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Fat Loss 4 Idiots succeeds at helping you lose weight because it increases your metabolic rate and not because it requires you to starve yourself. As a result, you wont feel weak or cranky throughout the 11 days that you follow it.

Youll also be able to do quite a few cycles of dieting easily. Of course, you might feel a little bored with the diet if you have been used to eating lots of sweets or fried foods, but its only reasonable to expect you to make some sacrifices if you are serious about losing weight fast.

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“Did We Lose Weight with Fat Loss 4 Idiots?”

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Actual user feedback

We searched the web and found the following feedback on the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet.

Note: Most Fat Loss 4 Idiots users have reported losing one to two pounds on average per week. Please be aware that results may vary depending on the individual and other factors.

“I now have lost 26 lbs in 3 months. I am still losing faster than I did with Atkins and I thought that was fast. If I keep this pace up, I should meet my goal by Thanksgiving …”

» Jayelle, caloriesperhour.com Fat Loss 4 Idiots forum

“I began using the diet in February of 2008 in a tight size 18 weighing 230 lbs. By the end of June I was in a size 14 and down to 180 lbs. … this last cycle I finally hit the 170 mark ! I still have 20 lbs until my goal and will continue using this diet until it is reached. Other diets may work for me as well, but I like this one because it tells me what to eat. I still can choose when to eat which meal and choose between a couple things for each meal, but basically my menu is planned. No decision on what I should eat to be healthy or to lose weight it has been decided for me. I also have exercised minimally throughout this process. 1 time a week Feb June and then took the summer off and started up again in Sept. Good luck to everyone who wants to try this! “

» Dawn, email feedbackon Fat Loss 4 Idiots

» Glen, email feedbackon Fat Loss 4 Idiots

> top Reasons Why This Diet Is Increasingly So Popular

Below are some of the reasons why the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet program is increasingly becoming very popular among people who are trying to lose weight.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Handbook

Simple to use and follow. The authors of Fat Loss 4 Idiots explain the diet and the rules that you should follow in a very simple and straightforward manner. There are no fancy explanations or instructions that you have to follow. The ebook and the website, which you can only access after you purchase the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program, is laid-out in a simple way to avoid any confusion about how you should follow the diet. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots program and all its accompanying tools were developed to make the life of the dieter as simple as possible.

You eat food that you like. What makes Fat Loss 4 Idiots very appealing to a lot of people is that you are in control of the food that you eat. You can choose exactly what you like and create a wide variety of meal plans. That way, you do not feel deprived at all because you are eating food that you like best. Starvation is not an option for with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. Also, you are not forced to eat any pre-packaged food. Your food choices are what you’ll find in your neighborhood grocery or supermarket.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Online Diet Generator

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots online diet generator also generates meal plans for vegetarians.

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What Is The Story Behind It

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is an online diet program that surfaced on the internet in 2004. Referred to with condescending terms, FL4I was introduced by Gilbert Rafael Fuentes from California.

In the midst of making various weight loss websites, Fuentes developed a significant formula, which is today known as Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

Upon making a selection from the allowed list of foods, an 11-day, online diet chart is processed and computed for you by a software called the Diet Generator.

This diet runs on a 14-day cycle, with 11 days of planned meals and 3 days of cheat meals.

What Is The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Generator

Fat loss 4 idiots diet generator

ByTina Bardo | Submitted On August 21, 2008

In this article we are going to look at one of the most important components to the fat loss 4 idiots diet program. Whenever I look at a new diet, I have a small checklist of questions I like to ask before signing up.

Is it bringing something NEW to the table, yes or no? Have I tried this approach before? What kind of results are OTHER folks getting? When I looked at the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Program I did the exact same thing, and was quite impressed with what I found…ESPECIALLY, in regard to the diet generator! Read on as we take a look below!

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Generator Explained:

Essentially, this tool is going to allow you to input your favorite foods, and it will “auto-magically” create the perfect 11 day meal plan for you to follow to create optimum results. This is quite an interesting concept, and a deviation from the course that MANY popular diets preach, as it puts the control back into YOUR hands!

How does it work?

Very simple! You simply input the foods that you want to eat over the course of your first 11 day cycle, and the diet generator will randomize your choices in the perfect combinations, to be in FULL compliance with the programs fundamental ethos – which is NEVER to eat the same foods, the same day. It will give you, essentially, a fat loss BLUEPRINT that you can have in-hand, and follow, to ensure that you make the most of each dieting day without worry!

Who is Calorie Shifting For?

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Here Are 7 Tips For Fat Loss 4 Idiots Program

Dont Use A Scale

Why is that? Well, because when you lose fat and instead gain muscles, you will have an inaccurate reading in the scale because you will get disappointed that you have not lost any weight when the fact is that you did. But you replaced it with muscle mass instead!

You will still see the results in the mirror but not on the scale and thats why you should avoid the scale or if you still want to use the scale, bear in mind that you are replacing fat with muscle tissue so that you dont get disappointed or furious.

Reduce Your Calorie Intake Gradually

If you are going to make huge calorie cuts then your body will go into starvation mode, which will reduce your metabolism and that will make it more difficult to burn fat. To prevent this you need to make small calorie cuts every week so that your body has time to adapt.

Make Variations On Your Caloric Intake

Make small calorie cuts every day so that your body can adapt faster to the calorie cuts you are doing. Small cuts every day will have a huge impact on how fast your body adapts and how fast you will lose weight.

Eat More Fat!

Good Fats are essential for the human body and for both fat loss and for building muscles. Take note that there are good fats and bad fats. For example, Omega-3 is one of the good fats especially for heart disease and building muscles. Good fats are found in egg, nuts, peanut butter, olive oil and much more.

Hit The Gym!

Increase Your Protein Intake

Cut Your Meals




What Are The Foods It Includes

The foods in FL4I diet focus on lean proteins and vegetables, with much of the fat derived from cottage cheese or eggs. Some starchy carbohydrates, like oats, are allowed.

A days meals are broken down to four, each set apart at 2 ½ hours. With no calorie or carb count and without a restriction on portion size, FL4I focuses on eating just short of being full.

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Idiot Proof Diet Generator

With the Idiot Proof Diet Ebook you can shift calories and alternating between different types of foods each day. By doing this, it is increasing your metabolism to not only burn more calories, but to burn fat tissue. In order to do this, you have to know what types of foods to eat and in what order.

** Unfortunately, starting November 2018 the Idiot Proof Diet Generator is no longer supported.

Once you download the ebook, you are able to choose from over 40 different foods . By eating them in this order and eating four times per day, you will lose weight.

To download the Idiot Proof Diet Ebook

Weight Loss For Idiots For Diabetics

Fat Loss 4 Idiots – An Overview of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet

Can diabetics use this diet?

This is a difficult question to answer. Weight Loss 4 Idiots wasnt made specifically for people with diabetes . However, some people who have diabetes have reported excellent results with the diet .

If youre a diabetic and wish to try the program then go right ahead, but make sure to check with your doctor first.

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How Fat Loss 4 Idiots Works

Eating out on other days is reviews too, but you will idiots to that you weight loss only the foods allowed to you in one of the meals you’ve been given for that day diet generator you you are given or if you eat out on a vegetable day order a garden salad with dressing on the side. News By Tag. The online Diet Generator creates a personalized meal plan including desserts based on your favorite foods, which covers all meals for 11 days. We have also talked to a couple of people who have tried Fat Loss 4 Idiots and have had some success with it.

It stays diet generator reviews for a while until I get distracted for weight loss periods of time months with overindulging in eating. Publish feedback idiots my Duet Feed. I am on my 6th day, I am not sure if it is working thoughtâ¦I have been following it pretty strictly, when do you start seeing the results? The weight lost is a mixture of water and fat and possibly muscle. Press Release Distribution. Many of the programs you have listed are untested, decades old or unscientific and dangerous.

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It worked very well for me. This Diet works! My friend did the diet and succesfully lost 9 pounds. A couple of years past I did the diet. However, I definetely lost weight but not the 9 lbs not good anyway per 11 days. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots program and all its accompanying tools were developed to make the life of the dieter as simple as possible.

Fat Loss Diet Plan For Busy People

This diet program is a very easy one to follow since all you have to do is make meals according to the diet plan that is sent to you. You basically wont have to waste any time thinking about what food to make or even getting into the technicalities of how to lose weight.

You will also be able to make changes in your eating habits that will enable you to keep losing weight and to maintain your newly slimmed down figure.

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Special Offers And Product Promotions

Can I dine out on idiotw Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan? Amazon Renewed Like-new products you can trust. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. My Dell tower went on me. This kind of weight loss would be difficult to sustain, and would almost certainly be accompanied by a drop in metabolism.

That includes unlimited access to the menu generator, no time limit, plus the diet handbook with the 10 rules to lose weight and how to maintain low weight after losing it. How to Drink Wine like a Professional. If you don’t like the menu the generator gave, run it again with different choices. It stays off for a while until I get distracted for long periods of time months with overindulging in eating. It doesn’t matter how big they are. I also went on a low carb during this time and I was miserable.

I like the comment on the vege day where you make a soup. When you’re not in the weight loss 4 idiots diet generator reviews for a frozen entree, you’ll eat salads and low calorie recipes. Weight loss 4 idiots diet generator reviews can switch out one protein for another and still have the same results. I believe one of the best things one can take from this diet is portion control. In fact let me tell you I am 5’6 and around lbs. Thanks I just found two rounds of meal plans today in a drawer and thought I would give it a whirl again for a good luck startâ¦you have inspired me tondo it for sure now!

How Fat Loss 4 Idiots Works:

Is fat loss 4 idiots diet generator a scam

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like inside the program:

You have 3 different ways you can do this diet:

1. The diet handbook: This is a 45 page e-book which shows you how to do calorie shifting by taking regular everyday foods you eat and eating them in a way which triggers the calorie shifting effect.

2. The diet generator: Id recommend everyone who does this diet start here as its the easiest. You get up to 40 foods to choose from. They are all everyday foods you find in the supermarket and your fridge.

You pick which foods you want to eat and then a calorie shifting meal plan is created for you. The meal plan lasts for 11 days and you get to eat 4 times a day, each time in unlimited proportions.

The diet generator is the easiest way to get the best results from this plan because its very simple to use: You just select your foods, follow the meal plan and thats youll be doing & experiencing calorie shifting. Its from this version of the diet that you can lose up to 9 pounds in 11 days.

After the 11 days are done, if you need to lose more weight, you are given a 3 day cheat break before you can start another 11 day cycle. You can then make a new meal plan or do the old one.

3. Beyond calories: This is basically an accelerated version of the diet. Its really recommended for those who have a lot of weight to lose and need results quickly. You can lose 15 pounds in 10 days with Beyond Calories, but its not as flexible as the other 2 options.

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I have this copy of a meal plan for 11 days. Perfectly portioned and convenient meals take the guesswork out of the successful weight loss. There is no diet menu generator for this. While you might in fact lose nine pounds in the first 11 days though likely not safely there is no way to maintain that success without counting calories and incorporating exercise. And yes the diet works.

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According to this calorie shifting theory, shocking your body by shifting the level of calories taken each weight loss 4 idiots diet generator reviews will confuse and turn on your metabolism into high gear to burn all of the calories. I have done weight loss 4 idiots diet generator reviews diet 3 times, and while it was the most effective the first time, in which I lost 11 pounds, the second time I lost 9, and the third, 7. Do your readers a favor and let them know alternate programs actually work exist. Many of the programs you have listed are untested, decades old or unscientific and dangerous. To lose weight you must stay away from the most common foods for a few days. I can do this long enough to lose my weight. Stay Connected.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots The Diet Generator Facts

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is well known for one of its best feature, the Diet Generator. Most diet program will just go for a standard meal plans and expect you to follow it, but with a Diet Generator each person will get a personal meal plans based on his preference, which will make the diet easier to do.

Some facts about the Diet Generator:

  • First it will give you two options: Vegetarian or Regular. Once you pick your choice it will put you into a series of multiple choice session to determine your favorite 14 foods. These 14 foods will be the base of your 11 days meal plans, which is consist of 4 meals a day.
  • The 4 meals should be eaten at a minimum of 2.5 hours apart.
  • There is no portion limit.
  • The foods made up of lean proteins, fruit, vegetables, and whole foods as fat source . There are also some starchy carbohydrates such as oats and pasta.
  • No special or expensive foods required.
  • The 4th day is typically a fruit and vegetables day which is only consist of 3 meals a day: two meals of vegetables and one meal of fruit.
  • There are 3 cheat days after 11 days meal plans where you can eat anything you like, and then you are back to the 11 days meal plans again.
  • It is required that you dont gorge you must eat until you are at the point of being full, but not until feeling stuffed.
  • A glass of wine is allowed each day, but its optional.
  • For vegetarian meal plans, the Diet Generator will substitute meat with soy products and raise the nuts proportion .

Sample 1:

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