Diet Plan For A Healthy Gut

Breakfast: Blueberry Smoothie Bowl With Fresh Bananas

Healthy Gut Diet Plan – The ONE Diet Changes to Make for a Healthier Gut

You only need to blend healthy ingredients like blueberries, rolled oats, and almond milk to make a smoothie bowl. Add any toppings you want, like bananas, chopped raw almonds, and fresh strawberries.

Kimchi fried rice is among the easiest meals you can cook. To make the dish vegan, don’t include eggs in the mix. Just stir fry the kimchi, your choice of vegetables, and green onions. You can also add a dried seaweed sheet, thinly sliced before you serve the fried rice.

Note: Use brown rice instead of white rice because it’s richer in fiber, but don’t overload the dish with brown rice. Too much of it may cause issues with your gut.

Probiotics And Prebiotics: Two Gut

These two terms probiotics and prebiotics are becoming more widely known, so youve probably heard them.

Probiotics are beneficial good gut bugs. And prebiotics are food for these bacteria.

You can get both probiotics and prebiotics by eating the right foods.

Probiotics are found in fermented foods, as well as in some supplements. And prebiotics are found in certain fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The most central prebiotic of all is fiber.

Kimchi: A Spicy Alternative To Sauerkraut

A Korean alternative to sauerkraut, kimchi is also fermented cabbage made with several different spices and ingredients. Common ingredients include salt, chili powder, onion, garlic, and ginger. Its sometimes traditionally made with a fish stock base, but its easy to find a plant-based version in stores or to make your own at home.

A 2014 study in the Journal of Medicinal Food confirmed that kimchi is high in probiotics, and is an excellent fuel for gut health. Other studies have shown that kimchi can help to fight cancer, obesity, aging, and constipation, while also contributing to your immune system, skin health, and brain health.

Eat kimchi in bowls, wraps, or as a seasoning on just about anything.

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Foods To Avoid On A Leaky Gut Meal Plan

1. Gluten/wheat based products including pasta, noodles, breads, pastries, cereal, granola and beer2. Gluten grains such as barley, rye, bulgur and oats3. Refined and processed sugar4. Baked goods like cakes, cookies, muffins, pies and pastries5. Snack foods like popcorn, pretzels, candy bars and chips6. Refined carbohydrates

Breakfast: Chia Seeds Breakfast Bowl

The Gut Health Diet Plan by Christine Bailey

Prepare chia seeds the night before by soaking it in almond milk or coconut milk. Start with around 3 to 4 tablespoons of chia seeds and around 3 cups of milk. You can adjust the consistency as you please. The next day, you can add organic agave nectar, fruits, and coconut flakes for more texture and flavor.

Rinse and drain chickpeas before placing them in a bowl. Add the Brussel sprouts that are already cleaned and cut. Drizzle it with olive oil and your seasoning of choice. Lightly toss the ingredients, then, spread them on a baking sheet. Let it roast for about 10 to 15 minutes in a preheated 400F oven. Once done, you can add more olive oil or other toppings.

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The Role Of Resistant Starch In A Healthy Gut

Recipes featured in the CSIRO Healthy Gut Diet book are designed to boost the amount and diversity of dietary fibre in your diet particularly that of resistant starch.

Considered gut health gold, resistant starch is an insoluble fibre that is especially good at feeding beneficial gut bacteria. When consumed with other dietary fibres, resistant starch can help keep your gut and the rest of your body healthy.

How The Foods You Eat Help Your Gut

When it comes to maintaining your microbiome at its healthiest level, nothing is more important than what you eat and drink.

The internal environment of your gut is dictated by what you put in your mouth so the foods you choose to eat are a crucial component of maintaining gut health.

The good news is, even a lifetime of bad eating is fixable at least as far as your microbes are concerned. Amazingly, your body can create a new microbiota in as little as 24 hours just by changing what you eat.

What you eat determines which bacteria thrive in your gut. And research tells us that the good gut bugs get stronger when fed colorful, plant-based foods.

A 2014 study in the journal The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society found that vegetables, grains, and beans fed a positive gut environment. But meat, , dairy, and eggs fed a negative gut environment.

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More Ways To Make Gut Healthy Meals

Not looking for a full meal plan but interested in making your day-to-day meals more gut friendly? Weve got you covered with a few simple tips you can incorporate today!

  • Add flavor and dimension to your meals with gut-friendly herbs and spices such as ginger, basil, mint, cinnamon, and curry .
  • Cook your veggies thoroughly
  • Watch your fiber intake! Consuming too much can be just as harmful as not consuming enough. Consuming whole food fibers to get that extra nourishment! The total recommended intake is between 25 and 30 grams per day.

What is your favorite recipe from this meal plan? Let me know in the comments below!


Are Gut Health Diet Plans Difficult And Restrictive

What is the best diet for a healthy gut?

Simply set aside four weeks for the first stage and be organised. Its not restrictive, in fact some people look at the daily menu and say, Are you sure Im going to lose weight, Im eating like a king? But its important to remember that not all calories are created equal.

Take for example chicken, which is protein the hardest and slowest type of food for your body to break down. You burn up to a third of its calories just by digesting it something called the thermogenic effect. So instead of counting calories, just enjoy nutrient-rich foods such as those on the plan.

Other than tweaking your diet to include mainly plants and protein, some additional yet simple tweaks will help your gut heal, such as chewing your food properly and leaving plenty of time between eating so youre not constantly having to break down food all day.

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Gut Health Diet: Your 4

Learn how to improve your gut health through your diet with this four week plan…

By Psychologies

Revamping your diet to help heal your gut can do wonders for the health of your whole body. If youre wondering what diet you should be following for good gut health, try this four week plan from nutritional therapist Jeannette Hyde

Whether its a new wardrobe or a fresh set of make-up, a revamp can go miles towards helping you feel better on the outside but what about the inside? Just as your outer self needs an occasional restyle, your hard-working digestive system should also be treated to a well-deserved makeover from time to time.

Deep in the centre of your body, your gut is working away constantly, influencing numerous processes. There are the obvious digestion and waste elimination processes, but ongoing and in-depth scientific studies have also proven that your gut directly influences your weight, skin, immunity and even energy and mood.

The reason it has such influence over your health is because of the complex community of microbes it houses. There are thousands upon thousands of bacterial species in your guts microbiome, and the key to a healthy community is maintaining the right balance between good and bad ones.

Customizing Your Leaky Gut Diet

All of the advanced leakygut diets can be customized to include healthy foods that dont irritateyour symptoms.

Not all of the removed foods on the Paleo or low FODMAP dietare bad for everyone. For example, the Paleo diet is grain free. But you mayfind that you tolerate some grains just fine, and need a more carbsthan the diet typically provides. The low FODMAP diet removes most legumes, butyou may find you tolerate certain beans just fine.

Once your symptoms have subsided, you can start a gradualprocess of reintroducing foods to see how your body reacts.

As your gut lining heals, you may be able to broaden yourdiet considerably. As long as you arent noticing any increase in symptoms,listen to this message from your body, and adapt the diet accordingly.

Additionally, some supplements, like probiotics and L-glutamine may supercharge your progress.

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Do You Have Gut Issues

Gut issues can be obvious , but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you’ll experience sneakier signs, like difficulty concentrating, mood swings, and skin issues. Here are some signs that your gut microbial balance might be off:

  • Gas/flatulence

That said, while certain foods may be generally categorized as “gut-healthy foods,” you also have to consider any potential food intolerances that may be unique to you. Such intolerances can contribute to a “loose” or permeable gut walla phenomenon also referred to as “intestinal permeability” or “leaky gut” by many functional health experts.

“When the permeability of the gut lining has been altered, this allows toxins, bacteria, and foreign substances like undigested food particles to enter the bloodstream along with the nutrients,” family medicine physician Bindiya Gandhi, M.D., previously told mbg. This may also ladder up to digestive issues, autoimmune issues, hormone imbalances, food allergies, and other manifestations like joint pain.

On an individual level, some other things that can negatively affect your gut include:

Pasquariello says when trying to improve your gut health, focus on the things you can control. And one of those things is your diet.

Broccoli: More Reason To Eat This Popular Veggie: Its Good For Your Gut


Not everyone is a fan of this green cruciferous veggie, but its health benefits are undeniable.

In a 2017 study in the Journal of Functional Foods, when mice ate broccoli with their regular diet, it improved their intestinal health.

The effects may also apply to other veggies in the cruciferous family. So load up on cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cabbage. Add them to stir-frys, roast them, steam them, or grate and pile them on top of your favorite salad.

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Leaky Gut Diet Sample Menu

Based on the recommendations above regarding the best and worst leaky gut foods, here is what a few days of meals might look like when following a leaky gut diet plan:

Day #1

  • Breakfast: avocado on sprouted grain toast topped with sauerkraut and tomatoes
  • Lunch: salad topped with sliced grass-fed steak and cooked or cultured veggies
  • Dinner: stir-fry made with mixed veggies and protein of our choice

Day #2

  • Breakfast: yogurt parfait made with plain yogurt, chia seeds and berries
  • Lunch: cooked fish, such as salmon, with steamed veggies topped with olive oil
  • Dinner: seared chicken served with a mixed salad or vegetable soup


  • Breakfast: smoothie made with coconut milk, kefir or raw milk, sprouted almond butter and collagen protein powder
  • Lunch: chicken salad made with yogurt and avocado, served with veggies or salad
  • Dinner: steak or fish served with vegetable soup

All The Kraut: Getting Your Fill Of Fermented Foods

Fiber isnt the only all-star that starts with the letter F. Fermented foods can also be a key component of a diet that fuels gut health.

These foods give your gut healthy, living microorganisms to crowd out the unhealthy bacteria, improve absorption of minerals, and support overall health.

Fermentation is a process thats been around for centuries. Our intrepid ancestors fermented foods to preserve them.

Heres how it works in a nutshell: Bacteria or yeast is added to a particular food, and they feed on the natural sugars. These microorganisms create lactic acid or alcohol, which help preserve the food. They also create probiotics and other beneficial compounds.

Amazingly, the fermentation process also adds additional nutrients to foods.

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Restricts Your Intake Of Certain Beneficial Foods

The first phase of the Microbiome Diet is restrictive and requires that you eliminate a variety of foods some of which may be nutritious and benefit your health. These include some fruits, starchy vegetables, all grains, and most legumes.

These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial plant compounds.

Moreover, unless youre intolerant to them, scientific evidence supporting that you need to avoid these foods to lose weight or maintain a healthy gut function is lacking.

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How To Meal Prep Your Week Of Meals:

Gut Health Diet Plan Picker: HOW TO CHOOSE

Here’s what to prep ahead to make it easy to eat healthy during the busy work week. There are other “Meal-Prep Tips” throughout the week. Be sure to read those ahead of time to know what more prep can be done during the week.

  • Buy store-bought cooked chicken or prepare Best Poached Chicken to have for lunch on Day 2 and Day 5. Refrigerate in an air-tight container to keep fresh.
  • When making the Roasted Root Veggies & Greens over Spiced Lentils for dinner on Day 2, make the associated recipe for the Sheet-Pan Roasted Vegetables. You’ll use some on Day 2 and will use the leftovers on Days 3 & 6. Refrigerate in a large air-tight container to keep fresh.
  • For breakfasts like the Creamy Blueberry-Pecan Overnight Oatmeal, pack in a leak-proof container
  • Pack up lunches for the week in air-tight containers to keep fresh.
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    Imagine your gut is like a garden: Every garden has a mix of flowers and weeds, but its overall health depends on the balance of the two. Like a garden, your gut contains elements that help it thrive and elements youd like to have less of .

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    Jerusalem Artichoke: Also Known As Sunroot Sunchoke Or Earth Apple

    This unique tuber may be widely overlooked, but its one of the best foods for gut health, as its also rich in inulin.

    Dont let the name fool you though its nothing like the leafy green artichoke. This root vegetable is starchy, savory, and has a slightly sweet and nutty taste.

    A 2010 study in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that the prebiotic effect of Jerusalem artichoke can increase the fecal Bifidobacterium level and causes an increase in the level of the Lactobacillus/Enterococcus group .

    One thing to note: Jerusalem artichokes can ahem increase digestive activity, so go slow if youre just starting to eat them. And for newbies, you can cook them like a potato. Or to get the most gut-boosting benefits, shred Jerusalem artichoke raw and add it to salads.

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    How To Find Your Best Leaky Gut Diet

    The most powerful thing you can do to improve leaky gut is to listen to your body and stoplistening to everyone else, especially regarding diet.

    Diet templates you may have heard about, such as the paleo or low FODMAP diet, are a helpful place to start figuring out what to eat.

    But the main goal of eating for leaky gut is to reduce gut inflammation by eating healthy, whole foods and avoiding most of the processed foods that cause gut inflammation.

    Leaky gutfoods to eat include:

    • A wide range of veggies and fruits.
    • Healthy fats, such as coconut oil, olive oil, andavocados.
    • Clean, grass-fed or wild proteins, like beef, pork,poultry, fish, and eggs.
    • Gluten-free whole grains
    • Berry sorbet

    What Causes A Leaky Gut

    Gut health diet plan book,

    Its not 100 percent clear what causes those bonds to loosen and result in tiny perforations in the gut barrier. Were just starting to understand how the gut barrier functions. Much ongoing research is on the protein zonulin, as higher zonulin levels are linked with gluten and bacteria overgrowth.

    Part of leaky gut may be due to the genes you inherit from your parents. It can also be from medications, like NSAIDs , strenuous endurance exercise, or gut infections. Eating a diet low in gut-friendly fiber is also linked to increased intestinal permeability.

    It can also be from consuming too much-added sugar, saturated fat, and alcohol. Leaky gut may even result from stress or an imbalance in the diversity and numbers of your friendly gut microbes.

    Also, as we age, cells can get damaged more easily and heal slower, including the cells that line your gut which can leave you more susceptible to a loosened gut barrier.

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    How Do I Maintain Good Gut Health

    As well as getting your gut and overall health back into balance, the gut health diet plan helps you gain a much better idea of the foods that work for your body, and those that dont. After the four weeks, youve got a blank slate and you can reintroduce some foods, such as different dairy, grains or wheat, one at a time, and monitor how you feel.

    If you react for example, you feel tired, bloated, gassy or ravenous an hour after eating something in particular you can choose whether to carry on eating it or cut it out forever.

    Try to keep up the slow eating, the 12-hour overnight fasts and as little snacking as possible. Give your body regular breaks from alcohol and avoid unnecessary antibiotics. Keep on eating plenty of veg, avoid processed food and eat something fermented every day. Essentially, you can go forward with a realistic healthy eating lifestyle thats tailored for your individual wellbeing.

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