High Protein Vegetarian Diet For Bodybuilding

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High Protein Vegetarian Meal Plan Build Muscle And Tone Up

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    Lets be honest, vegetarians have a harder time following a high protein diet than people who eat meat.

    If youre trying to build muscle on a vegetarian diet, Im sure youve asked yourself how can I get enough protein?

    Equally, if youre trying to lose weight and tone up with a high protein diet, I bet youve asked yourself the same question.

    So, weve carefully created the High Protein Vegetarian Meal Plan! Weve also taken into account the difference in calorie requirements and made one version for building muscle and one for losing weight and toning up. The plans contain loads of quick and tasty recipes high in protein, ideal to support you with your fitness goals. See below for more details.

    Why You Should Consider A Plant Based Diet

    Micronutrition deficiency is no joke and it affects billions of people worldwide1. Even 40% of American adults are deficient in key minerals necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle2.

    And I know what youre thinking. Ive got this bro. I always hit my macros. Like most gym goers, you put a great deal of thought into your diet and focus on hitting your macros day in and day out. And this is great for body composition!

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    But if you want to be truly healthy and give yourself an opportunity to prevent chronic diseases down the line, it would greatly benefit you to put some serious attention to detail in your overall micronutrient intake.

    Thats where fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, and grains all come into play4. All of these food sources are rich in micronutrients.

  • Lower levels of inflammation within the body5
  • Lower your risk of dying from cancer6
  • Lower your risk of developing heart diseases7,8
  • Lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes10
  • Thats enough benefits to get me interested in trying to consume more micronutrient dense foods, how about you?

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    Where Can I Find Some Solid High Protein Vegetarian Recipes

    This one is quite a doozy. From personal experience and talking to colleagues who are vegetarian, it can be difficult googling high protein vegetarian recipes and getting back exactly what you were hoping for.

    So, let me take that headache off your shoulders. Below is a curated list of some of my favorite vegetarian high protein recipes on the web.

    5 High Protein Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes
  • Protein Packed Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe
  • There you have 20 high protein meal options that should more than take care of your protein needs. And dont hesitate to add additional sides of vegetables and fruits to those meals to claim all the health benefits of a diet rich in micronutrients.

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    Now that you know some of the health benefits of eating a diet rich in micronutrients, the high protein foods that will help you reach your goals, and some recipes to try out, lets check out a sample day of eating for a high protein, muscle building vegetarian diet.

    Best Carbohydrate Sources For A Vegan Bodybuilding Diet

    High Protein Vegetarian Diet Bodybuilding

    Carbohydrates can be a controversial topic in the nutrition world. But if youre working out and bodybuilding, you simply must have a good balance of carbohydrates in your diet.

    Carbohydrates get broken down by your body into glucose. That glucose provides the fuel and energy your body needs. Youll need plenty of that energy to complete the training needed to really bulk up.

    Check out this article on the importance of carbohydrates.

    Guidelines for Daily Carbohydrate Intake:

    Amount of Excercise

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    What Kind Of Recipes Are In The Meal Plan

    The below menu shows the meals included in the 2500 calorie version of the plan, which is designed to build muscle. In the full plan youll also find tasty extras and snacks to keep you satisfied and increase your protein intake throughout the week.

    The 1800 calorie plan features many of the same tasty veggie meals, accompanied by different snacks and extras to reduce the total calories.

    Youll notice that weve included 3 days where you eat the previous days leftovers. This reduces the amount of time youll need to spend in the kitchen, making it even easier to stick to the plan.

    Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Downsides

    The vegan diet is promising in every aspect.

    This doesnt mean it is hundo p good. In some aspects, it causes trouble for you. Before you switch to the diet plan, examine the downside as well.

    Definitely, the decision-making is easier and effective in such a situation.

    For now, lets have a look at the considerable downsides of a high protein vegetarian diet for bodybuilding.

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    Keep Your Workouts Short But Intense

    When it comes to your workout, as a vegetarian you should aim for short but intense workouts. This will help prevent muscle mass loss from taking place and your body relying on protein to get through those workouts. If you were doing very long workout sessions that’s when your protein needs will be really elevated, which could get more difficult being on a vegetarian diet.

    How To Create One In 3 Simple Steps

    Veg Diet for Bodybuilding – TOP 5 foods for MEN AND WOMEN – BeerBiceps HIGH PROTEIN Vegetarian Diet

    A meal plan is essential to building muscle, especially when bulking and cutting as a vegan bodybuilder. We talk more about this in this Vegan Bodybuilding guide.

    Here’s what you need to get right in order to design a highly effective vegan bodybuilding diet plan:

  • Figure out your calories.
    • You’re eating way too little fat
    • Not enough vegan protein sources to optimize muscle growth and repair
    • Not nourishing their body with all the vital micronutrients, and so on.

    Especially number three on the list above seem to trip people up, especially vegan diet beginners.

    Without enough protein , it can be a bit challenging to find adequate plant protein sources to balance your macronutrient and calorie intake.

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    May Be Overly Restrictive For Some People

    Though the selection and availability of vegan food has grown rapidly in recent years, the diet can be seen as slightly monotonous, compared with the traditional Western diet.

    Fortunately, the number of creative vegan recipes that can add life to the diet and keep it interesting is limitless.


    The vegan bodybuilding diet comes with some possible downsides, such as an increased risk of nutrient deficiencies, excessive fiber intake, and difficulty meeting protein and calorie needs. These should be considered before starting a vegan diet.

    The vegan bodybuilding diet usually includes many of the following foods:

    Bodybuilding Food Meals And Snacks For Before And After A Workout

    If you are already into bodybuilding, you will know that what you eat before and after your workout is critical to muscle building.

    You are sure to find a delicious and easy recipe or two, which include a selection of vegetarian protein packed foods such as nuts, oats, eggs, soy mince, beans and lentils.

    If you have any concerns about your diet or exercise plan, it is always advisable to discuss these first with your GP or dietician.

    31 December 2020

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    Include Snacks In Your Diet

    A study found that a common American has as many snacks as meals daily.

    Indeed most of them are loaded with carbs with zero to insufficient proteins.

    In short, look for healthy snacks having more protein and fewer carbs.

    Heres a bit of a clue:

    • Chocolate milk
    • Nut butter with sliced fruit or veggie sticks
    • Cottage cheese on a whole-wheat English muffin

    These healthy snacks fulfill your appetite while offering you more proteins and less carb.

    Of course, the best part is you dont have to starve while fulfilling your bulking goals.

    Consume Plenty Of Alpha

    Top 11 High Protein Vegetarian Foods for Muscle Building

    Your body needs essential fatty acids to function properly. These fatty acids are integral components of the phospholipids that protect your cells and maintain biological processes in vital organs, especially the brain. Unfortunately for vegans, one of the critical omega-3 EFAs – eicosapentaenoic acid – is found mainly in seafood and egg yolks.

    However, a plant-based omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid , helps your body convert docosahexaenoic acid into EPA .

    Walnuts, chia seed, and flaxseed are some of the most dense ALA sources and should be a staple in your vegan bodybuilding diet. Vegan sources of DHA include seaweed and algaeIt might be worth investing in a plant-based DHA supplement if you’re not keen on taking fish or krill oil.

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    Plan Your Meal Times To Jump From Three To Six

    The whole three square meals a day idea is one thats drummed into most people from an early age. Changing that up completely to a five or six meal regimen will take a bit of getting used to.

    Planning the switch in advance makes the whole process simpler. Think about the shape of your day. When do you get up? When are you going to work out? What time do you normally go to bed? From there, you can plan your meal times to fit best with your natural routine.

    Carnivore Diet Vs Vegan Diet: Are They Healthy

    On the opposite end of the spectrum from plant-based and vegan diets is the carnivore diet, which includes only meat and no plant foods. In other words, the carnivore diet is a plant-free diet. It is technically a variation of a ketogenic diet since meat is typically high in fat and protein but has no carbs.

    Meat-eaters, especially carnivore diet apologists, often argue that veganism is suboptimal for building muscle since animal foods are superior sources of protein. But does it really make that much of a difference for vegan bodybuilders?

    The carnivore diet is mostly just another example of the extremes people will go to when they read positive anecdotes on the Internet from pseudo-experts. There is minimal research on plant-free diets in humans, and most of the studies have been clinical case studies or retrospective observations of Arctic and nomadic societies .

    About all we can say at this point is that humans can meet all of the acute essential nutrient needs from animal meats, especially organ meat, but the long-term health consequences remain unknown.

    Some might argue that a vegan diet also has inherent flaws. You can find all the essential nutrients in plant foods, but people who follow strict vegan diets are typically at a greater risk of micronutrient deficiencies, especially vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and iron .

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    Tips To Help You Follow The Vegetarian Muscle Building Diet Plan

    1. Get Enough Calories

    One of the most important things to keep in mind while on a vegetarian diet plan for muscle gain is to get enough calories. If you dont take enough calories your body will use the incoming protein for fuel which would, in turn, lead to a deficit.

    2. Swap Rice with Quinoa

    If youre someone who cannot skip eating rice even on a vegetarian muscle building diet plan, then it is time you make a plunge towards quinoa. It tastes a lot like brown rice but has much higher protein content than brown rice. In fact, quinoa is a complete source of protein, while brown rice is not.It is healthy and tasty, so why not include it in your vegetarian muscle building diet plan for better results?

    3. Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

    Including a variety of fruits and vegetables will make sure that you get all the essential nutrients. In addition,they will also provide the required antioxidant protection to keep your immune system robust and strong.

    4. Keep Workouts Short but Intense

    Experts believe that vegetarians aiming for bodybuilding should keep their workouts short but intense.This will help prevent muscle loss. If you indulge in strenuous long workouts, your protein needs will be elevated,which can be a bit difficult on a muscle gain diet plan vegetarian

    5. Include Nuts in Your Diet6. Say Yes to Peanut Butter 7. Add Broccoli and Spinach to Your Diet 8. Consider Taking Iron Supplements9. Eat Frequent Meals 10. Monitor Body Fat Level

    Have Plenty Of Fluids

    Top 5 HIGH PROTEIN VEGETARIAN FOOD for Bodybuilding, Budget Indian Diet

    Vegan bodybuilding involves lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. This results in high fiber intake. The elevated consumption of fiber has certain side effects like bloating, abdominal pain.

    Drinking enough fluids fights off the complication of the problem related to a vegan diet. Begin by having 1ml of fluid per calorie.

    Lets do the calculation. If you are having a 2,000-calorie diet, you should have,000 ml of fluids. This isnt a universal rule. Water requirements are likely to vary from person to person.

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    I Have No Idea How To Cook Tasty And Nutritious Vegan Food

    Becoming the Gordon Ramsay of plant-based foods and vegan bodybuilding cuisine isn’t something that happens overnight.

    It takes a bit of time and practice to get the hang of it, but after a while, you should have built up your own repertoire of delicious, high-protein and macro-friendly go-to meals.

    One piece of advice for beginners that are getting started is to veganize your previous omnivorous meals:

    • Swap out the ground beef in spaghetti bolognese with red lentils or texturized soy protein.
    • Make your chili con carne a chili sin carne, putting emphasis on the beans instead.
    • Lentil meatballs, burgers, falafels, etc.
    • Create scrambled eggs using tofu.

    If you really want to avoid cooking, check out Fresh n’ Lean where they deliver fresh, ready-to-eat organic meals straight to your door.

    Here’s another idea, come up with any iteration of the legume with a starchy carb and a vegetable combination. Just take any favorites from each vegan diet category and combine them into a meal:

    • Tofu with brown rice and veggies.
    • Black beans with sweet potato and broccoli.
    • Chickpea salad with quinoa and red cabbage.
    • Vegan protein powders with oatmeal and berries.

    Try this: Go to your fridge and cupboards and take stock of what ingredients are there. Then take those exact ingredients and put them in google or youtube together with ‘vegan recipe.’

    Bodybuilding And Workout Tips

    Why are comments off? Being a vegetarian will not reduce your ability to add muscle, Im one and it hasnt hurt me. Those who think vegetarians cant be successful bodybuilders either dont understand the different kinds of vegetarians or dont understand bodybuilding nutrition. Arnold fostered the incorrect view that you have to eat muscle to gain muscle. The trouble with the word vegetarian is that so many people have used it in so many different ways that it has basically become useless so it has been replaced by more specific and meaningful words.

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    What Do Vegan Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast

    Whether theyre bulking or cutting, you wont find many athletes skimping on the first meal of the day as part of their healthy vegan bodybuilding diet. Eating breakfast puts serious weight lifters ahead of the game when it comes to meeting their macros, so they dont have to play catch-up for the rest of the day.

    Stuck for ideas? Take a tip from Jon Venus. Talking to Mens Health, the bodybuilder and Youtuber says he enjoys a post-workout protein smoothie made with bananas, frozen mixed berries, hemp seeds, kale and spinach, pineapple, almond milk and a scoop of Vivo Lifes PERFORM Vegan Protein Powder with BCAAs.

    Or try Bianca Taylors protein smoothie recipe. The entrepreneur and vegan bodybuilder makes hers with plant-based milk, baby spinach, banana, medjool dates, hemp seeds, one scoop of protein powder, powdered peanut butter, plant based yoghurt and 10mg CBD oil.

    May Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

    Recommended by https://www.smart

    For females, a vegan diet that emphasizes more soy-based food may reduce breast cancer risk . However, an analysis of eight cohort studies found no significant associations between breast cancer risk and intake of meat or dairy products .

    Nonetheless, epidemiologic studies continually show that fiber, fruits, and vegetables all drastically reduce cancer risk .

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    The Best Bodybuilding Amino Acids

    Many of the essential amino acids are directly involved with skeletal muscles and connective tissue development important for athletes, but three in particular are especially beneficial to bodybuilders. These are known as branched-chain amino acids and include leucine, isoleucine and valine.

    Along with other amino acids, these compounds may trigger protein synthesis post exercise and help increase muscle mass and decrease fatigue. A small study published in June 2017 in the Frontier of Physiology found that branch-chained amino acids stimulated a 22 percent greater response to muscle protein synthesis following resistance training when compared with a placebo.

    Leucine is the most important amino acid for bodybuilders because it contributes to the growth, maintenance and repair of muscles and bone tissue. It also prevents the breakdown of muscle proteins after intensive exercise, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine . Additionally, leucine helps with growth hormone production.

    The best vegetarian food sources of leucine include soybeans, quinoa and corn, lists a article published in Scientific Reports in May 2016. If you are a lacto or lacto-ovo vegetarian, drinking milk will provide the highest source of leucine, according to a March 2012 article published in Journal of Obesity.

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