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Troubleshooting For Step : Hidden Carbs And Keto

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When you start restricting carbs, youll notice that so many of your favorite foods come with added sugars and carbs. These foods can quickly kick you out of ketosis and turn your keto diet into a lackluster low carb diet.

To ensure that you are keeping your carbs as low as possible, use these strategies:

  • Read labels carefully. Anything that comes in a package may be filled with hidden carbs. Make sure the ingredients label doesnt have any ingredients like maltodextrin, dextrose, sugar, cane syrup, starch, etc. because these ingredients can increase blood sugar levels and impair ketone production.
  • Use keto friendly sweeteners and flours. Sugar and flour are hard to eliminate for the diet completely, but it is possible if you know what to replace them with. For more info on keto-friendly sweeteners that you can use, check out our guide to sweeteners. And if you are looking for keto-friendly baking ingredients, read through our guide to keto flours.
  • Eat keto versions of your favorite carb-rich foods. Just because you are eating keto foods doesnt mean you have to cut out pizza, pasta, desserts, and sweets. All you have to do is make sure they are keto-friendly. Check out these recipe round-ups for some delicious keto-friendly versions of foods that are usually loaded with carbs:
  • The 10 Best Keto Pizza Recipes

S To Going Vegetarian/vegan Keto

To go keto on a vegan or vegetarian diet, you would just eat plants. Its that simple. If youre worried about protein keep in mind that plants provide protein, too!

Just remember: stay away from starchy or high carb plants . These will only keep you out of ketosis and therefore the whole purpose for keto is thwarted.

You might find this type of diet plan hard and/or restrictive, but its doable! Get creative and you will succeed!Get our guide here:

Chapter : How To Survive The Keto Flu

The rumors are true The keto flu is real!

So, what is the keto flu?

Also known as the carb flu, the keto flu is your bodys natural reaction to the process needed to achieve ketosis.

When beginning a keto diet, your body is just learning how to adapt in order to burn fat instead of burning glucose.

This can cause you to feel sick, hence the name keto flu.

Are you on a keto diet and think you might be experiencing a bit of keto flu? Heres what you should look for and how you can cure it.

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Document Your Starting Point

Three weeks isnt much time, but from my experience helping people just like you, I expect that at the end of this three week keto challenge remembering all of the changes will be more challenging than you expect.

Lets avoid that challengeyou know, lets keep it easy.

Before you start, make some notes about where you are starting from so you have something to compare your final results with.

  • Take a few photos
  • Weigh yourself.
  • Take a few measurements
  • Make note to yourself about how you are feeling right now and why you committed to doing the three week keto challenge. Include how you are feeling physically and emotionally.
  • How I can help you?

    I know this is beginning to sound like a broken record, but Ive included a Before & After evaluation form in the No Cook Keto Meal Plan. You dont need that form, but it might make your three week keto challenge a little easier.

    Get The Keto Diet Basics

    Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Basics for Beginners To Get Started Right Now

    There are countless articles out there on what is the keto diet is and why it works. My own comprehensive keto article is nearly 5,000 words and will take you an afternoon to work through. But you dont need that right now. Instead you just need the basics before you start a keto diet.

    How I can help you.

    In my No Cook Keto Meal Plan, I include a very condensed section on what the keto diet is and why it works. You need this basic understanding to be successful, so I pulled it out of the premium meal plan and posted it here for free. Reading this clear and concise explanation of the Keto Diet will take just a few minutes and give you the basics that you need before you start a keto diet.

    Read Keto Simplified What is Keto: The Basics

    Check out the Keto Rules. This short article nails the basic rules of keto for the ketogenic beginner.

    If you want to upgrade your understanding of the keto diet without diving into the whole What is the Keto Diet and Why Does it Work article, take a few minutes to read the the Rules of Keto article.

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    Keto Diet Rules: How To Start Keto

    If you want to start a keto diet or low carb diet plan, it can be intimidating. I get it! Ive been doing this for almost a decade , but it wasnt always easy. We all have to start somewhere. Just start you got this!

    Whether youre looking for how to start a keto diet or a low carb diet, there are lots of similarities. Lets make it as easy as possible

    Building Your Keto Diet Plan

    Now that we know what keto diets do and what foods you can eat, we can put together your ideal keto diet plan!

    If you want a keto cookbook you can fall back on for keto recipes, keto snacks, and other keto meal ideas, check out the Ketodietrules keto meal plans.

    Heres a sample menu of what a full days meals might look like:

    • Keto Breakfast: Steak salad with avocado, bell peppers, and lime dressing
    • Keto Lunch: Steak salad with avocado, bell peppers, and lime dressing
    • Keto Snack: Tuna salad with olive oil, celery, and dill
    • Keto Dinner: Baked salmon over a bed of zoodles

    Its as easy as mixing and matching the above keto-approved foods in ways that you enjoy!

    How about steak grilled in olive oil with a side of roasted veggies?

    Perhaps you can have chia seeds with your Greek yogurt.

    Make a delicious grilled cheese with your low-carb keto bread.

    The possibilities are endless!

    Be sure to make liberal use of your spice cabinet to add great flavor to your meals.

    Cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, lemon pepper, and garlic salt are all excellent additions.

    Its that easy!

    One thing to be aware of as you begin your keto diet plan is the keto flu.

    This is a set of symptoms caused by the initial stages of ketosis that mimic the common flu.

    However, dont worry youre not actually sick, and these symptoms will pass quickly as your body becomes accustomed to your new ketogenic meals, and you should begin to notice changes to your weight and energy levels in as little as a week or two.

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    Chapter : How To Succeed With This 7 Day Meal Plan Sample

    I know how important it is to know what to eat and how to eat it. Therefore, I created a keto for dummies sample meal plan.

    In it, you will find breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas for one week.

    Following a meal plan can help you keep on track and not stray away from the plan.

    This is especially true if you do meal prep ahead of time for the week.

    This means you would shop, chop, and cook up the food before the start of the week, then make single-serving meals to eat throughout the week.

    You wont make any excuses if you already had your food prepared and ready to go!

    You will definitely succeed following a meal plan with meal prep ahead of time.

    Below is an easy low carb meal prep sample menu:

    But, for a full meal plan check out our simple keto meal plan sample on this page: > > 7 DAY KETO MEAL PLAN SAMPLE

    Talk To Your Family About Your Weight Loss Goals On The Diet

    How To Start Keto – In 3 Quick and Easy Steps! Watch This!

    Tell them your plan. You may not be able to eat what theyre eating during family mealtimes, so you’ll want to prepare them for what your new habits will look like. Because this diet is often done only short term , you can assure them that it’s temporary.

    If you get pushback, announce: Ive done my research, Ive figured out its safe, and I really want to try this, recommends Mancinelli. They dont have to like what youre doing, but it does help if they have your back. In a study published in September 2014 research in Obesity, having the support of friends and coworkers helped dieters more successfully lose weight and maintain that loss over a two-year period. It also cant hurt if everyone knows your goals on a keto diet so theyre less likely to push office treats or suggest splitting a side of fries when you’re out to dinner.

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    Limit Net Carb Intake To Under 20 To 30 Grams/day By Elminating Most Sugar And Starches

    Keto is a low-carb diet at the core. Reducing carbohydrates is therefore your first step for getting into ketosis.

    Your carbohydrate intake should come mostly from leafy greens and other non-starchy vegetables, like cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, artichoke, cabbage, cucumber, mushrooms, sprouts, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, chayote, turnips, and herbs. .

    Its even good to avoid certain vegetables like tomatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, winter squash, corn, peas, carrots, jicama and onions, which tend to be higher in carbohydrates as well.

    Note: Your recommended 20 to 30 grams of carbs every day is for your net carbohydrate load . Your net carbohydrates are your total carbohydrates minus fiber.

    So, if something youre eating has 10 grams of carbohydrate per serving, if 6 grams of that is fiber, then the net carbohydrate load is 4 grams.

    Chapter : Best Keto Resources

    There are so many products out there surrounding the keto diet.

    Below Ive listed a couple products I recommend. They both include Leanne Vogel of She is THE expert on Keto in my opinion. She knows her stuff!

    Firstly, I can recommend our product mentioned below, which is a video course we created that includes 18 videos where we interviewed Leanne on all the important topics of Keto.

    In addition, it also includes tons of handy printable guides and a meal plan.

    Secondly, I recommend Leannes famous book The Keto Beginning. It will help you dive deeper into keto and it will really help you reach your goals.

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    Be Sure Keto Is Right For You

    The keto diet is safe for most people. But even if youre fully committed to keto eating, the diet may still not be the right choice for you. People with gallbladder or kidney issues, hypothyroidism, or eating disorders can easily see their conditions worsen when following keto guidelines. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also wait to start keto.

    The keto diet usually helps most of those who have type 2 diabetes, but type 1 and type 2 diabetics may each run into problems on keto. If you have concerns about diabetes and keto, check with your doctor before starting.

    Chapter : How Eating The Right Way Can Get You Into Ketosis Fast

    How to start a Keto diet the easy way. A quick, yet comprehensive guide ...

    With any diet, youre going to want to follow the rules right? For example, if youre not eating the recommended way, then technically youre not following the diet.

    Lucky for you, its not too hard to follow Keto, and were going to guide you along the way, so youll reach ketosis quickly!

    So, to reach your goal of ketosis, were going to break down what you need to be eating and how much.

    Keto is essentially a low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet.

    When eating this way, your body goes into Ketosis. This allows your body to produce ketones, which is essentially what your body uses for fuel.

    If youre following a standard diet with a lot of carbs, you will NEVER get into ketosis. Ketosis requires high fat, low carb.

    We will go into more about ketosis for dummies in the next chapter.

    For now, lets go into a little more details about what you should be eating.

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    Common Mistakes To Avoid On A Ketogenic Diet:

    Youre excited to get started on a ketogenic diet, and thats fantastic. But before you dive in, read through this section so that you can avoid these mistakes other people make. Youll get the benefits of a ketogenic diet faster and with fewer painful hiccups.

  • Eating Dairy Products Most people dont think cheese and yogurt affect them, but it often does. So please avoid it as much as possible. And Im not talking about lactose-intolerance here. The only dairy product that most people deal ok with is ghee . Switch to coconut or almond milk, coconut cream, and coconut yogurt instead.
  • Not Getting Enough Sleep Many people find they need less sleep after being on a ketogenic diet for a few weeks. But in the initial few weeks, try to sleep more and keep to a routine. Keep your room pitch black when youre sleeping to get better quality of sleep as well.
  • Avoiding Vegetables I know that vegetables has carbs, which youre supposed to avoid. But one of the things weve discovered more since Atkins was popular 30 years ago is that gut health is super important. So eat lots of leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale. Eat onions and broccoli and cauliflower and artichokes and asparagus. Just avoid the tubers.One of the easiest ways to get more vegetables into your diet is to eat a large salad every night for dinner. Try our 5-minute sardines salad or our 15-minute tamari marinated steak salad.
  • What Are The Benefits Of Keto

    Diets are a key aspect of dealing with chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Still, there are no magic cure-alls, so different eating plans may serve different people. In particular, the keto diet plan may be helpful for people struggling with obesity, atherosclerosis, and epilepsy.

    Weight loss

    The ketogenic diet is known for promoting weight loss to a higher degree than low-fat diets. Furthermore, research points out that it may even improve your mood while you are losing weight. Naturally, these pros make it ideal for managing obesity, which in turn may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


    Diabetes is a metabolic disease that prevents the body from regulating the level of sugar in the body, leading to an excess of glucose. As you may remember, glucose is the main source of energy for the body yet, it can be replaced by ketones in a ketogenic diet. As such, experts point out that this diet may be effective in treating certain types of diabetes.


    Epilepsy is a brain disease that causes frequent seizures and is known for being hard to treat with traditional medications. Recent research indicates that the keto diet could provide a treatment for this condition especially in cases that are particularly drug-resistant.

    Other benefits

    Although there isnt much research available, the keto diet has also shown promise when it comes to some other conditions, including:

    • Alzheimers disease

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    How To Get Into Ketosis As Fast As Possible

    Many people starting a ketogenic diet, or maybe after eating something less than ideal, they often wonder what the fastest way to get into ketosis is.

    While Ill give you my best suggestions that will result in getting you in ketosis as fast as possible, even as short as 24 hours, know that it really doesnt matter how fast you get into ketosis.

    But more about that later.

    What is the fastest way to get into ketosis? The fastest way to get into ketosis is by depleting the glucose stored in your liver, also known as your liver glycogen. You can accomplish this through moderate- to high-intensity exercise besides a very low-carbohydrates diet or fasting.

    In this article, Ill discuss the mechanisms on how one gets into ketosis, what ketosis is, how to get into ketosis in as little as 24 hours, and why you dont need to or shouldnt really care how fast it happens.

    Know What Side Effects To Expect


    For all the attributes of a ketogenic diet , theres one big side effect you have to be prepared for: the keto flu.

    The keto flu is a term that refers to the period after you start the diet when your body is adjusting to burning fat for energy. Some people have no problem with it and others are miserable, says Mancinelli.

    In the first week or 10 days, you may feel extremely lethargic in your limbs. Walking upstairs may feel impossible. You may deal with mental fog. Often, keto causes constipation, or potentially diarrhea, because of a change in fiber intake.

    For that reason, you should pick a start date when your week isnt crazy with deadlines and obligations choose a slower time when you can rest as needed. Along the same lines, youll want to be sure to take it easy with exercise for the first week or two as your body adjusts to burning more fat rather than carbs for fuel.

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    The Easiest Way To Start Keto

    The-Easiest-Way-to-Start-Keto-Ketogasm-Podcast-Episode-1.mp3 was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the latest audio-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors. Sonix is the best way to convert your audio to text in 2019.

    Tasha Metcalf: Welcome to the Ketogasm podcast. I’m your host, nutrition educator Tasha Metcalf. Here to help women like you take charge of your keto eating habits without the self sabotage. Each week, learn simple but effective tips that you can put into practice to transform your body, health and well-being. We’re talking all things keto, nutrition, habit, change, mindset, self-care, and the behind the scenes of what this all looks like in real life. Let’s dive in.

    Tasha Metcalf: There’s also resistant starch to consider, but that’s a whole nother rabbit hole. And it’s it’s one of the things that may also add an additional carb component. That’s technically a carb that doesn’t count, but it’s super hard to measure. So we’re not even going to think about that. We’re not going to fuss with it. We just. We’re gonna make ourselves aware of it and not actually include it in any kind of calculations if you’re gonna do that kind of thing. OK.

    Tasha Metcalf: And now for our final question of the day. “What happens if I eat over my carb limit on keto?” Another way you might think of asking this question is, “what happens if I cheat on keto?” And I hate the word cheat like I really, really hate the word cheat.

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