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On Ensuring Meals Contain The Fab : Fat Protein Fiber And Greens

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Ben: Thats right, a lot of this is education. I know you do things like the Fab 4 Under 4, a course to help parents take your Fab Four eating philosophyfinding the right mix of fat, protein, fiber, and greensand apply that to their kids. How does that idea help parents think through healthy meals?

Kelly: One of the goals of the Fab 4 is to help parents look at a lunch box or a plate and say, Where is the protein, where is the fat, where is the fiber, okay. Now count the carbohydrates. Its also a tool to see through marketing terms: just because its gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, sometimes it doesnt matter. We have to look at the balance and quantity.

For example, if there are two slices of bread, 20 crackers, and a bunch of grapes in that lunchbox, thats likely what your kid will eat. And the other stuff, the protein in there and the fat and the veggies, are probably coming home.

And what youve just provided them is this massive glucose spike that will create a crash. And then we have more meltdowns and tantrums. We have less learning, less retention.

So many moms and dads are just trying their best but dont know the metabolic science, the science of blood sugar, and so I am just trying to simplify the heck out of it.

They just need to know that carbohydrateswhether its starch or sugar, a fruit, liquid sugarits breaking down into glucose, spiking the blood sugar, insulin is being released, and eventually, their blood sugar is crashing.

For The Domestic Goddess

If you’re someone who loves the kitchen and “want to make everything from scratch,” meal prep can be a huge time saver. Scheduling clean and green meals in a planner will help diversify your meals.

The domestic goddess reminds LeVeque most of client Jennifer Garner, whom she says makes salad from scratch from her garden every day.

LeVeque recommends visiting your local farmers market to buy produce. Once home, wash, chop and store the produce in carbon filter containers so they stay fresh.

She Loosely Sticks To The Alkaline Diet

Ripa is one of the many celebs that have sworn by the alkaline diet, where you only eat foods that are low in acid. While she claims this diet plan as “changed her life,” there are still certain foods that she can’t bring herself to eliminate completely from her diet.

“I like to drink coffee. I occasionally will have fish. The alkaline diet is primarily a vegan diet, but I like cream in my coffee,” Ripa told People. “So I don’t adhere to it strictly, but when I do a cleanse, it will be seven days, and then I go back to my normal life. But my normal life is not that different than the alkaline cleanse.”

And what’s included in her “normal life” meals?

“At dinner, I eat a ton of vegetables and a salad, soup, or a light piece of fish. I try not to have too much cheese or too many high-fat foods, even though I love them,” she previously told Good Housekeeping. “I would love nothing more than to have pizza and french fries every day, but I try to limit those treats to once a week.”

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Simple Nutrition For Better Health

In my courses, youll find all the tools you need to live your healthiest, most balanced life. From explaining nutrition science to providing practical tips and resources, Im sharing exactly what I use in my practice to help my clients thrive.

Are you ready to ditch the diets and see sustainable change? Looking to prepare well for pregnancy or learn how to raise empowered eaters? Or do you want to get started with a daily Fab 4 Smoothie?

No matter what your goals or which course you choose, I want to empower you to make changes that last. Ill be your biggest cheerleader and your guide to sustainable health. I believe when you know better, you do better, and I want to give you the tools to do just that. Im so glad youre here!

For Last Minute Entertaining:

Bewellbykelly spa smoothie

It sort of depends on the time of year. When we can barbecue, I will make a huge green salad and a fruit salad, and well grill fish or chicken or kebabs or veggies. If Im cooking for friends and its last minute Ill look for fast proteins . Usually, Ill make shrimp scampi with zoodles, ghee, olive oil, parsley, oregano, red pepper flakes, and wild shrimp. Its so satisfying and only takes a few minutes to make.

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Juice Smoothies & Acai Bowls

Ever wonder why some people think eating breakfast makes them hungrier and fatter than skipping it entirely? Sometimes it can! Before you grab a juice or smoothie at your local juice shop, think twiceor better yet, build your own! Chances are your store-bought favorite is loaded with excessive sugars. Sugar-loaded beverages like juice, high-glycemic smoothies and acai bowls can send your blood sugar on a rollercoaster and leave you full of insulinwhich is the storage hormone, and can prevent your fat cells from breaking down. Continually eating foods high in sugar can result in insulin resistance, and ultimately begin a slippery slope in sabotaging your diet. But before you freak out, know that you can enjoy acai, smoothies and juice by incorporating just a few tips: Ensure you have protein, fat and fiber at each meal or snack. If you are craving an acai bowl, make a Be Well Smoothie Bowl using 1-2 tbsp freeze-dried acai. You get all the antioxidants without the sugar, and if the base smoothie is fruit-free, layer your smoothie bowl with a ¼ cup of fresh berries, seeds and nuts. Or, choose a fruit-free green juice, add 1-2 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp MCT oil and shake it up. You get the refreshing green juice with fat, fiber and protein to keep away the glucose spike and ensure your snack is substantial, not a sugar bomb.

Sweets And Other Indulgences:

The Good Chocolate Company sells these little individually wrapped perfect portion shares of dark chocolate. Theyre high in polyphenols, the phytochemicals from chocolate that youll get. The company is out of San Fransisco and they have flavors like mint, almond, and sea salt. You can buy individual squares, keep them in the fridge eat them when you want without opening a whole chocolate bar and having to exercise self-control.

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She Tends To Snack Healthy Unless There’s Goldfish Crackers

While Ripa takes her workouts seriously, she sometimes can’t resist a midday snack break. “I try not to have too much cheese or too many high-fat foods, even though I love them. I would love nothing more than to have pizza and french fries every day, but I try to limit those treats to once a week,” she tells Good Housekeeping. “After work, I’ll have a protein bar and some flaxseed snacks… For a snack, I always have Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. I cannot give them up.”

Sprouted Nuts And Seeds

Nutrition 101 with Kelly

“If I’m snacking on seeds, I use Go Raw mixes that are already sprouted,” she tells the publication. “They have watermelon seeds which I’m super into. They have 10 grams of protein per ounce! Watermelon seed butter is a great plant-protein source for my vegan and vegetarian clients. I recommend whipping it into a pesto or salad dressing.”

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On Helping Kids Learn To Make Their Own Food Choices

Ben: Parents are fighting an uphill battle between outside influences like friends or school lunch menus, media and marketing around processed foods, and our broken food system that creates and subsidizes so many of these unhealthy options. Theres a lot you cant control about the food messages they get. So how do you equip them to make their own choices?

Kelly: One thing I try to do, even now when theyre young, is to help them make associations between food and how they feel. For example, when Bash goes to a birthday party and eats a lot of sugar and has a meltdown in the car ride home, Ill ask him, Why do you think that you feel frustrated? Why do you think youre upset? Are you feeling tired? Do you feel like maybe you need a little protein, or you need a little rest? Ill offer solutions to what I perceive as a major blood sugar spike and crash, and well talk it through.

We have conversations around, What is food? Well say things like, That chicken you saw at the Ecology Center Farm clucking around? They laid the eggs, and that makes your blueberry muffins and your scrambles. And that chicken is protein for your body it makes your body strong.

I will sometimes even say things that are way over his head like, That protein makes your hormones, and when youre older, youll get to know what those are. Again, its laying the foundation for when he eventually understands these broader themes.

She Has Decided To Stop Drinking

In an episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan that aired in January 2020, Ripa revealed that she silently quit drinking altogether in late 2017, Delish reports. While the alkaline diet allows for a small amount of alcohol and liquor to be enjoyed sparsely, Ripa says she’s decided to forego drinking altogether.

“They’re saying that Americans bought less wine last year,” Ripa said on the show, discussing recent sales trends while joking with Seacrest. “It’s the first drop in a quarter of a century. Now, I believe this is because I quit drinking, that I caused this dip. I have influenced the market.”

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Revolutionizing The School Lunch System With Barbara Mechura

Chances are, the food you remember from school would give you nightmares if your childs cafeteria served it in 2022. Barbara Mechura has dedicated her career to shifting that narrative toward scratch-made school meals. We learn that, while its certainly more work, these mindfully prepared meals lead to a better outcome for everyone involved .

  • 59 min

On How To Make Healthy School Lunches

What I eat in a Day, Anorexia recovery.... Be well by kelly diet

Ben: Many parents hear this advice and want to follow it, but they just feel like they dont have the time or the resources to do all of this. What are some tactical tips for, say, school lunches?

Kelly: A lot of people, when they think about breakfast and lunch, they think about specific foods: for breakfast, we have cereals, pancakes, waffles, eggs. For lunch, we have sandwiches, crackers and cheese, and fruit on the side.

I try to break out of that thinking and consider more options. For Sebastians lunch, for example, I often use leftovers. Recently, we had some Tolerant lentil pasta with a little bit of pesto and a lemon rotisserie chicken, which I know hell eat cold. Were getting some fiber and some protein in that. Also, I want him to have something sweet in his lunch that feels fun, so I might get those dehydrated strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

Today we did a little container of hummus, cucumbers, carrots, and red peppers because I know he loves it. I recently wrapped up some turkey slices with avocado, and I put in some Hu Crackers, an excellent almond flour cracker.

I love Siete tortillas if you cant do nuts at your school. Also, cassava is a lower-carb flour tortilla, and Ill do pizza pockets with that. Take pasta sauce, Italian sausage, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, saute it with some pizza sauce in a pan, and then put it in a Siete tortilla like a burrito.

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If You Want To Get Red Carpet

LeVeque has worked with celebrity clients like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Emmy Rossum and Molly Sims to help them feel their best and get ready for the big screen and red carpet.

For Emmy Rossums wedding day, LeVeque said she introduced the star to intermittent fasting, the Fab Four smoothie and timed eating into her diet to help achieve her goals.

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Intermittent fasting — eating only during a certain period of time — has become a buzzy wellness trend and was the most searched diet of 2019, according to Google. LeVeque recommends finishing dinner around 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. and going to bed early. Experts recommend consulting with your doctor before starting any new diet, including intermittent fasting.

Sipping herbal teas can also help curb cravings before bedtime. LeVeques favorite is organic chamomile tea.

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Are You 100% Carb Free

Absolutely not! I just limit myself and clients to one serving size of carbs per meal max unless it’s an indulgent or celebratory meal. But I first make sure I have the Fab Four on my plate, maybe it’s chicken, roasted veggies and a side salad. If you opt for garlic bread for example keep it to a single serving and ditch the alcohol and other starchy carb sides like rice or quinoa.

Kelly Leveque On Breaking The Starvation

Kelly Leveque | How to Keep Nutrition & Life Super Simple

Nutritionist to the stars, Kelly LeVeque, is back on the podcast following her extremely popular first episode in 2017.

Kelly is sharing the behind-the-scenes of her book tour, tips on eating well while traveling , finding a diet that works for you, avoiding the starvation-binge cycle, her take on todays most popular diets , and in-depth recommendations on protein powders.

Listen to learn about making choices that love your body.

Kelly LeVeque is nutritionist to the stars known for her fab four way of eating .

She was on the show for the Feel Good Effects third episode that took the world by storm.

This episode covers the behind the scenes of her book tour, tips for eating healthy on travel days, finding a diet that works for you, avoiding the starvation-binge cycle, and protein powders.

Kelly also gives her take on todays most popular diets, including: Whole30, Macro Counting, Ketogenic, and Vegan or Plant-based.

This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market .

On what Kellys been busy with:

The process included local and national events to promote her book, Body Love: Live in Balance, Weight What You Want, and Free Yourself From Food Drama Forever.

She was on Good Morning America, which was actually the biggest book sale day of her life TV sells books!

Kelly learned that this is a process and has to give it a little time before a profit rolls in, but that wasnt the point of writing her book or going on tour.

However, traveling so much was hard and exhausting.

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Fave Veggie + What You Make With It:

I love artichokes. Theyre very rarely in season, but theyre a phenomenal source of fiber. Theyre really interesting and fun to eat. I love cucumber its a chip! Its a pickle! Its in my smoothie! I just need a vehicle for all the fat dips in my kitchen.

For greens, I love the blends that have cruciferous veggies as they contain sulforaphane phoraphane and are very anti-cancer and detoxing. When you eat them consistently you can actually detox on a deeper cellular level. My favorites are baby kale or arugula as they are not as bitter and a little softer. Its a great way to add some extra nutrients but theyre not as bloaty as cauliflower or other cruciferous veggies.

Here’s The Nutrition Protocol I Prescribed To Help Jessica Power Through Her Days

Cool-girl client: Jessicas a powerful force for world health and a great example for being a conscientious businesswoman.

Why she came to me for coaching: Between acting, being a mom, running The Honest Company, and, at that time, working on launching Honest Beauty, she felt exhausted and knew that the best way to get more out of her body was to adjust what she was putting in it. Our goal was to edit her eating plan in a way that gave her the energy to do all that she needed to without requiring a ton of extra effort or thought.

My nutrition prescription: I reviewed Jessicas typical daily menu and right away I noticed how much she cared about what she ate. She had such a healthy mindset! But a few things stood out that I wanted to tweak.

Some days Jess wasnt eating breakfastand finding herself starving by lunch. She would reach for an organic vegan rice bowl as her meal, then maybe find herself craving some popcorn as a snack a few hours later. By eating back-to-back starchy carbohydrates, she was disrupting her blood-sugar balance.

But like so many of us, she wanted the freedom to choose to have some carbs. My recommendation was for her to pick one per meal and have a serving size, so she wasnt spiking too high or compounding things from one meal to the next.

Like so many of us, she wanted the freedom to choose to have some carbs.

This story was originally published on June 27, 2018 it was updated on June 28, 2018.

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Can You Make Blood Sugar Sexy

This week, Morgan chats with Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist to the Stars, Kelly LeVeque. Kelly received her bachelors degree from USC and got her graduate degree in Clinical Nutritional Education from UCLA and UC Berkeley. Kelly has worked with a wide range of people from celebrities to Fortune 500 Companies from topics ranging from gene mapping and molecular subtyping to everyday nutrition. Using her nutritional science background, she is dedicated to showing her clients how to be well and love your body through the power of food & mental clarity.

Kelly LeVeque and Morgan dish on her celebrity clientele, how to make “blood sugar sexy” and her Fab4 courses. In this deep-dive conversation, LeVeque explores the links between blood sugar regulation, cancer prevention, and weight loss. She discusses the role fiber plays in her Fab4Under4 course as well as pediatric nutrition and pregnancy glucose tests. Listen in to hear more about Leveque’s philosophy and her Fab4 method.

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