I Can Never Stick To A Diet

Reason #: You Dont Change Your Relationship With Food

How to stick to a diet | how to Stick to your diet | NEVER FAIL Sticking to a diet again

This step is crucial.

If you are merely scanning this article, you need to stop here and read between the lines.

The issue is that:

A lot of people embark on what we call a food diet.

  • In January, they are only eating A
  • And the next month, they are on diet C

Many people like this go from one food diet to the next.

In fact, we have all done it. We choose a diet and stick to all the rules for a while until our willpower wanes.

If you are only changing what you eat, you will never see any significant changes for the long term.

Its essential to change the way you relate to food. It would help if you change how you react to and think about food. You have to develop the behaviors, habits, and mindset required to drop weight and keep it off. Otherwise, you will continue to go from one diet to the other. And you wont be able to stay committed to any diet.

Most of us embark on a diet plan, willing to remain strong for as much as possible until we cannot keep up with it anymore. Our motivation dies down along the way, and we revert to our old habits.

Willpower alone is just unsustainable!

Thats the reason many people gain back the weight they have already lost after some time. They dont have the right mindset, behaviors, and habits necessary to maintain weight.

They begin strong and try hard for some months until they cant continue anymore.

Weight Loss Issue #1: You Have An Undiagnosed Health Condition

There are a variety of medical conditions that could stop weight loss in its tracks. Either someone cant eat particular foods or they cant exercise properly, or the condition itself might be preventing weight loss.

One of the most common ones is an under-active thyroid, according to the NHS. This condition means that the thyroid gland isnt producing enough hormones, so the bodys metabolism is slowing down. This in turn can lead to weight gain, which is one of the main symptoms of the condition.

Cushings syndrome is another condition that could be preventing weight loss. Its very rare but its caused by high levels of the cortisol hormone, as a result of long-term steroid treatment or the presence of a tumour. Weight gain is a very common symptom of the condition.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is another common one. It affects how the ovaries work and the main symptoms are irregular periods, issues getting pregnant, excess hair and weight gain. Its thought to be related to hormones and the production of too much insulin and testosterone.

The only way to be sure that an undiagnosed condition is the problem, however, is to visit your GP if youre struggling to lose weight.

Start The Day Off Right

The best way to set your diet up for success all day long is to make your first meal a big one. Eating a big breakfast will satisfy you early on in the day, to make healthier decisions easier later on.

Follow a big breakfast with a medium-sized lunch and a small dinner. If you find yourself getting peckish after dinner, grab some veggies or fruit to finish out the night.

Not only will a big breakfast keep you feeling fuller throughout the day, but it also burns more calories – studies show that big breakfast, small dinner diets can help to burn more than twice the calories of small breakfast, big dinner diets.

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Youre Doing Intermittent Fasting But Not Eating Right

Intermittent fasting alone isnt a magic tool for weight loss, Gans saysyou still need to be aware of what youre putting into your body. If youre not losing weight while intermittent fasting, you may still be consuming too many calories when you are eating.

You could still be eating too much, foods that are poor in nutrients, or low-calorie foods that arent filling you up and leaving you feeling hungry all the time, Cording says.

Weight Loss Issue #1: You Need To Meal Prep

I Simply Can

Successful and sustainable weight loss comes from keeping on top of your diet, Elliott from Ultimate Performance says. If youre already tracking your calories and macros, something that will pretty much guarantee success is preparing your meals for the day well in advance.

By having your meals measured and prepared ready for the day means youre less likely to be caught short without a healthy meal, where its likely you will grab the nearest convenience food which often wont benefit your weight loss goals.

Elliott says, Its so much harder to lose sight of your goals and eat something sub-optimal if you have all your healthy meals planned, prepped and ready to go when youre hungry.

For anyone new to food prep, Elliott offers these simple tips:

  • Buy your food in bulk. Its more cost-effective and you can portion it out whether thats your protein, vegetable or bags of nuts.
  • Batch cook your food. Find recipes you love and match your weight loss goals, and then cook a batch in one go so you can portion them out and freeze them for a later date. It will save you loads of time in the long run.

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Three: Stop Confusing Extreme Plans With Extreme Healthiness

Tis’ the season to be busting your backside for a beach-ready six pack. With many people lining up to pick their favourite New Year’s Resolution , it seems that the more extreme the plan, the fitter you’ll be.

But deliberately giving yourself a ton of pain for a hopeful ton of gain will likely send you into the yo-yo cycle again.

“Losing weight, eating healthily and improving your body composition doesnt have to be torturous,” advises McMillan.

“Especially in the new year when magazines and websites are full of articles like ‘lose 10 kilos in 10 days’ and ‘get a beach body in two weeks’ we’re bombarded with these extreme, get-fit-quick programs.”

Instead, McMillan recommends smaller changes for more meaningful and lasting results.

“I want people to say ‘my New Year’s Resolution is not to do those extreme diets and exercise programs’ and simply be more mindful and practical about how delicious healthy food can be,” says McMillan.

“The best part of these small, easy changes is that people start to feel really good without feeling like they had to torture or restrict themselves.

“That’s incredibly motivating, and knowing how easy it is to feel good is the key to sticking to healthy habits over the long term.”

McMillan’s new book, Get Lean Stay Lean is published by Murdoch Books and available on shelves next week.

    Determine If ‘cheat Days’ Are Working For Or Against You

    “When and how people decide to ‘give up’ on their diet varies from person-to-person. For some, the idea of having a ‘cheat day’ may help them stick with the diet longer because they know they will allow themselves foods they enjoy on certain days,” offers Foley. “For others, though, ‘cheat meals’ and ‘cheat days’ can quickly get out of hand and can end up being cheat weeks, months, etc.” If including a “cheat day” or “cheat meal” in your routine spills beyond the allotted period, rethink this strategy. In Foley’s opinion, “For a diet to be sustainable, there should be no such thing as ‘cheat days,’ because the eating plan should be set up in a way that is realistic and enjoyable to the person following it.” If you know this concept works for you, check out our guidelines for making a cheat meal worthwhile.

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    Use Your Hands To Measure Portions

    Not to eat, but as a free portioning tool. “Your hand is proportionate to your body size, its size never changes, and it’s always with you, making it the perfect tool for measuring food and nutrientsno detailed tracking or calorie-counting required,” says St.Pierre.

    “These specific hand-sized portions essentially track macros and count calories for you. This lets you simply and easily build out your meals, with minimal counting or tracking required.”

    Weight Loss Issue #1: Youre Still Drinking Fizzy Drinks Even Diet Ones

    Help! I can’t stick to my diet

    Diet Coke might say that it doesnt have any calories on the tin, but that doesnt mean its not packed with sugar-alternatives that are even worse.

    PT Chloe says that cutting back on fizzy drinks is a sure fire way to add substance to a weight loss routine.

    Its not just because of the aspartame and sugar replacements though, which have been proven to bind fat and make it harder to shed. A recent study led by Dr James Brown from Aston University has suggested that fizzy drinks can cause an increase in production of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which in turn increases weight gain.

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    Before We Get Into The Answer We Need To Dig Into The Concept Of A Set Range Weight Theory

    There are several different systems in place throughout your body that helps regulate various biological functions, including breathing rate, body temperature, and blood sugar. Theyre called homeostatic mechanisms, and their functions are to keep your body at equilibrium around a set range. For example, when youre in a hot environment, your body sweats to release heat but when its cold, you shiver to produce heat.

    Each of us lives in a body that has a preferred weight, similar to a homeostatic mechanism. Its usually referred to as the set range weight or defended range. Its important to refer to this concept as a range, not a point. There are several estimates for how wide this range is, but its likely anywhere between 10-20 pounds.

    Your bodys job is to defend this range, i.e., to keep your body at the same relative weight. Contrary to what weve been taught, we dont need to micromanage our body weight our body does it for us through a complex set of mechanisms. It appears that the bottom of our set range weight is defended more strongly than the top, meaning that we resist weight loss more than we resist weight gain.

    So how do you know if youre in your set range? Its the weight your body reaches when:

    Reasons You Can’t Stick To A Diet

    Do you make plans to eat healthily and stick to a diet plan but then crumble at temptation as soon as you see the cheese platter and wine?

    Or start a new diet with mountains of motivation only to let it all fizzle out after a couple of weeks?

    People often drop out of weight loss programs very soon after starting. Research shows that those who have better early weight loss are more likely to stay on the program and are more likely to achieve successful longer term weight loss. The problem is, how do you get past the first few days?

    It can be mentally tough to stick to a new eating plan, especially when it introduces many changes into your life.

    Perhaps the most important aspect of any diet is that it should be practical and deliciously healthy enough to follow. We look at the reasons why people have such a hard time sticking to a diet and how the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet offers easy solutions for each of them.

    Are you trying to lose weight? Read our comprehensive guide on weight loss to understand where to begin, what happens when you lose weight, and what doesn’t work when it comes to dieting.

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    Rule #: Make Room For Mistakes

    Expect to fall off the wagon sometimes. But when you do, dont beat yourself up. Youre human, and youre bound to make mistakes.

    Sticking to a diet is an infinite, not zero-sum, game. A key to success is having more good days than bad. When you fall off track, analyze what went wrong, but dont sweat it too much. Being harsh on yourself wastes time you could otherwise spend finding a solution.

    During my last few weeks in Colombia, I fell to the temptation of sugar. More often than not, I visited this delicious bakery right around the corner of my home. I went every day, usually grabbing one of their chocolate or caramel pasteles.

    Short-term, breaking my diet wasnt good for my health. But dwelling on that wasnt going to change what already had happened. Also, a few weeks of unhealthy eating was nothing compared to the health capital I built over five months. The big-picture perspective made it easy for me to get back on track.

    Youre Not Eating Whole Foods

    5 Reasons Why You Can

    If youre blowing off diets focused on eating whole, clean foods you might want to reconsider. Nutrition experts have known for a long time that diets full of whole foods, like fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein, are associated with better weight-loss results than those packed with processed foods .

    A 2019 study in Cell Metabolism showed just that: When participants ate diets similar in nutrients , the group consuming processed foods showed higher levels of caloric intake and weight gain than the group that focused on whole foods.

    Cording recommends making it as convenient as possible to work more whole foods into your diet. That means having things like frozen produce, oats, whole-grain bread, eggs, frozen fish, and leafy greens around your house. Its easy to add a handful of spinach to soups and omelets, she says. Hard boiling eggs in advance also makes for a quick grab-and-go snack when you need it.

    To make sure you eat more veggies, start every dinner with a mixed green salad, according to Gans. An easy way to get more fruit into your diet is to have one serving with lunch as your dessert for starters, then perhaps add at dinner, she says.

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    Reason # : You Lack Daily Support And Daily Personal Accountability

    Its easy to break promises you make to yourself. Nobody will know whether or not you keep them, anyway.

    Without daily support and accountability, you will always find it challenging to stick with your diet. Challenging because its easy to justify our bad choices when losing weight.

    This is where BioIntelligent Wellness comes in. Daily accountability and support are what sets our program apart from many others out there.

    We dont just tell you what to do to lose weight we also ensure that you actually do it every day.

    Its hard to reach any goal without accountability. This is why accountability is at the core of BioIntelligent Wellness and how our clients have been able to achieve those amazing results.

    When you think you are going off track, we will be there to support you.

    We will also be there to help when you hit a roadblock or plateau.

    Having a person to support you every day helps a great deal.

    Does Your Diet Pass The Five

    Before going on any diet, you need to ask yourself,

    Do I see myself still eating like this five years from now?

    If your answer is No, the diet you are considering is unsustainable and you wont be able to stick with it for long.

    If the workout or diet plan is not sustainable, its bound to fail from the beginning.

    Thats the reason why you should look for a diet or exercise plan that will be easier to follow.

    You cannot expect to stay on an unsustainable diet plan

    But still, a lot of people keep embarking on crazy diets.

    At BioIntelligent Wellness, we dont recommend unsustainable restrictive diets because we know that it needs to be effective and sustainable for a diet to work. Thats why we focus on diets that help our clients lose weight quickly but have a customized maintenance phase otherwise, its never going to last.

    A diet should not be about eliminating the foods you love and never reintroducing them again. Foods do make us happy.

    And we want you to be fit and happy not fit and unhappy.

    And thats why we always tell our clients not to go crazy at the gym. Theres no need to do so.

    Most people dont realize there is no way to exercise yourself out of a poor diet. Believe it or not, 80 percent of weight loss has to do with diet. Its not about how many calories you expend on the exercise machines, and this might be shocking to you, but high-intensity workouts are ineffective for fat burning.

    Its about why, what, and how we eat.

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    Weight Loss Issue #: Youre Not Doing The Right Kind Of Exercise

    When it comes to weight loss, the best form of exercise that you can do in a technical sense is weight training, PT Chloe says. This is due to the fact that compound exercises such as deadlifts, squats, lunges, rows, overhead presses, etc. incorporate multiple muscle groups at once, and therefore burn more calories that one simple motion does.

    This is increased further when heavy weights are added, since this promotes muscle growth. More muscle mass equals greater fat burn, since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does when the body is in a resting state, so this is why many opt for weight training over long duration cardio which doesnt necessarily lead to muscle growth.

    But she adds, That being said, it really depends on the individual and how motivated they are by the exercise form that they have chosen.

    After all, the best exercise to do is the one that you love. If youd prefer to learn how to start running over lifting, then head out for that.

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