Is Honey On Keto Diet

What’s The Difference Between Honey And Sugar

Can I eat honey on keto? | Is HONEY keto? | honey and keto diet | Keto Honey | Honey in Keto Bread?

You need to consider plenty of factors when it comes to comparing cane sugar and raw honey.

Honey is not sugar-free. Both sucrose and honey are made from glucose and fructose. Both of these sugar molecules are simple sugars that spike blood sugar levels and trigger insulin release.

Unlike sucrose, however, honey does contain a small amount of amylase. Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates in the body. Raw honey actually contains over 500 enzymes, some of which have been shown to assist in glucose oxidation and breaking down carbohydrates.

Honey also has a slightly lower glycemic index, when compared to sugar.

What Can You Eat Ketogenic Diet

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What About Honey On A Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

If youre a keto dieter who follows a cyclical ketogenic diet, where you cycle between long periods of aiming for ketosis broken up by a day or two of less restrictive eating, then you might be able to enjoy honey more regularly.

With a cyclical ketogenic diet , you could get your carbs during your keto phase from honey, provided you remain under your total carb limit for the day. For example, if you consume no more than 20g of carbs daily to remain in ketosis, then one tablespoon of honey each day would be suitable.

You can consume even more during the 1-2 day periods where you dont restrict carbs as heavily. Most people on a CKD can consume 2-3 tablespoons of honey during their loading phase.

This much honey on any keto diet is best accompanied by intense exercise to limit the risk of dropping out of ketosis.

Is Manuka Honey Keto

Is Honey Keto? What you Need to Know

Manuka honey comes from Australia and New Zealand. Bees make it after they pollinate the indigenous Manuka bush.

Manuka honey is famous for its effectiveness at wound management. It is also antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

These qualities make it an effective treatment for a wide range of ailments such as gastric ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, periodontal disease, and gastric ulcers.

Unfortunately, like other honey, it has a high carb content , so its not keto-friendly.

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Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup is a sweetener thats highly processed and derived from corn. It became popular in the 70s when corn prices were low because of government subsidies. It contains simple sugar and fructose, which have been shown to have many negative health benefits.

Many studies have been done to compare HFCS and sugar, many of which show similar results. Theyre practically the same thing both very bad for us and should be avoided completely. Its been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Is Honey Keto Or Low

Unfortunately, honey is not a keto-friendly sweetener.

Take the keto quiz

One tablespoon of raw honey contains 17 grams of net carbs 16 of which come from sugar. It contains zero grams of fat, no dietary fiber, and only a tenth of a gram of protein. As you probably guessed from its nutrition facts, honey is a high-carb food and holds no place on the keto diet.

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Why You Should Lower Your Added Sugar Intake

Its good to bear in mind that eating too much added sugar may harm both your physical and mental health.

For example, diets high in sugar are associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver (

All the same, you dont have to avoid added sugar at all costs.

Instead, make an effort to follow a healthier diet, only eating foods high in added sugar sparingly. A balanced diet that consists mostly of whole, nutrient-dense foods especially vegetables and fruits provides the nutrients that your body needs for optimal health.


Given that a high sugar diet may harm your physical and mental health, its best to minimize your added sugar intake. However, dont be afraid to occasionally enjoy treats that contain added sugar as part of a well-rounded diet.

What Is The Keto Diet

Molasses, Honey & Agave on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)? Dr.Berg

The keto diet is a low carb, high fat, and medium protein diet that boasts several health benefits. It works by putting the body in a metabolic state, known as ketosis.

When the body is in a state of ketosis, it burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. This helps with weight loss and also lowers blood sugar levels. Read all about the keto diet here.

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What To Do Before Starting The Keto Diet

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Honey Compatible Keto Diets

Is honey keto? No, it isnt keto-accommodating. On the off chance that you need to remain in ketosis, its ideal to discover different approaches to improve your nourishment or refreshments.

Rather than honey, pick a sugar with zero calories that wont spike your glucose. Like honey, these sugars are solid choices to table sugar and rank low on the glycemic list. They wont spike your glucose or insulin levels two unfriendly symptoms of honey.

We need to show you a couple of keto diet types that are perfect with honey utilization:

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Bottom Line: Can You Eat Keto Honey Is Honey Keto Friendly

Yes. However, honey is not a low-carb food and should be used in moderation.

Or, if you dont plan to exercise , then honey shouldnt be used at all.

And of course, as always, all bodies react differently. Maybe you cant have honey and you never can.

My own experience with honey on the ketogenic dietI dont eat honey every day. Not even close.

But I stay calm when I do, knowing that I have chosen the healthier version of honey and have not overdone it.

When I use honey in keto, it is always raw honey and always in moderation.

Like I said before, my oatmeal creme brulee has only 3 grams of honey sugar per serving . And its SUPER tasty!And every now and then, I even grab my fingertip when Im feeling down. Just one taste on the tip of my tongue is enough to ease a craving or stimulate me.

As long as I exercise and eat right, it wont get me out of ketosis!

So you decide. Honey on a ketogenic diet or not?

Which Is Better: Honey Or Sugar

The Best Ideas for Honey In Keto Diet

A lot of the time, when dieting or reading various dietary articles, we get told to replace sugar with Honey. Supposedly, this is mean to help us lose weight.

However, how true is this? Well, why wont we find out the truth behind this controversial statement?

Both sugar and Honey are made up of the same components mainly glucose and fructose. However, one of the main differentiating factors between the two is that they are digested differently.

When bees make Honey, they add an enzyme that helps break down both glucose and fructose, which in turn makes Honey into a wonderful instant energy source, allowing us to absorb it quicker. Sugar, on the other hand, takes a while for us to digest.

During sugar digestion, our body needs to metabolize glucose and fructose using our own enzymes as opposed to the ones kindly offered by the bees. And so, the main difference between the two is that Honey is easier to digest and provides quick energy but contains more calories.

People often make the mistake of assuming that Honey is better than sugar for weight loss. However, this is not true.

Yes, Honey does have some significantly better health advantages, but it will not save you from developing diabetes in the long run.

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How To Figure My Weight Loss Percentage

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How Much Honey Can You Have On Keto

Most experts consider honey to be a generally healthy food, so not everyone on keto will want to exclude it from their diets entirely. Luckily, adding some honey to your daily intake is possible even if youre on a ketogenic diet.

How much honey you can have depends on how strictly you limit carbohydrates. Some individuals find that they can have as much as 40g of carbs a day and still produce ketone bodies, a clear sign that ketosis has been achieved. Others might be able to have just 10-20g, while you might restrict carbs entirely, consuming 0g daily.

If you are able to maintain ketosis even when you eat carbs, you can opt to add those carbs in the form of honey.

A tablespoon of honey has about 16g of sugar, which is very carbohydrate-dense. As such, limiting yourself to one to two tablespoons a day on a keto diet is best for most people. Just make sure you use keto test strips to confirm your carb intake isnt bringing you out of ketosis.

Ketosis is different for everybody, and one of the most significant determining factors for how many grams of carbohydrates you can eat without falling out of ketosis is your activity level. Athletes can sometimes consume 75-100g of carbs daily and still remain in ketosis.

If you choose honey as your primary source of carbs, you could consume up to about 4 tablespoons if youre highly active.

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Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey has been used for its taste, but it is always a win when a tasty product like honey has beneficial properties. The health benefits of honey have been known for many centuries and many cultures around the world have been using honey for this reason.

There have been numerous studies done on the health benefits of honey and today it is known that it is a good source of antioxidants which are linked to lowering the risk for many diseases or even cancer. Honey is good for promoting wound and burn healing as well as its ability to soothe coughs.

Antioxidants are chemical compounds that can prevent and combat oxidative stress to cells which is caused by free radicals. They do this by binding to the free radicals. Scientists have found that honey contains a few different chemical compounds that are responsible for its antioxidant properties, such as organic acids and phenolic compounds like flavonoids.

Studies done on humans and on mice on the antioxidant compounds of honey, have shown promising results that they can lower blood pressure by preventing oxidative stress in the kidneys, as well as lower the risk of heart disease. ,

Honey is also shown to be beneficial for diabetics and positively impacts blood lipids, causing a lowering of LDL cholesterol, while increasing HDL cholesterol as well as lowering of the triglycerides.

Concluding Thoughts About Consuming Honey On Keto

Is Honey Keto Friendly? [The Answer Might Surprise You]

Honey should be avoided on the ketogenic diet. It is high in carbohydrates and can kick you out of ketosis. The only exception would be if you are an athlete that its ability to consume a higher quantity of carbohydrates. However, if youre a beginner or just the average adult, it is better to not have honey on keto for the best results.

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Is Honey Safe For Keto

Moderation is the key to incorporating honey into the keto diet. At 17 grams of carbs, honey must not be treated as an everyday indulgence, but rather as a way to appease cravings every once in a while.

Most keto diet limit carbs to fewer than 50 grams per day. One tablespoon of honey, if carefully introduced within these limits, will not knock anyone out of ketosis. However, if consumed in larger amounts or in greater frequencies, honey does have the power to stop the metabolic process dead in its tracks. Since its so high in calories and carbs, be really sparing when eating honey on the keto diet.

If sweet things are what youre craving, it may be in your best interest to try other keto-friendly sweeteners, rather than diving headfirst into the honey pot. There are several on the market that are low-carb enough to give you a sweet boost when you need it, without putting your keto status in jeopardy.

If you do want to get honey, make sure youre getting the good stuff. Dietician Abbey Sharpe warns to stay away from honey that adds artificial sweeteners like sugar or corn syrup, and look for locally-sourced honey.

How Honey Is Made

Honey is a natural product, which means very little is done to the substance as it makes its way from the beehive to those bear-shaped bottles. Most honey is produced by honey bees a broad category that encapsulates seven species of bee found in the genus apis.

Honey originates from flower nectar, which is collected by honey bees as a source of water and carbohydrates. A typical worker bee will store up to 40mg of nectar, and transport this nectar back to the hive, where it will be ingested, processed, and regurgitated to form honey.

Specific enzymes in the bees stomach help speed the process of transforming nectar into honey by breaking down the sucrose molecules into easily digestible fructose and glucose.

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