Dr Phil 20 20 Diet Phase 1 Recipes

The Doctors: Apple Peanut Butter Smoothie & Breakfast Scramble

Dr. Phil 20/20 diet Phase 1 grocery haul

Dr Stork mentioned how hunger drives a lot of people to break their diets, so eating satiating foods is whats going to make you successful. Dr Phil explained that the stick to your ribs kind of foods are the ones that break down slowly. Dr Phil showed Jennifer his Apple Peanut Butter Smoothie, which even she said looked delicious. Dr Phil said its a drink that will stick with you for a long period of time. Jennifer tried it and said it really is delicious.

Another dish full of clean foods is a breakfast scramble made with kale and eggs, served with an apple on the side. Dr Phil explained that your body looks for certain flavors, and the dish will make you feel satisfied. Dr Stork tried it and said, I call this good living.

What To Eat In Phase 3 Of The 20 / 20 Diet

Phase three or the 20 day attain phase is very similar to phase two. You do get to add in more foods and your main goal is to work towards attaining your goal weight. In this last weight loss phase of the 20/20 diet, you are able to add in even more foods. These include: avocado, raspberries, mushrooms, potatoes, spinach, quinoa, and black beans.

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Phases Of The 20/20 Diet

There are three main phases of the 20/20 Diet. The actual layout of the diet is for 30 days, five in the Boost stage, five in the Sustain stage, and 20 in the Attain stage. The final part of the diet, known as the Management phase, doesnt really fall into a phase category because its supposed to be carried out by changing your lifestyle. If you dont reach your goal weight by the end of the cycle, you just start from phase one again and continue through as usual. Each of these phases builds up to more freedom with food as you become better at controlling your urges or temptations with food.

Dr Phils 20/20 Diet Recipes Ideas

Dr. Phil Diet Plan: The 20/20 Diet Review

Basics: You can eat whatever foods from phase 1, but with those original choices, you can now add in more foods. Here is a sample list: Chicken breast, tuna, black beats, oats, brown rice, corn, carrots, tomatoes, mushroom, cashews, blueberries and more. Again you are given a lot of recipes to combine these foods with phase 1 foods.

The 20/20 Diet, created by Dr. Phil McGraw of the popular daytime talk show “Dr. Phil,” is a four-phase weight loss plan based on the concept of power foods. According to McGraw, these foods take a lot of energy to digest , which may aid in the weight loss process.

Dr Phil said in the first five days youre going to eat those thermogenic foods, and his book includes about 80 recipes you can use. The Doctors: Apple Peanut Butter Smoothie & Breakfast Scramble Dr Stork mentioned how hunger drives a lot of people to break their diets, so eating satiating foods is whats going to make you successful.

The 20/20 Diet, created by the famous Doctor Phil McGraw, who became famous for his presence in Oprah Winfreys show, is to consume a fixed number of 20 foods. These foods proposed by Dr Phil require a lot of effort from the body to digest them.

20/20 Diet Recipes. 4.8K likes. This Page is About the 20 Key Foods To Eat in the 20/20 Diet and How you can Lose weight following this Diet Were Other Diets Fail.

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What Is The Dr Phil Diet Plan

The 20/20 diet is a weight loss book offering a variety of diet tips targeted at people who have difficulty losing weight. Sponsored by TV personality Phil McGraw, this weight-loss program is best known as the Dr. Phil Diet. Most of the novel centers on 20 foods said to increase metabolism and promote weight loss. These foods are as follows: whey powder, rye, tofu, eggs, mustard, cod, olive oil, green tea, coconut oil, chickpeas, apples, yogurt, dried plums raisins, prunes, leafy greens, pistachios, peanut butter, and lentils. The book comes with a free phone application.

The book repeatedly emphasizes the science backing up Dr. Phils plan. The diet promises readers cognitive, behavioral, and nutritional tools for their weight loss journey. In this review, well examine the benefits of this diet and how effectively it promotes weight loss.


This program has three distinct phases:

If you fail to obtain your goal weight, simply cycle back through the phases above. After achieving your goal weight, continue adhering to Phase 3 and follow the books other diet tips. A registered dietician, Ashvini Mashru says, Sticking to such a rigid meal plan-not to mention that whole eating every four hours thing may be overwhelming for some. She concludes by saying, There are no phases or end dates to healthy eating.

In other words, if it aims to affect lifestyle changes, this plan is a rather short-sighted.

How To Do The 20/20 Diet: 13 Steps

20/20 The basics: Four phase plan based around 20 specific foods that require extra energy to break down, outlined in Dr. Phil McGraws book The 20/20 Diet .

The 20/20 Diet App As a companion to the book, get The 20/20 Diet app, free on iTunes or Google Play. Track your meals and exercise progress, plus get recipes and snack ideas for each phase of the 20/20 diet! Please note: You need to purchase the book in order to use the app.

Dr. Phil and his team have created a plan that you can start following right now and continue working for the rest of your life. In this diet, readers will start by eating only 20 key ingredients, called the 20/20 Foods, which theories indicate may help enhance your bodys thermogenesis and help you feel full. But that’s just the beginning.

Unlike some gluten-free or grain-free baked goods, these have a pleasant texture as well. Experiment by adding your choice of nuts, flavored chocolate chips, and different flavor extracts. Top with icing if you wish. At Christmas, crushed candy canes and 1 1/2 teaspoons mint extract make for a nice holiday treat.

Love it! This is my first official diet ever so I have been really strict with following the guidlines and have lost 15 lbs. I have also added brisk walking for 30 minutes 5 times a week. I think the plan is easy to follow and not as restrictive as Adkins or Southbeach. I had wanted to loose 15 lbs by my 1/27 cruise and have met that goal.

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How The 20/20 Diet Works

The diet is divided into 4 phases:

  • Phase 1 the 5-day boost
  • Phase 2 the 5-day sustain
  • Phase 3 the 20-day attain
  • Phase 4 management

Furthermore, the diet encourages at least 3-4 hours of moderate-intensity exercise and 2-3 hours of high-intensity exercise per week, for a total of 5-7 hours of exercise per week throughout all phases.

Ultimate Weight Loss Solution

Dr. Phil 20/20 diet. Phase 1 day 4

Before the 20/20 Diet Dr Phil designed a weight management plan that was aimed at healthy thinking as well as healthy eating.

This is good, because healthy thinking leads to happiness. Many people eat when depressed, and it can often lie at the root of many weight problems.

He outlines the plan in his book The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution: The 7 keys to weight loss freedom.

This is a sustainable, long term plan that may assist you and your life in more ways than just losing weight.

Note that the book is fairly limited in terms of an eating plan . This is not so much about nutrition, but addressing causes of emotional eating.

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Dr Phil 20/20 Diet Phase 1 Recipes

The 20/20 Diet is a cycling diet with 3 phases per 30-day cycle. Focus on 20 power foods to boost metabolism and make you feel full. Eat 4 times a day, with protein, produce , fat, and starch with each meal. Phase 1 only 20/20 foods phase 2 introduce a few other foods, phase 3 introduce a wider range maintenance diet plan your own meals.

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Dr Phil 20/20 Diet Book

20 20 Diet 17 Day Diet Best Diet Plan Healthy Diet Plans Health Eating Health Diet Dr Phil Diet Diet Recipes Cooking Recipes CHICKEN AND VEGGIE TACOS This recipe is based from Dr. Phil 20/20 diet program, Phase 3 Lunch.

The diet consists of four phases. In The 20/20 Diet, Dr. Phil McGraw identies seven reasons other diets fail people over and over again: hunger, cravings, feeling of restriction, impracticality and expense, boredom, temptations, and disappointing results or plateaus.

THE COST OF THE DR. PHIL DIET. You can find the book on Amazon for $15.00. After over 2500 reviews, this book earned an average rating of 3.5 stars. The real price of the 20/20 diet, however, depends on the quality and quantity of food chosen. As mentioned above, Dr. Phil McGraw created this diet to help those facing chronic weight loss issues.

Get Free The 20 20 Diet Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality By Dr Phil Mcgraw way to a slimmer, healthier body. A U-Turn to the Future From acclaimed author Dr. Jason Fung, a revolutionary guide to reversing diabetes. Dr. Jason Fung forever changed the way we think about obesity with his best-selling book, The Obesity Code.

Intermittent Fasting 4/3 Alternating Days

Pin on Diet

The basics: Eat normally every other day, stay under 500 calories every other day.

Positives: Most people will find this pattern easier than fasting for two days in a row. How to make intermittent fasting easier.

Drawbacks and concerns: Some people will find the extreme low-calorie days difficult to get through.

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The 20/20 Diet By Dr Phil

As a companion to the book, The 20/20 Diet App is free on iTunes and Google Play. Track your progress, plus get recipes and snack ideas for each phase of the 20/20 Diet!

Ten years ago Dr Phil wrote the book The Ultimate Weight Solution. Now, Dr Phil wrote a new book called The 20/20 Diet, which, as Dr Phil said, is about turning your weight loss vision into reality. The Doctors: Why Diets Fail. Dr Phil said in the last 10 years there has been a lot of emerging science, so he knew there was enough to update things.

20 20 Diet Recipes: Recipes to help you Lose weight Where Other Diets Fail.We Recommend this for Those on 20 20 DietThe 20 20 Diet is a phenomenal program created by Dr. Phil McGraw to turn your weight loss vision into reality.

20 20 Diet Program. Food list, to eat and avoid. The 2. 0/2. 0 Diet , fat, and starch with each meal. Phase 1 only 2. 0/2. One or two small .

The 20/20 Diet Plan Phase 2 The 5

In this phase, you continue to expand on your progress by adding some new foods to the mix.

Foods to eat in The 20/20 Diet phase 2: 5 day sustain

  • Meals and timing same as phase 1
  • Eat 4 meals a day, about 4 hours apart from each other. E.g. breakfast 6am, snack 10am, lunch 2pm dinner 6pm. Or breakfast 8am, lunch 12pm, snack 4pm, dinner 8pm. Or whatever works for you, as long as meals are spaced about four hours apart
  • Portion sizes same as phase 1
  • Portion sizes are given in the book, in the recipes for each of the meals for this phase. Men need to eat more than women, so for one meal each day, they should double the portions of ingredients. That should be the meal right before the most active time of your day
  • Choosing / planning meals
  • Meal options are in the book, with recipes. They include the foods listed below. Follow the recipes in the book rather than creating your own meal ideas in this phase
  • Theres nothing in the book saying you cant have phase 1 recipes while youre on phase 2, although in the Maintenance Phase it says not to select phase 1 meals as theyre designed specifically for the initial part of the plan, and its not clear whether thats also true for phase 2. Just keep them to a minimum as youre trying to get variety into what you eat
  • Proteins Dairy/eggs
  • Yogurt , especially Greek yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Proteins Meat and fish
  • Cod
  • Chicken breast
  • Tuna
  • Proteins Legumes and vegetarian proteins
  • Chickpeas / garbanzo beans
  • Lentils
  • Tofu
  • Whey protein
  • Black beans
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    The Drs Tv: Foods That Make You Feel Fuller

    So once youve thrown away everything you shouldnt eat, where do you start with what you should? Dr Phil said during phase one, he needed to put Jennifer on foods that would cleanse her palate but also give her a boost so she has energy. Dr Phil calls them the 20/20 foods, and theyre things that make you feel fuller longer and are more efficient in your body. To name some of those foods, Dr Ashton listed off coconut oil, walnuts, mustard, and green tea.

    Theyre thermogenic foods, and thermogenesis is energy in and energy out in reference to your metabolism. Energy in is the foods you eat and how they boost your metabolism. Energy out is what your body has to do to break down those foods. Dr Phil said in the first five days youre going to eat those thermogenic foods, and his book includes about 80 recipes you can use.

    The 20/20 Diet Plan What To Eat And Foods To Avoid

    Dr Phil 20/20 diet phase 2 grocery haul

    The plan has a cycle of phases, each cycle lasting 30 days . If you dont reach your goal weight by the end of the 30 days, repeat the cycle. Once youve reached your goal weight, move to the Management phase which is a lifetime diet.

    • 20/20 Foods that help increase your bodys thermogenesis and help you feel fuller with substitutes for common allergens
    • Phase 1 5-day Boost In this phase, you build a momentum to set you on a new path and keep you motivated
    • Phase 2 5-day Sustain In this phase, you continue to expand on your progress by adding some new foods to the mix
    • Splurges allowed from phase 2
    • Phase 3 20-day Attain In this phase, you continue eating two of the 20/20 Foods in each of your four meals a day, and add in a wide variety of food to keep your palate from getting bored, to stop any hint of rebellion you might experience, and to give your body the essential nutrients it needs
    • Management phase After you reach your goal weight, this is an ongoing diet plan to help you adopt lifelong habits to make healthy weight a permanent part of your life

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    Is The 20/20 Diet A Healthy Choice For You

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends consuming a variety of nutrient-dense foods including fruits and vegetables, grains, low-fat dairy products, lean protein, and healthy fats. The key recommendations in the federal guidelines are:

    • “Vegetables of all typesdark green red and orange beans, peas, and lentils starchy and other vegetables
    • Fruits, especially whole fruit
    • Grains, at least half of which are whole grain
    • Dairy, including fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese, and/or lactose-free versions and fortified soy beverages and yogurt as alternatives
    • Protein foods, including lean meats, poultry, and eggs seafood beans, peas, and lentils and nuts, seeds, and soy products
    • Oils, including vegetable oils and oils in food, such as seafood and nuts”

    A benefit of the 20/20 Diet is that it includes a variety of foods from different food groups, at least during phases three and four. Even during the first two phases, the 20 power foods include dairy, fish, nuts and seeds, fruits, vegetables, and protein, though the diet does lack in whole grains and overall variety.

    Once you move into phases three and four of the 20/20 Diet plan, you can start to add in more foods to meet the USDA recommendations for a healthy, balanced diet.

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