Diet Coke Bad Side Effects

The Truth About Aspartame Side Effects

Side Effects of Drinking Coke and Sodas Regularly.

Aspartame is one of the most popular artificial sweeteners available on the market. In fact, chances are good that you or someone you know has consumed an aspartame-containing diet soda within the past 24 hours.

In 2010, one-fifth of all Americans drank a diet soda on any given day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

While the sweetener remains popular, its also faced controversy in recent years. Many opponents have claimed that aspartame is actually bad for your health. There are also claims about long-term repercussions of aspartame consumption.

Unfortunately, while extensive tests have been conducted on aspartame, theres no consensus as to whether aspartame is bad for you.

It Leads To Increased Waist Circumference

Two studies done by the School of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, , found that two servings of diet soda, specifically Diet Coke, increased waistlines by over three inches.

Compared with non-users, diet soft drink consumers had a 70% increase in waist circumference than did non-users. But, frequent consumers defined as consuming two or more diet drinks a day had a 500% waistline increase over non-users, according to researchers.

Why is this? According to Perdue University, diet sweeteners trick the body and disrupt its natural ability to regulate calorie intake.

Artificial sweeteners trigger insulin, which sends your body into fat storage mode and leads to weight gain, says Brooke Alpert, RD, author of the book The Sugar Detox.

What Is This Drink

Coca Cola and Pepsi are such products that have been scrutinized by the environment and human rights department for inducing bad and unhealthy food products. The brands are symbolic of all soft drinks that are nothing but sugar or artificially sweetened sodas with color.

The trend of having these beverages increased with the introduction of Diet versions. These versions claim to have no added sugar which can keep a check on the weight factor. Teenagers and women, especially, have been reported to consume this product ever more than before.

With a number of more companies coming up with similar products, the researches done by some of the universities seem to be undone. However, if you are reading this article be sure about certain facts before touching your lips to another can of Coca Cola or Pepsi.

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You’ll Crave More Sugar When You Drink Diet Coke Every Day

Artificial sweeteners definitely get a bad rap, but a lot of people still turn to them to help them stop consuming so much sugar. While artificial sweeteners, like the ones found in Diet Coke, may not have any calories, they can make you crave moresugar.

According to the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, “artificial sweeteners, precisely because they are sweet, encourage sugar craving and sugar dependence.” So if you are trying to cut back on sugar, Diet Coke probably isn’t the way to go about it. Additionally, Frank Lipman, physician and expert in functional and integrative medicine, wrote for Well+Good that “the taste of sweet be it artificial or actual sugar appears to play a significant role in increasing appetite” in general.

Artificial sweeteners increase your cravings, especially for sweets. As such, drinking even just one Diet Coke every day could cause you to want even more sweets and for anyone trying to get healthy, that’s pretty much the last thing they’d want to be craving.

Do Stevia Side Effects Affect Testosterone

What are the side effects of diet coke? We break down what ...

In the context of insulin and progesterone, we have already learned that stevia can interfere with the hormonal system.

Furthermore, stevia might affect not only female but also male fertility.

Accordingly, a study on male rats records that stevia consumption can negatively affect the development of sexual organs, sperm concentration, and testosterone levels .

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Drinking Diet Soda Can Interfere With Your Sense Of Taste

Increased consumption of diet soda can interfere with your sense of taste, according to a study conducted by researchers at San Diego University. Twenty-four diet soda and non-diet soda drinkers were given intermittent sips of sugar water and artificially sweetened water and asked to rank the drinks enjoyability. The brains reaction to both drinks among diet soda drinkers was nearly identical, meaning their brains reward system was incapable of differentiating between sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Can Stevias Side Effects Affect The Kidneys

Stevia is known to be a diuretic. Accordingly, it promotes the excretion of water and electrolytes through urine.

Although concerns have been repeatedly raised that stevia could be potentially harmful to the kidneys, a study came to a controversial conclusion.

According to the researchers, stevia is instead a legitimate candidate for a drug to treat kidney disease because it can reduce cyst growth in kidney cells .

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Does Stevia Cause A Bad Insulin Response

In the context of sweeteners, most people only examine the glucose response. But this view is too limited to be meaningful.

Ultimately, insulin production is not only stimulated by blood glucose. And at the end of the day, insulin is crucial as a signaling agent for fat gain.

Thats why researchers can already predict about 75% of the gain and loss in overweight people using insulin levels .

So with this in mind, it is not enough for a sweetener to have no calories or carbohydrates. On that basis, we cannot determine if stevia is good or bad for you.

With many studies concluding that sweeteners in diet soda are a cause rather than a remedy for the ongoing obesity epidemic, we need to examine stevia in this regard as well .

Is Stevia Bad For You

The Dangers of Aspartame Diet Coke Zero Side Effects Poisoning Pepsi Max Nutrasweet Sucralose E951

More than 200 years ago, indigenous peoples in South Americas jungles discovered a shrub with leaves that had an incredibly sweet taste.

It was not until 1905 that this shrub, which belongs to the sunflower or Asteraceae family, was named Stevia rebaudiana.

The extract made from the sweet leaves of this plant became known over time as the sweetener stevia.

The indigenous people of South America consumed the calorie-free sugar substitute as a sweetener in tea or chewed the leaves as candy. Therefore, they called it candy leaf.

Due to steviol glycosides, pure stevia extract is about 250-300 times sweeter than the same amount of table sugar .

Although the plant is therefore experiencing its heyday as a sweetener in western countries, it was used primarily for contraception by the indigenous population in Paraguay, where it originated .

Accordingly, the exotic plant has quite a controversial application as an indigenous medicinal herb.

Is the sweetleaf, therefore, the dream of all those with a sweet tooth? Is it possible that Stevia extract is extremely sweet and healthy at the same time?

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May Be Linked To Type 2 Diabetes

Even though diet soda doesnt contain any calories or carbs, some research has found its associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

In fact, one study in over 2,000 men showed that regularly drinking diet soda was linked to a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes over a 7-year period .

Similarly, a study in 61,400 women showed that consuming artificial sweeteners regularly was tied to a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the long term .

In another study, people with type 2 diabetes who used artificial sweeteners were more likely to have insulin resistance .

A hallmark of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance is a condition in which the bodys ability to use insulin to transport sugar from the bloodstream into the cells efficiently is impaired, leading to increased blood sugar levels.

Its essential to note that the research behind this potential link only shows an association, so more research is needed.

In addition, other studies have shown that consuming artificial sweeteners and diet soda was not associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes or alterations in blood sugar and insulin levels .


Although research is inconsistent and more research is needed, some studies show that consuming diet soda and artificial sweeteners may be associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

Major Side Effects Of Diet Soda

Diet sodas are popular among people all over the world seeking an alternative to high calorie soft drinks. However, the question is that, is diet soda really healthy or putting your health at risk?

Well, a recent study of JAMA Internal Medicine found a link between drinking too much diet soda and premature demise.

As per National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey about one fifth of the US population consumed diet drinks every day without knowing the risks of guzzling zero calorie drinks.

So, in this article we will discuss possible side effects of diet sodas and reasons to ditch artificially sweetened soft drinks.

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How Much Stevia Is Safe And How Much Is Bad

According to the WHO, 4 milligrams of steviol per kilogram of body weight per day are the safe upper limit for stevia consumption.

Although this may seem like little at first glance, for a person weighing 70 kilograms, thats about 40 packets of stevia sweetener per day.

Because 12 milligrams of highly concentrated stevia extract are needed to consume 4 milligrams of steviol, the result is pretty high .

Since for the acceptable intake of stevia per day, the WHO didnt research what we would consider the most significant side effects today, 40 packets of stevia might be more than questionable.

It Can Cause Kidney Problems

Diet Soda can cause Depression, and Will Ruin your Sex ...

A study done back in 2009 of over 3,000 women found a link between diet soda and kidney problems.

While more study is needed, our research suggests that higher sodium and artificially sweetened soda intake are associated with greater rate of decline in kidney function, said Dr. Julie Lin MD, MPH, FASN of Brigham and Womens Hospital, Boston and coauthor of the study.

Researchers found that women who drank two or more diet sodas a day had as much as a 30% decrease in kidney function.

Thirty percent is considered significant, said Dr. Lin. At least five studies have been done attempting to make the connection between soda and kidney disease, but only two have been significant.

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Potential Side Effects Of Consuming Too Much Diet Soda

Free of calories, carbs, and sugar, diet soda may seem like a healthy and refreshing alternative to sugary soft drinks.

However, this bubbly beverage may not be quite as harmless as it seems, especially if youre drinking several servings per day.

In fact, drinking too much diet soda may be linked to several side effects and affect both long- and short-term health.

Here are 8 possible side effects of diet soda, plus some easy ways to reduce your intake.

Other Possible Side Effects

Depending upon the type of sweetener that is used in the particular diet soda you’re drinking, you may experience low blood pressure, bloating, gas, diarrhea and vomiting. Certain sweeteners, such as stevia, are in the same family of plants that include daisies, ragweed and chrysanthemums this can cause an allergic reaction if you have known allergies to these particular types of plants.

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Reasons To Avoid Aspartame At All Costs

Health Check Certified By:

For years, diet soda seemed like the perfect alternative to regular soda, which is packed with an obscene amount of sugar and is super high in calories. You could drink diet soda sweetened with aspartame without feeling bad, and the taste was similar to the unhealthy alternative. But at what cost?

Recent sales of diet soda are taking a huge plungespecifically, Diet Coke made by Coca-Colaas the debate and controversy over aspartame reaches a new high. Experts have questioned whether aspartame is actually a good alternative to sugar and many now warn against the potential harmful effects it may cause. The safety of aspartame is being questioned, with studies linking the artificial sweetener to vision problems and headaches, among these ten reasons to avoid aspartame at all costs

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How Much Diet Soda Is Too Much


Drinking a few cans of diet soda each day isn’t likely to hurt you but, it won’t provide you with meaningful health benefits, either. Instead of focusing on the question of whether diet soda is bad for you, consider your overall diet and lifestyle. For example, if you make good choices about the types of food you eat, the amount of water you drink and how much exercise you get, whether you drink diet soda or how much becomes less relevant. But, as a good rule of thumb, it never hurts to limit the amount of processed foods in your diet and replace them with healthier options.

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Stevia Side Effects Is The Natural Sweetener Bad For You

Especially fitness gurus endorse stevia as natural and healthy. According to this, the sweetener is supposed to replace sugar without any side effects.

Moreover, people claim that stevia lowers calorie intake, blood sugar levels and is healthy for diabetics.

Nevertheless, there are concerns about the potential side effects of stevia. In this article, I examine stevia to find out if the plant-based sweetener is bad for you.

Altered Metabolism Heart Attack And Stroke

Drinking a single can of diet soda daily is associated with a 34 percent increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome according to a 2008 University of Minnesota study. Nearly 10,000 adults were used for the study, and many showed unhealthy levels of belly fat, upping the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Lead researcher Hannah Gardener and her team studied 2,564 adults aged 69 years or older over the course of 10 years. Over the course of the study, 591 men and women had a heart attack, stroke, or died of cardiovascular causes. Researchers found that diet soda consumption was linked to a 44 percent higher chance of heart attack or stroke, up from the 22 percent non-soda drinkers have.

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Why Is Diet Soda Bad For Your Health

Why exactly is diet soda bad for your health? Well, lets consider the latest research

A recent study from the University of Illinois pointed out that diet soda can actually contribute to weight gain even though the prior belief was that, with no calories, it probably couldnt. The reason why diet soda contributes to weight gain is that people who consume diet soda tend to compensate for lack of calories by overeating unhealthy food options. Furthermore, the research showed that people who drink diet soda believe they are choosing a healthy option, so they are more likely to indulge in unhealthy options later in the day.

In fact, diet soda drinkers consume up to an additional 482 calories a day from food which provides no nutritional value. If you think youre saving yourself from 150 calories by drinking a diet soda, youll probably more than double that later in the day with poor food options.

The amount of caffeine found in diet soda can also be dangerous to health. Health Canada recommends no more than 2.5 mg of caffeine for every 2.2 pounds of body weight. For a person who weighs 150 pounds that means they should not exceed 170 mg of caffeine. A diet soda, on average, contains 45 mg of caffeine, but many people do not just consume one can of diet soda, nor is it their only source of caffeine. For this reason, people who consume diet soda can very easily overconsume their daily intake of caffeine.

Diet Soda May Cause Insulin Confusion

Diet soda is bad for you

The brain normally associates sweetwith calories. In the realm of human physiology, thats a good thing. It drivesyour body to release insulin as sugars chaperone to the cells to create fuel.In the past, people assumed this process could not occur when we consumed artificial sweeteners becausecalories dont follow the sweet flavor.

But, one study found the process could very well happen. In the study, individuals who consumed a specific artificial sweetener had increases in both insulin and blood glucose levels. Frequent rises in insulin have been linked to insulin resistance and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Some research has even associated artificially sweetened sodas with increased risk of stroke.

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Drinking Diet Coke Every Day Can Mess With Your Gut Health

The term “gut health” has become somewhat of a buzzword that people throw around. Everyone you know is probably concerned about their gut health, but is it really that important? Well, as it turns out, it is. According to WebMD, your gut health impacts your whole body, including your mental and physical well-being. That said, if you drink Diet Coke every day, you aren’t doing your gut health any favors.

As Frank Lipman, physician and expert in functional and integrative medicine, explained in an article for Well+Good, artificial sweeteners actually “alter the microbiome and can kill off good bacteria in our gut.”

Specifically, a 2014 study by researchers in Israel found that the “consumption of commonly used NAS formulations drives the development of glucose intolerance through induction of compositional and functional alterations to the intestinal microbiota.” In layman’s terms, diet soda messes with your gut health and, in doing so, causes glucose intolerance, like prediabetes and diabetes.

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