Carnivore Diet 30 Day Results

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Carnivore Diet 30 Day Results.

Carnivore Diet Hacks You Should Know

I recently discovered a carnivore scorecard thats essentially the re-imagined food pyramid for those relying exclusively on animal products. Use this infographic to build your carnivore diet meal plan:

Carnivore might be a consequence-free panacea. I have my doubts. If I were to follow it longer, Id make a few changes to typical protocols:

Supplement with collagen. If you eat connective tissue, organ meat, and follow a nose-to-tail version, youll get plenty of collagen. But most dont. Muscle meat lack essential amino acids. Collagen is a special blend of amino acids, essential to long-term health. Glycine, one of the abundant amino acids, is thought to balance the methionine abundant is typically consumed cuts.

Eat quality. If I couldnt get organic, grass-fed meat, I wouldnt go carnivore. Conventional meat is loaded with hormones, drugs, and tiny packets of cellular information called exosomes. Animals living in abysmal conditions pass that extinction stress to you. In fact, researchers can detect these information packets in your bloodstream just 15 minutes after a meal, changing the expression of your genes.

Lightly cook meat. Charring meat produces carcinogens. Usually offset by antioxidants in herbs and spices, carnivores miss this balance. Stick to medium-rare for more flavor and fewer free radicals.

I Want To Try The Carnivore Diet Where Do I Start

Joe Rogan trying the carnivore diet shows that the benefits of this will never be realized until you try it yourself. Talking about it will only do so much.

But trying it also means being open to becoming a playground for experimentation. You cannot rely on anyone but yourself to seek the ground truth. Yes, you may use others for guidance, but understand that information is only fuel and experimentation is the heart beat. Without a heartbeat, the fuel is useless.

I have guided thousands of people on their first 30 days on the carnivore diet. Here are some tips and resources Ive found useful for anyone looking to start

I have now written more than 30 long form articles on why I think the carnivore diet is the healthiest diet in the world. If youre just getting started, heres everything you need to know about trying the carnivore diet.

If youre ready to start, sign up for my guide to mastering the carnivore diet in 30 days below.

What are you waiting for?

Carnivore Aurelius

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Carnivore Can Provide Weight Loss

Yes, women lose weight on Carnivore! The very first time I ever did a carnivore challenge I lost 12 lbs the first week and 25 lbs for the 30 days!

I was much heavier back then. If I do a Carnivore challenge now I can expect to lose 5-10lbs. But for me I see it as a reset of my keto plan when I go off the rails or maybe feeling that inflammation after being on vacation.

Each time I do a Carnivore Challenge, my regular keto program becomes cleaner and tighter. I can see a time where I might just naturally evolve to all or mostly carnivore.

I hope I have given you something to think about and maybe a few reasons to give Carnivore a try!

Threads Of Evidence From Our Ancient Past

I tried carnivore diet for 30 days

So, do we need to eat plenty of plants for good health? What evidence exists that our human ancestors survived, and maybe even thrived, on a largely meat-based diet?

Many of the people listed above draw upon common archeological, anthropological and physiological sources to argue that humans evolved to be carnivores, and that fatty meat and organ meats are humans optimal diet. As hunter-gatherers, they say, people may have eaten plants, tubers, nuts and seeds when meat was scarce and gorged on summer fruit and berries to fatten up for winter but such foods werent necessary to maintain health. Meat was.14

Here are some of the key points commonly used to argue that homo sapiens evolved to eat a diet mainly of meat and fat.

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Why People Turn To Carnivory

At Diet Doctor we recommend above-ground vegetables in our keto guides and recipes. This suits most people very well because such vegetables are very low in carbs and contain a lot of fibre, nutrients, and trace minerals. They can also be filling.

One can generally eat a few servings of kale, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, and other veggies without exceeding 20 grams of net carbs a day. Moreover, eating a mixture of non-starchy vegetables with animal products like meat and cheese provides good dietary variety, which can make low-carb eating more interesting and sustainable for the long term.2

Not everyone, however, achieves complete success on a low-carb ketogenic diet that is rich in vegetables. According to comments gleaned from various carnivory websites, Facebook groups and discussion forums, some people tried a keto diet first but were dissatisfied with their results, prompting the trial of carnivory.

By and large, most people doing the carnivore diet have some persistent health issue that the keto diet did not completely fix, such as not enough weight loss, a mental health condition, an autoimmune condition, or uncontrolled cravings, says Dr. Paul Mabry, a zero-carb US family doctor who blogs at Born to Eat Meat and manages a Facebook group, Zero Carb Doc, which now has more than 8,500 members.

Even the tiniest amount of carbs can start my cravings and binging. I can binge on vegetables, said Dr. Mabry.

The Benefits Of Carnivore

The health and wellness industry today gets a lot wrong. This extreme diet restriction works so well because it counters modern conventional health wisdom:

Resets microbiome. More gut bacteria isnt always better . The lack of plant fiber starves bacteria both good and bad. Its like pressing reboot on the gut microbiome.

Whole food. Carnivore completely eliminates all processed and refined foods. This alone can reverse some of the most pernicious and widespread ailments. Any diet that removes junk foods will deliver results.

Removes anti-nutrients. Plants cannot move. So they produce chemical defense weapons to deter predators. Nuts, herbs, spices, nightshades, and grains for example. While most research on these chemicals is overwhelmingly positive, they each have side effects. Sometimes significant, and especially in folks not running at 100 percent.

Incredibly simple. No fancy caloric calculations required before each meal. No balancing macronutrients. The carnivore equation is simple: eat animal products until full. You can put that spared mental bandwidth to better use.

Produces ketones. Ketones are a powerful clean-burning fuel source for the brain. An alternative to the free-radical generating glucose abundant in carb-heavy foods. Zero-carb carnivore brains benefit from high ketone levels.

Still, its not for everyone. Well known health experts and ancestral advice advocate against carnivore. Heres why.

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Starting With A Baseline

Lets start with the baseline and averages to see how much youre burning on a typical day-to-day basis with no exercise.

According to USDA reports, below is the caloric breakdown for the average American woman and man.

The daily calorie breakdown for a sedentary woman is as follows:

  • Women aged between 19 to 30 burn about 1,800 to 2,000
  • Women aged between 31 to 50 burn about 1,800
  • Women 50+ burn about 1,600 each day

What Can You Eat On The Carnivore Diet

30 Day Carnivore Diet Results

The Carnivore Diet includes only animal products and excludes all other foods. The focus is on red meat, especially from ruminants.

Here are the foods commonly eaten on Carnivore:

  • Animal Meat: beef, chicken or turkey, turkey, lamb, pork, etc.
  • Organs: from all animals
  • Fish: salmon, mackerel, sardines, shrimps, crab, lobster, tilapia, herring, etc.
  • Other animal products: eggs from all fowl, lard and fat from animals and fowl, bone marrow, bone broth, etc.
  • Dairy products : heavy cream, hard cheese, butter or ghee, raw or grass fed where possible.
  • Water

Many people do add salt and other seasonings, coffee and tea, minimal condiments.

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How Does It Restore Metabolism

A carnivore diet works in part like a keto diet. As you prioritize animal foods over plant foods, you cant produce enough blood sugar for fuel, explains Dr. Saladino. Your body starts running on ketones, a type of fuel made entirely from fat. Studies show this accelerates weight loss by over 1,000 percent. Keto is great. But carnivore takes it to a whole new level, Dr. Saladino says. Credit goes in part to large amounts of stearic acid that carnivore dieters get from sources like salmon and marbled beef.

Studies show that when we dont get enough stearic acid, our body turns off fat burning, he notes. And when we get loads of it after going carnivore? It reactivates little engines in our cells that have gone dormant causing fat burning to spike, he says. Other nutrients in animal foods including coenzyme Q10, riboflavin, zinc and vitamins B6, B12, and K have also been proven to enhance the bodys calorie-incinerating abilities. And getting plenty of protein stimulates the formation of metabolism-boosting muscle. Altogether, the effect is so powerful, a carnivore diet can bring a dead metabolism back to life!

Joe Rogan Disassembles Of The Gatekeepers

As Ive written in the past, were increasingly trending towards a world where degrees and pedigrees are not only unnecessarybut might be a net-negative. All a mainstream doctor with an MD will tell you is that they were trained under a decrepit system, brainwashed into believing saturated fat will kill you and carbs are a dietary staple.

With the rise of the internet comes an unprecedented opportunity to both think and act independently. Theres no need to defer to the masses anymore. The gatekeepers have been disassembled. The internet has created a breeding ground for experimentation, enabling access to a wealth of information.

All one needs is an innate curiosity to discover the truth. A truth that is found without a playbook. Without strict guidelines or expectations. A truth discovered through a muscle that enables you to open up to new information, experiment, and update your beliefs based on those experiments.

I couldnt think of a more emblematic way to disassemble the gatekeepers than Joe Rogan trying the carnivore diet. Counter to all mainstream advice, he decided to take matters into his own hands, do his own research, and ultimately commit to trying an all meat diet for 30 days. The exact opposite of what trusted doctors tell us to do.

Meanwhile, EAT Lancet one of the most prestigious journals just came out with a recommendation to eat no more than 98 grams of red meat per week. Joe Rogan eats this in one bite.

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Strategies To Losing The Weight

Here are some simple, easy-to-follow fat loss strategies that may help you lose weight.

  • Move more, eat less. The general rule of thumb here is to burn more than you consume.
  • Incorporate intermittent fasting. This can be a cycle of 2:5 or restricting your daily eating window.
  • Drink more water. Staying hydrated is essential. Sometimes you may think youre hungry, when in fact, youre simply dehydrated. Fruit & vegetables contain water. As these are eliminated, your body must be getting enough electrolytes and essential minerals, supplements can help.
  • Get to know when youre actually hungry versus eating out of habit. Eating is a highly social and ritualistic behavior. Cutting down your meals from 3-5 to 2 can help you monitor when youre eating out of habit rather than because you are hungry.

Breaking The Carnivore Diet

10 Year Vegan Eats Nothing But Beef For 30 Days: Amazing Carnivore Diet ...

Day 1 off Carnivore.

My original plan after the 30 days was to ease back in to normal foods: add one food or food group at a time, with four day intervals.

However, my blood tests came back at the end of my 30 days, resulting in me needing to schedule a procedure to test for celiac disease and other allergens in three weekswhich meant I needed to add back in gluten and all those other foods right away in order for those tests to be accurate. So I did not ease back in to normal foods: my first day off, I ate carrots and broccoli and cake the second day, fried eggs with rice, sautéed garlic and onionand after this, gained 5lbs. I know cake’s not great, but I definitely didn’t eat five pounds’ worth of it. Water weight’s a bitch.

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The Results Of My Carnivore Experiment

I did the carnivore diet to reset. I looked forward to trying an elimination diet. By gradually reintroducing foods, I could pinpoint foods that I eat on a daily basis that dont agree with my body.

My carnivore experience was neutral. I went in excited, and sold on the idea of more meat equals better health. Reminiscent of my high-protein days where I gained 35+ pounds for sports. Only this time I wasnt drinking mass-gainer shakes. Nor stuffing my face with everything in sight.

I calendared in 30 days to begin the experiment and log my progress. Against my better judgment, I ate nothing but animal products. I didnt even sneak in herbs or spices. My diet consisted of:

  • Every cut of beef imaginable
  • Sardines
  • Salt

Thats it. I did make a few modifications:

  • I added a squirt of lemon juice to my beef on occasion to ensure I got enough vitamin C.
  • I went in with the intention of eating eggs but cut them out after day 4. Theyre one of the most common food intolerances.
  • I drank coffee a few times when I didnt sleep well and had low energy.

Coming off keto, I expected the transition to be easy. Not quite:

Grass-fed beef is pricey. At $6-$15 per pound, I quickly racked up a bill. Even conventional beef would cost north of $20 per day, making this an expensive experiment. Of course, there are more budget-friendly animal products which I cover below.

Carnivore Diet In A Nutshell

Carnivore is a highly-restrictive, zero-carbohydrate diet focused heavily on meat. Some varieties allow fish and select animal products. At its core, carnivore is an extreme eliminating diet. Removing plants, herbs, spices, chemicals, and artificial ingredients help uncover food allergies, reverse chronic disease, and induces a mild state of performing-enhancing ketosis.

Unlike most diets, carnivore ignores macros and calorie counts. Proponents love it for the binary simplicity: either eat the food or dont. Its naturally high-protein, and advocates strongly recommend choosing fatty cuts of meat .

Following an all-meat diet is a radical departure from the recent trend of everything plant-based. Eating exclusively animal-products goes against modern dietary recommendations and those described by 5,000+ year-old Ayurvedic health wisdom.

Thanks to Roger Williams surprising findings in Biochemical Individuality , we know that no single diet works for everyone. The worlds oldest health systems concur. Before deciding to try this lifestyle shift, you should know the benefits and drawbacks.

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Experts Weigh In: Some Pro Some Con Some Alarmed

Among low-carb experts, the carnivore diet is controversial.

Low-carb neuroscientist Rhonda Patrick, PhD, is concerned about the potential for negative gut microbiome changes and the risk of micronutrient deficiencies. What is attracting someone to try such a restrictive diet without any published studies or long-term evidence? Why would you do it? she said in an with Joe Rogan. She said the most common reason seems to be trying to influence ongoing autoimmune conditions.

Psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede supports a trial of the diet. In her popular Diagnosis Diet blog and in this Diet Doctor video exploring whether vegetables are truly necessary for health, she concludes there is no clear scientific proof that we need to eat vegetables at all. She told participants at the 2018 Low-Carb San Diego conference that she was currently trying a carnivore diet herself and, so far, was experiencing positive results, such as improved sleep, steady mood and resolution to her migraines and night-time leg cramps.

Dr. Ted Naiman says he has now had many patients who have done 30-, 60-, and 90-day trials of the carnivore diet, with generally good results and normal labs. However, he has been finding that longer term, the diet may be more concerning. Ive now had a small handful of patients who were doing this longer than six months who have reported vague fatigue. The lab workup in these people is usually normal except for very low folate levels, below the normal range.

How Much Weight Can You Lose On The Carnivore Diet

30 Day Carnivore Diet Results

At 265 pounds, I had a slow thyroid, my rheumatoid arthritis and gout caused a lot of pain, and my hot flashes were miserable, recalls Montreal mom Ruth Hovsepian, 55. She tried keto, but didnt feel much better. I heard about carnivore on a podcast. The expert said it helps with thyroid and menopause. It seemed like she was talking to me, recalls Ruth, who switched to mix-and-match meals made with ingredients like eggs, salmon, and steak. It was instantly clear veggies and fruit had been triggers for me.

Her hunger, cravings, fatigue, depression, hot flashes, and pain disappeared she began shedding up to five pounds a week. The healing is amazing, and the weight loss is immediate! Ruth has traded her size 22s for sixes. And nutrients from animal sources wont spike blood sugar and are easier to absorb, which is why carnivore eating makes us feel so satisfied. Appetite control is so natural, you dont have to track anything. Just eat all the animal foods you want. Fossils of ancient humans show that eating mainly meat spurred rapid brain development, notes the doc. Our bodies love to be fueled this way.

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