800 Calorie Diet Plan For Weight Loss

When Else May The 800 Calorie A Day Plan Be Useful

800 Calorie Diet for Fat Loss (soup & shake weight loss diet)

Whilst we dont recommend that you continue to follow the 800 calorie a day plan over a prolonged period of time, the 800 calorie plan might be useful to re-implement from time-to-time if you feel that you have fallen off the wagon. For example, if you come back from holiday and want to kick start the diet again, you may decide to do the 800 calorie a day plan again for a couple of weeks to get things back on track.

It Lacks The Evidence Of Fasting Regimes

While there is some evidence for the effectiveness of fast regimes, especially in relation to metabolic health and inflammation, as well as moderate weight loss over time, the 800-calorie diet does not have this evidence to support its use as a proven diet that supports sustained weight loss over time.

Higher Risk Of Gallstones

A one-year comparative study done in Sweden showed that people living on a very-low-calorie diet are three times more likely to get gallstones than those living on a low-calorie diet . Gallstones can form in the gallbladder when bile hardens into a stone-like material, which can happen if there is too much bile salts, cholesterol, or bilirubin in it.

Other than low-calorie diets, gallstones are also caused by obesity, diets high in refined carbohydrates and fats, and rapid weight loss . Women considering the 800 calorie diet plan should note that gallstones are more likely to occur in them than in men.

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Burning Fat By Flipping The Metabolic Switch

We all use two different types of fuel to function: glucose and fat. If you eat and snack regularly throughout the day, your body gets a continual source of glucose from food to fuel your muscles. Any excess is then stored as fat. However, when you spend some time fasting and lowering your intake carbohydrates, the glucose supply temporarily runs out, and your body has to switch to taking fat from your fat stores to burn as fuel. Scientists call this fuel transfer flipping the metabolic switch.

Foods To Eat During Your 800 Calorie Diet

800 Calorie Diet Plan Menu PDF
  • Complex carbohydrates, such as whole grain rice and sweet potato will keep you feeling fuller for longer as they are digested slower.
  • Fresh and cooked veggies. These are super easy to pack into your meals, especially when sauteed in soup stock with a little spice for extra flavor. Plus, there are few calories involved. Bonus!
  • Whole grains and legumes are a great source of protein. Add lentils, beans and rice into your diet plan, and despite their slightly higher calorie content, theyll keep you feeling full.
  • Fresh fruit is always a winner. Not only is it a great source of fiber, but there are also few calories involved.

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How Long Can I Stay On The 800 Cal Plan

We are often asked about how long you can stick to 800 calories a day for. In a rapid weight loss phase, where you stick to around 800 calories a day, every day, we encourage recipes which have been balanced with a variety of foods to ensure that you are getting adequate protein, fat, fibre and carbohydrates. To kick start weight loss, we recommend doing this for a minimum of two weeks and then see how you are doing.

The 800-calorie rapid weight loss phase is safe for most individuals for up to 12 weeks, as long as you stick to our recommendations, drink plenty of water and use a multivitamin. We would also recommend that after 3 months, you start introducing non-fasting days each week using the Mediterranean style diet, and move to an intermittent fasting regime.

As with any rapid weight loss diet, speak to your doctor first, particularly if you have a medical condition or are on medication. Remember, if at any stage you reach a BMI that falls in the underweight category, you must stop the diet immediately.

Thoughts On 800 Calories A Day What I Eat In A Day Doing The Cambridge Diet

  • Tina Williamssays:
  • I’ve done this for 3 months and went from 10 stones to 8 stones and I’m 5 foot 5 as a 14 yrso I’m rlly happy with how I look rn. Its rlly easy , I typically est 1 and a half weetabix with semi skimmed mils for breakfast-250kcal.For lunch I either eat a two egg omlet or a minestrone soup from sainsbury’s or a frozen berry smoothie with semi skimmed milk , i make sure its 200kcal. That leaves more 400kcal for dinner- where I’ll usually eat some kind of lentil curry with a small chapati or some grilled fish with vegetables. Its rlly easy when you think in the mentality of how full you’re feeling rather than all the lies that ppl spread by saying it’s not sustainable. I’ve kept this weight for 2 years and know I eat whatever I want.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should search Okibetonic Secrets on the google search engine since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • This video is definitely great! It helps me remember of the time when my cousin used Okibetonic Secrets to get rid of 19 pounds and enjoy being healthy again! Many people wish to lose fat, however we also require to remain nutritious, which is what Okibetonic Secrets given.

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    Vitamins And Minerals Diet Plan

    Vitamin A, E, B12, D, calcium and iron are essential for the body as they support metabolism, nerve and muscle function, bone maintenance, and cell production. Since, these are primarily derived from plants, meat and fish, minerals can also be found in nuts, oilseeds, fruits and green leafy vegetables.

    Experts and nutritionists recommend consuming 100 grams of greens and 100 grams of fruits accordingly.

    Increased Risk Of Illnesses

    800 Calories Diet Plan For Weight Loss | 800 Calorie Diet Benefits | Health Zone

    This is especially linked to the 800 low-carb diet. While low carb diets have been praised for aiding weight loss and lowering blood pressure, and improving blood glucose control in many people, these results are usually short-lived. When followed for a long time, such diets increase the risk of death due to cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, and cancer.

    This has been linked to the reduced intake of fiber and fruits and simultaneously increased intake of animal protein, cholesterol, and saturated fat in such diets . The 800 calories low-carb diet makes matters worse since it is extremely restrictive with how much food you can eat in a day.

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    How Much Weight Can I Safely Lose Each Week

    So you want to lose weight, but you donât want to follow any extreme or fad diet program. Good for you! The Center for Disease ControlTrusted Source recommends that people who are looking to lose weight aim to lose between 1â2 pounds per week for safe, healthy weight loss. This not only helps you avoid unhealthy means of weight loss, but is much more likely to correlate with long-term weight loss.

    What Are The Benefits Of The 800 Calorie Diet

    As weve already discovered, the main benefit of the 800 calorie diet plan is to help you lose weight fast. This is predominantly aimed at those that are obese, as a dramatic drop to 800 calories can shed extra pounds in no time. However, there are other benefits worth mentioning, too.

    • The 800 calorie diet plan can be a great option for those who may be unable to workout at the gym or get outside to exercise although exercise is encouraged where possible.
    • It has been shown to help reverse type 2 diabetes leading to its nickname the Blood Sugar Diet. One study of 298 patients showed incredible results in relation to type 2 diabetes, helping them to both lose weight and lower their blood sugar levels.
    • If you opt for an intermittent fasting routine, your bodys metabolism will get one hell of a boost. This can improve a number of areas of your overall health and speed up the rate at which you lose weight.

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    How To Transition From 800 Calorie Diet

    If youve finished an 800-calorie diet, youre probably eager to jump back into regular-sized portions again. Its important that you dont do this, however, since it can be rather dangerous for your health. Its important that you wean yourself off of any low-calorie diet gradually, otherwise, you might experience other health issues.

    First, figure out how many calories you actually need to maintain your new weight. Likely, this means you probably wont be eating as many calories as you did before you began dieting.

    Be sure to slowly introduce new foods into your diet, working up with more fresh fruits and vegetables. If your 800-calorie diet was largely liquid-based, start by eating softer foods and gradually transition into heavier foods so as to not shock your body.

    If you were fatigued during your diet, gradually ease yourself back into exercise so you dont damage your body. This will give your muscles and joints time to adjust.

    The 800 Calorie Hcg Diet Plan

    The 25+ best 800 calorie diet ideas on Pinterest

    The HCG hormone works to break down and mobilize fat stores in the body to feed a growing fetus in the event of famine or food shortage. When a person is not pregnant, the hormone works much the same way, and its actions are triggered when the body recognizes that there is not enough calories being consumed. For this reason, people that follow the 800 Calorie HCG Diet Plan must follow a very strict low calorie diet that consists of no more than 500 800 calories per day.

    Following a very low-calorie diet is only made possible through the use of HCG. Without the hormone to trigger the release of fat stores, a persons body would go into starvation mode and hold onto everything taken in by storing it away as fat. Also, a person would be miserable with hunger, experience hair loss, and have serious mood fluctuations. The HCG hormone causes around 1500-2000 calories of fat to be mobilized and available for consumption as energy each day. When this is coupled with the very low calorie diet, a person can lose weight, retain muscle mass and reduce their hunger.

    Both men and women can partake in the HCG diet, also known as the rapid weight loss plan. Just because the HCG hormone is made in a womans body does not mean that the diet is limited to women the actions of the hormone work the same in mens bodies. Most of the time men actually lose more weight than women do. Both men and women can usually take the HCG hormone without experiencing ill side effects.

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    Understand The Science Behind Weight Loss

    Weight loss and gain revolve around caloric consumption and expenditure. Simply put, you lose weight when you consume fewer calories than you expend and you gain weight when you consume more calories than you sweat.

    To drop those extra kilos, all you need to do is eat within your calorie budget and burn the required number of calories. So, a combination of the two works best suggested experts. Get your daily requirement of calorie consumption and burn based on your lifestyle and dietary preferences, by signing up on HealthifyMe.

    However, simply determining how many calories your body needs isnt enough. After all, four samosas , two slices of pizza , and two gulab jamuns may be within your daily requirement of 1500 calories, but these unhealthy food choices will eventually lead to other health problems like high cholesterol and blood sugar.

    To lose weight the healthy way, you also need to ensure your Indian diet plan is balanced i.e. it covers all food groups and provides all the nutrients you need necessary for good health.

    You Are Likely To Regain All The Weight Back

    Crash dieting and very-low-calorie diets are famous for being very unsustainable. Most of us would not be able to sustain an 800 calorie diet plan for more than a week, let alone for a whole month without medical support.

    This means that eventually, you will have to quit the diet and go back to your normal eating habits. Since this way of eating is quite restrictive, you are very likely to binge eat all the wrong foods, which will lead back to weight gains within 6 months of stopping your diet .

    On the other hand, such diets do not teach you anything about clean and healthy eating, meaning you are most likely to go back to unhealthy eating habits, which too, lead to weight gain.

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    What Does The Fast 800 Diet Involve

    The Fast 800 diet brings together the concepts of Michael Mosleys previous books including the 5:2 diet and the Blood Sugar Diet and combines them with knowledge gained from recent research relating to intermittent fasting and low carb or low calorie diets.

    The Fast 800 is structured in stages and starts with a rapid weight loss phase, which lasts for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 12. This involves following a daily eating plan that is restricted to 800 calories either by using a VLCD meal replacement product which supplies 600 calories combined with 200 calories of vegetables or you can choose to eat real food , which comprise lean protein sources and vegetables. Those adopting this stage of the plan typically have either a lot of weight to lose, require fast results, have reached a weight loss plateau or have type 2 diabetes. Stage one is designed to switch the body from burning sugar to burning fat by prompting mild ketosis.

    Once youve achieved your goal weight, you enter the maintenance phase. This phase is designed to fit personal goals and to work with your lifestyle youll continue with the Mediterranean style of eating, following a low sugar diet with limited amounts of starchy carbs, with a weekly fast day, if needed.

    Calorie Diet Menu And Meal Plan

    What to Eat on an 1,800 Calorie Diet

    By | Submitted On April 13, 2010

    One successful way to get rid of the excess pounds is to reduce your calorie intake. When the calorie count that you consume is lesser than the average, normal calorie intake it will lead to weight loss. A number of diet plans are available to help us consume fewer calories than we usually do. The 800 calorie diet menu and meal plan is one such diet plans which limit the calorie intake of a person to 800 calories per day. This diet plan falls under the category of Very Low Calorie Diet and should never be practiced without the approval and monitoring of your doctor. This diet plan is only recommended for people who are dangerously overweight and for people whose obesity may lead to life threatening situations. Doctors recommend this diet for people whose Body Mass Index is greater than 30. People who take this diet usually lose 3-5 pounds per week and a total of around 50 pounds in twelve weeks.

    This diet should not be tried by anyone at home. Getting a doctor’s recommendation is mandatory with this diet plan, as the calorie intake per day is dangerously low and taking this diet without medical supervision can lead to many medical complications. Never ever follow this diet without your doctor’s approval.

    How is the 800 calorie diet menu formulated?

    800 calorie diet menus:

    Furnished below are a few well known 800 calorie diets.



    This program followed in clinics comprises of the following:

    The Cambridge Diet:

    Side effects:

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    What Is The 800 Calorie Diet

    The 800-calorie diet is a very interesting diet plan thats contested to help people lose weight very quickly. The 800-calorie diet plan is suggested to be particularly effective at helping to burn belly fat, and some professionals surgeons like Dr. Nowzaradan recommend patients go on such low-calorie diets before surgery.

    Its understood that one of the most important aspects of losing weight is to regulate your calorie intake. People who consume more calories than they burn are going to save those extra calories as fat. Calories are energy, and energy that isnt used has to be stored in the body somewhere.

    One of the reasons that the 800 calorie diet is appealing is because it creates such a calorie deficit that people may actually be able to lose some weight without actually putting that much effort into their exercise routine.

    This may sound like an excellent opportunity according to the University of California, you can lose up to 5 pounds a week on this diet but in reality, its actually not healthy. The reason that the body loses weight is that the body actually thinks that its starving if you consume much less than 1,000 calories per day.

    For this reason, many of the 800 calorie diet success stories are from obese people those who have a lot of extra body mass to spare. Its rather unsafe for anyone who doesnt. People who arent obese may benefit more from a low sugar diet.

    Poached Eggs With Mushrooms And Spinach

    1. Third-fill a saucepan with water and bring to a gentle simmer.

    2. Break 2 medium eggs into a cup, then carefully tip one at a time into pan. Cook over a very low heat, with the water hardly bubbling, for 3 mins, or until the whites are set but the yolks remain runny.

    3. While poaching the eggs, melt 5g butter in a medium non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and stir-fry 75g small chestnut mushrooms for 2-3 mins.

    4. Add 50g spinach and toss with the mushrooms until just wilted. Season with a pinch of sea salt and black pepper.

    5. Serve the mushrooms and spinach on plate. Drain the eggs with a slotted spoon and place on top. Serve with more ground black pepper.

    NOT FASTING? Serve on top of a slice of wholegrain toast.

    Other options include avocado, ricotta and mushrooms delicious!

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