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Your Progress May Stall

Best FOODS for BULKING | Gain Weigh FAST! ~ Skinny Kid Bulking Up EP.5

Due to clean bulkings tightly controlled calorie surplus, your progress may be slow and could even stagnate.

Building muscle is an energy-intensive process. When utilizing a conservative calorie surplus, such as in clean bulking, its easy to underestimate the number of calories needed to build muscle .

If you consume too few calories, you may cease to gain muscle.

To prevent a plateau, its best to start with a conservative surplus of 350500 calories and track your progress by regularly weighing in. From there, you can slowly add calories until you reach your desired rate of weight gain (

Other Things To Bear In Mind When Trying To Gain Weight

Calorie content of each major food group:

1g protein = 4 calories1g fat = 9 calories

Sustainable weight gain

Remember that you cannot gain 10lbs of lean muscle in one month – its simply not possible – so the weight gain you see on the scales will most likely be a combination of muscle, fat and water. If youre doing the right kind of exercise and eating healthily, realistically you can hope to gain around 1-2lb of muscle per month, with the rest being a mixture of glycogen and fat.

Supplementing your diet

Even if you love your food, it can be difficult to consume enough calories through your diet alone and it certainly isnt cheap. If you find that you are physically unable to eat that much due to your lifestyle, your appetite, your finances or some other factor, be sure to invest in a good quality weight gain supplement. Here are some of our favourites:

  • If you want to get big, you need to eat big.
  • Use the Harris-Benedict equation to calculate your basal metabolic rate.
  • Work out how many calories you need to consume to maintain your existing weight by adding your level of physical activity into the equation.
  • Consume at least 500 calories on top of that each day to ensure consistent weight gain in your bulking diet.
  • Dont fill up on junk food: eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to ensure that you stay healthy and build muscle, not fat.
  • Use a weight gain product to supplement your calorie intake.

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Example Hard Gainer Meal Plan

Jims ideal meal plan might look something like this

Meal One: Breakfast6 whole eggs, scrambled 36gp/3gc/30gf/426 Kcal25g whey shake 25gp/2gc/2gf/126 Kcal100g oats 9gp/70gc/7gf/379 Kcal

Carbohydrates = 378.5Fats = 131g

So there you have it: if you want to bulk up, you have to eat a LOT of calories. The meals above are just some of the best high calorie foods for bulking. Of course, the above meal plan is intended purely to demonstrate Jims caloric requirements, so youll need to adjust the above macros to suit your BMR and calorie needs.

You should also add in some fruit, veg, nuts, seeds and other such foods to contribute towards your daily vitamin, mineral and antioxidant requirements. You might wish to top up with a superfoods supplement to support and optimise your bodys natural muscle building and repair processes.

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Foundations Of Performance Biochemistry

At its core, the science of supplementation is applied biochemistry and pharmacology intertwined with exercise science.

Crazy Muscle is aware that people seeking to better themselves are bombarded with ads that try to reduce elegant science down to talking points that fit neatly into a banner ad or magazine page. Some of these talking points are honest and useful, some are dubious, and others are outright deceptive.

Without specific academic training, telling the difference can be overwhelming for even the above average consumer.

Wed like to provide our customers with an in-depth look into the most important aspects of performance biochemistry to help you get the most out of your supplementation budget. Our hope is to help you understand how your body grows and performs to help you maximize your results.

The Bulking Diet Plan

Bulk Up Diet On A Budget

A lot of people who struggle to gain weight believe that they can gorge on fast food to rack up their calorie intake. But, as much fun as that sounds, unfortunately, gaining weight fast and in excessive amounts can take its toll on our bodies, and that brings several different health risks, too.

Gaining weight too quickly can accelerate fat storage, causing changes in insulin sensitivity and the signalling between cells required for building muscle, which can make muscle growth even more difficult.

For some people, eating is a pleasure, however, for others, its a chore. If youre someone who gets full very easily, you need to consume more energy-dense food with large amounts of calories, rather than filling up on low-calorie, high-fibre foods. Its important to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, as vitamins and minerals are essential to our health and well-being just eat them in addition to the energy-dense foods, rather than instead of them.

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Do You Need To See A Nutritionist When Bulking

The short and sweet answer is definitely. Even though you can find plenty of information about bulking and nutrition on the internet, a specialist will give you personalized, accurate diet plansand so much more. Theyre going to help you diversify your foods, hold you accountable each week, talk to you about challenges you may be having, give you new recipes, and focus them around your workout, says Sklaver. Some people just go in and do a bulk and think, I’m just going to eat whatever I want to put weight on, and thats just not the way you do it.

How To Lean Bulk By Moderating Your Calorie Increase

Now in terms of specifics, Id use the recommendations of a recent 2019 Nutrition Review. You should implement a small-to-moderate surplus of around 10-20% above your maintenance calories – this is the best way to bulk up.

Beginners should be at the higher end of this, while more advanced lifters should be at the low end of this.

In addition to implementing this, you also need to avoid the mistake of not setting yourself a target rate of weight gain and tracking that over time.

Need more guidance with respect to moderating your calorie surplus? Our 3-on-1 coaching program can help. You will not only have a dietitian to customize your nutrition plan, but also a coach to focus on your training plans – plus, there’s me to answer your questions every month! You’ll achieve your dream physique in record-breaking time. Sounds good? Let’s get started then:

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Skinny Guy Workout Plans For Bulking Up

As we cover in our How to build muscle article, heres a sample routine you can follow NOW to start bulking up.

After you do your dynamic warm-up, do the following workout:


If youre curious, here are some commonly accepted strategies based on your goals for how many sets and reps you should do:

  • Strength and power: 1-5 reps
  • Strength and some size: 5-8 reps
  • Size and some strength: 8-12 reps
  • Muscular endurance: 12+ reps

Now, dont worry too much about which path is best.

Nutrition plays the most important role in bulking up, and any strength training plan will help you get bigger.

There are 3 studies I want to point out:

  • A recent study showed that a higher intensity workout created more muscle mass than a higher volume .
  • Getting more volume per week resulted in more mass compared to less volume , in this study.
  • Studies show that weight training creates superior bulk up results compared to bodyweight training, but that doesnt mean bodyweight training isnt beneficial. Studies show that bodyweight training exercises can build muscle, but require a LARGE number of sets per rep, and pushing oneself to absolute failure.
  • What this means: Dont overthink it.

  • Pick up heavy stuff for 3-4 sets of 5 reps. Pick up a weight that is heavy enough that you can only complete your specified number of reps.
  • Challenge yourself on bodyweight exercises, either by making them more difficult, adding weight, or doing high reps to failure.
  • And then do more next time.
  • Train A Variety Of Rep Ranges

    Best High Calorie Foods For Bulking || Bulking Up Fast!!

    Research suggests you can grow muscle with most rep ranges, however when trying to train frequently, and in high volumes, rep ranges work best to balance out the volume, training intensity, and recovery needs.

    For most lifters, training movements in the 8-15 rep range will cover most bases for muscle growth.

    When working withcompound exercises like squats, bench press, and deadlifts, it is recommended to train in the 5-10 reps range. You can experiment with these ranges to see which works best to elicit a muscle fatigue response.

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    How Many Carbs How Much Protein And Fat

    So how many of the 3000 calories should be made up of carbohydrates, fat and protein? You might think that 90% of your intake needs to be made up of huge steaks and raw eggs, but think again. Research shows that the ideal macronutrient ratio should be broken down into a ratio of approximately:

    • Protein: ~25%
    • Carbohydrates: ~40%
    • Fat: ~35%

    Although the above ratio is commonly used by people who struggle to put on weight, remember, its just a guideline. All bodies are different, and its about finding the right ratio for your body trial and error. If you eat like this for around two weeks and see no weight gain, you should increase your calories by about 200 calories per day and see if this helps. Its all about the time and tuning to meet your individual needs.

    Ensure you dont skimp on the protein, either. Studies show that protein is an extremely important macronutrient for hardgainers , and should therefore contribute to at least 20% of your food intake every day.

    Check out our macro calculator to find out how many carbs, protein, and fat you need for your goal.

    Everything You Need To Know About Gaining Muscle The Right Way

    Eat more.

    Thats what most fresh-faced trainees hear when they ask the big guy in the weight room how to move up a couple shirt sizes. While not the most poetic way to explain muscle growth, eat more does get to the core of the issue if you want to get big, youve got to eat bigger.

    Adding muscle is absolutely about mastering your caloric intake, but you also need to dial in your workouts as tightly as your macronutrients. Unfortunately, muscle doesnt grow itself. Youve got to work hard in the gym to move the scale.

    Since youre presumably not going to the gym to lose muscle, were going to teach you how to gain it the right way. This is everything you need to know about bulking, and how to do it properly.

    Editors note: The content on BarBend is meant to be informative in nature, but it shouldnt take the place of advice and/or supervision from a medical professional. The opinions and articles on this site are not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of health problems. Speak with your physician if you have any concerns.

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    How Long Should This Program Be Followed For

    Even though this program has heaps of great information, it is geared toward a bulking routine. This program should be followed for as long as you wish to bulk.

    Now the question is how long do you want to bulk? A good rule of thumb to ask yourself is, “Would I be comfortable in public without a shirt?” If the answer is no, ask yourself why. Is it because you are too skinny, or too fat? If you are too skinny, then it’s obvious you want to continue your bulking routine. If you are too fat, then you want to stop bulking and start cutting.

    It is not unusual to bulk or cut for years straight. If you start bodybuilding at 6-foot-0 120-pound then it may take a couple of years of bulking before having to cut. Likewise if you start at 400 pounds it may take a couple of years of cutting before having to bulk.

    As for how long the workout routine should last, I recommend doing it for 12 weeks followed by a week of rest before starting it over again. Of course 12 weeks is not set in stone, you must listen to your body. If you feel worn out after 10 weeks then take a week break then. Proper weightlifting is all about listening to your body, as everyone is made differently.

    “If you start bodybuilding at 6-foot-0 120-pound then it may take a couple of years of bulking before having to cut.”

    Best Diet For Bulking How To Gain Pounds Of Pure Muscles

    Pin on Gym workout tips

    The best diet for bulking if you are a skinny guy who is blessed with a high metabolism makes it difficult to gain weight?

    Is it possible at all to turn things around and finally get started gaining weight? Not in the form of body fat, but in pure rock hard solid muscles?

    The truth is, you are not alone. There are many guys just like you working out hard, in the gym, struggling daily trying to gain weight!

    Despite lifting heavy, getting their daily rations of proteins, carbs, and fat, it just doesnt seem to work their weight stays the same.

    The truth is that you can do something about it and change your situation. You, too, can gain extra pounds of pure muscles, just like the guys you are looking up to in your local gym, in magazines, and on social media.

    It requires two things on your part: Consistency and the best diet for bulking!

    When you combine those two, you will soon be on your way to gaining rock hard solid muscles.

    To get started gaining some pure lean muscles, I highly recommend you to use the diet for bulking I will present to you.

    If you stay consistent, you will gain between 2 and 4 lbs of pure muscles monthly, depending on your current situation.

  • References:
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    How To Exercise To Gain Weight For Football

    Of course, everyone knows there are two components to any health and fitness program. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is certainly one piece of the puzzle, but the other piece is just as important. This second piece is exercising.

    While everyone should exercise to become healthier, athletes must exercise far more intensely than the casual gym-goer. And just as different types of athletes eat differently because of their varying goals, they must exercise differently to achieve their purposes.

    If Youre A Guy And Youre Over 15% Body Fat Reduce This To About 10% Before Bulking If Youre A Girl And Over 25% Body Fat Diet Down To ~20% Before Bulking

    This is ideal for several reasons:

    • It preserves insulin sensitivity and hormonal balance.
    • It allows you to maintain a calorie surplus for many months before having to reduce body fat levels.
    • It saves you from long, grueling cuts.
    • It allows you to look better during you bulks, which makes the process more enjoyable and makes it easier to see whether youre gaining muscle or not.

    If youre not sure what your body fat percentage is, check this out:

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    How To Grow Bigger Muscles: Get Stronger

    When you strength train, your muscles are broken down and then get rebuilt stronger to adapt to the stress you have applied to it.

    So every time you pick up a slightly heavier weight, you are increasing the challenge and forcing your muscles to adapt and get more resilient.

    What Im trying to say:

    As long as you are continually increasing the weights or increase the sets and reps you are lifting, your muscles will continually adapt to get stronger.

    This is called progressive overload and it. is. everything.

    Coach Jim walks you through the ins and outs of progressive overload in this video:

    If you want to dive in more, check out our guide What is Progressive Overload?

    Follow a progressive overload strategy and eat enough calories, and you will get bigger.

    You have two approaches to consider while bulking up:

    PATH A: BODYBUILDER BULK. Follow a bodybuilder-type routine that focuses on isolation exercises that chops your body into different segments and works each of them out once a week.

    You may have seen something like this:

    • Monday: Chest

    If you can focus on getting really strong with the above exercises, and eat enough calories, you will also get bigger in all of the right places.

    Path B is something were bigger fans of compared to Path A, and its what we recommend to our Coaching Clients.

    Specially, we find it to be safer and also more time-efficient: youll be training just 2-3 days per week on this path .


    Just. Keep. Eating. And. Lifting.

    Whole Grain Bread And Crackers

    Diet Tips to Bulk Up Fast | Muscle Building Tips | Yatinder Singh

    When you choose the whole grain versions of bread or crackers, youll be getting complex carbohydrates, which provide steady energy, fiber, and vitamins and minerals.

    Check the ingredient list to make sure they contain whole grain ingredients. As a rule of thumb, look for at least 3grams of fiber per serving.

    Whole grain breads and crackers are perfectly paired with protein sources. For instance, have bread and eggs for breakfast, crackers and hummus for a snack, or a peanut butter sandwich on the go.

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    What Should I Eat To Bulk Up Fast

    Like we said, just because youre bulking, its not an excuse to over-do it on the junk food and double your calorie intake keep it clean for lean gains. Were talking good quality sources of protein, such as chicken breasts, fish, eggs, and plain yoghurt these are rich in essential amino acids, which are needed to build new muscle proteins.1

    The amino acid which is deemed most important for building muscle is leucine a branched chain amino acid. Leucine is the best stimulator of the metabolic pathway that leads to the production of new muscle proteins its basically the on switch.2 Its recommended that you consume 50 mg per kg of body mass of leucine daily, which can be achieved through your diet or a supplement .3

    You also need a good amount of carbohydrates to recover properly from your workout. Carbohydrates are mainly stored in the body as muscle glycogen and are the main fuel source used during exercise. After your workout, your muscle glycogen stores need topping back up to make sure youre ready for the next session eating carbs is the way to do this.4 Good options include:

    • Whole-wheat pasta
    • Oats
    • Fruit
    • Nuts & nut butters
    • Oils
    • Dairy products

    Amidst all of this, dont neglect your micronutrients vitamins and minerals are essential for overall health, so make sure to eat a variety of fruit and veg in your diet.

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