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South Beach Diet Frozen Food & Sample Menu


The menu for the South Beach Diet features a variety of nutrient-dense foods that emphasizes healthy fats, fiber, lean protein, and good carbs. South Beach Diet teaches you the differences between bad and good fats and carbs, so you can see what healthy food really looks like. Stick with their principles, and you have a better shot at maintaining your weight loss.

Pro Tip: Although you will mainly eat prepared meals, you will still be required to supplement your food by purchasing groceries, including vegetables and fruits. The offer a grocery guide, so dont worry, you wont be on your own when it comes shopping.

Every week you are also allowed to have several flex meals, including one of your own breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. You can either eat those meals at a restaurant or cook them yourself. Either way, they offer guides for both options, to help you make smart choices no matter where youre eating.

Heres a quick look at some of the foods youll be eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for snacks or dessert.

South Beach Diet: A Nutritionists Verdict

Nutritionist Emma Thornton isnt totally against the South Beach diet, but feels its not a long-term weight loss solution:

Whilst I agree some elements of the South Beach Diet are health-promoting , in general, I find the overall structure including the different phases, a little too complicated and restrictive, she tells us.

Quick Facts On The South Beach Diet

  • The South Beach Diet has changed from a moderate-carb plan to a meal delivery service.
  • South Beach is keto-friendly.
  • The meal delivery plan has no clinical support.
  • You must continue to restrict carbs with meals and snacks you prepare.
  • More than 65% of the claims in the original SB book may not be accurate.

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Before & After Photos Of Couple On South Beach Diet Together:

Heres another couple that lost weight together on the South Beach Diet. In this case, Anh Nelson lost 40 pounds while her husband lost over 20. Anh reports that, staying focused key to success with South Beach.

A post shared by South Beach Diet on Nov 26, 2019 at 2:56pm PST

Im amazed by my transformation my hips are smaller, my stomach is flatter and my legs are slimmer and look longer. Anh

Is that a cruise ship? Cruising while on a diet must be tough! Heres the couples before and after pics:

My Experience Using These 2 Services

Update To The South Beach Diet

Ive tried both services before and have seen successful results with either company. I like how, with each of these companies, I was able to go through the sign-up and ordering process quickly and without any issues. Their customer service representatives are easy to reach, and I appreciate the fast responses as well.


One of the biggest issues I had with South Beach Diet was that they charged a cancellation fee of $125. I think this is a ridiculous amount to charge especially given the fact that I simply wanted to end my subscription after my first month when I decided it wasnt the right service for me.

Dont get me wrong, and I ended up losing 7 lbs the whole month. But I often felt unsatiated, hungry, and the meals didnt taste anywhere near as good as Nutrisystems did. Some of the meals were either too salty or bland.

Not to mention, the portion sizes were very small. This wasnt even a case of portion control since I lost more weight on the Nutrisystem program even though their serving sizes were larger and more filling.

South Beach Diet

On the other hand, I enjoyed nearly each meal Nutrisystem sent me. I opted for the Favorites Pack just to make it easier to select my meals. The portion sizes were large enough to keep me full for hours at a time as well.

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Sample Meal Plan For The South Beach Diet


Virtually none.

The only thing we could think of is the potential food cost.

If you look at the meal plan above you will see that some of the foods listed could get expensive. However it doesnt have to be that way. It is possible to source the healthy foods required while on a budget.

South Beach still has an online in presence in the form of a meal delivery program.

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Brief History Of Noom

It was 2008 when two friends decided to partner up to create Noom. The purpose was to give people access to a program that worked utterly different from any others out there and thats what happened. Noom went through quite a few changes and upgrades over the years until 2018 when people really started to notice. Google lists Noom as one of the top diet searches of 2018. Then, in 2019, to further the mission to fight worldwide obesity, Noom partnered with Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company.

Noom has also been honored by the CDC as a recognized lifestyle program.

Why not give the CDC-recognized lifestyle program a go with a free trial offer today!

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Bottom Line: This Plan Is Rather Restrictive At The Beginning But Phase 2 The Eating Plan Is More Well

Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian and consultant who specializes in food safety and culinary nutrition. She is the author ofThe Greek Yogurt Kitchen: More Than 130 Delicious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Day.

*This article was written and/or reviewed by an independent registered dietitian nutritionist.

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South Beach Diet Vs Atkins : Comparision

Keto Vs. South Beach Diet

Meal Plans

Both the South Beach Diet Vs. Atkins Meal Delivery services are low-carb diets, in order that they are keto-friendly. Additionally, they will be customized for vegetarians and diabetics. Although both provide options for allergy sufferers like gluten-free meals and snacks, the allergy-friendly Atkins products arent very clearly labelled, and there arent very many of them. Therefore, South Beach is the winner of this category.

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Final Thoughts Which Is Better

Despite being owned by Nutrisystem, there are several differences to the South Beach Diet program compared to Nutrisystem. SBD is similarly convenient to Nutrisystem since youre getting mostly pre-prepared meals ans snacks you can eat throughout the day. Its also a cheaper option with meal plans that start at under $100 a month.

However, the mostly overly salted food and miniscule portions make me doubt its cost-effectiveness despite losing 7 lbs of weight in my first month.

This is mainly why I recommend trying out Nutrisystem instead. Their larger portion sizes dont affect the end results. Their food also tastes marginally better compared to the South Beach Diet, with less sodium content. I also like how their menu consists of over 160 items, whereas SBD contains less than 100.

The Ornish Diet May Not Satisfy You

The diet is also supposed to prevent you from feeling deprived, but our experts disagree. “He has 10% of calories as fat — youâre going to be starving on that,” says Halton. “My feeling with the Ornish diet is itâs too extreme. Itâs just too low-fat and too low-protein,” says Layman. “Fat gives the diet texture and flavor. If you get too low, itâs just too hard to sustain.”

However, if youâve already trimmed most of the fat from your diet and are looking for an extra weight-loss boost, Fernstrom says the Ornish diet can work as a good second step.

Bottom line? Eat More, Weigh Less is probably too restrictive for most people to stick with, but if you can handle the hunger, your heart will probably thank you.

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South Beach Diet Meal Plan

Heres a day of typical meals in phases one and two. During phase one, you eat five times per day three meals and two snacks. All meals and snacks are provided, but youll need to add in at five servings of fresh non-starchy vegetables and 64 ounces of water each day. During phase two, youll eat more often and include more starchy vegetables, good carbohydrates and DIY meals.

Phase One: One-Week Body RebootBreakfast

South Beach Diet tropical coconut almond bar

Noom: Totally Different Than Nutrisystem

Atkins to South Beach: diets garner similar results, Canadian study ...

You want to lose weight, but are looking for a diet thats completely different than Nutrisytem. Let us introduce you to Noom . Its a weight loss coaching app, that is probably one of the most popular diets going right now.

It doesnt include any meal delivery, so if thats not something youre looking for, then Noom may just be the perfect fit.

In the most basic sense, Noom is an app that connects you with everything you need to lose weight, and improve your health.

Heres how:

  • Work with a Coach One-on-One
  • Built Around Your Individual Goals and Needs
  • Join Your Own Noom Group This Will Become Your Weight Loss Community
  • Teaches You Healthy Habits Including How & What to Eat, Plus Exercise
  • Access the Noom Food List & Recipe Database
  • More About Making Improvements to Your Health vs. Just Weight Loss

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Who Created The South Beach Diet

In 2003, Dr. Arthur Agatston created the South Beach Diet. It was first released as a book around the time that low-carb diets were trending. The diet is more akin to a moderate-carb diet than low-carb, but many of the rules are similar between the two. Probably the most significant difference is on South Beach you dont count carbs.

The Final Take On Noom Vs South Beach Diet

Theres really no comparison between todays South Beach Diet and Noom other than the fact that you can use the meal delivery service with the Noom program. The old South Beach was restrictive, so there arent many similarities there, either.

What really stood out to us is that Noom is clinically proven, and the South Beach Diet isnt plain and simple.

Were thrilled to offer our readers a free trial offer of Noom for a limited time, so you can see what the latest technology in weight loss looks like.

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Noom Vs South Beach Diet Questions And Answers

What exactly is Noom?

Noom is a weight-loss app that uses the latest technology and psychology to teach healthier habits that lead to lasting weight loss. In addition to the traditional food logging and exercise tracking, which Noom takes to an entirely new level, there are lessons and quizzes to teach new information and help the user develop healthy habits.

How long does Noom last?

The entire Noom program lasts 16 weeks. If you have more weight to lose than can be safely lost in four months, you can continue on the plan as long as needed. Noom also works to help the individual keep the weight off after reaching their goal.

Is there a free version of Noom?

The Noom app is free to download, and you can access a free trial offer to see it in action.

How many calories does Noom allow?

Your calorie goal will be calculated based upon your body measurements and other personal data. Users are not assigned a random number of calories.

How do you log food on Noom?

To log food on Noom, tap the button on the main page to log your meals. Then choose which meal you are ready to log and enter your foods there.

Has anyone lost weight with Noom?

Yes, in a clinical study of more than 35,000 participants, 77.9% of people reported weight loss as per Scientific Reports.

How much is Noom after the trial?

  • 2-month plan: $50/month
  • 8-month plan: $20/month
  • 12-month plan: $17/month

Is Noom easy to cancel?

Is Noom really worth it?

Why is it called Noom?

Cons Of The South Beach Diet

What is The Difference Between Atkins and South Beach Diet?
  • The Reboot Phase and Phase 1 restricts most fruits, vegetables and whole grains and is too low in calories.
  • Eating out is difficult, especially in the beginning.
  • Time management is required to plan, shop and cook your meals.
  • Not advisable for people with certain medical conditions including those who are pregnant, allergic to soy or peanuts, have an eating disorder, of kidney condition.

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Level Of Effort: Medium

The South Beach Diet is meant to be practical and uncomplicated. Thereâs no need to count calories or figure percentages of fats, carbs, and protein. Your meals are normal in size.

Limitations: Itâs OK to bend or break the rules every now and then. If you overindulge in Phase 2, Agatston suggests switching back to Phase 1 until you lose the weight you put on. Then return to where you left off.

Cooking and shopping: Dishes are easy to make, with ingredients found in supermarkets or in most restaurants. The plan requires snacks between meals, but they are âthe kind that can be thrown into a briefcase or backpack in the morning and eaten on the run,” as the book says.

Packaged foods or meals: Yes, although you don’t have to buy them. South Beach Diet foods for sale include everything from snack bars to smoothies.

In-person meetings: None.

Exercise: The South Beach Diet doesnât depend on exercise to work. But The South Beach Diet Supercharged, Agatstonâs updated version of his original book, has an exercise program that includes walking and strengthening your core muscles.

Key Differences Between Nutrisystem & South Beach Diet

  • Price: Nutrisystem is less expensive
  • Food Choices: Nutrisystem offers the industrys most extensive menu, with more than 160 foods to choose from
  • Menu: The focus of the South Beach Diet is more of an International Menu while Nutrisystem is more focused on American-style Cuisine
  • Specialty Plans: Nutrisystem offers Specialty Plans for Vegetarians and Diabetics

Although both diet delivery programs are fairly affordable, Nutrisystems prices range from $8.57 to $12.50 per day and tend to be a bit cheaper than the prices charged by the South Beach Diet.

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Best South Beach Diet Alternatives: Top 3 Cheaper Competitors

South Beach Diet is one of the most popular weight loss programs in the world for a pretty simple reason it works! Even with all of the weight loss theyre responsible for, its not always the top choice for everyone.

If you happen to fall into that category, or just want something different or cheaper, then youll want to keep reading.

Below, well detail our favorite alternatives to South Beach Diet, so you can find an option that will meet your dietary needs, personal taste preferences, and budget.

So, without wasting anymore time, lets take a look at some of the biggest competitors for the year.

Does South Beach Diet Allow For Restrictions And Preferences

How To Survive The South Beach Diet Phase 1

Most people will be able to customize South Beach to their needs choose your preference for more information.

Supplement recommended? South Beach dietitians say the plan meets the bodys basic nutrient requirements, and vitamins arent necessary. However, Arthur Agatston, of the original South Beach Diet, does suggest an omega-3 fatty acid supplement, since its difficult to get enough omega-3s from food, particularly if you dont like fish.

Vegetarian or Vegan: Vegetarian and vegan-friendly meal plans and recipes are available online to subscribing members. Choices include veggie burgers, vegetarian chili and tofu pudding . Most of your protein will come from plant sources like soy.

Gluten-Free: People who cant tolerate gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye, wont have a problem with phase one, since grains are off-limits. Phases two and three are also doable, though its up to you to choose gluten-free ingredients. South Beach does offer gluten-free recipes, like vegetable quiche cups.

Low-Salt: Low-sodium recipes abound on South Beach. And because the program emphasizes fresh ingredients rather than salty processed foods, meeting government recommendations is doable. Fresh veggies, for example, are virtually sodium-free as long as you dont reach for the shaker.

Kosher: Lots of kosher recipes are provided.

Halal: South Beach does not offer halal recipes.

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Bottom Line: A Clear Winner

When it comes to picking out meal delivery diet, South Beach Diet should be near the top of your list. While its going to be a great choice for most people, its not going to work for everyone.

If youre looking for something different, or need specialty plan, then we recommend checking out one of the three diets on our list above.

All of them have been proven to produce amazing weight loss results, are safe and effective, and affordable when compared to your average grocery store bill.

Nutrisystem for the win?

That said, theres a reason that Nutrisystem has been rated as our top-rated meal delivery diet for three years running, and thats because its one of the best and most affordable programs around.

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