Can Diabetics Drink Diet Soft Drinks

Should You Drink Diet Soda If You Are Diabetic

Is Diet Soda Healthier Than Regular Soda for Diabetics? Can Diabetics Drinks Diet Soda?

It is not impossible to develop insulin resistance even if you already have type 1 diabetes. According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, people who drink diet soda each day increase their risk of developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes by about 13 percent per 12-ounce can.

Why Diet Soda Is Bad For Diabetics

A: Diet sodas increases the risk of diabetes by negatively affecting gut bacteria, insulin secretion, and sensitivity. They also cause blood sugar levels to spike when a person eats carbohydrates, increasing waist circumference and body fat. This can make insulin sensitivity and blood sugar management worse.

Is Gatorade Bad For Diabetics

Gatorade, for example, has a glycemic index of 89. That’s high. A GI score of 89 means that Gatorade is rapidly digested, absorbed, and metabolized, which results in significant blood sugar fluctuations. Something that can be problematic for people with diabetes who should avoid substantial changes in blood glucose.

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Can Diabetics Drink Diet Soda

Eating for diabetes is a juggling act. Theres a lot of restrictions and guidelines! You might also have to give up some of your favorite foods and drinks.

If you love fizzy drinks, you might be wondering what kind of soda diabetics can drink. Often, experts suggest diet soda.1 But is it really that safe?

In moderation, diet soda is OK for diabetes. It isnt the worst, but it isnt the best either. Water and unsweetened tea are much better options.2 Before drinking diet soda, learn about how it affects diabetes.

Is There Research On Drinking Diet Sodas And Diabetes

Your Diet Soft Drink Can Still Lead to Diabetes  Canstar Blue

There are plenty of research studies available about how these drinks can affect health outcomes.

One study pointed out that daily consumption of diet soda was associated with a 36% greater relative risk of incident metabolic syndrome and a 67% greater relative risk of incident type 2 diabetes compared with those who do not drink them.

Diet soda intake was also associated with increases in waist circumference in older adults in other studies.

While the risk is there, these drinks can be a better option for people with diabetes because the lack of sugar wont raise numbers.

Its also important to note that drinking diet sodas doesnt cause diabetes.

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Gut Bacteria & Sugar Cravings

One major factor with the artificial sweeteners used in diet soda is that they may alter our gut bacteria. The bacteria in our gut play a huge role in our health and even helps regulate our glucose levels!

If we consume artificial sweeteners and our gut bacteria is altered, this may impact our glucose response to a non-carbohydrate food. This is because the brain normally associates the sweet taste with calories, which is a normal human physiological response.

One hundred years ago if you were consuming something sweet, it contained calories! So when you consume something sweet, even if it doesnt have any calories, it can activate the process of metabolism the body may then release insulin and increase blood sugar, even if you have not eaten any carbohydrates.

If you are drinking diet soda, check your blood sugar levels after consuming to see if you notice a rise in your glucose level.

What Is Diet Soda

Diet soda is any carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage that contains artificial sweeteners like saccharin, aspartame, stevia, sorbitol, erythritol, acesulfame potassium, or sucralose.

These drinks may also contain caffeine and other additives like dyes to give the drink color.

They are often marketed as diet drinks to encourage people to drink them instead of other sugary beverages, though they do not often have better benefits for people who are dieting.

The diet or sugar-free options in a grocery store will usually have the words diet, sugar-free, and/or artificial sweeteners on their label.

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Other Potential Harms From Consuming Coke Zero

As a person with diabetes, often the main concern is your sugar levels. However, this is hardly the only thing that can affect your diabetes. Drinking diet sodas may not have a direct on your sugar levels, but they can affect other factors that worsen your diabetes.

Some studies show that drinking artificially sweetened drinks can often lead to an increase in heart disease. In one study, a substantial link was found between women who drank artificially sweetened drinks and an increased risk of heart disease when they had no prior history of these risks.

Additionally, the high phosphorus content in sodas can often lead to kidney damage, which may further complicate your diabetes. In this study, researchers showed that people who drank more than seven glasses of diet soda per week had twice the risk of kidney disease in the future.

As mentioned above, gut health is an increasingly popular health concern and one that diet sodas can affect. In both of these studies scientists concluded that an increased amount of diet sodas in a persons diet can alter their gut microbiome, which is in charge of controlling a persons blood sugar content.

Finally, the last major common health concern when drinking diet sodas is the possibility of increased risk of osteoporosis. One study found that people who drink diet soda daily had a lower done mineral density.

Sweeteners In The Headlines

Soft Drinks

Not all diet sodas are created equal. The type of sweetener used can take a soda from OK to Noooope.

The concerning thing for people with diabetes is, some artificial sweeteners have been accused of messing with the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut, which might in turn affect appetite hormones and insulin sensitivity.

Sucralose: One study exposed this sweetener for its potential to raise blood sugar when carbs are consumed later on. Despite having minimal calories , sucralose caused a spike in insulin levels in subjects who did not regularly consume sucralose.

But the study only involved 17 subjects and the study authors admit that most of the studies conducted in humansdo not show changes in blood glucose, insulin or other gut hormone levels.

Acesulfame-k: This common sweetener has been linked to bacteria changes in the gut and weight gain in mice. Its worth noting these results were found inanimal studies and those same metabolic results are not seen in human subjects. This guy masquerades as Sunnett or Sweet One yep, that Sweet One.

But its not all bad news!

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Water Is The Best Choice

When it comes to hydration, the best option by far is water as it wont raise your blood sugar levels. Plain water can be made more fun by adding slices of lemon, lime or oranges or even sprigs of flavorful herbs, like basil or mint.

Carbonated or sparkling water is another excellent choice as a beverage. It is healthier than diet or regular soda because it only contains water and carbon dioxide . Many people like the freshness of sparkling water with the bubbles, that are in fact CO2 escaping the liquid once pressure has been released by opening the bottle.

Most researchers and doctors though seem to recommend plain water as the very best beverage for everyone, including people with diabetes.

Ingredients And Nutrition Information Of Diet Coke

The average nutrition value per 12 ounces or 1 can of Diet Coke is:

  • Caramel color
  • Caffeine

These nutrition values and ingredients can and do play a big role in the lives of people who have diabetes. Understanding these will help you decide if they are safe for a person with diabetes to drink.

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Pros Of Drinking Diet Soda With Diabetes:

Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners, which are also referred to as non-nutritive sweeteners or non-caloric sweeteners. They have a higher intensity of sweetness per gram than caloric sweeteners like sucrose. Popular artificial sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfame-K, neotame, saccharin, and sucralose are regulated as food additives by the US Food and Drug Administration . Aspartame and saccharin, commonly found in diet sodas, are both FDA reviewed and approved. Besides FDA, most sweeteners used in diet sodas are approved by World Health Organization and/ or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India .

The American Diabetes Association lists diet soda as safe for diabetics to consume. Diet soda is typically sweetened with one of five artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners do not contain calories , and the ADA reports that they do not cause a blood glucose reaction.

Furthermore, carbohydrate content in diet soda is less when compared to that of regular soda. Also, the calorie content in diet soda is less than that of regular soda.

Drink Alternatives To Turn To

Can Diabetics Drink Diet Coke Uk

If you need to make a switch towards a more wholesome soft drink, you have a ton of healthy choices at your disposal.

Herbal teas like chamomile, ginger, and peppermint tea are healthy choices for people with diabetes,” recommends Henry. “Herbal tea is low in carbohydrates, calories, as well as sugar, and is rich in antioxidant components, including carotenoids, flavonoids, and carbolic acid.”

Sometimes tea just doesn’t cut it and you might crave something with a few more bubbles. Luckily, another type of beverage might just hit the spot.

“A better alternative would be sparkling water,” Yang said. “This is a great no sweetener added bubbly beverage that can be customized to your own liking. I love to have sparkling water with some lemon and lime squeezed in or with some frozen berries. Pop it into a wine or champagne glass, and you’ve got yourself a nice little treat and you can feel fancy!”

While you might have some luck cutting down on your soda habit, other drinking patterns may inadvertently cause your blood sugar to continue spiking. Luckily, you can check your own beverage habits against The Worst Drinking Habits if You Have Diabetes to see if you need to cut out any specific behaviors.

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Aspartame Is One Of The Common Alternative Sweeteners

There are several types of alternative sweeteners used in diet sodas. The most common once include Aspartame, which is a chemical sweetener found in a variety of diet sodas and even chewing gum.

Other ones are Sucralose, which studies indicate can raise blood sugar and cause peaks in insulin levels, and Sorbitol that has been linked to severe diarrhea in some studies.

Other sweeteners that seem to raise fewer concerns are Erythritol, which is a corn-based type of sugar alcohol, and the natural Stevia leaf that seems to be a safe alternative to sugar.

Can Diabetics Drink Diet Coke

With a diagnosis of diabetes, you have likely looked for diet beverages with zero or very few carbs or calories. Some medical professionals recommend diet drinks for people with diabetes, and some warn against them. Can diabetics drink Diet Coke?

Diet Coke and Coke Zero is safe for diabetics to drink as they contain no sugar, carbohydrates, fat or fiber and are also low in calories and sodium. Due to these facts, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero have little affect on blood glucose levels and can be included in a diabetics meal plan.

According to Mayo ClinicsHealthyLifestyle, Dec 23, 2020, Drinking A reasonable amount of diet soda a day, such as a can or two, isnt likely to hurt you.

The artificial sweeteners and other chemicals currently used in diet soda are safe for most people, and there is no credible evidence that these ingredients cause cancer.

As you will see further down in the article, you will see that the debate is still out on diet soft drinks and any related health risks.

Read on to explore Diet Coke in detail. I will also compare nutrition values and ingredients between Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Zero Sugar.

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Can Diabetics Drink Sprite Zero

Sprite zero contains artificial sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame potassium, which do not contain any carbohydrate form. It neither raises the blood sugar level nor lowers the blood sugar level. So if any diabetic patient drinks sprite zero it will not cause any harm or benefit. So diabetics can drink sprite zero without any tension.

Risk: Eating More Calories

Diet Soft Drinks Make You Gain Weight

Controlling weight is already an issue for many people with diabetes. A 2014 study reported that people who were overweight and drank diet sodas ate between 90 and 200 more calories from food per day. The theory is that you don’t get enough reward from artificial sweeteners, which leads to overeating calorie-rich and sweet foods.

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Diet Soda Diabetes And Eye Disease

Unfortunately, increased mortality rates arent the only bad news surfacing from diet soda studies.

A 2018 study found that people with diabetes who consumed more than 4 cans of diet soda per week were two times more likely to develop a diabetes complication called proliferative diabetic retinopathy .

But if you read the entire study, the authors reported that those with increased risk of retinopathy were those with type 1 diabetes, had a greater BMI, 55 percent were current smokers, had elevated blood fat levels, and high blood pressure which can all contribute to the development of eye disease.

When authors adjusted the results for variables such as A1c levels , age, gender, smoking, etc., there was no difference in eye disease between the diet soda drinkers and the non-consumers except those with the highest consumption.

So, everything in moderation even no calorie soda is still a good motto to live by.

Healthy Alternatives To Water

Again, the best beverage to reach for when you have type 2 diabetes is plain water. But if you find it hard to drink eight cups of plain water a day, here are some ideas and alternatives that will help you reach your goal:

  • Flavor filtered water by adding one or two slices of fresh fruit, such as lemon, lime, or orange, or a few berries, cucumber slices, or herbs like mint. You’ll get the essence of the flavor without added calories or carbs.
  • Make homemade iced tea by steeping herbal or green tea bags in hot water and then chilling. When you use a fruit-flavored tea bag to make your iced tea, you might even find it doesn’t need additional sweetness. Not to mention, you’ll reap additional health benefits of green tea.
  • Serve flavored sparkling waters in wine glasses with dinner. To take things to the next level, add a splash of tart cherry juice and a few fresh or frozen cherries as garnish.

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Why Drinking Coke Lowers Blood Sugar And Can Even Reverse Diabetes

Keeping blood sugar levels in the range is a big challenge for every diabetic patient. To do this, you may have to remove the foods of your choice. Going with substitutes that are tasty & satisfying without spiking your sugar levels are a good option.

As a general rule, people with diabetes or prediabetes often opt for diet soft drinks over sugary versions. Hence a question arises: can people with diabetes drink coke zero?

Well, A range of diabetic drinks list is available in the market, which claims to be sugar-free and healthier. But, when it comes to proving the claim vs. reality, most of them fail to show positive results.

In this article, we are about to tell you everything: Is coke zero good for diabetics? Is coke zero bad for diabetics? Also, can diabetics drink soda?

Once you read this article, you will definitely know the facts regarding why drinking coke lowers blood sugar . Lets get started!

Table of Content

It Causes Weight Gain Instead Of Weight Loss

Diet Soda and Diabetes

Diet soda is free of calories and it wont be helpful in weight loss at all. According to the researchers from the University of Texas, diet soda users had 70% of hike in weight gain over the course of a decade, when compared to non-drinkers.

Participants who took more than 2 drinks faced over 500% increase in weight. The artificial sweeteners play a great role in confusing your body. When you feel that you are not having any sweetened liquid calories, you might justify having pizza with extra cheese or double cheeseburger.

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Diet Sodas May Increase Risk Of Vision Loss

Another study has revealed that drinking diet sodas may increase the risk of diabetic retinopathy, one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the world today. According to the authors, the consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks has long been associated with increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as obesity and hypertension.

The study explored the association between the consumption of regular and diet soft drinks and severity of diabetic retinopathy in a well-defined cohort of Australian adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The results showed that consuming more than four cans of diet soft drinks per week was associated with a more than twofold risk of having proliferative diabetic retinopathy, potentially leading to vision loss.

The authors concluded that as diet soft drinks are perceived as a healthy alternative to regular soft drinks, clinicians and patients should be aware that diet soft drinks may not be without risks of their own.

Do Diet Sodas Cause Diabetes

It is recommended to stay away from drinks which contain a lot of sugar as they can affect your heart health. Usually, soda is very high in sugar. People, especially diabetics, should aware about such beverages.

Before going further, lets discuss the three common types of diabetes first

Type 1 Diabetes

With Type 1 diabetes, body is unable to produce proper amount of insulin. Immune system attacks the pancreas cells which are responsible to produce insulin. There is nothing which can directly cause Type 1 Diabetes. But here are the factors responsible for type 1 diabetes

Lack of vitamin D Any family member with type 1 diabetes Exposure to viral diseases in childhood

Drinking cows milk in childhood may also higher the risk of type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

It is the most widespread type of diabetes. In this condition, body cannot use insulin properly or make the most of it to work with sugar consumption.

Type 2 diabetes is linked to Inactivity High blood pressure

Gestational Diabetes

This condition generally affects pregnant women. If body is unable to produce enough insulin to move the sugar to the cells to be used or if your body resists insulin, you may be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

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