Does Diet Soda Cause Bloating

Wheat And Other Whole Grains


Wheat and other whole grains, excepting rice, all contain raffinose along with large amounts of fiber. Both of these can lead to increased gas and bloating.

Some whole grains, such as wheat, barley, and rye, also contain a protein called gluten. Some individuals are sensitive to gluten and may experience gas and bloating after eating it.

Gluten sensitivities range from non-celiac gluten sensitivity to celiac disease, which is a serious autoimmune disorder.

How Doctors Can Stop Stigmatizing And Start Helping Kids With Obesity

“You are supposed to get sugar after something tastes sweet. Your body has been conditioned to that,” explains Swithers. But diet soda may lead to a disconnect. The sugar never arrives, and this may blunt the body’s anticipatory responses and throw off the ability to efficiently metabolize sugar that’s consumed later.

This could mean that “when you get the sweet taste without the sugar, that changes how you respond to sugar the next time, because you don’t know whether it’s coming or not,” Swithers says.

For instance, Swithers’ lab has documented that when animals with a history of consuming artificial sweeteners get real sugar, their blood sugar levels rise higher than those of animals not fed artificial sweeteners.”It’s a small effect, but over time this could contribute to potentially significant consequences,” she says.

If this is happening in some people who consume diet soda, it could add to the risk of Type 2 diabetes, because when blood sugar rises, the body has to release more insulin to absorb the sugar. “So what you’re doing is you are kind of pushing the system harder,” Swithers says.

Given the new research, should diet-soda drinkers who are trying to reach a healthy weight give up on artificially sweetened drinks?

“People with obesity might want to completely avoid diet sodas for a couple of weeks to see if this helps to reduce cravings for high-calorie foods,” Schmidt suggests.

Diet Soda Drinkers Who Diet Lose Weight

Popkin cites research, including his own, showing that people who drink artificially sweetened sodas as part of a calorie-restricted diet lose weight. So does Maureen Storey, PhD, who is senior vice president of science policy for the American Beverage Association.


The current body of available science shows that low-calorie sweeteners — such as those used in diet soft drinks — can help reduce calories and aid in maintaining a healthy weight, Storey tells WebMD.

She points out that the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association support the use of no-calorie sweeteners to restrict calories and sugar intake.

Drinking diet beverages alone, however, is not enough to counter overeating — the only way to maintain a healthy weight is by balancing calories consumed with calories burned.

Nutrition researcher David L. Katz, MD, who directs the Yale Prevention Research Center, says the research as a whole suggests sugar substitutes and other non-nutritive food substitutes have little impact on weight one way or the other.

For every study that shows there could be a benefit or harm, theres another that shows no ‘there’ there, Katz tells WebMD.

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Is Drinking Sparkling Water Good For Your Skin

Carbonated Water 101: Sparkling water not only helps cleanse your skin in a deeper wayits carbonation helps to break up the dirt and oil embedded in your poresthere are real benefits aesthetically, she says. To make your sparkling water rinse gentler on skin , mix it with equal parts mineral water .

Myth : Sparkling Water Is Not As Healthy As Still Water

Does Diet Coke Cause Bloating

Sparkling water is as healthy as still water as long as it doesnt have artificial sweeteners. Generally, it is safe to drink and doesnt pose any health risk. The key is to carefully read the nutrition label to ensure that you are drinking the right stuff.Some flavored sparkling water may contain caffeine, citric acid, and added sugar, which are primary contributing factors to obesity and Type 2 diabetes. However, sparkling water with natural fruits or essential oils as flavorings can be a healthy choice.

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Your Teeth Will Be Okay

Theres only one truly safe way to protect your teeth against the harmful acidity that can cause them to erode: drink water. With a completely neutral PH, a glass of water is a powerful tool that prevents tooth damage and also resets the PH in your mouth, according to Orange County dentist Joyce Kahng.

If youre not a fan of water and find yourself reaching for sodas instead, your mouth could be at risk. Coca Cola, for example, has a PH of 2.4, which is acidic enough to cause serious damage. A solution, for soda lovers? Find an unsweetened bubbly drink instead.

If there are no added sweeteners, says Dr. Hughes, carbonated beverages will not negatively affect your teeth. Actually, if you are choosing an unsweetened carbonated beverage over a sugary soft drink this alternative will greatly benefit your teeth in minimizing exposure to unnecessary sugars.

Belly Bloater No. 2: High-sodium foods

Excess sodium intake can do more damage than just making you look bloated, notes LaRue. In addition to the negative impact sodium has on your waistline, it can also increase blood pressure and stiffen arteries. Aim to keep daily sodium intake under 2,000 mg .

Belly Bloater No. 3: Refined carbohydrates

Enjoy grains, but choose whole grains instead, recommends Palinski-Wade. Reach for brown rice over white rice, whole wheat pasta over white and popcorn over snack chips.

Belly Bloater No. 4: Processed meats

What Is Diet Soda

Diet soda is a zero-calorie, sugar-free version of a carbonated beverages. For example: to give the diet soda its classic sweet taste, Diet Coke contains aspartame and Splenda, both of which are artificial sweeteners, which contain no actual sugar or calories.

That said, artificial sweeteners can be between 200 to 600 times sweeter than table sugar, says Schapiro. So while diet soda is calorie[ and sugar-free, it can still taste sugary.

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A Glass Of Wine Isn’t Always The Answer

For some people, drinking even just a glass or two of wine can lead to major bloating. Despite being low in calories, wine contains yeast, which results in that bloat. Too, the fact that wine contains so much sugar means that it feeds the yeast in your stomach, making the feelings of bloat even worse, according to Livestrong.

If you want a flat stomach, but still want a glass of wine, one helpful tip is to swap white wine for red, as it has less sugar, according to HuffPost.

What Diet Soda Does To Your Stomach

Does diet soda cause belly bloat?

Drinking excessive amounts of diet soda can sometimes affect the lining of the stomach. Over time, it can get irritated from the carbonation, Valdez says. Heavy soda drinkers frequently develop indigestion, bloating and heartburn. Plus, carbonated drinks are a known trigger of acid reflux.

Consequently, is Diet Coke bad for your stomach?

It’s bad for your gut healthA recent study done involving diet soda and gut bacteria found that consuming diet soda may cause harmful damage to your body’s microbiome. The digestive and intestinal tracts are filled with good bacteria that keep the body healthy. Plus, all of the bacteria was altered in some way.

Likewise, what does diet soda do to belly fat? Drinking Diet Soda Linked to a Widening Waistline with Age. – People over age 65 who drink diet soda daily tend to expand their waistlines by much more than peers who prefer other beverages, possibly contributing to chronic illnesses that go along with excess belly fat, according to a new study.

Consequently, is Diet Pepsi bad for your stomach?

No, Drinking Diet Soda Won’t Poison Your Gut Bacteria, But It Could Do Harm. Your gut is teeming with bacteria. This ecosystem of microbes keeps you healthy but when it’s thrown off balance, it can lead to a variety of diseases.

What happens to your body when you drink diet soda?

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Carbonated Water And Joint Pain

Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States, according to the Arthritis Foundation. When you suffer from debilitating joint pain, you may be looking for any remedy to provide relief. But there doesnt seem to be any evidence linking carbonated water and joint pain.

You may have heard that carbonated beverages affect your ability to absorb calcium, which may be why youre thinking there may be a connection between carbonated water and joint pain but even that rumor isnt true, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

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Diet Soda And Fluid Retention

Diet soda contains sugar replacements such as artificial sweeteners, which greatly reduce the number of calories in the beverage. Scientist speculate that artificial sweeteners may cause or contribute to fluid retention, but well-designed studies on human subjects are needed to know for sure. As of now little evidence exists to positively prove that the artificial sweeteners in soda cause you to retain water.

In a study published in the journal Appetite in January 2011, scientists tested effects of the artificial sweeteners saccharin and aspartame and fluid retention in an animal experiment. In the study, artificial sweeteners, but not sugar, caused weight gain unrelated to calorie intake that researchers speculate may have been because of water retention. While these results are interesting, this was a small, short-term study using rats, and longer-duration human studies are necessary before conclusions can be drawn.

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Foods Causing Bloating In Healthy Individuals:

  • Carbonated drinks
  • High-fiber foods like legumes , cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, fruits with thick skin like apples and pears, whole-meal bread, morning cereals.
  • Foods high in fructose or sorbitol, like honey, certain fruits . Fructose is also in HFCS , which is added to many commercial food products. Everyone can absorb only a limited amount of fructose if this amount is exceeded, bloating and diarrhea may appear.
  • Diet soda, low calorie foods or sugar free chewing gum sweetened with sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol or xylitol, commonly noted as polyols on food product labels.
  • Sugary foods, like sweets or cakes eaten in excess, may cause bloating, since normal bacteria break down sugars and yield gas

A Diet Drink With Lunch May Cause You To Eat More At Dinner

Does Diet Coke Cause Bloating

Even if that diet beverage you drink with a meal doesn’t trigger your desire for seconds, it could impact your hunger later on. “Studies have shown that consumers of artificial sweeteners eat more calories during the meal following,” says Trista Best, RD, a registered dietitian nutritionist at Balance One Supplements.

How To Prevent Bloating

There can be many ways to prevent and avoid bloating. I have to suggest some of them, such as

  • Avoid the mentioned foods that are known to cause gases and start including ginger, asparagus, papaya, and pineapple in your diet.
  • Eat slowly. Slow down when eating doesnt give your body a chance to feel full, making it easier to overeat.
  • You should not use straws while drinking the juice, fizzy drinks, or other carbonated drinks as it may end up consuming more air inside the body.
  • Eat more foods high in fiber to prevent constipation. If foods alone dont help, consider taking a fiber supplement.
  • Avoid chewing gum.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid tight pants or skirts. This wont prevent bloat per se, but it certainly helps when youre feeling bloated.

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Beer Might Actually Cause A ‘beer Belly’

Want a flat stomach? You should probably give up your beer habit, or at least only drink it rarely. If youre a beer drinker, you might notice a kind of thick, heavy feeling after you drink it. Beer, like carbonated beverages, releases carbon dioxide gas into the body, which leads to increased bloating, making you feel heavier, and resulting in that belly bloat, according to Healthline.

If you want a flat stomach, beer isnt your best choice of alcohol, but there is some research that suggests that how you pour your beer can change how bloated it makes you.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Baking Soda For Bloating:


  • Apple Cider Vinegar


Including apple Cider Vinegar in the diet is a good idea for someone who occasionally feels bloated. It has amazing healing and comforting properties which can help cure bloating effectively.

  • Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 glass of water
  • To this mixture, add 2 tablespoons of apple Cider Vinegar
  • Mix well and thoroughly, and keep stirring till the fizz is under control
  • Drink the entire glass of the mixture to help with an upset stomach

Repetition: For better and apparent results, consume this mixture twice a day. Seek medical aid if bloating persists.

Is Erythritol A Safe Sweetener

5 Low Carb Foods & Drinks That Can Cause Bloating

Bai, Core, Huberts Diet Lemonade, Blossom Water, and Vitamin Water Zero are sweetened with the sugar alcohol erythritol. This sweetener can wreak havoc on healthy gut bacteria, which can lead to a whole host of diseases and if youre trying to lose weight or stay slim, keeping your gut healthy is vital!

Erythritol is also known to cause diarrhea, stomach upset, headache when consumed in normal amounts, is a powerful insecticide, and can also increase appetite just like artificial sweeteners do so youll end up eating more food. Research by Cornell University shows that the body metabolizes erythritol and associates high levels of erythritol in the blood to weight gain, which has spawned more studies.

Although this is a naturally occurring sugar that is sometimes found in fruit, food manufacturers dont actually use the natural stuff. Instead they usually start with GMO corn and then put it through a complex fermentation process to come up with chemically pure erythritol.

Is Sparkling Ice Bad For Your Teeth

According to available research, sparkling water is generally fine for your teethand heres why. In a study using teeth that were removed as a part of treatment and donated for research, researchers tested to see whether sparkling water would attack tooth enamel more aggressively than regular lab water.

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Artificial Isn’t So Sweet

Diet sodas are made with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Although artificial sweeteners keep the calorie count low, your body cannot fully break down these sweeteners, so they remain in the intestine for an extended period of time without being fully digested, resulting in gas, bloating and diarrhea.

Foods Causing Bloating In Fructose Malabsorption

Fructose malabsorptionis a common disorder, caused by insufficient amount of a certain protein in the intestinal wall responsible for transporting fructose from the small intestine to the blood. Bloating in fructose malabsorption may be caused by foods containing:

  • Fructose: fruits and fruit products
  • Sorbitol: certain fruits and artificially sweetened drinks or foods
  • Polyols, like xylitol, maltitol, etc. used as a sweetener in sugar free chewing gum, diet soda, low calorie foods or in many packaged foods
  • HFCS that can be added to virtually any packaged food
  • Fructans: in wheat, onions, leeks, artichokes

Does Diet Soda Make You Bloated

Does Diet Coke Cause Bloating

A lot of people have heard that old anecdote that diet soda makes your tummy bloated, but is this true or an urban legend?

In this article we will explore the answer to the question in a little more detail with some reference articles for the science behind it.

A lot of people prefer diet sodas over regular sodas because they are trying to lose weight, but the bloating effect may seem to counteract that visually and bloating feels uncomfortable, which is why you should know whether or not diet soda does in fact contribute to making you feel bloated.

Yes it does increase bloating. If you are looking to lose weight, you may be shocked to find out that diet soda not only makes your stomach bloat and but be a main factor in you gaining belly fat, weight.

You may want to avoid diet sodas for a variety of health reasons as well.

Studies have shown that when people give up diet soda they actually lose weight around their stomachs.

Other studies show that drinking diet soda can increase your risk of heart attack and diabetes.

If you want to learn more about how diet soda can make you bloated and how you can quit drinking diet soda, this article can help.

We give a detailed overview of the reasons why drinking soda causes you to gain weight in your belly and some tips on how to drink less diet soda.

Drinking Diet Soda Linked To A Widening Waistline With Age

People over age 65 who drink diet soda daily tend to expand their waistlines by much more than peers who prefer other beverages, possibly contributing to chronic illnesses that go along with excess belly fat

    – People over age 65 who drink diet soda daily tend to expand their waistlines by much more than peers who prefer other beverages, possibly contributing to chronic illnesses that go along with excess belly fat, according to a new study.

    Research in other age groups has directly associated drinking sodas that replace sugar with artificial sweeteners and increased risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and preterm birth, said lead author Dr. Sharon P.G. Fowler of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

    The new study only observed people over time, and did not test whether drinking diet soda actually caused gains in abdominal fat, she cautioned. “We can’t prove causality but there is quite a consistency in observational studies,” Fowler told Reuters Health

    For older people, who are already at increased risk for heart and metabolic diseases, increasing belly fat with age just adds to health risk, Fowler and her colleagues write.

    The authors had taken other factors like physical activity, diabetes and smoking into account.

    “It cannot be explained by the calories,” said Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who was not involved in the study.

    “Calorie free does not equal consequence free,” she said.

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