Best Diet To Lose Chest And Belly Fat

What Causes Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat, Love Handles, & Chest Fat FAST! (9 steps)

Numerous studies lead some to believe your biochemistry and fat genes have everything to do with excess abdominal fat .

But more often than not, lifestyle choices trigger abdominal obesity.

Belly fat is caused by many factors, mostly related to certain lifestyle choices. Here are some that can add inches to your waist size.

  • Poor nutrition and diet too much junk food
  • Binge eating and emotional eating
  • Slow metabolism and blood flow
  • Trigger hormones like cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Fad diets
  • Starvation mode

Improving your diet, increasing activity, reducing stress, and making other lifestyle changes can all help you lose stubborn abdominal fat.

Water retention may give the illusion of extra weight. These can be controlled in a zero belly diet.

Extra weight affects many of your other systems too such as your digestive system and your immune system.

Visit an M.D. of endocrinology if hormones are a concern or youve gained too much weight quickly.

Take Exogenous Testosterone Or Medicine Support :

Now this is the most controversial and abused way to increase your sagging testosterone level. Simply loading up the syringe and getting weekly shots! Lots of bodybuilders, powerlifters, sports guys, athletes etc. try these out! Beware Dont copy.

Do not try it without recommendations of a doctor, experienced in this. External testosterone is recommended in few medical vases of debility, HIV, cancer, elderly people with low free testosterone level and so on.

Testosterone injection or even its synthetic analogies can wreak havoc. It may shut down your body testosterone production and lead to even higher growth of man boobs. Dont commit such mistakes. Steroids are banned, be careful!

Instead, a few medications can help like Tamoxifen, Anastrozole, Letrozole, Raloxifen, etc. These are all antiestrogenic medicines which has to be used by a doctor, acquainted with these. Never, ever self medicate! For those taking steroids and having man boobs, these are the meds used for PCT .

So thats the solution. If you can categorically follow them, you need not worry. You can easily lose your chest fat or man boobs within a few months if you are a beginner. Body will respond to all your changes very quickly. But if you still find it difficult, do not worry. I am there to help you out. Contact me for proper guidance.

Top Your Salad With Vinaigrette Dressing

Studies show that acidic foods such as vinegar and lemon juice work like lighter fluid in your bodys fat incinerator, increasing carb combustion 20%-40%. Researchers believe the acids blunt insulin spikes and slow the rate at which food empties from your stomach. Fermented foods like pickles and yogurt are also good sour options.

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Sneak Extra Activity Into Your Day

Pace around your office while talking on the phone or run into the bank to cash your check instead of using the drive-thru. When researchers at the Mayo Clinic fed a group of volunteers an extra 1,000 calories a day over the course of eight weeks, they found sedentary individuals gained eight times more weight than those who fidgeted a lot during the day.

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    Heart Rate Zone Power Run

    Another way to use running for weight loss is by keeping the intensity high, without changing the speed. This type of workout is more advanced and usually done for people who want to compete or improve their running time.

    What is peloton HRZ Power Run? Heart Rate Zone Power Run is a series of classes designed for running at selected heart rate and intensity. This is not interval training. This is all about running at the highest possible level, just under the lactate threshold.

    What is the lactate threshold? Lactate threshold is the level of your heart rate during the exercise where the blood concentration of lactic acid exceeds the bodys ability to clear it from the blood. It happens during higher intensity exercise where the muscles feel the burn and stop moving.

    Why peloton HRZ Power Run is good for weight loss? The peloton HRZ Power Run is good for weight loss because it challenges you to run at the most efficient level. Running just below your OBLA threshold creates the energy deficit and oxidizes fat for energy at the most optimum way.

    That being said, this is an advanced method for running because you need to be fit to be able to maintain at the peak heart rate for the whole 20 45 minutes.

    In this class, the instructor doesnt care about the actual speed. The most important is the heart rate.

    Not All Caloric Deficits Are Created Equal

    Even if youre cutting calories, its important to make sure the ones youre eating are working for you, not against you. It also helps if you actually like what youre putting in your mouth.

    Reducing your intake of carbs and unhealthy fats is typically a good place to start. Cutting back on starchy and greasy foods and replacing them with fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products has been proven to maximize weight loss efforts.

    Fresh produce contains water and fiber that help you feel full on minimal calories. Talk about a win-win.

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    What Are Man Boobs

    Man Boobs or Moobs is also known as Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is defined as the benign growth of the male breast gland tissue. This is caused by increase estrogen levels and decreased testosterone levels. It can also be due to health conditions or medications.

    Pseudogynecomastia is male breast enlargement due to excess fat. This can be drastically improved with weight loss and a gynecomastia procedure. Diet and exercise, avoiding junk food, and substitute for real food will reduce excess fat.

    Many men who have shame with man boobs or moobs are in this group. The amounts of testosterone are average, and hormone levels are balanced.

    Starting position is in the incline position at 30 degrees. The barbells are held in both hands and are raised with straight arms above the chest. The barbells are lowered, keeping a bend in the elbow, dropping the arms at the side but keeping them at shoulder height. Feel the tension across the chest, then raise the weight again directly above the chest.

    How Quickly Will You Lose Weight

    7 Best Exercises To Help Men Lose Belly Fat Fast

    The volunteers reduced their waist sizes by an average of 1 inch for every 4lb they lost.

    So if you lose 1lb a week you could hope to reduce your waistline by an inch after four weeks.

    Dieticians advise that if you eat 500 calories less than your daily requirement you will lose about 1lb every seven days .

    This chart shows you how many pounds you can hope to lose per week based on how many calories you cut out of your daily diet.

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    This Upper Chest Workout Will Help You Lose Your Man Boobs For Good

    To get rid of man-boobs, men are increasingly deciding on surgical options. Male breast reduction surgery rose by 32 percent from 2000 to 2017, calculated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. By 2019 gynecomastia surgery was the fourth most common cosmetic-plastic surgery procedure for men.

    Men with gynecomastia carry the stigma of someone out of shape with a feminizing appearance. Prominent breasts in men, also known as man boobs or moobs, are a significant source of anxiety for men in locker rooms, the beach or pool, or anywhere they might take off their shirt. This mental anguish results in men wearing loose-fitting clothes, forward posture, and never taking off their shirt in public.

    As much as 30 percent of men will develop man-boobs at some point in their lives. This development occurs during periods of life when the testosterone levels are off-balanced with estrogen levels. The hormonal imbalance is likely to occur during puberty or between the ages of 50 to 69. Male breast cancer is rare and occurs in less than 1% of men.

    The best technique to get rid of man boobs and look fit targets intense upper chest workouts. This means concentrating on a pectoral muscle workout plan.

    Why Is My Upper Stomach Bigger Than My Lower

    Most people have trouble getting rid of their stubborn lower belly fat rather than their upper stomach fat. But in some their upper ab fat can be harder to burn off than their lower.

    The reason for this is primarily due to genetics. We all have a particular shape to our body its what makes us uniquely different from one another. For example, some people might be predisposed to having an apple shaped figure, whereas others are more likely to be pear or hourglass-shaped.

    Here are all the possible reasons why your upper stomach continues to bulge out:

    • genetics
    • bloating
    • water retention

    So there are quite a few factors that could be causing the excess fat to build upon your upper abdomen. If your goal is to lose higher belly fat, then its going to be critical to make sure you address all if not most of the above list.

    Otherwise, itll be hard to get rid of the excess fat in your higher belly region under the boobs. And with more weight gain, the more likely you are to keep building onto the upper stomach fat.

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    How To Use The Diet

    The meals shown here are “templates” that you can vary any number of ways to please your tastebuds and avoid eating the same old thing every day. Follow them and you’ll get between 2,400 and 2,800 calories per day. That should provide plenty of calories for all but the most severely obese, while allowing most guys to lose fat around their middles at a steady pace.


    Whole grain cereal or oatmeal

    Fat-free milk

    Almonds or other nuts


    Total: 591 calories, 29 grams protein, 78 g carbohydrates, 18 g fat


    Sandwich made with whole grain bread

    Lunchmeat or canned tuna

    Reduced-fat cheese

    Total: 666 calories, 41 g protein, 71 g carbohydrates, 25 g fat




    Dark green vegetable



    Total: 379-953 calories, 23-53 g protein, 33-109 g carbohydrates, 12-43 g fat

    Floater Meal

    Whole grain bread

    Peanut butter

    Fat free milk


    Total: 629 calories, 31 g protein, 83 g carbohydrates, 20 g fat

    What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Fast

    27 Best Fat Burning Foods to Eat

    Belly fat can be a nuisance to lose especially when you are trying to lose fat. In this article, we will speak about how to lose belly fat fast.

    It can take several months of hard training, consistent and healthy nutrition to lose all your unwanted fat from your body. From whatwe have seen, belly fat can be the last part to go.

    So, what is the best way to lose belly fat fast?

    The truth about losing belly fat is that there are no shortcuts or miracle cure. To lose abdominal fat, you need to be in a caloric deficit, training hard consistently and being patient.

    That being said, there are some things you can do to help you lose belly fat fast.

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    Cause Number 1 Youre Fat

    Sorry to be Captain Obvious here, but yeah, in most cases, your chest fat is caused by, well, you being fat.

    As you gain weight, your body stores that new excess fat in many places all across your body. Your belly grows, your face gets more chubby, your thighs become humongous

    Obesity kicks in, and you are officially overweight. And what do chubby dudes generally have? Exactly, moobs

    The Dangers Of Belly Fat Accumulation

    In addition to the higher BMI, excessive fat accumulation in the abdomen area can potentially pose the following health risks:

    • Heart disease
    • Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
    • High blood pressure

    One cannot reduce belly fat overnight. A long-term plan is the best approach to losing belly fat. However, following the above tips can take you one step closer to your fat loss goals. That said, it is ideal to speak to an expert before you get started on your weight loss goals. Speak to some of Indias best nutritionists and fitness coaches, and begin your fat loss journey.

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    Cause Number 2 Your Feminine Side

    Man boobs arent always just fat. Man boobs can actually be, well, boobs.

    Its actually a medical condition called gynecomastia, sometimes spelled gynaecomastia, which is an endocrine system disorder in which a increase in male breast tissue occurs.

    Uuuh, say what now?

    Basically, it means the hormonal balance in your body is a bit messed up. You either have a lot of female hormones, estrogens, or your body is low on the more manly hormones, androgens .

    The hormonal ratio being out of whack is the most common cause for gynecomastia, but it has also been linked to a few other causes, like certain cancers, medications, or chronic kidney disease.

    Upper Chest Muscles Workout Move #: Landmine Chest Press

    Scientifically backed Ways to Lose Belly Fat || lose love handles, lose belly fat & lose chest fat

    Determine the proper bar weight so that you can perform 4-6 reps. Place the end of the bar in a safety box or at the bottom edge of the wall. The top bar end should be positioned at the shoulder as the starting position with the elbow bent. Use both hands, raise the bar in the air until your arms are straight lower and begin again. The exercise can also be done on the knees.

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    Belly Fat Is Hard To Eliminate

    Reducing belly fat is often more challenging than dropping inches from other parts of the body because doing so relies heavily on diet, says Caley Crawford, NASM CPT, and Director of Education for Row House.

    “We often think if we do enough sit-ups, then we’ll get a flatter stomach however, abs also happen in the kitchen,” says Crawford. “So, if you’re looking to lose belly fat, it’s crucial that you partner a strong and healthy diet with your exercise routine,” she says.

    You’ll also need to consider your age and genes. According to the Mayo Clinic, they can play a small role in where you store fat. That’s why adhering to a healthy, balanced diet along with your exercise program is critical to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

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    How To Lose Chin Fat

    Diet changes, including avoiding processed foods, avoiding fried foods, eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and eating lean protein, can help towards losing chin fat.

    Some people swear by chin exercises, which include chin lifts, neck rolls, jaw release exercises and platysma exercise, to tone the chin and throat.

    At the Cadogan Clinic, we use Sculpsure, or laser fat reduction therapy, which employs heat energy to kill fat cells. The dead fat cells are then carried out of the body via the natural flushing action of the lymphatic system following treatment. Sculpsure is a quick, effective non-surgical treatment to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.

    For the very best, immediate results, we use Liposuction surgery.

    Think Eating Plan Not Diet

    Foods That Help Burn Belly Fat

    Ultimately, you need to pick a healthy eating plan you can stick to,Stewart says. The benefit of a low-carb approach is that it simply involveslearning better food choicesno calorie-counting is necessary. In general,a low-carb way of eating shifts your intake away from problem foodsthosehigh in carbs and sugar and without much fiber, like bread, bagels andsodasand toward high-fiber or high-protein choices, like vegetables, beansand healthy meats.

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