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Eat Foods That Cultivate Your Gut Microbiome

PCOS Diet That Works! | Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Understanding the influence of the gut microbiome on our health and wellbeing is by far one of the most exciting fields in medical research at the moment.

In just the last decade, studies have shown that the microbiome affects how much we eat , our metabolism , and even the way in which we absorb nutrients . Beyond just an associative relationship, a causal link has now been established between the bacteria in our guts and insulin resistance and obesity .

One of the main ways in which sugar is bad for us is that the fructose component of sugar changes our microbiome for the worse. This has been shown to negatively affect liver health , while studies on mice suggest alterations of the microbiome may also reduce cognitive capacity

Making positive changes to our gut flora is one of the biggest reasons why a PCOS diet works so well.

Some of the most valuable research thats been done in this space shows that women with PCOS have a lower diversity of healthy gut bacteria and that these differences matter . Rodent studies have even suggested that dysbiosis of the gut microbiome may play a causal role in PCOS and that improvements to the microbiome may be a potential treatment option . While this might sound exceptionally complicated, we also now know that if we want to make positive changes to the makeup of our microbiome, we need only change the foods we eat 01549-5/fulltext” rel=”nofollow”> Prince et al. 201646).

How Your Diet Affects Pcos

Studies suggest that over 70% of women suffering from PCOS have insulin resistance, which means that the bodys cells stop responding to insulin in a normal manner, resulting in the insulin blood levels to shoot above normal.

Insulin resistance is common in obese or overweight women with PCOS who follow an unhealthy diet. Uncontrolled insulin resistance can ultimately lead to diabetes. Research shows that more than 50% of women with PCOS are diabetic or pre-diabetic before they turn 40. Therefore, it is very crucial to manage insulin levels, following a nutritious diet, and maintaining a healthy weight to ease the symptoms of PCOS.

Insulin resistance also means that your body requires higher insulin levels than normal to manage your blood sugar. High insulin levels also mean that your body is storing more fat, leading to weight gain. Patients with PCOS also experience a slower metabolism rate than normal, which can make it difficult to control food cravings.

Pcos Is A Lifelong Disease

Its important to understand that there is no cure for PCOS and no magical formula or pill that will make the symptoms better. But, by making these diet and lifestyle changes, many of our PCOS patients are able to manage their symptoms, improve their fertility, and lead fulfilled lives where they are happy with their bodies and the way they look.

The fertility specialists at our Louisiana fertility center can help you answer your questions about PCOS. To learn more about PCOS, contact our Louisiana fertility centers to schedule an appointment.

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The Moment It All Changed

Deayana remembers the exact moment her weight hit home.

She was in the doctors office getting prepped for a hysteroscopy and a laparoscopy when she was weighed as part of the pre-surgery checklist.

My scales never went above 150kgs so I wasnt really sure how much I weighed at that time.

I got on their scales at the pre-surgery appointment and weighed in at 166 kilos, she shamefully admits.

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The journey has never been how I look in a mirror or hating on my body

With her dad by her side Deayana recalls him looking up at her as they read the scales and saying I dont want to say it, but I think we might have to do something about that love.

Her dad has always reserved judgement or opinion on her weight and appearance, so when he divulged his feelings Deayana confesses it hurt, but she couldnt have agreed with him more in that moment.

After her tests revealed she was suffering from a hormone imbalance she began the tedious task tracking her menstrual cycle to understand more about her body.

Admitting she has never been a believer in diets Deanaya started planning and calculating her calorie deficit meals.

My main focus is protein and water, as well as fruit and veg.

I made sure I was going my hardest at the gym, or getting in extra steps and eating the best and cleanest I could, she says.

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Just love and commit to yourself

What About My Cardiovascular Health About My Cardio Health

5 Best PCOS Diet For You To Try That Will Actually Work

Running and endurance exercise has often been promoted as the king of cardiovascular health: building our heart, lungs, and vascular system to protect us from heart attacks, strokes etc. However, studies have proven HIIT to be just as effective in improving cardiovascular health. Better yet, its been shown to be more effective in improving almost every other marker of health.

One study compared sprinting on a bike for a maximum of 20 minutes with steady state cycling for 40 minutes . As expected, both forms of exercise increased cardiovascular health. However, HIIT was found to have many other benefits for participants, including:

  • Significantly decreased weight and fat mass.
  • A significant loss of fat around the stomach and legs.
  • Improved insulin sensitivity.
  • Significantly improved leptin sensitivity.

The most interesting thing about these results was that they had nothing to do with calories burnt during exercise, as both groups burnt the same amount of calories!

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Determining Your Personal Nutrient Status

After having met literally tens of thousands of women with PCOS its become clear to me that supplements are of interest for two reasons. You either want a natural alternative to pharmacological drugs, or youre concerned about a potential nutrient deficiency.

In the list below youll find the small number of PCOS supplements where high quality scientific studies have found a notable or strong effect. These PCOS supplements dont just have one or two animal trials showing a statistically significant result . They actually have multiple, randomized controlled human studies showing the sort of effect you could really notice if you take them.

To help you understand your potential nutrient deficiencies Ive also created a to go along with this article.

In this comprehensive free guide, I share the most common PCOS related nutrient inadequacies and have identified those that result from the drugs were usually prescribed. Birth control, metformin, antidepressants, and many more all cause nutrient depletions that even most doctors dont know to look for.

Ive also included a recommended resource that describes a step by step process to determining your own personal nutrient status. This includes the exact name of all the tests you need, links to the labs, and 70 pages of detailed notes explaining how to interpret the findings.

So heres a list of the 11 most proven PCOS supplements according to the evidence.

Reconsider Caffeine And Alcohol

Without wanting to sound like the Food Grinch, its fair to say that caffeine and alcohol dont mix well with a PCOS diagnosis.

I think caffeine is best avoided because it increases your stress hormones which in turn increases your insulin levels. Regular consumption can also decrease your insulin sensitivity making it more difficult to regulate your blood sugar levels across the day. Caffeine can disrupt sleep and promote anxiety while the acidity of coffee in particular can cause digestive discomfort, indigestion, heartburn and imbalances in our gut microbiome.

Alcohol on the other hand has been shown to be a particularly problematic substance for women with PCOS. We have higher rates of liver disease because of this disorder and even small amounts of alcohol consumption increase these risks .

Moving away from caffeine and alcohol also makes it easier to avoid sugar and empty carbohydrates, which are often found in these drinks.

Im not saying never, but these two particular beverage ingredients are well worth reconsidering. Perhaps they dont need to be at the top of the to-do list especially when youre first starting out, but for anyone that wants to go all-in on a PCOS friendly diet, chances are youll do better without them.

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The Pcos Diet Ultimate Guide Best And Worst Foods

Want a Lower A1c and Body Weight Guaranteed?

Apply for Personalized Coaching and get guaranteed results or your money back

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the most common endocrine disorders in women and, yet, theres still a lot to learn about the condition, including whether or not a PCOS diet can help address related symptoms.

After all, while a growing body of research has led to an increased understanding of the genetic, metabolic, endocrine, and environmental causes of PCOS, women with the disorder are seeking to learn more about effective non-pharmaceutical dietary treatment options.

In this article, well help you understand the biology of PCOS , what pharmaceutical treatment options are available, and an incredibly effective PCOS diet aimed at reversing the underlying cause of many PCOS symptoms.

In my experience as a nurse working in both high-risk OBGYN and fertility clinics, I have seen the direct impact of a PCOS diagnosis. I have also helped many women living with PCOS understand how specific lifestyle changes can improve their symptoms and significantly increase the chances of pregnancy.

Many women living with PCOS are frustrated by the lack of effectiveness of the current medical model to improve both short-term and long-term health, resulting in an increasing collection of symptoms over time.

What Do You Like To Do

The PCOS Diet that Healed Me

Do you like to walk alone or meet with a friend and walk with company? Do you like a class or an individual workout? Could you build a walk around the park into your usual coffee shop visit? Can you walk to work from a car park or a tram stop a bit farther away, or use the stairs rather the lift? What do you like to do in winter and what do you like to do in summer? Do you have an electronic system at home such as a Nintendo Wii system that you could use to do a Zumba workout or dance program on a regular basis?

Finding a physical activity you like will help make it easier for you to include it as part of your daily and weekly routine. Alternating the type of exercise you do will also help with motivation.

It is important you try to make physical activity a key priority in your life as it will affect your long-term health.

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How Do I Start

Start by looking at what you are doing already. Try using a pedometer to measure your steps each day. The National Heart Foundation recommends 10,000 steps a day for heart health. When you know your average daily steps, you can set goals to increase slowly to this level. If you already do this many steps, it could be you need a different type of exercise as well to increase your strength or cardiovascular fitness.

Research shows that women with PCOS can have a lower level of confidence when exercising. This might be due to issues such as poor body image, self-consciousness about excess weight, and negative past experiences.

Support is available if you are lacking the confidence to get started. It might be helpful to join an exercise group that you feel comfortable with to assist with motivation. Or, working with an exercise specialist can help you build your confidence to do regular exercise.

/5foods To Eat If You Have Pcos

Proteins and Good Fat

Consumption of carbohydrates and sugars in fewer amounts can help you balance blood sugar levels. Including protein, fiber and healthy fats in your diet can further help manage your sugar levels. Including complex carbohydrates instead of simple ones will further slow down the absorption of glucose and prevent large dips and spikes in blood sugar which increases the production of male sex hormones. Non-starchy vegetables should comprise a quarter of your plate. Another quarter should be made up of protein and another one composed of starchy vegetables or whole grains. You can also add a piece of fruit to your diet or snacks to ensure that you are getting the required 1-2 cups.

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Full Fat Dairy And Alternatives

Ramallo recommends full fat dairy over low or no-fat dairy products for people with PCOS, as thismay help improve fertility. Some examples of recommended dairy products include:

  • Whole milk
  • Cheese
  • Plain greek yogurt

If you dont eat dairy, alternatives are available such as fortified soy milk, oat milk, or almond milk.

How Changes To Your Diet And Lifestyle Can Help Pcos

8 Superfoods For PCOS

Maintaining a balanced diet and therefore a healthy weight can be key in managing PCOS symptoms, by improving the way the body processes glucose, and potentially improving fertility, according to experts. Plus, PCOS patients often have chronic low-grade inflammation, Dr. Gersh explains, and much of that inflammation exists in the gut lining. Eating better, in general, may help your gut issues and other uncomfortable manifestations of PCOS heal from the inside out. Here are some food groups you should increase and limit, respectively, to manage PCOS symptoms and maintain or reach a healthy weight.

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Pcos And Diet: Insulin And Weight Loss Are Key

The most effective eating pattern for PCOS is one that promotes weight loss and reduces levels of the hormone insulin .

This is because PCOS coupled with weight gain drives insulin resistance. Thats why PCOS dramatically increases risk of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic health conditions .

Additionally, high insulin levels appear to upset regulation of the sex hormones. This worsens PCOS in a viscous cycle .

Whichever diet or eating pattern helps you to successfully lose weight and lower insulin will have the best possible outcomes.

Assuming you have been unsuccessful following a low-fat diet , here are several alternatives:

Include Plenty Of Healthy Fats

Okay, so heres another point where I may be getting myself into trouble

Thanks to the nonsense propaganda weve been bombarded with for the past half-century, eating more fat is by far the hardest thing for many women to get their heads around when switching to a PCOS friendly diet.

Through the far-reaching interests of the food and agriculture lobby, weve all been exposed to the governments view that a healthy diet is a low-fat diet. Despite government health guidelines appealing to science in support of their agenda, the real scientific community has been saying for decades that this is clearly not true.

In 2004, Dr Sylvan Lee Weinberg, MD, published a critique of the diet-heart hypothesis in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and summed things up nicely. She concluded that, the low-fat-high-carbohydrate dietmay well have played an unintended role in the current epidemics of obesity, lipid abnormalities, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndromes. And that, This diet can no longer be defended by appeal to the authority of prestigious medical organizations or by rejecting clinical experience and a growing medical literature

This sentiment is widely shared by many of her equally well-informed contemporaries with nutrition researchers like Adele Hite from the University of North Carolina publishing thorough criticisms of the recommendations made by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Report .

To my great surprise, all of them improved a lot!

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What To Do Next

You may be wondering, whats next?. Youve got all of this information about foods to eat with PCOS, but what should you do with it going forward? The most important thing to do before anything else is to talk to a doctor about your options. Many women who are diagnosed with PCOS will be advised to adapt their diet, which is where this information comes in handy, but you may also be given other options to go alongside these changes.about

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for example can be an excellent option for managing or even getting rid of PCOS symptoms. Bio-identical hormones, as the name suggests, are structurally identical to your own hormones and are derived from plants. Following careful diagnosis and study of your hormone test results, a BHRT specialist can prescribe the exact levels of hormones needed to help balance your endocrine system.

At the very least, in addition to adapting your diet, it is always advisable to seek out specialist advice and explore all of your options from a nutrition and a medical perspective.

Increase Folate Or Folic Acid Consumption

I tried the Keto diet for my PCOS… Here’s what I think about it

Folate and folic acid are both a form of vitamin B9.

Vitamin B9 is essential to reduce the build up of a compound in the blood called homocysteine.

High levels are thought to be an independent risk factor for heart disease and stroke .

Unfortunately, those with PCOS tend to have high homocysteine and therefore an increased risk of cardiovascular health problems .

The most efficient way to reduce homocysteine levels is by increasing folate or folic acid intake. Folate comes from whole foods, while folic acid is the synthetic version in supplements .

Top folate sources per 100-gram serve are:

  • Beans and lentils
  • Raw spinach
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Broccoli
  • Avocado
  • Oranges/Mangoes

Summary: PCOS patients tend to have high homocysteine levels, which appears to increase heart disease risk. Consuming more folate is the most effective way to remedy this.

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Pcos And Diet: The Dos And Donts

Now that we have covered why the right PCOS diet is important, its time to discuss what you should and shouldnt eat on a PCOS diet. Truth is that the right diet to control and manage your PCOS is a complex and individual process. Because the symptoms and underlying causes of PCOS vary from woman to woman. However, these general guidelines are helpful for any PCOS diet you may eventually choose to follow.

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