Figure Competition Diet 20 Weeks Out

Bikini Competition Diet Macros Step : Shave About 15%

What do bodybuilder eat in the last week of competition| How to apply gel on the body during compete

Competitors/coaches dont talk much about calories anymore, but calories are still king. Do you like your protein to go towards repairing muscle tissue rather than being oxidized? Then your total calories matterthey dictate how your macronutrients are utilized, e.g., to what degree they are stored vs oxidized/burned. So we set this up first.

You already have your actual maintenance intake if youre on step 3, so start by taking 15%-20% off of that. I should warn you that if you didnt take my advice above to try and get yourself up to at least the bw x 15-17 mark before cutting, 15%-20% could mean not very much foodwhich could make for a pretty tough prep.

In this case, if you MUST go straight to dieting, I would suggest doing a refeed at least once a week. Read my article Refeeds for Figure and Bikini Prep for more info on this.

Blood And Saliva Measurements

Capillary blood samples were obtained via a single-use lancet and microsafe collection tubes . Test strips and a reflectance photometer for total cholesterol , whole blood triglycerides , creatine kinase and high-density lipoproteins were used. The low-density lipoprotein fraction was estimated by subtracting the sum of total TAG and HDL divided by 2.19, from TC. Fasting blood glucose was measured via whole blood samples added to a heparin and saline solution before analysis by a Biosen C-line monitor . Salivary testosterone and CRP were measured with enzyme immunoassay kits , prior to analysis on a plate reader at 450 nm , and Gen5 microplate reader software .

Anaerobic power and hand grip strength

Anaerobic power was measured via the 20 s Wingate test as described by Attia et al. using a Velotron cycle . Peak, mean, and body mass-scaled power were obtained from Velotron software . Hand grip strength was measured via a hand grip dynamometer .

Phase 2 Classic Physique Training Program

Start your Phase 2 training program eight weeks out from your contest. During Phase 2 training youll be doing a lot of supersets. Supersets allow you to get more work done in less time. Remember, less rest between sets is one of the parameters of progress. Your Phase 2 training will be more focused on improving your proportions and increasing your chest to waist ratio. Note: Steve Reeves, one of the all-time best examples of the classic physique, is reported to have attained a 23 inch differential between his chest and waist measurement. A good goal for you is 15 inches or more. If your expanded chest measures 45 inches, your waist would measure 30 inches or less. As your diet becomes stricter during phase 2, it will become harder and harder to increase reps or poundage, so reducing the time between sets becomes more and more important. Youll be supersetting antagonistic muscle groups to improve balance and proportion as well as to add a fat burning aspect to your training.

Its not necessary to run from one exercise to the next when supersetting. After you complete a superset rest 60-90 seconds and then start your next set. Since you will be working each bodypart twice every eight days, we will no longer be performing feeder workouts.

Train three days on one day off:Day 1: Chest and BackDay 2: LegsDay 3: Shoulders and ArmsDay 4: Off Repeat

Day #1 Chest, Back, Abs

Superset # 2:A. Incline DB Press 3-4 sets of 8-10 repsB. 1-Arm DB Rows 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps

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There Is No One Right Way To Train

Training for a bodybuilding competition is nothing fancy, honestly. You dont need the latest gadgets or a costly training schedule. All you need is determination, perseverance and a gym that includes the basics.

You can lift weights the way you always have, so long as you are consistent and put in the hard work every session. Some people like to aim for higher reps, less heavy weights before a competition, but it isnt the be all and end all. The kicker is your consistency and your progression. Make sure you continue to push yourself and stay consistent with your workouts. While you diet, you want to maintain muscle mass that youve worked hard for, so consistency is important.

Choose The Right Coach And Support

Figure Competition Prep Week 2!

A competition is a serious commitment, and no matter how long youve been eating healthy meals and in the gym, seeking professional guidance is a key step towards stepping on stage for the first time.

While it isnt mandatory, a coach or mentor is a solid investment and highly recommended when youve not competed before. There are going to be times when you have questions, or youll doubt yourself. Having that added support makes a huge difference to the experience. Plus – it helps keep yourself accountable!

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Refeeds Can Benefit Your Cutting Diet

Refeeds are different from cheat meals or cheat days. A refeed is a brief period where you increase your caloric intake to slightly above maintenance, primarily by eating more carbs.8 The goal of incorporating refeeds into your cutting diet is to keep your metabolic rate from declining and boost your levels of the satiety hormone leptin.

Single-day refeeds probably offer little benefit in the way of fat loss, and multiple refeed days per week is a luxury few bodybuilders on a cut can afford. However, regular refeeds might provide a protective effect on your muscle mass.9 By adding carbs to your standard cutting diet plan, you also fill your muscles with glycogen, which allows you to perform better in the gym for a workout or two. In addition, the psychological effects of breaking up your diet with a refeed now and then cant be understated. Constant dieting is mentally challenging, and a refeed day allows not only your body a break, but your brain, too.

The leaner you get, the more often you can benefit from a refeed. At the start of your diet, your resting metabolic rate and leptin and testosterone levels are still high from your offseason caloric surplus. At that point, you probably dont need any refeeds at all. You benefit from more frequent refeed days, maybe one per week, as you get leaner. You might benefit from two refeeds every ten days once youre shredded, or at least below 10 % body fat.

How To Avoid Figure Competition Diet Burn Out

By | Submitted On April 04, 2011

Are you interested in participating in a figure competition or are you currently prepping for a figure competition? Dieting to lose fat and keep your hard-earned lean muscle to enter a figure contest takes strong mental focus, as well as a well structured contest prep diet.

Often times, figure competitors set out with good intentions to diet down their body fat, yet end up cutting calories far too low, over-training, and doing far too much cardio too soon. Such costly and ill thought out decisions just leads to a total train wreck and eventually burn out.

In this article I’ll give you some tips and guidelines on how to avoid the figure competitor diet burnout.

When you start your pre-contest diet, give yourself enough time to diet down slowly. This ensures you lose body fat and not your lean muscle mass. Every figure competitor’s dieting time will vary. Some will diet for 16-20 weeks and others can get by with dieting for 12-14 weeks. Your dieting time is based on how much body fat you need to lose.

When you begin your figure competition diet, start off with enough calories to support your training and nutrition. Staring your diet with too low calories leaves you no room to lower calories when that time comes. A good starting point is to multiply your total body weight by 12 to 14 for a starting baseline diet. Once you are on your established baseline diet you can start deducting calories when needed to keep excelling fat loss.

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This Detailed Meal Plan Tells Exactly What And How Much To Eat Told By Shannon Dey & Gennifer Strobo

    Keep your program on track by making sure youre getting the right amount of nutrients for your training.

    Just as importantas your hard work in the gym is your attention to your diet. The right foods will help fuel your fitness and keep you energized while enhancing recovery. The best part is, the healthy eating habits youll use during contest prep can last well beyond showtime. Similar to the fitness prep program, the diet prep plan, designed by IFBB pro and nutritionist Gennifer Strobo, is divided into three segments. The first segment is about establishing a healthy, balanced diet, which means eliminating some of the junk like processed foods and high-sugar items and adding in more nutritious options like fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. In the second phase, its time to get a little more serious. Youll add in some lower-carb days to help you cut body fat and boost your metabolism. Phase 3 begins two weeks before your show date, with a stricter plan that will help you deliver a peak performance.

    Anthropometry And Body Composition

    Two peas in a pod | Push & Pull Day | Food | Shopping | Girl Time | 3 weeks out

    Participants were asked to consume 500 ml of water the morning of the trial to standardize hydration. Body height was measured using a stadiometer and weight, FM, FFM, and total body water were measured via a Tanita multi-frequency BIA analyzer . The BMI and fat free mass index were calculated as kg/m2 and FFM kg/m2, respectively. Sum of 7-site skinfold assessment using amplitude-mode ultrasound was used to calculate BF% . Ultrasound testing was performed as described by Muller et al. , and was interpreted using Bodymetrix ultrasound analysis software .

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    Design And Procedures And Statistical Analysis

    This study follows a case-series design which carried out observations for offseason, pre-competition and recovery phases of the athletes involved. Descriptive statistics were used to track any alterations to outcome measures between the three phases, these were recorded and analyzed in Microsoft Excel.

    Key Elements When Preparing For A Bodybuilding Show

    Competition diet, weight training, and cardio are the key elements of your competition preparation.

    Your workouts should be tailored for growth, size and shape development.

    Since dieting helps refine your physique, prioritize your weak points during workouts.

    Everyone has one or two weak points and really needs to focus on them.

    Muscle proportion, separation, and size should be your main priorities.

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    On Last Week Of Contest Prep:

    Im curious on your last week prep How do you go about it? I would like to know how you do your water, carb up, deplete, etc, etcCan you give us a brief rundown on your last week?

    For articles that discus the last week of contest prep I would read the:

    Especially the final week section

    Day 6 / Saturday February 22nd:

    A Closer Look at a Figure Competitor Peak Week

    Notes: Uh oh, the first food fail has arrived. After an intense week in the gym the thought of weekend pizza was just too damn much to handle. The important thing is to not stress about it much, I’m certainly not. It’s making a habit of it when it becomes a possible problem. I enjoyed my pizza and I also enjoyed my pump. Although as this is my attempt at getting into bodybuilding competition shape, I can’t afford any more pizza nights. Little over three weeks to go, we’ve got this!

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    Week Figure Prep Diet

    Your Fit Figure training nutrition specific for Women. Training Nutrition key to the competitive look. Rachel Johnson. Magazine 1. Specific recommendations for the woman who wishes to compete in a figure or fitness contest.

    The main source of misinformation stems from the bodybuilder mentality of all or nothing. We get questions daily at the Beverly Nutrition Center. This article is a complete plan to get the aspiring figure competitor in the best shape of her life.

    Month Figure Makeover developing a V- shape, recipes and food prep. Shape Your Fit Figure Workout ideal workout to achieve a shapely, fit, lean physique. Training. In general the primary source of information for the figure girl is the gym guru or a bodybuilder boyfriend. Probably the biggest error we see is that women who are trying to buff their physique are concerned about overtraining.

    Its really that simple. You should rest sixty to ninety seconds between sets. Here is an ideal workout to achieve a hard, lean physique.

    Fitness Figure competitor sample workout. Monday- Thursday.

    Exercise. Sets. Reps Crunches 3. Twisting Crunches**On Cable Machine.

    On Max Amount Of Carbs While Dieting:

    layne having work with several natural bodybuilders what was the most carbs you heard someone dieting on.probably my guy Ben who I helped prep. He never got lower than 170, only did cardio 2x week for 17 minutes , and by the week before the contest he was up to 235g Carbs. He was so lean at 6 weeks out I started increasing his carbs and he started filling out and still kept getting leaner at the same time. Thing is, he isnt an ectomorph or anything, 4 years ago he was 260 lbs and had over a 40 waist.

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    The First Step To Preparing For A Bodybuilding Show

    Bodybuilding competitions require a certain type of physicalandmentaldiscipline.

    Before you even begin this long and hard journey, go to the nearest local show and check it out.

    Youll notice that the audience has quite a few bodybuilders with great physiques.

    Pay close attention to the category you want to compete in.

    Competitive bodybuilding is NOT what most amateur bodybuilders expect it to be.

    You will notice that there is one person on stage that doesnt belong there and people are not reacting well to his or her appearance.

    Bodybuilding competition is NOT for the individual who just completed their Biggest Loser program.

    Its also not a reward for the individual who has only lifted for one month and feels they are ready to be a real bodybuilder.

    It is crucial that your physique actually be ready for the stagefor a real show.

    Choose The Right Supplements

    Teslaâs BIGGEST RISK Explained: âReally PAINFULâ?

    Nutrition is a vital part of bodybuilding. Getting all the nutrients to support your training during a low-calorie cutting diet is a challenge. If your diet isnt on point, your efforts in the gym will likely go to waste, especially when it comes to cutting. While dietary supplements arent strictly necessary for bodybuilding success, and there are many overhyped or useless ones on the market, some help you reach your goals.

    Creatine isnt a fat-burning supplement, but it helps you with the other crucial component of a cut: retaining muscle mass. Backed by hundreds of studies and without any documented significant side effects, creatine is a positive addition to your bodybuilding strategy plan, regardless of whether youre bulking or cutting.10

    Read more:

    Protein supplements come in many forms: whey protein, casein protein, soy protein, etc. They all serve the same purpose in your supplement stack: boosting your protein intake. During a cut, your protein needs increase, and getting that much protein from foods alone without unwanted calories can be challenging. Protein supplements provide you with, more or less, pure protein and nothing else in a convenient package, making them a crucial part of many bodybuilders supplement stack.

    Read more:

    Read more:

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    Bikini Competition Diet Macros Step : Compare This To Where Most Calculators Say Your Maintenance Level Should Be

    This one is a bit less textbook than step 2, but I think its important especially considering how many repressed metabolisms we see in this industry. If your actual maintenance is significantly under where it SHOULD be, you may want to spend some time NOT dieting, and see if you can gradually bring it back up to baseline. It is possible that your baseline is just lower than the norm, but I wouldnt assume that. Give yourself a few weeks eating at least somewhere in between your current maintenance and where it should be.

    I assume if you plan to compete that you are active and are training a lot. So anything much less than bodyweight x 15-17 should cause fat loss, e.g., this SHOULD be your maintenance level, or below. If youre maintaining on something more like bodyweight x 12-14, and/or youve been dieting at least sporadically, then I would suggest just bumping it up to closer to bodyweight x 15 or soyou likely will still maintain, or at worst, only gain a lb or two and then level off.

    And if you find that youre still maintaining after adding more and more food, and are passing the 15-17 mark , I would keep going. You cant supercharge your metabolism without drugs, but you can definitely bring it back up to where it was meant to be. Doing so will allow you to diet successfully on MUCH more food , and in my opinion, this is part of why my competitors tend to have some of the fullest/tightest glutes of anyone at their shows, while still being lean overall.

    Figure Competition Diet Plan 8 Weeks Out From Figure Competitions

    By | Submitted On July 14, 2010

    This figure competition diet plan is recommended 8 weeks out from your figure competition to get you in top shape and winning form. This figure contest diet plan will help you reach your diet goals on the day of the competition.

    The number one reason for failure of figure competitors to get into figure competition shape is their inability to consistently follow the contest diet. Many competitors THINK they are following the diet plan but they need to be certain, specially 8 weeks out. As you get closer to competition day, your body will be tired and you’ll be mentally drained. It will be more difficult to stick to your diet, but you need to tell yourself that you absolutely must stick to it and you absolutely must make sure that you do. The Competition Diet is the key to everything!

    So let’s take a look at what your diet plan should be, 8 weeks out. 8 weeks out from your figure competition your diet should have about equal amount of carbohydrates and protein with about 15% to 20% fats. The 8 week mark is critical because this is when your diet will begin to get a little tougher. Eventually there will not be enough calories in the day to satisfy your hunger. But you still have to work out hard.

    If you want to download 31 sample Figure Competition Diet Plans that are laser targeted to get you in figure competition shape in time for competition day then please visit right now.

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