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Pros And Cons Of Dr Gundrys Diet Evolution

Diet Evolution Video

The pros are definitely based on the fact that the diet is a gradual lead-up to a plant-based diet. The book is not throwing the dieter into this lifestyle right away but eventually will lead to it. Another pro is the cost factor because it is a simple book to read there are no additional costs added making it unaffordable. The cons might be the overall plant-based diet as the end result. This is not attainable for many people. There are also studies done that have proven this diet lacks both essential vitamins and protein.

What Are The Most Harmful Lectins


Phytohaemagglutinin is the lectin in red kidney beans. It happens to be pretty toxic. Phytohaemagglutinin is the culprit behind red kidney bean poisoning. This type of poisoning is the result of eating undercooked or raw kidney beans. According to the FDA, eating just four raw kidney beans may cause symptoms of severe nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.7

Wheat Germ Agglutinin

Another dangerous lectin is WGA the lectin found in wheat products. WGA basically mimics insulin. Therefore, it can block your bodys insulin receptors. Unfortunately, that may lead to decreased muscle mass and feelings of hunger.8,9

Diet Evolution By Dr Gundry: A Three

Dr. Gundrys method is divided into three stages to assist patients change their eating habits, behaviors, and dietary choices. The Teardown Phase is used to start the program and get immediate benefits, followed by the Restoration Phase for stability and maintenance, and the Longevity Phase for a life-long strategy to living a longer, healthier life. Throughout the program, participants progressively improve their food and lifestyle in order to lose weight and improve their health.

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The Fitness Component Of Dr Gundrys Diet Evolution

Per the doctor, research on successful long-term weight loss demonstrates that some kind of exercise program is essential to maintain lowered weight. The doctor also states that selecting an exercise program that you enjoy makes it easier for compliance and making the practice a habit. Thats one of our favorite theories on exercise if you genuinely enjoy your activity of choice, odds are better you will stick with your goals. Exercising strictly for the sake of exercise, in a discipline you dont enjoy, simply wont last.

The exercise component of Diet Evolution is minimal and can be summed up as take long walks if you run, it should be for short sprints, and some resistance training is required, heavier weights with fewer reps. The theory is based once again on how our genes interpret our actions and how our ancestors lived our ancestors lifted, pulled, wrestled, and sprinted after things they also walked long distances. The more you duplicate these actions, the more your genes will identify your behavior as that of a successful animal.

Not a proponent, the doc compares cardio to low-ranking primates, desperately struggling to make the grade, and the effort produces little in the way of results.

The Restorative Phase The Same Foods But In Different Ratios

Read Summary of Dr. Gundrys Diet Evolution by Dr. Steven Gundry ...

The goal of the second phase is to consolidate your gains and normalize your eating habits and behaviors. Phase two involves eating the same items as phase one, but in different amounts. Dr. Gundry reminds us that true behavior change takes three months of consistent effort. The Restoration Phase lasts another six weeks to help you maintain your new behaviors.

The doctor suggests you gradually wean back your protein portions throughout the Teardown Phase. As you enter Restoration, you should now be consuming a portion half or one-third the size of your palm. At the same time, you should be dramatically increasing the leafy greens and other Vegetables in your diet. Seeds and Nuts are still allowed twice per day, and Fruits that are good for you continue in moderation.

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Dr Gundrys Diet Evolution A Three

Dr. Gundrys program is designed in three phases to help people adapt their food choices, eating habits, and behaviors. To initiate the program and for immediate results, there is the Teardown Phase, followed by a stabilization and maintenance period in the Restoration Phase, and a life-long approach for a longer, healthier life in the Longevity Phase. Throughout the program, one gradually evolves their diet and lifestyle to manage their weight and achieve better health.

Mixed Research On Lectins

Dr. Gundry’s The Plant Paradox – Diet Secrets, Revealed [Q& A]

Currently, the scientific evidence on the health effects of lectins in humans is divided. According to Mayo Clinic, consuming large amounts of lectins may be harmful to human health, but it is unlikely a typical daily diet would entail that amount. Processing and cooking methods before consumption typically reduce lectins.

Lectins that enter the body can bind to sugars and carbohydrates, which can cause cells to stick together. Hemagglutination is the process where red blood cells clump together through the binding action of lectins.

Research also indicates that lectins in excess can damage the wall of our intestine. Lectins are described as anti-nutrients, which reduce our bodys ability to absorb other nutrients and can cause gastrointestinal problems and inflammation.

According to the American Heart Association , lectins can interfere with the absorption of particular nutrients from our body, including iron, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc.

But some studies show consuming lectins in small amounts may benefit human health, such as playing a role in cancer therapy, and that lectins may promote cell development and communication support between cells.

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What Makes Food A Superfood

The ads of superfoods on media websites are everywhere in todays society, with one food trend following the next. What one individual defines as a superfood, others may not. According to Dr. Gundry, a superfood should be nutrient-dense with little fat and calories.

Well, what nutrients are we talking about? On Dr. Gundrys account, he says we should be cautious with the term superfood. He defines superfoods as those high in polyphenols, antioxidants, and fiber, and low in calories and lectins, which consequently help with weight loss.

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Eliminate Lectins And Inflammation

The Dr. Gundry Diet focuses on eliminating lectins, which are substances that defend plants from insects and animals. They are found in many plant foods, particularly in the nightshade family which includes eggplant, tomato and potatoes. However, once they’re in the human body, lectins bind to carbohydrates in general and sugars in particular.

The belief is that they can disrupt messaging between cells, causing inflammation or other toxic reactions, as well as making weight loss difficult or impossible. According to the journal Nutrition Digest , lectins are implicated in such autoimmune diseases as rheumatoid arthritis. However, while there is evidence that eliminating or reducing lectins can help certain diseases, is may not be advisable for everyone to eliminate entire food groups because they contain lectins, according to the Mayo Clinic, which warns that the jury is still out on lectins’ contribution to certain diseases.

What Is Leaky Gut And How Do You Prevent It Youtube

Read Dr. Gundry

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Foods High In Lectins Include:

  • Certain vegetables, especially nightshades such as tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant
  • Certain nuts and seeds including cashews, peanuts, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds
  • Grain-fed and farm-raised animal proteins
  • Beans and legumes
  • A1 dairy products

To make things easier, Dr. Gundry has put together a few different tools to help you to stick to a lectin-free diet. One such tool is Dr. Gundrys comprehensive list of foods to eat and foods to avoid.

Menopause Is A Superpower

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The Plant Paradox Quick And Easy: The 30

Now, in The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy, Dr. Gundry makes it simpler than ever to go lectin free. His 30-day challenge offers incentives, support, and results along with a toolkit for success. With grocery lists, meal plans, time-saving cooking strategies, all-new recipes, and guidance for families and those following specialized diets , The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy is the all-in-one resource Plant Paradox fans and newcomers alike need to jumpstart results reap the health benefits of living lectin-free.

Phase : Teardown Phase

DOCTOR Reveals What to Eat to REVERSE YOUR AGE | Dr. Steven Gundry

The first phase lasts for a total of six weeks. In this phase, the dieter will focus on consuming healthy fats, non-starchy vegetables, and clean protein sources. Leaving out grains and sugars is key. It is not until the end of the six weeks that you can incorporate grains and sugars back into your diet. This phase is supposed to kick start your weight loss in preparation for the other two phases.

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Diet Evolution Of Dr Gundry Before Holobiotics And Lectins

Those who have encountered any of the doctors more recent publications, visited his website, or used his supplements, will notice we dont discuss Holobiotics or lectins in this article. These terms and concepts were introduced in Dr. Gundrys second book, The Plant Paradox, The Hidden Danger in Healthy Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain. Many scientists, dieticians, and researchers have classified Gundrys position relative to lectins as pseudoscience. We reserve judgment on lectins for another day and focus on the principles and methods of Diet Evolution.

Dr Gundrys New Food Pyramid

Dr Gundry has claimed the old food pyramid was apparently causing digestive issues, weight gain and fatigue.

In his new model, approved fats, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables make up the foundation. Dr Gundry says these are the most important foods in our diet and therefore can be consumed in unlimited supply. Cruciferous vegetables include spinach, fennel, broccoli, cauliflower and bok choy, to name a few.

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B: Are We Eating Too Much Protein

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The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook

In just the last three years since Dr. Gundrys bestselling book, The Plant Paradox released, millions of people have experienced dramatic health benefits of adopting a lectin-light lifestyle.

After experiencing incredible personal success on Dr. Gundrys protocol, many Plant Paradox followers wanted to share it with their families. However, the questions remained: How do I make this lifestyle work for my entire familyand is it safe for my kids?

Now, with THE PLANT PARADOX FAMILY COOKBOOK: 80 One-Pot Recipes to Nourish Your Family Using Your Instant Pot®, Slow Cooker or Sheet Pan, Dr. Gundry answers these questions and lays out a plan to set the whole family up for a lifetime of gut health.

THE PLANT PARADOX FAMILY COOKBOOK also offers families practical tools for transitioning to the Plant Paradox lifestyle, as well as 80 delicious recipes, including: single pan suppers like Skillet Pizza and Pastured Chicken Nuggets pressure cooker meals like Portobello Pot Roast and Spaghetti and Meatballs lunchbox essentials like Vegetable Roll-Ups and Avocado and Cheddar Sweet Potato Toasts two delicious bread recipes and sweet treats like Olive Oil Walnut Spice Cake and Almond Butter and Jelly Popsicles.

The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook is about the dishes we all lovemade with foods and ingredients that love you back. Dr. Gundry

Increased Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

The plant paradox diet preaches that you should do your best to avoid whole grains since they are very rich in lectins. Sadly whole just like with tomatoes above, whole grains offer a lot of health benefits as well.

However, whats special about whole grains is that there are studies that show their effectiveness in reducing cardiovascular disease. Avoiding them simply because of lectins could affect your longevity and overall health as well.

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