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Dr Oz: Extreme Weight Loss

History of the 5 Bite Diet | Dr. Alwin Lewis, M.D.

Dr Alwin Lewis is discussing his radical five-bite diet on Dr Ozs April 25 episode. Could this program help you lose 15 pounds in just one week?

The results sound dramatic, and thats because the plan is radical. But for people who are desperate for a solution, it may seem like a tempting option. Would you want to lose 15 pounds in one week?

I have a lot of questions about this. Are people able to keep the weight off? What are the side effects of such a rapid change to your body? These are concerns Im sure Dr Oz will explore when he talks about this extreme weight loss plan on the April 24 episode.

Dr Oz: 5 Bite Diet Meal Plan

Dr. Lewis says his patients have found great success with the 5 Bite Diet Plan, so Dr. Oz asked him to go through a typical day of meals for someone following the plan.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee and a multivitamin, which will carry out the fasting you did while sleeping a bit longer.
  • Lunch: 5 bites of anything. A good example is a hamburger because it contains everything you need and it tastes really good.
  • Dinner: 3 bites of macaroni and cheese and 2 bites of apple pie.

Dr. Oz says the 5 bite diet concerns him because it does not contain the nutrition you need and can lead to an unhealthy body regardless of the number of pounds you lose.

What Is The 5

The 5-bite diet consists of the following:

  • Skip breakfast or drink black coffee and take a multivitamin supplement.
  • Take 5 bites of food during lunch .
  • Take 5 bites of food for dinner .
  • Take 1 bite of something between meals if you desire.
  • Include protein in your diet daily .
  • Drink unlimited calorie-free drinks.

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The Five Bite Concept

Taking a closer look at this idea reveals the true meaning of five bites: its about the amount of food and calories you consume. There are other crash diets similar to this one and the five bites concept is here to make it easier for users to control the food intake. On the face of it, its a good concept if you are looking for immediate results and want to lose a bit of weight really fast. But, you definitely should avoid resorting to such an extreme principle as it is neither healthy, nor it is really effective in the long run.

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Pin on Weight loss journey 5 bite diet

All you’re really talking about is portion control, by the way. Therefore, this diet is especially unsuitable for people prone to or with a history of disordered eating behaviors 6. Enter your details below and select your area s of interest to stay ahead of the curve and receive Law’s daily newsletters. Here are 7 scientifically proven ways to lose fat on “autopilot.

  • When it comes to healthy weight loss, a calorie is most definitely not simply a calorie.

  • Did I say I was in the military?

  • I find it refreshing to see a Plan ignore the no-one-should-ever-eat-undercalories dogma.

Password at least 8 characters required. Please provide a professional email:. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Plus my metabolism was faster in my 20’s then current 40’s. Asset Management. Plus, the risk of weight regain once you go off the diet is very high. Evidence also suggests that severely restricting calories, as is encouraged with this diet, may increase your risk of binge eating behaviors.

New Jersey. The 5 Bite Diet emphasizes that the health risks of 5 bite diet slimming station overweight or having to undergo weight loss surgery far outweigh those caused by temporarily limiting the amount of food you eat. With this extreme drop in calorie consumption comes dizzy spell, moodiness, and other complications. You are doing yourself more harm than good eating this way and I don’t care what any Physician tells you. Sign In.

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Is The Diet Beneficial

The 5-bite diet dictates low-calorie consumption, which may really help in losing weight as well as in maintaining optimal cholesterol and blood sugar level. However, the low food intake may cause nutritional deficiency, slow metabolism and pose the danger of regaining weight immediately after the completion of the diet. Experts suggest exercising caution while adopting such diets and better, consult a nutritionist or dietitian and follow the diet under medical supervision only.

What Is The 5 Bite Diet

The 5 Bite Diet was created in 2007 by Dr. Alwin Lewis, as part of his book Why Weight Around?

This very-low-calorie diet promises quick weight loss without counting calories, giving up the foods you love, or following a regular exercise regimen.

Its meant to provide you with the same weight loss results you would expect from a gastric bypass, which is a surgery that reduces the size of your stomach.

The diet suggests that followers can expect to lose as much as 15 pounds each week by limiting their food intake to just 5 bites per meal.

Over the years, several products have been derived from the original book, including one-on-one coaching packages and memberships to an online support forum geared toward helping readers maximize their weight loss success .


The 5 Bite Diet is a very-low-calorie diet promising to help you lose a lot of weight in a very short time, without surgery, special diet foods, counting calories, or exercising.

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Lose Weight Fast On 5 Bites Diet

The 5-bite diet is one of many Doctor’s diets thats been sweeping the world, thanks to its creator, Dr. Alwin Lewis, MD, and to Dr. Oz and his TV show. While Dr. Oz said publicly that very low food intake over the long term is not healthy or safe, it still is popular, nonetheless. If youre looking for a quick way to lose weight, the 5-Bite Diet, while its not good for your body for long, it can be an effective speedy fix.

May Cause Nutrient Deficiencies

5 Bite Diet Creator | Who is Dr. Alwin Lewis

Its nearly impossible to meet your nutrient needs by eating so few calories each day, even if your diet includes nutrient-rich foods. This can lead to side effects like fatigue, dizziness, constipation, and even loss of bone density .

The risk of nutrient deficiencies is especially high in those who need to lose considerable amounts of weight, as they follow this nutrient-restricted diet for longer.

The recommended daily multivitamin and omega-3 supplements can reduce the severity of some of these problems but dont replace getting these nutrients directly from foods (

14 ).

Evidence also suggests that severely restricting calories, as is encouraged with this diet, may increase your risk of binge eating behaviors. Therefore, this diet is especially unsuitable for people prone to or with a history of disordered eating behaviors .


The 5 Bite Diet makes it difficult to meet your nutrient needs. It may also increase your risk of disordered eating and cause your metabolism to slow, hampering your ability to maintain weight loss over the long term.

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Foods To Eat And Avoid

The 5 Bite Diet doesnt place any restrictions on what you can eat.

You are allowed to eat everything you desire, as long as you limit your intake to 1012 bites per day, which are ideally spread over 2 meals and 2 optional snacks each day.

However, the guidelines encourage you to include at least one bite of a protein-rich food at each meal, such as:

  • meat and chicken
  • tofu, tempeh, and seitan
  • legumes like beans and peas

To help prevent nutrient deficiencies, the 5 Bite Diet also stresses the importance of taking a multivitamin and omega-3 supplement each day.


No foods are off-limits on the 5 Bite Diet. Still, protein-rich foods should be included at each meal. In addition, multivitamin and omega-3 supplements should be taken daily.

Heres a three-day sample menu tailored to the 5 Bite Diet. Snacks are optional but included in this sample menu.

Bite Diet Dr Alwin Lewis

Online Details: The Slimming Station Forum Designed to help you follow Dr. Lewis’s earth-shattering diet through to completion. Once you have reached your goal weight.

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Dr Oz: Ideal Weight Calculation By Dr Alwin Lewis

Dr Alwin Lewis claims his 5 Bite Diet is a healthy way to lose weight by eating anything you want, just 5 bites at a time.

Dr. Alwin Lewis says the thinner you are, the healthier you are and the longer you will live, which is why he came up with an extreme way to lose 15 pounds in one week as part of a plan to reach your ideal body weight. Dr. Lewis bases his program on a similar diet followed by patients after gastric bypass surgery, which includes eating just five bites of food at lunch and dinner. Dr. Oz is concerned about Dr. Lewiss calculation of a persons ideal weight because he believe it is unrealistic and maybe even a little unhealthy.

  • 6 Ft. 1 inch male = 140 pounds
  • 5 Ft. 4 inch female = 107 pounds

Dr. Lewis points to studies that show the skinnier a person is, the longer and healthier they live, when he explains his biggest concern is for those who have extra weight around the midsection. He says he ultimately does not care how much you weigh once you lose the extra belly fat because that is the most dangerous area to carry extra weight.

Healthline Diet Score: 079 Out Of 5

Dr.alwin Lewis 5 Bite Diet

The 5 Bite Diet is a fad diet that promises impressive weight loss, all while allowing you to eat your favorite foods.

Its marketed as an alternative to weight loss surgery, and its proponents rave about its easy-to-follow guidelines and quick results.

However, some find certain aspects of this diet worrisome, including the extremely low calorie content, potential lack of nutrients, and high risk of weight regain.

This article reviews the 5 Bite Diet and whether it works for weight loss.


  • Nutrition quality: 1.25
  • Evidence based: 0.5

BOTTOM LINE: The 5 Bite Diet is a very-low-calorie diet that promises quick weight loss without counting calories, restricting food choices, or exercising. Though it may result in short-term weight loss, it has several downsides.

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My 5 Bite Diet Journey

However, the 5 bite diet slimming station encourage you to include at least one bite of a protein-rich food at each meal, such as:. I did the five bite diet 2 years ago, lost 68 pounds And have kept it all off. I got into personal training to help people like my mom who struggled with her weight her whole life. Lastly, be really picky about what you eat since you ain’t going to be eating much. I was able to find some helpful tips to successfully stick to this diet.

  • After being diagnosed with epilepsy I gained a lot of weight from medication.

  • You can’t continue to live like you’re living and the minute you start eating normal portions again, the weight is going to come right back – with a vengeance. Other benefits of the 5 Bite Diet.

  • I did extreme portion control similar to this and I lost about 30 pounds.

I’d love you to keep me informed about your progress. In this book, Dr. A few weeks ago I was and now back to Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

I was just curious if station has been a member of Slimming Station’s online forum? Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Need a pep talk? Location: Zebulon, NC 2, posts, read 5, times Reputation: Lewis five bites diet! Page 1 of 8. He tells us that people who want to lose their extra weight and Fast should follow this diet.

Ten bites a day?????? Password at least 8 characters required Confirm Password. Lapband whatever you want to call it works! I lost 50 9 years ago and gave kept it off.

Read more about:

Will This Approach Really Work

The truly sad thing is that Mr Lewis appears to be serious. Do not be fooled. This is not a good way to manage weight and get healthy.

I have no doubt whatsoever that anyone would lose substantial amounts of weight eating just five bites at a meal .

How about we check back a year or 5 later before calling it successful?

The site for the diet has the audacity to say no more fad diets and lists so many clichés that maybe this is satire after all and I have been fooled.

I thought we were over these weird gimmicks?

“I just wanted to say how great this site is. The Macro-Nutrient and Daily Calorie Needs calculators I use all the time. Thank you!”

– Terra

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Dr Oz: Five Bite Diet Success Story

Dr. Alwin Lewis, creator of the 5 Bite Diet, gave Dr. Oz permission to talk to a few of his patients who tried to diet to see what they thought. He spoke to a 36-year old woman who says she lost over 100 pounds in 9 months while following Dr. Lewis plan. She admits to feeling apprehensive at first, but after a few days she felt much better and today is grateful and feeling healthier while still watching what she eats.

Dr Oz: 5 Bite Diet Eating Disorder Concerns

5 Bite Diet | Weight Loss and Better Health

Dr. Oz says he spent a lot of time researching the 5 Bite Diet and he found that a lot of websites supporting eating disorders are also supporting Dr. Lewiss diet, which is something that does not concern him. Dr. Lewis says his goal is to give patients control over what they eat and he tells Dr. Oz that he does not work with people who have mental disorders because he believes they should work through their issues with a psychiatrist.

Dr. Oz believes the 5 Bite Diet makes you conscious about what you are eating, but his concern is that it can throw the body out of balance. He says a diet should focus on getting you healthy and skinny at the same time, not just one or the other, and he feels there is a better way to reach your goals without counting bites or calories at every meal.

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Dr Oz: Lose 15 Pounds In One Week

What is the method that gets these drastic results? Dr Alwin Lewis is Dr Ozs guest on Fridays show, and the key to his plan is essentially a five-bite diet. You get five bites per meal. That may not sound like a lot, and it probably isnt.

But does it create safe weight loss conditions? Dr Oz is talking to a woman who lost 100 pounds on this method to find out how she overcame her initial skepticism and got the results she wanted. Could this work for you too? Would you even want to try it?

Who Should Follow This Diet

Never follow the diet without talking with your doctor first and only do it under medical supervision. This diet has more cons than potential pros, and you can lose the same amount of weight long term following a low-calorie diet as you can following very low-calorie diets, says the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. A better bet is to choose a well-balanced, low-calorie meal plan.

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Effective Way To Shed Kilos In A Week

Imagine shedding all those extra kilos without even compromising on any of your favourite food. Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true? Well, it is now possible with this ‘5 Bite Diet.’

This fad diet promises notable weight loss while allowing you to eat all your desired food. Considered as an alternative to weight loss surgery, this diet is becoming sensation due to its easy-to-follow rules and quick outcomes.

However, some aspects of this diet such as the exceptionally low-calorie intake, potential lack of nutrients, and towering risk of weight regain could cause some worry. Basically, the 5 Bite Diet is a low-calorie diet with a promise of quick weight loss. Let’s dig deeper to know this better.

How to follow this diet

While following the 5 Bite Diet, eat like a person who underwent gastric bypass surgery. Restrict the portion of your food to a maximum of 10-12 regular-sized bites per day. You can start instantly or gradually lessen the intake.

During this ‘5 Bite Diet,’ skip the breakfast and drink black coffee instead. Now, eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner, but keep the number of bites to five per meal. While no foods are restricted, at least one bite or a minimum of two per day should come from a protein-rich source food like meat, fish, eggs, dairy, tofu, or legumes, reported Healthline.

You can also have a bite of food between meals for a maximum of two, one-bite snacks each day and drink unlimited amounts of calorie-free drinks.

Other benefits of diet

What Is Wrong With The 5 Bite Diet

Five Bite Diet

First of all the idea apparently behind this is that intermittent fasting is a good thing. I have to agree with that. But this is not intermittent fasting at all.

The idea behind intermittent fasting is that you do not eat for 14 hours of the day and then you eat for the remaining 10 hours. So dont eat after dinner and then eat a late breakfast, a real breakfast though not five bites of food.

The creator of the diet says that you should not go on this diet long, but people will get used to stupid things and continue if there is any kind of support for it. Listen, if your friends try this do not support them!

Next is coffee for breakfast, Coffee? I like coffee as much as the next guy, maybe more, but coffee with the caffeine on an empty stomach is going to give you the shakes, that is why the ECA stack that was so popular years ago added aspirin, to calm that twitching and shaking from the caffeine.

Next 5 bits for lunch you finally take in some calories. But you have almost no calories in your system, you have only had water and coffee during the day and no you will have 100 calories or so. Whatever calories you get are going to spike your blood sugar quick and then crash it just as quick so you are going to feel sick from you little snack.

I dont want to continue this tirade any more but just a couple more things

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