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You Don’t Have To Phase Out Cereal On Atkins

Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Gluten Free Pizza (OWL)

The reason why it’s tricky to find low-carb cereal ideas is because cereals are often made from corn, wheat, or rice, all of which are high in carbs. For example, take Cheerios, one of America’s favorite cereals. One serving gives you a total of 17 net carbs not exactly cheery news when you’re on one of the four phases of the Atkins diet, with daily net carb requirements ranging from 20 to 120.

If you look at the product information labels of most grocery store cereals, you’ll also notice that the second ingredient is usually sugar. Even healthy-sounding breakfast options like granola often packed with wholesome whole grains aren’t exempt.

But Atkins Day Break Muesli Cereal or Atkins Nutritionals’ Morning Start cereal varieties arent the only low-carb cereals you can have. With one serving containing just 46 grams of net carbs, they’re pretty good options. But you don’t have to stick with Atkins products exclusively to satisfy your cravings.

Can You Eat Gluten

When youre following a specific diet plan, especially one that requires constantly looking at food labels, it may be difficult to add another. Many gluten-free dieters shy away from getting into a second diet program due to the existing restrictions of a gluten-free life.

So, the question arises, is it even possible to add a low-carb diet for a gluten-free dieter? Keep reading to find out!

Atkins Diet: How It Works Health Benefits Plus Precautions

By Jillian Levy, CHHC

May 3, 2019

The Atkins diet a popular low-carb diet thats high in fats and proteins but low in carbohydrates has been around for more than 40 years. Various books written about the Atkins diet are some of the best-selling in the diet category, with more than 45 million sold worldwide since its original publication in 1972.

The Atkins diet was created by an American cardiologist named Dr. Robert Atkins, a physician and nutritionist who developed his diet in the 1970s after researching potential benefits of reducing carb intake. He was specifically inspired by research conducted in the 1950s on the effects of low-carb diets, along with papers published on the same topic in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

What do you eat on the Atkins diet? Because its a low-carb diet, things like sugar, fruit, grains and many processed foods are avoided on the Atkins diet. Dr. Atkins believed that, instead, eating a low-carb diet that focuses on foods low-carb foods like meat, veggies, cheese and butter could help many struggling with weight gain quickly shed extra fat.

Below youll learn what the Atkins diet is, how it works, the different phases of the diet, what to eat in each phase and also some alternatives to consider based on potential dangers involved.

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Q: Does Jenny Craig Offer A Gluten

A: Not currently. We do offer a Type 2 diabetes menu, however, which is lower in carbohydrates. Many people without celiac disease or gluten sensitivity choose this option, especially if their DNA indicates they may process carbohydrates less efficiently than other people.

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Does It Allow For Dietary Restrictions Or Preferences

Atkins Diet Gluten

Vegetarians and vegans: Atkins doesnt require you to eat meat. Also, you’ll have to skip the first phase of Atkins 20, which limits carbs too much.

Vegetarians get protein from:

  • Seeds
  • High-protein grains like quinoa

Gluten-free diet: Its easy to stick to that eating plan when youre on Atkins. Foods with gluten are high in carbs. People on Atkins eat less gluten than people who eat the standard American diet.

Low-salt diet: Theres no need to add salt to any recipes for Atkins. Stay away from canned and packaged foods as much as you can, because they often have added sugars and other carbs, bad-for-you fats, and salt.

Q: Are There Other Benefits To A Low

A: In addition to having the potential to help people lose weight and then maintain it, the experts at the Harvard School of Public Health13 report that low-carb diets may have other health benefits as well. For instance, they say that low-carb diets have been shown to lower triglycerides and increase HDL cholesterol, which can lead to better heart health.

And the Mayo Clinic14 says that in addition to weight loss, low-carb diets may help prevent such conditions as metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure, or improve them if theyve already developed.

Low Carb Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Low Carb Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies totally nail the taste and texture of your favorite classic treat my family had no idea they were healthier! These gluten-free, dairy free, refined sugar-free chocolate chip cookies give you all the comfort without the guilt.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Atkins. The opinions and text are all mine.

So, these cookies. Well start with a description from my older daughter and pickiest of all of my kiddos. She does not seek out desserts that are healthy or gluten-free or low carb or any of the other things that these cookies are. She just cares that theyre delicious.

Once you get past the crispy exterior, its so chewy and moist and wonderful. And OMG the chocolate chunkstheyre like fudge put in cookie form. I want these always and forever. Theyre little pillows of happiness.

This was the common reaction to these cookies. Unfortunately, I cant take credit for this recipe. Its a recipe from the Atkins: Eat Right, Not Less: Your Guidebook for Living a Low-Carb and Low-Sugar Lifestyle lifestyle book by Colette Heimowitz. New from Atkins, this revolutionary low carbohydrate lifestyle bookfully illustrated and packed with 100 delicious whole-food recipeswill teach you to eat right, not less, to reach your weight management goals and achieve optimal health. So much goodness in this lifestyle book! I cant wait to try everything!

What Else You Should Know

Cost: There are no membership fees, meetings to attend, or brand-name foods that you need to buy for this diet. Online and smartphone tools are available and free.

Support: You can follow Atkins by reading a book, but if you want extra support, the Atkins website has support groups and chat rooms, where you can talk to others who are losing weight the same way you are. There are also free recipes, meal trackers, and apps to make it simple to count carbs, plan meals, and shop.

What Is Celiac Disease

What I Eat in a Day | Gluten Free & Low FODMAP Diet | Kendra Atkins

Gluten is a protein found in all forms of wheat , rye, oats, barley and related grain hybrids such as triticale and kamut.

When people with celiac disease consume gluten, the absorptive villi in the small intestine are damaged, preventing the absorption of many important nutrients. The long-term effect of untreated celiac disease can be life threatening. However, with a completely gluten-free diet, the intestinal lining will heal completely allowing most patients to live a normal, healthy life as long as they remain free of gluten in their diet. Even a small amount of gluten can cause symptoms to reoccur.

Although the gluten-free diet should be taken seriously, living and eating in the real world requires a sense of humor and a knowledge of both the diet and ingredients.

Atkins Snacks That Won’t Phase You Out

Chances are, the reason you’re reading this is because you would really, really like to chow down on a giant piece of cake or a party pack of potato chips all by yourself right now.

But you’re on the Atkins diet and you’ve discovered that while this low-carb diet is helpful with weight loss, you still have the urge for snacking.

From Cheez-Its and potato chips to Jell-O and candy bars, most of your favorite snack foods are either high in carbs or sugar . Not quite the solution for when you get the 3 o’clock munchies.

Thankfully, healthy snacks do exist it might just take a little bit of searching to find one that’s suitable for a high-protein, low-carb diet such as Atkins.

Don’t have time to hunt and gather? No worries. We’ve done the homework for you with these tasty Atkins snacks.

Q: Do Atkins Bars Contain Any Allergens

Atkins bars contain known allergens Bars that do not contain a specific allergen are produced in facilities where these products are used, therefore cross contamination can occur. We follow all FDA guidelines for notification of allergens.

Atkins labels their food products that contain ingredients that are major food allergens, with a CONTAINS statement per FDA regulations as follows:

Place the word Contains, followed by the name of the food source from which the major food allergen is derived, immediately after or adjacent to the list of ingredients, in a type size that is no smaller than that used for the ingredient list.

The only time that this Contains allergen statement would need to be placed on the front panel would be if this were a single ingredient food, which doesnt apply to any Atkins products.Please be sure to read the declared allergen statement along with the ingredients on any products you purchase as your health and wellbeing is our number one concern.

Is The Keto Diet Gluten Free

Grain free or keto breads may not mean gluten free. You do have to read labels if youre avoiding gluten.

Usually the answer is yes, but you have to read labels. Typically the keto diet is gluten free as there are supposedly no grains allowed. Dont make this blanket assumption.


There are processed keto products being sold right now on line and in stores that qualify as keto friendly because of their low carb count, but they still contain wheat and or gluten. I have seen a low-carb bread at Aldis that contains wheat protein. I ordered keto cookies on-line that also contain a wheat protein. Soy sauce contains gluten, but tamari coconut aminos do not. You must read labels if you are striving for keto products that are gluten free.

Gluten And Health Issues

Atkins Gluten Free Protein

It seems that eating gluten free is trendy, however, gluten can have serious health implications for certain people, especially those with autoimmune diseases.

People with celiac disease cannot eat any gluten whatsoever. Gluten will damage the lining of the small intestine and prevent the absorption of nutrients.

People with gluten sensitivity may not be diagnosed as having celiac, but may experience adverse affects from consuming gluten. Two of the most common adverse effects people report are joint pain, rash, brain fog and gastrointestinal issues.

People with hashimotos, like myself, cannot eat gluten, as studies have shown gluten may cause an inflammatory response that attacks the thyroid.

I can no longer eat gluten without suffering gastrointestinal issues or joint pain. When I gave up gluten, my chronic hip pain completely disappeared.

The most popular post in my gluten free recipes is the gluten free biscuit recipe. Its not grain free, not keto, but has no gluten, made with rice flours.

Level Of Effort: Medium

You wont have to count calories, attend meetings, or buy special food. But this does require big changes to the way you eat, especially if youre used to starch on your plate or if you snack on chips, sweets, or other junk foods.

Limitations: Youll have to cut out white flour, sugar, and other common carbs at first, and eat carbs only in vegetable form.

Cooking and Shopping: With Atkins, its best to make meals from scratch. If you rely on prepared foods, read labels to find out how many carbs and how much sugar they have.

Dont buy allowed foods with added sugar or carbs.

You can find Atkins brand frozen foods, drinks, and snacks in stores, but you dont need to eat them.

At restaurants, choose foods youd eat at home. Ask the waiter about carb content and keep your hand out of the bread basket.

Exercise: You dont need to exercise to lose weight with Atkins, but you should get moving. Try to be active for 30 minutes or more every day. Talk to your doctor first if you have been inactive or have any medical problems.

How To Navigate The Food Trends

I hope I have helped you see how these popular diet plans are different and yet in some ways over-lap. Ive tried to clear up the gluten free confusion. You can never go wrong for your health eliminating processed foods for whole foods.

If you want to lose weight, you have to decide what is best for you. Not everyone can do the keto diet and not everyone can do a very low calorie diet. The most important thing is knowing that you need a life style change, as everyone knows how to lose weight, but not everyone knows how to live a life where the scale rarely moves.

Let me know in the comments whats worked for you or any questions you might have.

Spinach Tiger runs a home keto bakery. New Keto Baking Classes are now being formed.

Vegetables On Paleo And Keto

Let me add some more confusion.

Vegetables are encouraged on the Paleo diet, but not so much on the Keto diet. While a person eating paleo may stuff themselves with carrots and beets, the person on the keto diet will choose vegetables low in carbs and eat them more sparingly.

This does not mean a person on a keto diet cant eat a carrot, but at six carbs, they will probably opt for something else.

So How Does The Atkins Diet Work

Gluten Free Apple Crisp | Kendra Atkins

The Atkins diet helps you to lose weight by restricting your carbohydrate intake, forcing you to burn fat for energy rather than sugar. In theory, this also serves to eliminate cravings for certain foods.

Atkins is arranged in four phases. You start by severely limiting your carbohydrate intake, and then slowly add carbs back in until your weight loss stalls or stabilizes.

The first phase, Induction, is the most restrictive: it limits you to no more than 20 grams of carbs per day . You can eat meat, fish, poultry and eggs, along with some cheeses and vegetables.

Since no grain-based foods are allowed in Phase I, gluten should not be an issue as long as you make sure to stick with gluten-free drinks and gluten-free salad dressing. Induction lasts up to two weeks.

In Atkins Phase 2, you can eat everything you ate in Phase 1, plus you can add berries, cottage cheese , nuts, seeds and some juices. Again, no grain-based foods are allowed, so assuming none of your condiments contains gluten , you should be safely gluten-free in this phase of the diet.

Atkins also advises that dieters can consume the company’s bars and shakes during Phase 2. Many of these are considered gluten-free to less than 20 parts per million.

Do Calories Matter On A Keto Diet

We havent talked calories yet, and I am a firm believer that calories count no matter what. You can be on zero carbs and consume thousands of calories beyond what is good for you. You will probably not lose weight or your weight loss will stall if you are eating excessive calories.

Jody Braverman Cpt Fns Ryt

Going low-carb is hard enough add gluten free to the mix, and you can find yourself with a dietary dilemma. Actually, it’s not that hard to follow a low-carb, gluten-free diet since most sources of gluten are high in carbs and automatically off the menu. The most important thing is to make sure the diet is right for you.

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How Does It Work

There are several different types of the Atkins diet based on your individual goals, starting/current weight and willingness to eat only very low-carb foods. Some variations of the Atkins diet cut carbs more drastically than others. Generally speaking, the lower-carb the diet is, the likelier it is to result in very rapid weight loss .

During the initial phases of the Atkins diet, carbs are kept to about 3050 net grams . This is considered to be very low carb according to most health authorities, while phases that include about 100to 130 grams of carbs/day are considered low carb or moderate in carbs. As a point of reference, the Institute of Medicine proposes Americans obtain 45 percent to 65 percent of calories from carbohydrates, which is usually over 250 grams/day.

The Atkins diet works by boosting the bodys fat-burning abilities through consumption of only low-carb foods, along with an elimination of foods high in carbs/sugar. What is it about cutting carbs that causes fat loss? A heavy reduction, or in some cases almost an entire elimination, of glucose from carbohydrate foods causes the body to burn fat for energy instead. Our bodies normally run on glucose for fuel, but fat and protein are used as backup sources when glucose is no longer available. We cannot make glucose ourselves and only store about 24 hours worth within our muscles and livers, so fat-burning and weight loss on Atkins can start to happen pretty quickly.

What Is A Gluten

The Difference Between Atkins and Ketogenic Diet â Gluten ...

A gluten-free diet has just one rule: avoid gluten.

Avoiding gluten isnt always easy, but its now easier than ever. You can reliably avoid this grain-based protein in restaurants, grocery stores, and even McDonalds. When Mickey Ds catches onto a dietary trend, you can be sure its mainstream.

The case for gluten-free living is supported by science. As many people know, gluten is like kryptonite for those with an autoimmune condition called celiac disease. If you have celiac, avoiding gluten is essential for staying healthy.

But even if you dont have celiac, you may still want to go gluten-free.

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