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Cheerios Shouldnt Be Your Babys First Food

Even if your baby has moved on to eating solid foods, its best to not serve them Cheerios right away. Cheerios dont dissolve very quickly, so its important that your baby has a good handle on the eating process before introducing them to Cheerios. The first foods your baby should eat are purees and baby food made from soft fruit and vegetables before solid food. Cheerios are a great option later down the road for baby nutrition.

Cheerios Were The First Cereal Marketed As A Snack

We all know that a sugary bowl of cereal isn’t just for breakfast it can be enjoyed morning, noon, and even in the middle of the night with or without milk. But believe it or not, General Mills was the first cereal manufacturer to actually promote their product not just for breakfast, but for all-day snacking.

In 1941, “Cheerioats” was “Makes delicious munching,” which marked the first time cold cereal had been promoted as a snack in this way. General Mills pushed the concept even further during World War II in 1943, when the company supplied Cheerioats to the military in 10-ounce “Yank packs,” using the slogan “He’s feeling his Cheerioats,” and suggesting that even men tasked with the arduous business of killing Nazis deserved a few moments to enjoy some toasted oats.

The idea that breakfast could be an “anytime” snack took hold today, you’ll find cereal in salty snack mixes, baked into dessert bars, and included as a side dish in brown bag lunches nationwide.

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Cheerios Are Considered A Processed Food

Cheerios are a processed grain product, meaning that the ingredients used to make Cheerios undergo significant processing to create the final product.

Although Cheerios are made with whole grain oats, which sets them apart from other cereals made with more refined grains like corn flour or white rice, many Cheerios varieties are packed with unhealthy ingredients like cane sugar, corn syrup, and preservatives .

Whats more, due to the processing that the oats undergo to make Cheerios, eating a bowl of Cheerios is not the same as enjoying a bowl of whole oats.

One study in 30 adults found that eating Honey Nut Cheerios resulted in a much larger blood sugar and insulin response compared with the consumption of equal portions of less processed grain products including steel cut and old fashioned oats .

Although Honey Nut Cheerios are high in added sugar and thus much more likely to increase blood sugar than unsweetened grain products, studies have shown that the processing of whole grains in general significantly impacts blood sugar response, with more refined products yielding larger blood sugar and insulin spikes .

Although occasionally enjoying Cheerios wont harm your health, its best to choose less processed options whenever possible, especially if you regularly consumed sweetened Cheerios varieties.

For example, instead of your morning bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, try a bowl of rolled oats topped with berries and a dollop of natural nut butter instead.

Cinnamon Nut Cheerios Were The First Flavor Variation

Honey We

Quick: What was the first flavor of non-Cheerio flavored Cheerio? If you said “Honey Nut,” you’re probably not alone in that popular guess… but you’re also wrong. While Honey Nut Cheerios, the lightly sweetened variety of the classic cereal with hints of honey and almond has been the longest-running flavor, it wasn’t the first. That honor goes to “Cinnamon Nut,” an early ancestor of Honey Nut that was introduced in 1976 but discontinued after about a year. The salty and sweet balanced perfection of Honey Nut Cheerios was introduced three years later, and it’s still a giant hit.

Fast forward to present day, and there are nearly 20 different flavors of Cheerios available, including Frosted, Apple Cinnamon, Fruity, and Banana Nut, as well as the limited time and seasonal offerings that see regional sales, such as Dulce de Leche, Pumpkin Spice, or Chocolate Peanut Butter. But by a wide margin, the original version of Cheerios still outsells them all, making it the number one cereal in America General Mills sold more than 139 million boxes of their original recipe in 2018, netting the company almost $436 million dollars. Honey Nut Cheerios were a close second, with 129 million boxes sold, totaling $421 million in sales.

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Cheerio And Water Diet

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When Can Babies Eat Cheerios

Published on September 7th, 2021 and Updated on February 16th, 2022

Check out SneakPeek Traits Test to find out your babys nutritional needs as predicted by genetics.

    Youve likely seen it more than oncea baby in a stroller, grocery store cart, or Moms lap, happily munching from a plastic bag of Cheerios. Affordable, easily transportable, and made of 100% natural oat, Cheerios have become a staple snack for babies, especially when Mom is on the go. As a new mom yourself, you may wonder:

    When can babies have Cheerios?

    Generally, your baby can start eating Cheerios around 7 to 9 months, when hes able to pick up finger foods and feed them to himself. However, there are other developmental milestones you should look out for when deciding to introduce this snack into your little munchers diet.

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    If You Want To Try The Cereal Diet Look For A Low

    We have to be honest here: As much as we love cereal, we would never advise following a diet based solely on its consumption. And we certainly arent tasking our marketing department to start a cereal diet campaign for the sole sake of making a profit.

    We want to do better.

    We love eating cereal as an entire meal. One of our favorite dinnertime routines is snuggling up with a bowl of cereal on the sofa, turning on Netflix, and indulging in one of our favorite foods. We have no problem replacing our afternoon snacks with a bag of Cereal School, but we would never tell you to eat nothing but cereal for two weeks straight.

    Research shows that a healthy diet is made of healthy fats, high protein, and minimal sugars. Thats why we designed every Cereal School flavor to contain zero grams of sugar and 16 grams of protein to keep you fueled throughout the day.

    We also love sharing some of our favorite high-protein, low-carb breakfast recipes from across the internet. If youre looking to build a balanced, sustainable diet, you can find some of our favorite recipes here, here, and here. Enjoy!

    What Are The Ingredients Of Cheerios

    Diet Menu I Lost 135 Pounds Before and After @catrionaakacat

    According to the label, the ingredients in Original Cheerios are:

    Ingredients: Whole Grain Oats, Corn Starch, Sugar, Salt, Tripotassium Phosphate. Vitamin E Added to Preserve Freshness.

    Oats. Check, all good there.

    Corn starch, check.

    Salt. Predictable, a bit high but nothing crazy.

    Tripotassium wha?

    Cheerios contain tripotassium phosphate, a common food additive, and water-soluble salt used as a preservative, texturizer, and stabilizer.7

    Phosphates are abundant in processed foods and generally thought to be safe in limited amounts. However, this is a point of contention among consumer advocacy and food safety groups when phosphates start adding up in the diet, they can start causing problemsand this is particularly true for babies and young children. Of note, the European Food Safety Authority recently published advice for the regulation of phosphate food additives, including tripotassium phosphate, stating a concern that these additives may cause the total daily phosphorus intake to exceed recommended limits.8

    Our take? Your baby will be exposed to phosphates sooner or later. Try to limit phosphate exposure by focusing on whole foods but dont feel bad about offering Cheerios every now and then.

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    What Is The Cheerios Diet

    It is very simple, but it seems unsustainable in the long run. Although you can find the details on the net, the Cheerios Diet consists of following two weeks of the following dieting regime:

    • Eat a one-cup of Cheerios for breakfast and lunch
    • Add fresh fruit for flavor
    • You can substitute plain Cheerios for any Cheerios product
    • Use 1 percent or skim milk with your Cheerios
    • Eat a sensible dinner with protein as the main ingredient

    Explain What People Will Find On Your Cheerios Box My Understanding Is They Scan A Qr Code Off The Box And Download A Workout Is That Correct

    Yeah, me telling you how to work out and me and the bee giving you a little motivation. Its fun, its just to get your mind into the mode of lets work out, lets stay healthy, lets stay moving more. Im always telling people, look at the guy in that kung fu movie with the gray hair, he can still jump up in the tree, you know what Im saying? You got to stay moving.

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    Can Be High In Sugar

    Added dietary sugars are linked to several health problems and should be limited to less than 5% of your total calorie intake .

    The cereal diet can be very high in sugar. Even if you choose a cereal that does not taste sweet, most products contain added sugar in some form.

    Whats more, cereal and milk are both high in carbs, which break down into sugars that provide energy for your body.

    These natural sugars are not necessarily unhealthy but can make weight loss more difficult and lead to blood sugar fluctuations in some people (


    The cereal diet is high in sugar, which may make weight loss more difficult. Moreover, it can be low in protein and healthy fats.

    On the cereal diet, you primarily eat cereal and milk. Still, it encourages eating lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains at snack- and dinnertime.

    Here is a list of foods you can eat on the cereal diet:

    • Carbs: whole-grain cereals, whole-wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, oatmeal, grits, air-popped popcorn
    • Fruits: any whole fruits, such as apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, and watermelon
    • Vegetables: any vegetables, including lettuce, spinach, carrots, bell peppers, and mushrooms
    • Protein: beans, tofu, peanut butter, egg whites, lean meats like chicken or turkey breast
    • Dairy: low-fat or skim milk, low-fat or fat-free yogurt, low-fat cheeses, Greek yogurt
    • Fats: reduced-fat, oil-based spreads, olive oil , cooking sprays, reduced-fat mayonnaise

    They Help Babies Develop The Pincer Grasp

    Pin on breadfast

    Cheerios can be helpful tools for babies to master self-feeding. Babies are born without the ability to pick things up and need all the practice they can get, according to Dr. Corkins. Every attempt to get a Cheerios from the high chair tray into the mouth can help a baby develop their first functional grasp: the pincer grip, which is performed by squeezing with the thumb and forefinger. The goal with early eating is to teach babies to eat independently, Dr. Corkins says. And Cheerios are just one food that babies can eat on their own, that is, as long as you dont mind spending your childs formative years picking up fallen Os.

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    The Invention Touched Off An Explosion Of Puffed Oat Cereal

    Before the invention of Cheerios in 1941, the breakfast cereal landscape was much different. Depression-era families were faced with early mornings laden with flavorless, mushy hot cereal that had to be cooked before serving, or a variety of boring corn-based cold cereals, including Wheaties and Corn Flakes, that were anything but exciting.

    General Mills changed the business forever, when they tasked physicist and employee Lester Borchardt with inventing a machine that would puff oat dough into a crunchy, ready-to-eat cereal. Borchardt and his team sank countless hours into the new idea, with little in the way of results at one point, the brass at General Mills even threatened to pull the plug on the whole harebrained idea. But Borchardt knew that he was on to something with this whole “exploded oats” concept, and kept plugging away at his idea until his machine worked. Cheerios were born two months later.

    The innovative new technology would lead to an explosion of new cereal releases by General Mills throughout the 1950s and 1960s, including the company’s first pre-sweetened cereal, Jets , the multicolored Trix , Cocoa Puffs , and Total .

    Getting Started: How To Pick A Healthy Cereal For Weight Loss

    Schoffro Cook and other cereal experts we spoke to including University of Scrantons Joe Vinson, PhD are all fans of options made with 100 percent whole grain and very little added sugar. Choosing a protein-rich cereal can also help boost results, notes Schoffro Cook. And both she and Vinson agree that new research on cinnamons ability to stimulate weight loss is so promising, its an amazing ingredient to maximize a cereal diets results. Schoffro Cooks picks for best weight-loss cereals are:

    • Cheerios Protein with Cinnamon & Almonds
    • Special K Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch Protein

    Pour yourself a bowl of cereal at any two meals a day, adding milk and fruit. Enjoy a third healthy meal of your choosing and two healthy 100-calorie snacks. Thats all there is to it.

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    The Best Breakfast Cereals For Weight Loss

    If the crunch of cereal is what you crave in the morning, reach for one of these high-fiber, high-nutrition choices for optimal health.

    When faced with a hectic morning, the easiest path to breakfast often includes a cereal box. Open. Pour. Add milk. Eat. But, when it comes to nutrition, the choices in the cereal aisle dont stack up evenly. Varieties with chocolate chips and marshmallows likely stand out as the unhealthier of choices, but seemingly healthy options, such as some granolas and sweetened whole-grain varieties, can be packed with added sugars and unhealthy fats, too not to mention they can be seriously lacking in good-for-you nutrients.

    Never judge a cereal by the front of the box the manufacturers arent there to help you be healthy, says Gretchen Spetz, RD, a clinical dietitian with University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in Ohio. To get the real scoop, you need to scan the ingredients and nutrition facts label for sneaky sugar sources and hidden processed ingredients. What you do want to see are ingredients like whole grains, oats, whole wheat, and brown rice, which tend to be higher in fiber than more processed carbohydrates.

    The good news is that the right cereal pick made with the right ingredients can serve up a healthy, nutrient-rich breakfast in a flash and yes, help you meet your weight loss or weight maintenance goals.

    Special K’s Pros And Cons

    Our Gluten-Free Story: Journey to Gluten-Free

    You might think adding real fruit makes a cereal more nutritious but again, it’s often not. For example, Special K Red Berries is not a more nutritious cereal with freeze-dried strawberries added, because the cereal is sweetened with brown sugar and syrup. In one cup of this pick, there are eight grams of added sugar.

    However, Like Cheerios, Special K cereals are low-fat.

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    Are Cheerios Healthy For Babies

    It depends. First, lets investigate actual nutrition.

    Original Cheerios are often cited as a healthy cereal choice for kids because it is low in sugar and has a decent amount of fiber.1 This is valid: compared to other cereals marketed to kids, Original Cheerios are often a healthier choice.

    According to the Cheerios label, ¾ cup serving size of Original Cheerios offers:

    • negligible fat
    • 100 mg of sodium
    • 6.3 mg of iron

    Not off the charts nutritious, but relatively low in sugar and fortified with critical vitamins and minerals, including a notable amount of iron, a critical nutrient babies and toddlers need. So are Cheerios a great source of iron? Sort of.

    Iron added to cereal is in the non-heme form. Non-heme iron is not nearly as well absorbed as iron from heme sources.2 Further, the natural phytates in grains inhibit iron absorption.3456

    So while Original Cheerios can help increase overall iron intake, it would be wise to focus on iron-rich whole foods as your childs primary source of iron.

    When it comes to nutrition for babies, we want to focus on foods that are high in fat to support cell growth and structure, high protein, and foods high in fiber. While Cheerios offer some fortified iron, overall, they lack the levels of fat, protein, and fiber we like to see in food for babies and toddlers.

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