Does The Dna Diet Really Work

The Problem With Some Dna Diet Studies

DNA diets: Do they work?

The first thing you need to know about DNA dieting is there is no one DNA diet.

Studies which use a concert of genes to help improve a given health outcome are rare, and usually look at 1-3 genes instead. The study relied on by Scientific American to declare the end of DNA diets looked at only 3 genes in the context of weight loss.

3 genes. Total.

According to the Human Genome Project, the human genome has between 20,000 25,000 genes. One of the problems with DNA diet studies, as well as the reporting on them, is the failure to differentiate between the use of a single SNP vs. the use of an algorithm which factors in hundreds of SNPs.

Do Our Genes Determine Our Response To Diet

Preliminary results from the PREDICT study, which were presented at the 2019 meeting of the American Society of Nutrition, confirm what weve already observed: Different people respond very differently to the same dietary inputs. There is no one dietary approach thats going to work best for everyone.

If these differences are genetically driven, then we would expect the identical twins to respond similarly. But they didnt. Genetics appeared to account for less than a third of the subjects insulin and triglyceride responses. The specific ratio of fats and carbohydrates in the diet were also not strongly predictive. Other factors, such as sleep habits, exercise, stress, and gut microbes appeared to play a much bigger role in our individual responses to diet.

This is bad news for companies who are selling DNA-based diets. But its good news for you and me. We cant change our genes. But we can change how much we sleep, how we manage stress, and how much we exercise. We can even influence our gut microbes.

Dna Diets And Ketosis

Keto, and high fat diets, are all the rage these days.

The big benefit of ketogenic diets are the ketones themselves, 1 which can be viewed as another endogenous antioxidant such as glutathione or superoxide dismutase. So, yes, a state of ketosis can be beneficial for some people.

But heres the problem not everyone achieves a state of ketosis under the same conditions. Some go on a high fat, ketogenic diet, measure ketone levels, and find they cannot achieve a state of ketosis at all, thereby missing the protective effect of the ketogenic diet altogether.



Changes in the PPAR-alpha genes make it very difficult for some people to achieve a state of ketosis. 2

Despite mountains of marketing for keto friendly products and meal plans, carriers of certain variants in the PPAR-alpha genes will find their best diet is certainly not a ketogenic diet as they are not in a position to take advantage of the metabolic benefits.

After evaluating the body of research behind PPAR-alpha, authors of this article, which appeared in the Advances in Nutrition Journal, concluded PPARa status could impact on nutrition decisions:

The interactions between genetic PPAR variants and the response to dietary factors will help to identify individuals or populations who can benefit from specific dietary recommendations.

Additionally, PPAR-alpha status also changes the way the body metabolizes polyunsaturated fatty acids .

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The Scientific Approach To Weight Loss

The NJ Diet is a comprehensive program that uses nutrigenomics to create a weight-loss program. Those interested in the program will meet with an NJ specialist to establish their genetic composition. This breakdown includes extensive testing, using gene variants to determine the plan. Individuals will use bioenergetic balancing scans to look at over 2000 biomarkers, along with hair, blood, and saliva testing.

Previous medical studies have shown DNA-based diets to be effective, particularly for those struggling to lose weight on other programs. A study by Stanford University put 141 women on four different diets. These included ultra-low-carb diets, low-carb, very low-fat, and a standard government program. After following the program for a year, scientists found that women on programs matching their genetic makeup lost 2.5 times more weight.

Another study completed by Interleukin Genetics followed 34 people. Scientists put half of the participants on a generic diet. In contrast, the others followed a plan according to their genetic profilethose with a genetic plan lost twice as much weight compared to the generic profiles.

Potential Drawbacks Of Nutrigenomics

What Is the DNA Diet, and Does It Work?

Although extensive research has been conducted on the connection between genetics, diet, and health, the science of nutrigenomics is still emerging. Nutrigenomics is a relatively new field of research, so we still have a lot to learn, says Lim.

This isnt to say that genetics arent a helpful piece of the puzzle when it comes to nutrition counseling. Just recognize that nutrigenomics wont solve every diet conundrum, and that genes are just one of many factors that influence health and ideal dietary choices.

Genomic testing should not be the sole criteria used to make recommendations, says Chernus. We need to include lifestyle, health history, health status, personal preferences, cultural identity, willingness of the patient to change, and their own health goals in our work.

The availability of direct-to-consumer genetic testing for diet purposes, while it may seem exciting and convenient, is another potential drawback.

The main drawback is that theyre not interpreted by a skilled clinician, Chernus says. Skilled practitioners use a polygenic approach: how all of the genes are part of bigger systems in the body. They interpret how these systems work together in the totality of ones health.

To understand the relationship between your own genome and diet, its always best to consult with a health professional who specializes in nutrition genetics.

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Do Dna Home Test Kits Work

But we currently have limited knowledge about the interplay between genes, nutrients and health, according to Dr José Ordovás, Director of Nutrition and Genomics at Tufts University in Boston. There are millions of genetic variations in human DNA, and scientists still dont know how the vast majority of them influence the way the body functions, or how one gene variation affects another. For many of the traits DNA kits are testing for sensitivity to fats and coffee, Omega-3 requirements and the like there are scores of genes involved, argues Dr Ordovás. The genes theyre testing for are just the tip of the iceberg.

Studies carried out by researchers from Kings College London, Massachusetts General Hospital and nutritional science company ZOE, show even identical twins can process the same foods differently, which suggests factors in addition to genetics are important for at least some conditions. Environmental factors have a profound influence, says Dr Ordovás the time we eat, our stress levels, what we did the previous day, the season of the year, and of course, our microbiota .

But nutrigenomic tests might motivate some people to improve their diet, according to Dr Ordovás. If you follow the recommendations of one of these diets it may benefit you but thats not necessarily because its exclusively tailored for you. It may be because you change your eating habits for better.

How To Use It

The manufacturer recommends that 2 Pruvit Keto OS NAT packets should be taken daily for the best results.

Each packet should be dissolved in 12 to 16 oz of cold water then stirred vigorously.

Here is the stipulated time, as indicated on the official website.

  • Before 9 am: Take a charged preferred flavour of Keto OS NAT to support optimum performance.
  • During the day: Increase your water intake. They recommended taking equivalent ounces of water to half your weight .
  • Before 7 pm: Take caffeine free Keto OS NAT to support improved sleep and body repair.

It can be taken with or without food.

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Cost And Where To Buy

How much does the NJ diet cost? The cost for the initial consultation and evaluation is between $30-$99. The fee varies, though, as the company frequently runs promotional offers.

For the initial fees, the customer receives a consultation and an overview of how the program operates. They will also conduct some initial tests to develop customized products.

If the customer decides to pursue the program, the costs vary between $1,500-$2,100 during the initial 40 days. Customers can register for the program and initial consultation through their website. Other costs will incur as well, like those for groceries.

  • Physical locations primarily in NY and NJ
  • Costly program
  • Little information on the website
  • Limited consultation times available

Dna Works For Weight Loss If Used To Lose Weight

AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimates: How it works and Updates for 2021 | Ancestry Australia

Thats right. Learning about your genotype wont magically cause you to lose weight. It is what you do with the information that can help you lose weight.

The actual DNA test does not help people lose weight. Its the actions that come from the information derived from the genetic test that helps people lose weight.

People who are not committed to doing what it takes to lose weight, such as diet and exercise, will not find genetic information helpful. Genetic predispositions to obesity do not mean that youre destined to be overweight. It merely means that you may have to work harder to maintain a healthy weight. Rachel Mills, a genetic counselor is right when she told Womens Health, Just because a genetic report says that you are less likely to lose weight, that is not an absolute. A diet plan and exercise plan are what will help maintain a healthy body fat percentage.

Many people who read this article will tell themselves that the only reason were for genetic testing is that we are a DNA testing company. While much of that is true, its not the only reason why we believe it. We wouldnt offer it as part of our App Marketplace if it didnt DNA didnt work for weight loss.

Let us emphasize that a genetic predisposition to being obese DOES NOT mean you have to be obese.

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What Are The Side Effects

Since there is the inclusion of supplements in the NJ diet program, you can assume that there may be side effects that can occur.

NJ Diet claims that they develop supplements that you can take regularly as a way to help you lose weight.

But they do not mention what kind of ingredients they use on their website.

With little to no information present about the kind of supplements that they use, its inconclusive as to whether or not the supplements are safe to use.

The lack of information about the side effects is quite concerning.

Keep in mind that there are some weight loss supplements out there that contain ingredients that can trigger serious side effects.

Its also important to talk to your doctor before going on a supplement regimen that is intended to help you burn fat and lose weight.

Does The Nj Diet Work

The combination of low-calorie diet plans and natural hormone healing means patients arent hungry, the company claims.

They assert the patients body burns between 2,000-7,000 calories for energy with this diet. Apparently, the diets supplements lead to intense fat burning.

They believe long-term weight loss will not happen until the hormones are balanced. According to their logic, fat naturally stores toxins in the body, making it important to the NJ Diet.

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Nutrigenomics Companies That Use Genetic Data To Create Diets Are Becoming More Popular But Does Matching Diet To Genes Improve Health

DNA test kits promise to help craft your diet using the most personal thing about you: your genes. And theyre growing in popularity among consumers eager for a new path to wellness one thats tailored specifically to them. The idea is that everyone’s genes are unique, so everyone must have a different set of nutritional requirements to achieve optimal health.

Proponents say the analysis provided by DNA kits offers a new way to look at nutrition. We can personalize shoes and personalize clothing, and it’s a no brainer that everybody needs their own kind of lifestyle solution, but it wasn’t until recently that people , We actually need to have personalized nutrition, says Sherry Zhang, CEO and co-founder ofGenoPalate,a DNA test kit company. On its website, the company says its services offer a way to “discover the healthiest foods for you, based on your genes.

What Is A Dna Based Diet Plan

Does genetic dieting work?

According to the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, nutrigenomics is the study of the interaction of genes, nutrition, and the influence it holds within the body. These interactions help medical professionals understand the interactions of customized diets and an individual genotype. Using genetic influence, medical professionals create a personalized approach to weight-loss focusing on the individuals body .

Testing for these diets depends on the individual program. The DNA-based diet uses multiple types of testing to ensure the most accurate results for its patient. These include 50 different genetic factors directly connected to weight, fitness, and overall health. Hair, blood, saliva, and wellness testing help doctors determine how the body processes the food you eat, including the overall absorption levels. Overall, the medical team evaluates over 2,000 biomarkers before starting the program. The gene variants offer information on viruses, toxins, metals, imbalances, or other digestive issues within the body, customizing your plan to heal the gut and improve absorption levels.

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So How Can You Discover The Best Foods For Your Biology

The evidence is clear: simple genetic nutrition tests canât tell you how your body responds to food or the best diet to optimize your metabolism.

The only way to know that is to take a test that accurately measures exactly how your body responds to food, alongside the many other complex, interrelated factors that play an important role.

Sound like something you’d like to try? With ZOE’s at-home test kit you can discover how your body works and be empowered to choose the best foods for you. No more guesswork needed.

I Took Three Dna Tests For Diet And Fitness And Got Three Very Different Results

Vanessa Chalmers

Food & Multimedia Journalist

DNA genetic tests promise to be the key to optimum weight loss and fitness. Vanessa Chalmers reviewed three and got results and lifestyle advice that totally contradicted each other. She explores the scientific evidence behind the latest trend

I have a predisposition for heart disease. But if I eat broccoli every day and dark chocolate on a Saturday, I might have a chance of dodging the hereditary disease. Thats the advice of health tech startup, iamYiam, who has received a swab of my saliva in the post and analysed my genetic makeup.

Genetic testing is the newest trend for unlocking the secret to living our healthiest lives possible, by looking at the clues in our DNA. Decoding our bodies abilities to metabolise caffeine, run a marathon or avoid overeating as written in our genes, is offering hope for serial dieters according to the newest DNA test on the market last week, myDNA. Available at LloydsPharmacy, it costs just £59 to find out whether Atkins is really worth your time or should you be opting for Paleo?

Surely, if it were written in my genes the results would all be quite similar? Right?

These tests generally work by sorting through your genetic variants and picking ones out that, in the current state of science, most strongly signify answers about your health, for example how well suited you are to strength training as opposed to cardio.

My swab test from Pure Genetic Lifestyle

Some results from FitnessGenes

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Dna Diet In : Does It Work

Yes, a DNA diet, meaning a diet that takes your unique genetics into account, can work if you are looking at the right genes to address your dietary concern. A very simple and straightforward example of a diet that takes your genetics into account is the PKU diet. Its a diet based on only one genetic variation: a mutation in the gene that encodes for a protein which helps build an enzyme needed by your body to breakdown phenylalanine. Come again? Its a mutation that causes your body to not process phenylalanine properly. Oh, okay. And whats phenylalanine? In addition to being a spelling nightmare, phenylalanine is one of the 20 amino acids your body uses to build protein. Long story short, if the mutation ultimately takes away the ability of the body to breakdown phenylalanine, it builds up causing some serious damage if left untreated. How do you treat it? Great question! Through diet. The PKU diet is a diet that limits phenylalanine since its an amino acid, its found in protein foods. So, meats, poultry, fish, dairy, beans nuts, etc. are off limits. A PKU diet consists of low-phenylalanine veggies, some low protein pastas and rice, and nutritional shakes and supplements to help ensure people get all the other amino acids and nutrients they need. If the diet is followed, those with the genetic mutation can expect to have a healthy, normal life.

Issues With Dna Testing

AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimates: How it works and Updates for 2021

But especially for diet and weight loss, I think there are more issues than benefits associated with DNA testing. Heres a few:

Weve tested this before. It didnt go so well. The DIETFITS trial in 2018 did a great job of showing us that even if someones DNA predicts that theyll lose more weight on a low-fat or a low-carb diet, the results dont necessarily translate into real life. Participants did DNA tests before the study to categorize them into a low-carb or a low-fat group according to their genes.

The outcome? There was no significant difference between the groups in terms of weight loss.

There are several variants to each gene: The way I understand it, each gene has different variants. Different DNA testing companies may test for different variants, which is why you can get different results with each company. One company might say you need to stop eating so many carbs, the other might say you metabolize carbs fine. DNA is complicated, yall.

The science is in its infancy: Plain and simple, our knowledge and abilities are vastly limited in this area, so to say that we can make definite diet recommendations based on someones DNA is just wrong. That doesnt stop the companies above from making these claims, though.

The recommendations are very broad:Seriously, most of the recommendations that these companies dole out will work for everyone. Theyre just common sense.

Plus, having a predisposition towards something doesnt mean its going to actually happen.

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