How To Prevent Yo Yo Dieting

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How to Stop YO YO Dieting!

Lets face it weight loss is not a normal function for the body.

Our bodies are programmed for weight gain from a survival perspective and weight loss itself may trigger an alarm signal to the body.

Outside of biochemical states such as ketosis, there is a limit to how low you can go when it comes to calories you consume or burn. We can lose weight quickly by cutting our calories too low. You can do so by either reducing the amount of food we eat or doing excessive amounts of exercise.

But, then again, we may end up triggering an alarm in the body by reducing the net calories below the Resting Metabolic Rate . Your RMR represents the number of calories your body requires to support basic organ function and it is possible to find out your RMR through testing .

Unlike a car that runs out of gas, your body still needs to function, even if it is not getting enough calories. When faced with this dilemma, your body will choose to start burning muscle instead of fat.

This is a smart adaptation by your body. Clearly, you need to keep monitoring your lean mass and body fat while losing weight, and if you are not doing so, then, you may unknowingly be setting yourself up for a rebound in weight gain.

While on a diet, your scale continues to drop. However, as soon as you go off the diet, your body no longer has the same amount of lean mass to burn the calories you consume.

So What Does It Take To Achieve Sustainable Fat Loss

There isnt one silver bullet answer. You have to approach it from many angles. Here are the top three which we will dig into in this video.

  • First, we need to understand what affects your motivation and emotions after fat loss.
  • Second, we need to understand what happens to your body after fat loss.
  • Third, we need to understand how your environment shapes your actions.

Rule#6 Get Rid Of Your Stress And Sleep More

Stress and sleep deprivation can really cause you to eat more as they will really reduce the motivation you have for dieting. Continue breaking your diet for a couple of days, and youll get caught up in a yo-yo diet. Moreover, they can also result in the slowing down of your metabolism, which really affects the weight-loss that youre trying to achieve. They can also make your exercise go in waste by reducing its impact to a great extent. Accordingly, it is necessary to get rid of such unhealthy practices for you to actually benefit from a diet.

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It Can Affect Your Mental Health

Various positive mental health benefits are associated with weight loss — greater confidence, a sense of achievement and increased self-esteem. Unfortunately, there can be negative effects as well, especially with yo-yo dieting. Repeated weight shifts are discouraging and can even contribute to anxiety and depression.

A 2020 study showed that a history of weight cycling is a significant predictor of depressive symptoms, with internalized weight stigma as a mediator. When controlled for gender, there was no significant difference, meaning that the effects are similar across men and women. Like the other risk factors on the list, not everyone will experience this.

Understand What It Means To Be Hungry


If your goal is to lose weight, try and pinpoint and identify the sensations you feel when youre hungry.

Diets have a tendency of disrupting the natural feel of your body. In some instances, they can even convince you that hunger pangs means that a diet is working. Try your best to unlearn these lies and myths.

Instead, before you put the next bite of food in your mouth, ask yourself: Are you really hungry? Or are you bored, eating because youre stressed, or using food as some other sort of coping mechanism?

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Create A Sustainable Diet

In addition to creating a sustainable workout routine, you also need to put together a sustainable diet. Again, in an attempt to lose weight fast, people often slash their calories and avoid eating when theyre hungry.

While this may be doable for a few weeks, its not doable in the long run. You need to create a diet plan that you can actually stick to and focus on forming healthy eating habits. This way, when you hit your goal weight, you wont be tempted to gorge on junk food.

The diet plan you form will depend on your lifestyle and body, but generally speaking, you should focus on creating a diet rich in whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean protein.

Work On Changing Your Habits + Behaviors

There is no one size fits all diet, exercise plan, sleep routine, stress management strategy or life satisfaction plan that works for everyone. Figuring out the best healthy lifestyle plan that works for you takes motivation, support, and experimentation. Together, these factors result in sustainable behavior change, which includes maintaining your weight loss for a lifetime! Get detailed steps and exercises on how to change your behavior with my First Steps to Changing your Behavior Guide by clicking the button below.

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Consider A New Healthy

Find yourself stuck at a certain weight for more than a month? It could be that you’re fighting an unnecessary battle. “You may want to be 130 pounds, but if you’re doing everything you can-watching portions and exercising-it may not be right for your body,” Gans says. Check in with other measures of health: Do you feel stronger? Happier? Are you sleeping more soundly? All of these can be good indicators that you’re right where you should be.

    How To Stop Yoyo Dieting: Take Notice Of Your Environment

    How To Stop Yo Yo Dieting

    The last MAJOR thing that I see as being key to creating a sustainable transformation is the ability to control your environments. We are creatures of our environment, so home, work, and even travel environments should make the right choice the easy choice.

    I usually recommend clients start out fixing the environments they either spend the most time in, or are most likely to make poor decisions in.

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    The Psychological Toll Of Weight Cycling

    While losing weight by following a restrictive diet may not be difficult at first, keeping that weight off is often nearly impossible as your body reacts to what it suspects is a famine scenario by slowing down your metabolism and sending hunger signals to your brain.

    This means the majority of dieters gain the weight back often adding on a few additional pounds in the process. This leads to a cycle of emotional highs and lows, first feeling great about yourself, then feeling like a failure, says professor of psychology at Boise State University, who researches body image and dieting.

    The very fact that youve lost weight in the past can make you feel more pressure to lose it the next time. We think, well, Ive done it before, why cant I do it again? even if that may not be realistic for your body, says Pritchard, who is currently studying this phenomenon in postpartum women, who can feel intense pressure to snap back after giving birth.

    The more times a person weight-cycles, the greater their risk for depression

    Perlman agrees that the guilt comes from inside and out. When youve been at a certain body weight, its hard to give up the idea that you can still get back there, she says. Also, you see other people who are thin, and think, Why cant I be like them?

    Have A Regular Mindfulness Practice

    Mindfulness is defined as non-judgmental awareness. This is truly the first step in making any behavior change, after all its difficult to stop doing something, if you arent even aware that its happening. Its even more difficult to change your behavior if you are aware that it is happening, but judge yourself for it. There are so many mindfulness resources out there, but here are a few of my favorites: The 5-minute journal, the 10% Happier app, the Calm app, the Mindfulness Coloring Book for Adults.

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    Start With Meaningful Internal Motives

    The lesson I learned was that my motivation for losing weight had to be truly meaningful to me and driven by my desire to have a better life. I had to frame my thinking differently and move from weight loss for weight loss sake to using it as a tool for overall better health and a future that included spending active time with family.

    My weight loss motivation became more connected to what I valued and enjoyed in life. Most importantly, I had to accept myself at any weight and refuse to think about putting my life on hold until I lost a specific amount of weight . Living fully, and with as much self-love as I could, was an important positive motivator for developing a new lifestyle.

    Your motivation for weight loss isnt a static entity. It changes as the months go by, and you have to change with it. It wasnt until my weight loss slowed , and I tried to add some occasional processed foods back into my diet, that I realized that I would need to figure out how to stoke my motivation daily . I then focused more on exercise and taking action as a strategy for achieving lasting weight loss.

    I use healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness and engagement in favorite activities like walking, dancing, and snorkeling, to stoke my motivation. Im not on the yo-yo diet rollercoaster anymore because I know that Im my best self when I follow my healthy habitsand Im not going back to the pain and sadness I felt when I was heavier and out of shape.

    It Can Throw Off Your Energy Levels

    9 Ways To Stop Yo

    When you’re yo-yo dieting, you might be lacking certain nutrients, like iron, which can be lead to a deficiency and cause anemia. A 2014 study from Eat Weight Disorders: Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity showed that short-term food restrictionfor even as short as two dayscan significantly decrease iron concentrations in women. Anemia can occur when you don’t produce enough red blood cells that carry oxygen from your lungs to your cells. As a result, you’ll feel very tired and weak, have trouble concentrating, and have a rapid heartbeat.

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    Be Fully Present When You Eat

    Rushing through meals is another factor that can lead to yo-yo dieting. A recent study found that Americans eat approximately 156 meals per year standing up!

    If you find that youre often shoveling food in your face as you rush out the door or standing up when eating and doing something else, its time to change your habits. Creating space for mealtimes will allow you to savor and appreciate the food more.

    As much as possible, try to eat slowly while sitting down. Try to limit background distractions, including TVs, phones, and games. Pay attention to the texture, aroma, and flavor of the food as you eat it.

    If you take the time to enjoy every bite, youll be less likely to experience cravings later on.

    The Importance Of A Flexible Not Rigid Mindset

    Restrictive diets can encourage all-or-nothing eating behaviours so that when a person isnt following a diet, they find it hard to regulate their eating. This is particularly the case if they tend to eat mindlessly, without any consideration about the options available to them. With the black and white mindset also comes rigidity. Mindful eating promotes a more flexible approach to eating. For example, if you eat a very large, overly indulgent lunch, you might feel that youve blown it and write off the rest of the day. With mindful eating, youre thinking about what youve eaten without beating yourself up, and then making adjustments later on in the day, for example, by eating a light snack in the evening rather than eating another full meal. If you find that when youre not on a diet you tend to overeat or feel out of control of your eating, you might be able to relate to some of the scenarios below.

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    Approach Food With Neutrality Instead Of Labels

    After years of dieting, youve probably learned how to identify foods as either good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. The main tenant of every diet is to give preference to good foods over bad ones. In doing so, bad foods become forbidden fruitthey taste so good, yet we feel so bad for eating them.

    Depriving yourself of any food only works for a while before it leads to uncontrollable cravings. Even the perception of deprivation can induce cravings. For example, by labeling carbs as bad and resolving to cut bread and pasta from your life, you may find that you long for these foods even more so than usual.

    Eventually, cravings turn into caving, or what dieters call falling off the bandwagon. You might feel out of control around these foods, unable to stop eating them even past the point of fullness. You tell yourself this is the last time, which only makes you want to eat more so you can savor every last bite. You blame yourselfif only you could have been stronger or had more willpower.

    But its not your fault. Its actually not the foods fault either. Its the labels and the power your diet has given these foods to make you feel good or bad for eating them.

    Been telling yourself that pizza is off-limits? Maybe its time to stop labeling foods as healthy and unhealthy.

    S To Break The Diet Cycle For Good

    How to STOP YO-YO DIETING!!!

    Trying to break the diet cycle, but desperately struggling? I feel you! Breaking the cycle of yo yo dieting is super difficult, especially if you have been trying to lose weight for years with no success.

    Luckily, there are many people who have learned to give up yo yo dieting and start eating without rules and restrictions. If you would like to be one of these people, you are in the right place. The steps laid out in the article are a great starting place to learn how to give up dieting for good.

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    Link Between Stress And Fat

    Dieting isnt easy. Every episode of weight gain and weight loss can toy with your mind. That alone might raise your level of cortisol, the stress hormone. And when you cut your calories? That does it, too. Thats a problem because high cortisol means youre more likely to add fat around your belly, which raises your risk for problems like diabetes and heart disease.

    Pay Attention To Your Eating Habits

    Before you dig into a snack, its important to ask yourself why youre eating. Are you actually hungry, or is there another reason?

    Many of us mindlessly eat due to boredom, sadness, and stress. Before you start eating, check in with yourself to make sure youre eating for the right reasons. Are you eating to fuel your body? Or, are you eating because youre bored or feeling bad?

    If the answer is the latter, find another way to cope with your emotions besides eating. Try going for a walk, phoning a friend, or listening to some music.

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    How To Care For Your Body Without Dieting

    There’s a revolutionary idea being espoused by anti-diet culture proponents, body positivity activists, and Health at Every Size advocates in a growing anti-diet movement: If you have to restrict your diet and bust your butt to lose that 10 pounds, only to see them slide back on as soon as you eat normally again, then perhaps its a sign that your body doesnt want to be that weight.

    Eating food that makes you feel nourished and that you enjoy without counting the number of calories or carbs may be the key to remaining at a steady weight, neither up nor down, stabilizing both your emotions and your health. When people shift behaviors around food and eating and movement and stress management and sleep, even when their weight stays exactly the same, we see a decrease in the disease risk and an improvement in health, says Alissa Rumsey, R.D., a certified intuitive eating counselor and author of Unapologetic Eating.Intuitive eating is about taking care of your body rather than trying to punish or control it.

    Eating food that makes you feel nourished may be the key to remaining at a steady weight

    What Is The Yo


    The Yo-Yo effect is also known as weight cycling or yo-yo dieting. Simply put, the Yo-Yo effect means the cyclic gain and loss of weight, similar to the up-down motion of a yo-yo. This process repeats over and over again and eventually becomes a vicious cycle. And its not just your weight thats affected your overall health takes a hit as well .

    The yo-yo effect diet does not discriminate as it affects both men and women. About 30% of women and 10% of men have gone on a yo-yo diet and experienced the yo-yo effect . The yo-yo effect is often a result of dieting and extremely restrictive calorie intake.

    Is yo-yo dieting dangerous? Well, to answer this question, let us look at the consequences of weight cycling. What happens to your body during weight cycling is what makes it dangerous.

    Understand that the yo-yo effect may give you your desired weight and body but only for a short time. Even then, there are some health concerns associated with these diet traps and the yo-yo effect.

    If youve mustered up the courage to crush your weight loss goal, let Betterme take the sting out of this demanding process. Our app will help you restructure your habits, remold your life and crank up your fitness results!

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