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Angela Lansbury Has A Message For Older Women: Fitness She Says

Hollywood Insider (1988) – Angela Lansbury

With four Tony awards, three Oscar and five Emmy nominations, Angela Lansbury, 63, can lay fair claim to being among the most versatile actresses ever. For the past four seasons, she has starred as Jessica Fletcher, the mystery novelist and sleuth, in the highly rated CBS series Murder, She Wrote. But Murders fifth season, which began this month, will be Lansburys last. Im so terribly interested in so many things, and one of my problems with the series is that I dont have enough time to do some things I enjoy, she says. So Im just going to leave and take my chances.

There is no chance, however, that the English-born Lansbury will ever allow herself to vegetate. Proof of that comes in a just-released video, Angela Lansburys Positive Moves: A Personal Plan for Fitness and Well-Being at Any Age. In the 50-minute tape, Lansbury takes viewers into the Brentwood, Calif., home she shares with her husband and manager, Peter Shaw, to demonstrate her own fitness program of exercise and selective eating and to sound off about femininity and sexuality for the postmenopausal woman. Says Lansbury: There comes a time in life when if you can say certain things that can be helpful to other people, you darn well ought to share them. She spoke with correspondent Suzanne Adelson.

What is your approach to exercise?

What are your favorite exercises?

Is your video specifically aimed at women over 60?

What do women fear most about aging?

Are you a dieter?

Cher: Forever Fit By Cher And Robert Haas

Look: I love Cher, and I think her video for If I Could Turn Back Time is nothing less than iconic who else could pull off what is essentially black electric tape to keep from indecent exposure?

But alas, this book offers both diet and exercise advice that isnt entirely transparent or informed about Good and Bad food. It was 1991 and the world was afraid of fats, so this particular diet eschewed fat in favor of complex carbs.

Dairy products are not good for us. I weaned myself from whole milk to nonfat milk if Im having milk at all. I think cheese is one of the worst things for the body. It doesnt digest well, and most cheeses are too high in fat and cholesterol, she writes in the book, also noting that while filming Witches of Eastwick, she participated in binge eating, which she resolved by sustaining herself on microwaved sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, and Caesar saladswhich is also not great?

Also worth noting here that the cowriter, who is a nutritionist, is a sports nutritionist whose work specializes in high-performing, professional athletes. The advice here isnt even MEANT for the average person, despite being sold to them.

Evergreen Angela Lansbury Is Making A New Film Aged 93 And Says That The Secret Of Her Long And Active Life Is Wine And Vitamin Pills The Veteran Actress Appears In Mary Poppins Returns Set 25 Years After The Original When The Children Michael And Jane Banks Are Adults

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Their magical nanny, last seen flying off clutching her umbrella at the end of the 1964 classic starring Dame Julie Andrews, returns following a family tragedy.

Emily Blunt, 35, plays Poppins with Ben Whishaw, 38, and Emily Mortimer, 46, as her grown-up charges.

The cast includes Dick Van Dyke, 92, who was chimney sweep Bert in the original, as well as Meryl Streep and Colin Firth.

“To think that I would be in Mary Poppins at my age is wonderful,” said Angela, who plays the Balloon Lady, a character in three of the eight books by PL Travers.

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Diet Book Deep Dive: Angela Lansbury’s Positive Moves Maintenance Phase

  • Health & Fitness

At the height of her “Murder She Wrote” fame, Angela Lansbury released a home workout video full of synth music, peach jumpsuits and ~sensuality~. This week, were exploring the anti-Goop-ness of Angelas fitness book and video, “Positive Moves.”! It gets a little heavy toward the end, but we promise: No one was canceled in the making of this episode. Support us:Hear bonus episodes on PatreonDonate on PayPalGet Maintenance Phase T-shirts, stickers and moreLinks!Positive Moves video on YouTube Positive Moves bookWhat is Gaslighting? The 1944 film Gaslight is the best explainer.Support the show

Reshaping It All By Candace Cameron Bure


DJ Tanner doesnt eat a solid diet, encourages a breastfeeding woman to ditch cheese because surely she could stand to shed a few pounds, and believes that if you just pray, your weight problems might be resolved. Really. Jesus might solve your eating disorder and thats not to say faith cant help you, but real psychological disorders, including eating disorders, also require professional help.

Bures general philosophies are questionable at best and pair that with showing how she herself eats what is a restrictive diet, the rhetoric that most people need to just try a little harder, and how she talks about how others should eat puts this squarely in the nah box.

Shes not a dietician, a doctor, or anywhere in the health world.

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How To Live Theatrically

Shakespeare said all the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players, and isnt it the truth. Whatever we do in life, we make our daily entrances and our exits our mental and physical attitudes expressing our opinions and moods to everyone we come in contact with. Heres an example, I often illustrate a thought with a gesture, such as:

Have a piece of chocolate cake!

Wont you have a seat?

Instead of

Have a seat.

Because I truly believe the way we use our body language can make a tremendous difference to other peoples reaction to us. And in some instances it can actually be the difference between success and failure. This technique works in the theatre, so why not apply it to our every day lives? If our bodies and minds can communicate warmth and strength, were far more likely to succeed in keeping our heads above water and less likely to get bogged down in some of the garbage and aggravation of every day life.

Angela Lansburys Positive Moves

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And while we may know her for solving mysteries, or as the lovable teapot in Beauty & the Beast, Lansbury made a lasting impression on the fitness world with her 1988 exercise tape Positive Moves.

In 1988, celebrity exercise tapes were all the rage. Everyone from Heather Locklear to Cher to Milton Berle was releasing a VHS of exercise moves you could do in the comfort of your living room. Angela Lansburys Positive Moves: My Personal Plan for Fitness and Well-Being was not just an opportunistic cash-grab, rather an opportunity to use her influence and reach to educate a section of society who could greatly benefit from the positive moves Lansbury promoted.

The film, which spans all of 89 minutes, is a master stroke of fitness lifestyle and philosophy. Lansbury runs the gamut from walking, to a short bike ride, to showing viewers how to do stretches in the living room, to what Lansbury has dubbed, on-land swimming, which is, essentially, a standing stretch where one mimics the motion of breaststroke.

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Bananas Celebrity Diet And Wellness Books For Fans Of Maintenance Phase

Im so glad that we did not need to put Angela Lansbury into the bin of bad celebrities offering terrible diet and exercise advice. Sure, her Positive Moves was far from perfect, but she wasnt shilling dangerous advice a la so many other celebrities and influencers. Ill admit it wasnt until Maintenance Phase told me Lansbury had a diet book that I even knew one existed, but the same could be said about any number of celebrity/influencer diet books mentioned on the outstanding podcast. As it turns out, there will never be too many such books for fans of Maintenance Phase.

Itd be easy to pull together a roundup of books like Maintenance Phase. Were finally in an era of fat positive and body positive books, including one by Gordon. But whats more in the spirit of the podcast than instead a roundup of some of the ridiculous, out of touch, and weird celebrity diet books that exist? Some of these would make for outstanding show fodder, and they make for a great reminder to readers more broadly that just because someone has a platform or is a celebrity, that doesnt make them knowledgable in any way, shape, or form about health, wellness, diet, or exercise. They are instead a reminder of how pervasive and destructive diet culture is, as well as the trends which inspired generations of poor advice .

Itll come as little surprise that these books are primarily by white authors for all of the reasons youd expect. But perhaps, in this particular case, thats a sigh of relief.

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet By Karl Lagerfeld And Dr Jean


Whom among us hasnt woken up one morning and decided that we needed to wear designer clothing and in order to do so, we needed to drop 80 pounds? It should come as no surprise, then, after the acclaimed designer dropped those 80 pounds, hed share his secrets in a book. This book came with a pull out poster that offered foods that were recommended, those which were off limits, which were to be approached with caution, with a bonus opportunity to indulge in some red wine .

Among the foods to be avoided? Cherries. Prunes. Lentils. Lagerfeld, who lost 90-some pounds in 13 months, was grateful certain soda companies produced diet products since those were a chance for him to indulge after giving up his beloved chocolate ice cream.

It likely comes as little surprise that Lagerfeld was a white supremacist who demeaned models and other industry folks for being too fat during his career. He hated women and immigrants, and its not really shocking to see the line between toxicity in diet culture and toxicity in thought more broadly.

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How To Humble Brag While Giving Advice

About fifteen years ago when I did Mame on Broadway I put on quite a bit of extra weight, all the dancing I did onstage wasnt enough. I guess it didnt make up for those big after-theatre suppers I was eating. What helped me to lose the weight more than anything was that I began walking all over New York, and when you walk to lose weight it doesnt just come off the legs either, youll find yourself getting trimmer all over. Before or after a good walk try to stretch out your calf muscles, and theyll be less likely to cramp up and hurt you later.

Were all the victims of a barrage of health and diet information. Every newspaper or magazine that you pick up tells you dont do this, do do that. It can be so confusing. Id like to pass on some of the conclusion that Ive come to after many years of trying various ways to reach and maintain some kind of ideal weight. Im comfortable at the weight I am now, but I havent always been. A few years ago, after the first season of Murder She Wrote, I got quite sedentary and overweight. Worse still, I kind of sunk into my expanded body and I said to myself, Well. This is the way I am. Im of an age now and Im going to stay this way.

Did you know that tea tastes better in a thin cup?

Ooh, in the sixties I rocked with the best of them, but as I grew into myself I went back to the movements that helped me to have good posture and move as if I didnt have a hurting joint in my body, which isnt always true.

Happiest At The Beach See Chef Katie Lees Beautiful Bikini Photos

Not slowing down! Former Charlies Angels star Jaclyn Smiths drivers license may state she is up there in age, but she certainly looks a lot younger than that and its all thanks to her incredible health and fitness regime.

Shes always been healthy, but after her cancer ordeal a few years ago Jaclyn took it to a whole new level, an insider exclusively tells Closer Weekly of the 73-year-old. Besides eating right, she practices yoga and does hundreds of crunches and leg lifts a day, plus planks for core strength and push-ups for toned arms. Its astonishing how youthful looking she is.

Although she relied on plastic surgery in the past, shes eased up on it and opting for more natural fixes and shes showing no signs of slowing down, the source adds.

Jaclyn has opened up about her health and fitness before, exclusively telling Closer, No. 1, sleep is very important. Having a skin-care routine that you dont have to be a slave to. Exercise. Drinking and smoking I do neither of those, and smoking is particularly aging. Then, be good to yourself!

She added, Every week, or every day, just sit and read a book or soak in the bath. As for her thoughts on aging under the bright lights of Hollywood, the Bridal Wave actress had some strong thoughts.

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Be sure to check out and for interviews with your favorite stars!

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Sex And The Single Girl By Helen Gurley Brown

If the authors name doesnt ring a bell, know she was a tremendous influencer on culture for decades as the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan from 1965 until 1997. Her book was a tremendous bestseller and offered advice to young women that was simultaneously feminist and about as far away from feminist as possible, and it was this tension that made it the kind of book so many picked up and talked about in the 60s.

One chapter in the book details the ways a woman should maintain her physique. Advice included sexercise, but more controversially, the eggs and wine crash diet. Women were advised to try this for two days and see a quick weight loss: eat 1 egg in any style for breakfast without butter, alongside a glass of white wine for lunch, two eggs of any style, with two glasses of white wine and finally, for dinner, 1 steak and the rest of the bottle of white wine. Brown later expanded the diet to incorporate a glass of orange juice.

The book notes that theres not an excuse for being fat and that not only is claiming glandular disorders a cop-out and that women fresh from childbirth have proved they can be slim again quick.

These Are The Benefits Of Drinking Wine

Ces célébrités que vous pensiez avoir disparu depuis longtemps sont ...

The Mayo Clinic explains that the antioxidants in red wine can help decrease blockages that would otherwise cause heart attacks. In moderation, red wine can potentially help increase your “good” cholesterol to prevent the buildup of “bad” cholesterol. Though, how red wine actually works to help make your heart a little more healthy is not totally understood, it clearly has some correlation worth noting.

Apparently drinking a glass regularly can also help reduce inflammation, according to Healthline. Studies have shown that wine can improve your gut health too, which can even lead to metabolic improvement in obese people. Finally, Healthline also mentions that a benefit of wine is indeed longevity, just as Lansbury must already suspect. The antioxidants are good for the heart, but they are also good for the rest of the body. So her choice of drink, just might be the key to her long life and career.

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This Is Another Helpful Piece Of Angela Lansbury’s Routine

According to Fabiosa, the actress is also quite mindful of eating healthy and getting enough sleep, on top of taking vitamins and drinking a glass of wine. Not to mention, she also credits her grandfather’s genes as a part of her youthful existence. Lansbury has also gone on the record with the outlet saying, “I’ve never been particularly aware of my age. It’s like being on a bicycle I just put my foot down and keep going. I never look at my face and think ‘God, you’re getting old’ or think of running out of steam.” So, her positive outlook might also play a factor in her health and ability to continue working across the years.

While all of these factors could contribute to her wellbeing, there are likely few people that wouldn’t want to believe that having the occasional glass of wine could play a part in living longer. In fact, there is scientific evidence that drinking red wine does have health benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is resveratrol, an ingredient of red wine, that might make it heart healthy to begin with.

The Surprising Beverage Angela Lansbury Credits For Keeping Her Young

Actress Angela Lansbury has had such a successful career, chances are you know her from at least one of her blockbuster hits no matter what generation you’re a part of. From The Manchurian Candidate to Murder, She Wrote to her voice-over as Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, Lansbury has touched so many lives through her creative body of work . To stay fit enough to have the longevity that she has enjoyed, however, calls for some sort of trick to good health. She is, after all, 95 years old.

As it turns out, Lansbury credits two things for keeping her young through the years. According to Express, she believes both vitamins and wine are behind her ability to stay healthy. A couple of years ago she told the publication, “I feel full of energy and I certainly don’t feel 93. I like a glass of wine and take a lot of vitamins perhaps that keeps me going.” It would certainly appear that way.

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