Cleveland Clinic Cabbage Soup Diet

Top Tips And Recipe Variations

The Best Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe for the 7 Day Diet
  • Storage Place in an airtight container and store in the fridge for up to 4 days. Freeze in an airtight container for up to 2 months.
  • Reheating Let the Detox Cabbage Soup thaw, then warm it in the microwave or over the stove in a small boiling pot.
  • Dont add other ingredients Normally, I would say to go ahead and add whatever veggies and such you like. However, this soup has specific ingredients suited to a detox. If those ingredients are changed, this could change the effectiveness of the recipe. If youre just wanting this for the soup and dont care about the detox portion, add whatever veggies you want!
  • Make large batches If you have a big enough pot, you can make large batches of this soup with little effort. Its nice for freezing and keeping for later.
  • Broth substitute You can swap out the chicken broth for another type of broth if desired. Do note that this will change the flavor of the soup.
  • Make it vegan If you want to make this soup vegan, use the vegetable stock option instead of the chicken. Theres nothing else in this soup that isnt vegan-friendly.

Watch Me Make This Cabbage Soup From Start To Finish

2020 update: Yes! I am still using this cabbage soup to give me a jump-start to weight loss. I HATE it! But I LOVE IT! Its helps that the soup is delicious though!

Im going to Disneyland next week and decided that I didnt want to take my muffin top with me, especially since I have this cute form-fitting shirt that I want to wear so bad. WITHOUT SPANX!!

When I need to lose my gut or 10 pounds quickly I turn to three diets that never let me down my green monster smoothie diet, The 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse and my newest love, the 7-day cabbage soup diet!!

Extra Precautions To Take If You Try Following The Cabbage Soup Diet

If youre already at a healthy weight, do not have underlying health conditions that would make the plan unsafe, and want to lose a few extra pounds, talk to your healthcare team about whether the cabbage soup diet is right for you. Chances are theyll recommend a longer-term, safer eating plan that can help you lose a pound per week instead. Know that losing smaller amounts of weight at a time is better for you in the long run, as its more likely to stay off and not pose nutritional deficiencies during the plan period.

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Day Chemical Breakdown Diet

3 Day Chemical Breakdown Diet – How to Lose Weight FastThe 3 Day Chemical Breakdown Diet has been called by many other names such as the 3 day heart diet, the Mayo Clinic Diet, and the Cleveland Clinic Diet.Dont be fooled by any of these names because it is simply a very low calorie fad diet. Theres no magical chemical breakdown in the 3 day chemical breakdown diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

Cleveland Clinic Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

Dieters are supposed to follow specific menus for each day of the diet, with the understanding that an unlimited amount of cabbage soup can be eaten each day.

  • Day One: Eat only the cabbage soup and all the fruit you want . Cantaloupe and watermelon are recommended. Permissible drinks are water, black coffee, cranberry juice, or unsweetened tea.
  • Day Two: No fruit. Raw or cooked vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantity along with the soup, except for corn, peas, and beans. A baked potato with butter can be eaten at dinnertime.
  • Day Three: Unlimited fruit or vegetables, but no baked potato.
  • Day Four: Eat at least three and as many as eight bananas, and drink an unlimited amount of skim milk. Day Four is supposed to curb a desire for sweets.
  • Day Five: Eat 10-20 oz of beef and up to six fresh tomatoes or fish may be substituted for beef at one meal.
  • Day Six: Eat cabbage soup at least once during the day otherwise, an unlimited amount of beef and vegetables can be consumed, but no baked potato.
  • Day Seven: Eat an unlimited amount of brown rice and vegetables and drink an unlimited amount of unsweetened fruit juice. Cabbage soup must be eaten at least once during the day. No bread, alcohol, or carbonated beverages are allowed.

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Is It Good For Weight Loss

As Diet and Health explains, the Three Day Chemical diet may help you to jump-start your weight loss goals.

However, be aware that the majority of weight you lose is likely to be retained water weight.

This is why this diet is designed only as a jump-start and not as a longer-term weight loss or weight maintenance plan.

In fact, its name can be a misnomer the word chemical refers to the detoxification of excess sugar, salt, fat and toxins that can cause fluid build-up in the body and result in bloating that feels like weight gain.

If you have ever eaten a very high-salt meal, such as fast food, and noticed your pants feel tighter afterward, this is a good example of how a diet high in unbalanced sugar or salt can cause bloat.

So this diet is really correcting those imbalances and getting the retained water weight out of your body.

This will give you that initial feeling of success because you have already lost some weight, but will also help ease food cravings that might otherwise plague you on a longer-term weight loss plan.

The short, simple answer is that yes, this diet can be good for weight loss, so long as you understand the true nature of that weight loss and have a longer-term plan in place to drop the inches and pounds you want to lose.

Basically A Soup Based Diet

The Sacred Heart Diet is a soup-based diet and claims that you will lose 10-17 pounds in the first week.

This may be true, but most of the weight lost will tend to be water and will be gained right back very soon after the diet.

This diet is very clearly an unsustainable fad diet but is not as nutritionally unsound as similar diets. Most of these diets claim some magical fat-burning science is involved, or that there is something special about the combination of foods. This is simply untrue it is nothing more complex than a reduction in calories!

Here are the two of the most popular Sacred Heart Diet soup recipes that are the foundation of this fad diet.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Day 7

Its the final day! Just one last day to go before you dream about amazing weight loss and wonder if you have lost a few pounds. But why is it on the last day you want to cheat so much?

  • 8am 2 ladles cabbage soup
  • 1pm Brown rice + cabbage soup
  • 7pm 2 ladles cabbage soup

I noticed that in the original cabbage soup diet that can also have brown rice on this day. Yet the more up to date versions of the cabbage soup diet dont include it. I went with it and had some instant pot brown rice alongside one of my soup portions.

I also made myself a late morning slush drink. Made with just frozen blueberries, ice and water it was amazing. I must do this again!

As well as that, today I cheated and had a low carb Atkins style chocolate bar which was yummy. The kids also gave me a few of their sweets.

May Not Provide Enough Nutrients

Cabbage soup diet Recipe

Low-calorie diets that are used under the supervision of a physician are typically designed to be nutritionally adequate .

However, the food choices of the Cabbage Soup Diet are very limited and unbalanced. The diet includes almost no protein and is also very low in carbs, fat and calories. Additionally, its deficient in many vitamins and minerals.

There is not a serious risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies if you only follow the diet for one week, especially if you decide to take a multivitamin. But this doesnt make up for the diets lack of calories and protein.

Consequently, many people on the Cabbage Soup Diet complain of dizziness, weakness and lightheadedness while on the diet.

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How To Do The Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage soup can help you lose weight fast. You need to eat it every day for one week , along with several other foods allowed. You must have three days a meal, not more than that. If you feel the need to snack, you can have a serving of fruit between meals.

Heres how to do The 7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet:

  • Day 1: have cabbage soup and fruits, but avoid bananas.
  • Day 2: eat soup and vegetables, have a baked potato for dinner. No corn or beans allowed.
  • Day 3: eat soup, vegetables, fruits. No potatoes allowed.
  • Day 4: have soup, skim milk and bananas. By this day, you should no longer experience sweet cravings.
  • Day 5: have cabbage soup twice and then a more consistent protein meal, like beef. Add tomatoes.
  • Day 6: have soup, vegetables and beef again.
  • Day 7: besides the cabbage soup, eat brown rice, vegetables and fruit.

Here are the fruits you can eat while on the cabbage soup diet:

  • Apples

The drinks you can have:

  • Green and black tea
  • Alcohol, packaged juice
  • Ketchup, sauce of any kind, dips
  • All grains, except for brown rice on the recommended day
  • Potato, sweet potatoes

Although the diet is restrictive, you will get plenty of vitamins and minerals from the many fruits and vegetables you have to eat, especially from the fresh ones. This means you dont need to panic about not getting enough nutrients. You may want to take a multimineral and vitamin supplement if youre afraid youre not getting enough.

What Exactly Is The Cabbage Soup Detox Diet

So, how does this cabbage soup diet plan work? Its actually very strict, but youll have the freedom to eat as much cabbage soup each day as you want. The idea is to use the soup to fill you up, so youre not tempted to eat other foods.

If youre planning to try it, youll need to make some large batches of cabbage soup as preparation so youll have plenty to eat throughout the week. You are allowed a few other foods, but the guidelines are below.

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Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital Diet

By | Submitted On August 26, 2008

The Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital Diet has been around for decades under a variety of names, including the Sacred Heart Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Cleveland Clinic Diet, and the Spokane Heart Diet. Although no institution lays claim to being its source, the details of this meal plan have been widely circulated and, in some instances, even recommended by medical professionals. There are claims that users can lose up to 10 lbs in a week by following the steps described here.

However, dieters are cautioned to consult their medical advisers before using this diet.

The main component of the plan is vegetable SOUP. You are required to make a pot of soup with the ingredients described here. You can have as much of the soup as you like over a period of seven days, along with a few other items that are mentioned below.


* One or two cans of stewed tomatoes.* One large can of beef broth * Three or more large green onions* One packet/can of chicken noodle soup * One bunch of celery* Two cans of green beans

Seasoning: Pepper, salt, parsley, curry, bouillon, and Worcestershire sauce are permitted.

Process: Cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces and cover with water. Boil on high for ten minutes, then simmer until the veggies are tender.

The soup can be eaten at any time you are feeling hungry, in any quantities. It does not add calories.


* Plenty of water. Eight glasses per day recommended.



Your Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

Cleveland Clinic Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

Now it is your turn to do the cabbage soup diet plan. I recommend you start by printing off the cabbage soup diet recipe that you plan to follow:

And then plan when you are going to do the cabbage soup diet. I ran the cabbage soup diet from Monday to Sunday because it was easiest. But for you it might be easier to change the days around to fit in with a meal out, when you could do the chicken or protein day.

And best of luck and do tell us how much weight you lose on your cabbage soup diet.

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Heart Surgery And Soup Diet

Fact Checked

One fad diet claims to have medical experts’ stamp of approval. Badly-typed, copied multiple times, passed on from one person to the other and found in numerous incarnations on the Internet, the Sacred Heart Diet has the reputation of being a soup diet given to overweight patients prior to heart surgery. However, medical institutions associated with this fad diet have gone out of their way to disclaim their association with it.

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 1

Its Monday morning, I prepped a batch of cabbage soup yesterday in the soup maker and I am ready to go!

  • 8am 2 ladles of cabbage soup
  • 12.30pm 3 ladles cabbage soup
  • 8pm 3 ladles cabbage soup

I also snacked on two pears and a handful of frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries and successfully made it through day one.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Rules: A Day

The meal plan for the cabbage soup diet is followed for seven days in this order:

  • Day 1 Day 1 is just the soup and fruit only, says Rothenberg. Bananas arent allowed on the first day.
  • Day 2 Cabbage soup and other vegetables
  • Day 3 Cabbage soup plus raw fruits and vegetables
  • Day 4 Along with the cabbage soup, you can also have a maximum of 8 bananas and skim milk on this day only.
  • Day 5 Eat beef and tomatoes along with your cabbage soup. You can eat 2 to 20 ounces of beef, says Rothenberg. Twenty oz of beef 160 g protein, which is roughly 100g more protein than most people need!
  • Day 6 Unlimited beef and vegetables along with the cabbage soup
  • Day 7 In addition to the cabbage soup, you can have brown rice and unsweetened fruit juice.

Diverticular Disease: Diverticulosis Vs Diverticulitis

Debunked: Does The Cabbage Soup Diet Actually Work? | Nutritionist Reviews… | Myprotein

Diverticular disease means you have polyps called diverticula in your gut. These polyps can exist without causing any symptoms and without you even knowing theyre there. This is called diverticulosis.

If the polyps become inflamed or infected, they can cause symptoms such as abdominal cramping, pain or tenderness in the area, swelling, bloating, constipation or diarrhea. This is called diverticulitis.

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What Is A 7

This is a cheap, simple, but very rigid, low-fat high-fiber diet based on cabbage soup that is taken 2-3 times a day, with some sources advocating for day-long intake . While on this home-made diet, you can take other foodstuffs exactly as recommended. According to The Guardian, the origin of the cabbage soup diet can be traced to as far as the 1950s . However, this eating pattern became popular in the 1980s.

Some myths claim that the original 7 day cabbage soup diet started at the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital cardiology department in Spokane, Wash. Where it was executed on overweight heart patients . This is why it is also referred to as the Sacred Heart Diet . It is also referred to as Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital Diet, Cleveland Clinic Diet, Mayo Clinic Diet, Miami Heart Institute Diet, and Spokane Heart Diet, simply because it originated in a hospital for rapid weight loss before surgery for heart patients. However, all these medical facilities disclaim any association with the diet.

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What Are The Pros And Cons


  • Quick weight loss up to 10 pounds or more in only 7 days.
  • Body detox and a kickstart to a sustainable diet.
  • It may have anti-inflammatory properties, depending on the ingredients. Our diet cabbage soup recipe does have some, such as turmeric, garlic, lemon, and spinach.


  • If you dont drink plenty of water and start a balanced diet, you may re-gain the weight fast as well.
  • It is a fairly boring diet since most of it consists of cabbage soup.

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Cabbage Soup Diet: Plan And Recipe

Diet Plan: Day One: Fruit: Eat all of the fruit you want . Eat only your soup and the fruit for the first day. For drinks- unsweetened teas, cranberry juice and water. Day Two: Vegetables: Eat until you are stuffed will all fresh, raw or cooked vegetables of your choice. Try to eat leafy green vegetables and stay away from dry beans, peas and corn.

The recipe for the cabbage soup and the diet plan varies with many different versions of it. Basically it included cabbage and assorted low-calorie vegetables such as onions and tomatoes. It was flavored with dried onion soup mix, bouillon cubes and tomato or V8 juice. Not exactly a great recipe for a detox!

The cabbage soup diet works when you stick to the plan of eating only the cabbage soup, proteins, fruits, and vegetables. The main ingredient of this cabbage soup diet recipe is cabbage which is a low-calorie food that helps the body to burn more calories while digesting it than the calories in the cabbage.

The cabbage soup diet is generally considered a fad diet. As the name suggests, the diet requires that you eat large amounts of cabbage soup for seven days. During that time, you can also eat certain fruits and vegetables, beef, chicken, and brown rice, according to a set schedule.

Actually, the diet belongs to carbon-free and low-calorie. It can be observed as a mono-diet and can be supplied with other products. Fat-burning soup diet is an easy and quite affordable way to lose 3 to 5 kilograms within a week.

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