are scientific studies on the effectiveness of the Noom program.

In a 2020 study with over 14,000 adult participants, researchers evaluated using Noom for weight loss as part of a diabetes prevention program. Weight loss results were observed at 16 and 52 weeks.

The study found that older adults were more likely to lose weight when compared to younger adults.

However, the amount of time spent using the health app was significantly associated with weight loss. This means that the more time a participant dedicated to using the app, the greater their weight loss results.

After one year of using the app, participants lost between 58% of their body weight.

This may not seem like much, but for those who are overweight or obese, losing as little as 5% of their body weight can significantly reduce their risk of many preventable chronic diseases.

A similar 2017 study compared over 7,500 women using Noom versus those just trying to lose weight on their own.

After three months, those using Noom lost an average of 1.92 more BMI points compared to those not using the program.

There was a decrease of 2.59 BMI points for every 10% increase in adherence to the program.


Based on two scientific studies, Noom has been shown to be an effective weight loss program for those who engage with the app and closely follow the program guidelines.

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Expert Advice And Support

One of the top features that many Noom users love is the ability to get advice and support from an expert. Your goals coach will be there to assist you every step of the way. They will go over your goals at the beginning and make sure that you make progress in the coming weeks and months. Youll also have regular check-ins that allow the expert to discuss issues that you have and go over possible solutions.

Noom helps you get expert advice when youre on the go.

How Can You Use Noom

Noom Diet Plan Example

The name Noom comes from the word moon but simply spelled in reserve. Its creator claimed that the moon is always in the sky in the same way that Noom is always there for those in need. Once you answer the questions to complete your profile, Noom asks you to sign up and shows the available plans.

It should only take 10 to 20 minutes to complete this step. You can then enter your payment details and take advantage of the two-week trial. After you sign up and pay, Noom will send a link to the email address you entered which lets you download the app and begin using it.

You then receive help from a coach who will assist you with your goals. The coach will then pair you with other users who have the same goals and check in regularly to see how youre doing. As soon as you download the Noom app, you can start using all of the top features.

Well take a detailed look at those features to show you what you get with Noom and how the app can help you achieve your goals.

Noom helps you make healthy decisions every day of the week.

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Pros And Cons Of The Noom Diet

In my experience counseling clients one-on-one, I see potential pros and cons to Noom. On the pro side, many of the people I counsel greatly benefit from daily support. Waiting an entire week between consultations can be extremely challenging when youre eating 21 to 35 or more meals in between. For that reason, I often ask my clients to track their intake with an app like My Fitness Pal, and give me permission to view their journals. Others send me daily texts or email dairies. I have found that this kind of daily support and feedback can have a tremendous impact on success.

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Another pro is that Noom addresses social eating and allows you to do things like plan ahead for eventslike a party, holiday, or vacation. This is also something I address with clients that fosters true long-term behavior change. And while not inexpensive, Noom likely costs less than working individually with a dietitian, unless the latter is entirely covered by your insurance plan.

Does Noom Provide Meal Plans

The Noom diet doesnt feature meals plans to follow from day to day, so if youre looking for this type of diet plan, it might not be for you.

It does, however, have plenty of recipe ideas to pick from which can be helpful when putting together your own meals plans for the week based on the foods you should be eating.

The upside of this is that provided you stick to your calorie budget, you have complete freedom to choose what meals to make.

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The Noom Food Database Explained

One of the biggest ways to lose weight quickly and easily is to address the food items that youre eating. Its no secret that if you eat a piece of cake for every single meal, theres a good chance that youre not going to meet your weight loss goals.

Experts agree that writing down what you eat is a great way to track where youve gone wrong for the day. The only issue with writing it down on paper is that there isnt a way to easily calculate just how many calories are in each food item. What this means is that youll spend a ton of your time researching and estimating which can cause the end result to affect your weight loss goals.

If youre not recording the right number of calories being consumed, it can cause the whole calorie count for the day, week and month to be off.

The Noom Food database takes care of that for you. The database was created by experts and has over 3 million choices to choose from to get as close to possible what youve been eating so that you can count the calories properly.

Its as simple as that. You log in for the day, choose the food that you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and it keeps track of it for you right in the app. You can also choose the size of the portion that you ate so it really makes it as accurate as possible.

Noom Food List: What Foods Can You Eat On The Noom Diet Plan

Noom Diet Review: a dietitian’s thoughts on Noom

Hate cutting out certain food groups? You’re in luck because this isn’t a regime where you have to limit your intake like the popular 5:2 diet and 16:8 diet or opt for meal replacements – Noom is all about balancing what you eat. “Noom isnt about restrictive dieting,” says Honey. Kind of like with the DASH diet, which focuses on healthy eating but the Mediterranean diet way, this is all about a lifestyle change. “The programme teaches you that a little of what you like is OK, with less emphasis on the amount of food eaten. Instead, it addresses more than just food, it looks at your psychological processes, so that way you can start to change your underlying behaviours and habits which are related to your diet.”

As it’s based on an app, it’s really easy to follow. “The programme asks users to track all of their meals. You stick to a daily calorie intake that is determined by background information and goals which are developed when signing up to the programme,” says Honey. “No food is good, bad or off-limits. Instead, users keep track of their food within green, yellow and red categories.”

And this is what sets it apart from some other diet plans. “Noom teaches moderation and can accommodate any dietary preferences and restrictions,” says Honey. “However, it also gives users the knowledge and freedom to decide when they want to still eat things like cookies and pizza and when they want to make food choices which support their health-related goals.”

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What Are The Downsides Of The Diet

How much weight someone can lose is really down to the individual. The Noom app doesnt shop for you or cook for you so if you dont stick to the calorie limit, you wont lose weight.

Plus, a lot of nutritional information is lacking on the app as its mainly just about calories.

Sana Khan is a nutritionist and founder of Avicenna Wellbeing explains that, Noom does not really show macro or micro nutrients. By macros, this means protein, fats and carbs and micronutrients are vitamins and minerals within foods.

The focus is mainly on calories and the calories of the foods are subtracted from a daily total calorie. Calorie counting can be useful to track the food you were eating during the day however calories are not everything. It is so important to consider macro and micronutrients. In clinic I also look at hormone health, bloodwork, medical health status and family history.

And thats not all. For most people, sticking to a calorie budget can be enough to lose weight, but its also important to know how much of each food group you should be consuming, adds Dr Gall.

Users leaving online reviews complain about the teen speak and amount of advice given in quiz form, which can grate after a while. But the main issues with the Noom diet seems to be with the scripted answers the so-called personalised health coach will give you. This is because the advice is from a computer algorithm, not a real person.

Noom aims to re-educate people about healthy eating.

Noom Meal Plan: 3 Days Of Sample Menus

Wondering what you eat during a typical day on Noom? While Noom doesnt provide food, they do provide the resources you need to eat healthily and lose weight. They do this through an app-based program that gives you a daily calorie budget which will increase if you exercise.

They then nudge you towards healthy food choices with recipes and their color-coded food lists.

No foods are off-limits, but healthy foods are green, and calorie-dense foods will be red. Sure, you can have some foods off the red list, but youll need to balance them out with green foods.

In a nutshell: Make good choices, log your food, and track your weight loss!

Does Noom have sample menus? Noom does not provide meal plan examples, so I created some sample menus based on the food I logged over the last two days. Im also adding a third sample menu made of all Noom recipes from the app.

Here are 3 Noom sample menus:

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What Is The Noom Diet Plan

“Noom is a psychology-based weight-loss programme,” says psychologist and broadcaster Honey Langcaster-James. “With traditional diets, youre told what to eat and what not to eat, but you never really learn the whys behind your eating choices or get taught how to eat.”

But the Noom diet plan changes all that. “Noom is a holistic programme, hosted on an app, that helps users re-learn the way they think about food, why they eat certain things, and reconsider what they eat to reach a big-picture goal,” says Honey. “Whether that’s weight loss, fitting into a dream outfit, or just feeling healthier.”

Is Noom A Safe Approach If Youre Trying To Lose Weight

Pin on noom

Andreas Michaelides, PhD, chief of psychology at Noom, says Noom focuses on changing behaviors and developing new habits, so users can follow any diet plan that works for them.

The program is built on the concept of teaching people correct information by trusted sources. Its like youre going to school for six months, he says. You learn the basics, go practice, and coaches trained in behavior change psychology help translate how those skills relate to everyday life.

Convenience, anonymity, and 24-hour accessibility to care are just a few reasons why telemedicine for weight loss is so popular. Web-based programs also help alleviate the strain that in-person treatment for obesity puts on the healthcare system.

But telemedicine has its downsides, too. Comparing digital and offline health interventions in overweight adults, a study published in January 2019 in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found improvements in short-term, but not long-term, weight loss. Because of the high number of participants dropping out of digital interventions, the study also noted engagement can be a major issue with telemedicine for weight loss.

Regardless, Lemond emphasizes the importance of clearing any weight loss program, including Noom, with your primary care provider before diving in.

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Benefits Of The Noom Diet

Unlike fad diets, which are often very restrictive and impossible to maintain over the long term, Noom helps users navigate a more healthy, maintainable lifestyle to make better food choices.

“If you can use Noom to learn to choose healthy foods and overcome the emotional aspects of eating, then this can definitely be a long-lasting lifestyle change,” Rizzo says, pointing out that behavior changes are a necessary component of weight loss.

Noom has reported that 64 percent of people who completed the Diabetes Prevention Program lost 5 percent or more of their body weight, citing a September 2016 study published in the BMJ. However, the study only lasted six months and, according to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, successful weight loss is defined as losing weight and keeping it off for at least five years.

A November 2016 study published in Scientific Reports sampled 35,921 Noom app users and found that 77.9 percent were able to lose weight and keep it off between October 2012 and April 2014. In fact, 22.7 percent of all app users experienced a 10 percent or more weight reduction.

“If the person using the app learns how to create healthy behaviors, such as combatting emotional eating, limiting portions, creating healthy meal patterns and making planning meals a priority, I think this can be maintained in the long term,” Rizzo says. “The individual would have to be motivated to continue with this lifestyle if they stop using the app.”

Doesnt Rule Out Food Groups

There are several diets out there that exclude certain food groups. While this may seem like a good way to shift the scales in your favor, it might eventually lead to harmful eating habits.

With Noom, theres no restriction on any food group.

Yes, food is divided into categories based on calorie density, and each section has recommendations, but nothing is shown as untouchable.

Even though Noom urges you to eat lesser of those high-sugar or fatty items, you have the autonomy and flexibility to eat anything you want.

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Introduction To Noom Foods Plan

As mentioned before, the Noom diet plan differs a lot from the traditional dieting plans and methods. It doesnt starve you the whole week to reduce the bare minimum. Instead, it provides you with healthy and ample food to help Noom dieters lose weight.

The diet includes a chart of three food groups that contain several food items. We can visualize these groups as green, yellow, and red. Visualization helps in understanding what you will be eating and from which food group you will be deriving the most healthy calories for the day.

Some of the foods that you can expect to eat on the Noom diet plan are :

How Easy Is Noom To Follow

Noom Diet Review (Does it Actually Work?)

Noom is simple to follow and easy to understand for most people. Calorie tracking is a straightforward and effective way to lose weight, but it may become tedious over time.

The fact that Noom doesnt make you completely eliminate any food or food groups while encouraging you to make healthier choices makes it a well-balanced plan. This is a definite benefit to the program.

Noom is also customizable for any dietary pattern or restriction, including vegetarian and vegan. The programs flexibility makes it practical for people with conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseaseyou can eat whatever foods work best for you.

If you need help coming up with healthy recipe ideas, many recipes are available on the app. You can also purchase a 2-week meal plan at an additional cost.

With any weight loss diet, if the calorie level is too low to provide you with the satiation and the daily energy that you need, it will likely not be realistic to follow long term.

No calorie tracking program is sustainable forever, so it is important to move toward maintaining your weight loss by eating a healthy, balanced diet.


Noom teaches you healthy behaviors that can improve your overall diet and lifestyle. Turning these into life-long habits will allow you to maintain your weight without always needing to use a weight loss app.

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