7 Day Vegetable Soup Diet Plan

Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

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In the clinical trial,Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, they assessed the effects of dietary patterns on blood pressure. They examined the effect on blood pressure of a nutritional plan high in vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy, and reduced the intake of saturated and total fat. Following this dietary plan led to the reduction of the level of blood pressure in people with high blood pressure .

What To Look Out For

There are some things youll need to watch out for as you embark on your fruit and vegetable diet. Number one, make sure youre getting plenty of protein. Your body needs it, and there are plenty of healthy protein options to pick from. Number two, dont dump the plan when youre done.

Once youve discovered all the benefits of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables every day, make it a point to eat more fruits and vegetables for meals and snacks.

Number two, dont eat too much fruit and too few vegetables. Your digestive system wont be able to handle the massive fruit overload. Balance out your fruit and vegetable intake to make sure youre getting all the colors of the rainbow in your diet.

Number three, stop the diet if you feel sick. If you continue to feel ill, talk to your doctor.

What Are The Pros And Cons


  • Quick weight loss up to 10 pounds or more in only 7 days.
  • Body detox and a kickstart to a sustainable diet.
  • It may have anti-inflammatory properties, depending on the ingredients. Our diet cabbage soup recipe does have some, such as turmeric, garlic, lemon, and spinach.


  • If you dont drink plenty of water and start a balanced diet, you may re-gain the weight fast as well.
  • It is a fairly boring diet since most of it consists of cabbage soup.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Results

As you can see from what you read above, I enjoyed banana ice cream, delicious homemade cabbage soup, cheated with fried onions, ate chocolate, and made blueberry slush drinks.

But worst of all I started my period on the 6th day and I always have weight gain with the dreaded monthlys. This of course ruined my results.

However, I STILL managed to lose 2.35kg or 5 pounds in 7 days. Then while most people gain weight the week after I lost another 2 kg . Giving me a total cabbage soup diet before and after weight loss of 9.4 pounds.

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 3

Pin on My health plan

Its Wednesday, also known as the day, when you can combine both fruits and vegetables into your meal plan.

  • 8am 1 ladles of cabbage soup
  • 1pm 2 ladles cabbage soup
  • 6pm 2 ladles cabbage soup

As well as my soup I also enjoyed air fryer peppers that I cooked without oil. I also had frozen mango, strawberries, and blueberries. As well as this the hubby bought me a small fruit salad from the supermarket.

Then would you believe it, but my soup maker died on me. Right in the middle of making a batch of soup maker soup and it just went up to kitchen gadget heaven. Though, every cloud has a silver lining and Dominic ordered me the Ninja Foodi Soup Maker that I have wanted for ages.

But while I was waiting for an emergency pot of soup, I find myself bingeing on an air fryer full of fried onions. So, so hungry, but better than a carb binge I suppose.

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Does The Cabbage Soup Diet Work

Yes it does. But the cabbage soup diet results can vary from person to person. If you are eating a low calorie diet before the cabbage soup plan starts, then you are likely to see less of a result, compared to someone that was at an all inclusive beach resort the week before.

I have tried the cabbage soup diet a few times now and have found that I can be anywhere from 3 pounds off to 8 pounds off. Never the 10 pounds off that some people achieve.

Should Potatoes Really Count As A Vegetable

French fries and potato chips have no place in any diet. However, potatoes are definitely a vegetable and theyre actually very good for you. A single mid-size white potato has 28% of all the Vitamin C and 10% of all the iron you need for a whole day. A mid-size white potato also has 5 grams of protein and plenty of Vitamins A and E.

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Dolly Parton Diet Soup

Of course, before you start any diet, you need to consult your Dr if its right for you.

Please dont consider this post a recommendation . There are many online opinions, from Drs to from regular people, that its not a healthy diet , so to be on the safe side, I added a multi-vitamin for this week.

Now, this is only a week-long diet and if you are considering following along with us, please make sure that you realize this is not a long-term solution to weight loss gain and you will still need to figure out what is causing your weight gain in order to control it.

  • My ideal weight loss goal is 5 pounds this week.
  • Kim would like to lose 10 but said she would settle for 2.

We thought it would be fun to document.

We realize its a fad and crash diet, so spare us the lecture. Its just an experiment. If we come out with 5 pounds off, we celebrateif we dont, at least we get to learn how to control our farting in public.

So here it goesKim and I set out to answer these questions: Does The Cabbage Soup Diet really work? Is the cabbage soup diet good for you? Why does the cabbage soup diet work so well?

The Dolly Parton Diet Soup is def short-term. If you are looking for something more long term, try one of these diets and cookbooks to help you plan this year.

We will be sharing our Cabbage Soup Diet Before and After.

  • Day 2: Feeling a little icky. You can see by my social media feed, that day 2 is not nearly as fun as day 1. I also cheat and grab one Starburst.
  • Day Vegetable Soup Diet

    Diet plan for Weight loss & fat burning. How to loss weight and belly fat with diet.

    The purpose of following a seven day vegetable soup diet is to affect a rapid weight-loss by consuming mainly vegetable soup each day of your diet. Unlike well-balanced commercial diet programs or doctor-recommended diets, the National Institutes of Health indicates that diets that feature one food to the exclusion of other types and varieties of foods are fad diets. Including other foods during the week helps you maintain a correct nutritional balance.

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    Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

    Little secret that you probably dont know about me and the cabbage soup diet. Long before we had Recipe This and long before we become food bloggers, I used to make my living on eBay.

    The first thing I ever sold was the Cabbage Soup Diet Plan. I have it in a cute PDF and people paid for it by the hour, in the hope to lose weight by eating the cabbage soup.

    It was a best seller and whenever I mentioned this to people, they were fascinated by it. Probably because back then, there was no bloggers, and the Kindle hadnt been invented and most people didnt even know what an ebook was.

    So, it feels rather strange to be back all these years later , sharing with you the cabbage soup diet and the cabbage soup diet results that I have achieved.

    How Much Fruits And Vegetables Should You Eat A Day

    The general recommendation of fruit and vegetable intake is 5 servings a day although tubers such as potatoes and cassava are excluded from these recommendations.

    National nutritional guidelines in India state that you should eat at least 3 100-gram servings of vegetables and 1 100-gram serving of fruits a day. Vegetables should include 50 grams of green leafy vegetables, 50 grams of roots and tubers, and 200g of other vegetables. Fruits can be in the form of 100 grams of any fresh whole fruit, or a glass of natural fruit juice without sweeteners .

    Looking for a way to break the vicious cycle of weight loss and tone up all the jiggly parts? Watch the extra pounds fly off and your muscles firm up with the BetterMe app!

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    Things To Know About 7

    The most common approach for people on a fruit and vegetable diet is to replace one type of food with another, sometimes up to 10 or more times per week. This can lead to weight gain over time, and some people who are on a strict regime have reported stomach problems and diarrhea.

    Fruit and vegetable diets require that you eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can. However, its important to make sure that you are eating enough of the proper foods, too. A fruit and vegetable diet should be balanced, especially if you are on more than one. If you eat too much fruit, you can have a hard time eliminating junk food.

    In a seven-day program, you focus on eating only fresh fruit and vegetables and cutting out all processed foods. The idea is that you should be eating enough fresh food that you will get the most nutrition from. You may cut out meats and whole grains, but dont do so much of the old, traditional diets. Eat them just as much as you enjoy them, but try to limit the number of them you eat per meal.

  • You should also avoid adding a lot of fats, such as chocolate and fast food to your diet. These foods can lead to weight gain and other problems if you do not take the necessary precautions. Also, it is best to avoid fruit and vegetable oils because they may increase the amount of fat in your body.
  • Sacred Heart Diet: Soup Based 7 Day Meal Plan

    The BEST Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Wonder Soup 7 Day Diet ...

    The Sacred Heart Diet is a fad diet that has been circulating for many years.

    The diet was supposedly thought to come from the cardiology department at Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital where it was used for overweight heart patients. However, like most of these diets this is an urban myth.

    The Sacred Heart Diet has been called a number of different names .

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    Cabbage Soup Diet Day 7

    Its the final day! Just one last day to go before you dream about amazing weight loss and wonder if you have lost a few pounds. But why is it on the last day you want to cheat so much?

    • 8am 2 ladles cabbage soup
    • 1pm Brown rice + cabbage soup
    • 7pm 2 ladles cabbage soup

    I noticed that in the original cabbage soup diet that can also have brown rice on this day. Yet the more up to date versions of the cabbage soup diet dont include it. I went with it and had some instant pot brown rice alongside one of my soup portions.

    I also made myself a late morning slush drink. Made with just frozen blueberries, ice and water it was amazing. I must do this again!

    As well as that, today I cheated and had a low carb Atkins style chocolate bar which was yummy. The kids also gave me a few of their sweets.

    Your Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

    Now it is your turn to do the cabbage soup diet plan. I recommend you start by printing off the cabbage soup diet recipe that you plan to follow:

    And then plan when you are going to do the cabbage soup diet. I ran the cabbage soup diet from Monday to Sunday because it was easiest. But for you it might be easier to change the days around to fit in with a meal out, when you could do the chicken or protein day.

    And best of luck and do tell us how much weight you lose on your cabbage soup diet.

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    What Is The Soup Diet

    The soup diet isn’t just one diet but rather a collection of soup-based eating plans that promise significant weight loss in a short amount of time . On some of these diets, you consume nothing but soup, while on others, soup is the foundation of the eating plan, with some foods added.

    Eating soup may help increase satiety and help you stay full, which might allow you to eat less overall. While this may lead to weight loss, there is no evidence that a soup-only diet could effectively support long-term weight management.

    Day Diet Plan To Lose Weight

    Surprising Health Benefits Of Swiss Chard | How To Eat Swiss Chard

    If you have ever wondered about how to lose weight in 7 days then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the worlds most popular 7-day diet plan for weight loss. Our highly rated seven day diet plan for weight loss has been online since 2006 and this easy to follow week-long diet has helped many lose weight quickly in just seven days without exercise. Many choose this quick weight loss diet plan to lose some weight before some event in their lives or simply to put their bodies through a complete 7-day detox and cleanse.

    Yes, this diet can also be used to give your body the detox it deserves and you could lose up to 10 pounds or 5 kgs in one week. If you feel that your weight just crept up on you or you simply want to look good in that new dress you bought for your special date or event or even look good in that bikini then this diet is for you. It’s probably one of the best 7 day diets that helps you lose weight in a week.

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    Chicken Noodle Soup In Pressure Cooker

    Pressure cooker is one kitchen equipment that you will find in every Indian household. Many reasons!! Top most is because we love lentils, and dried lentils require long cooking time. Hence pressure cooker is appliance of choice for getting food on table, faster!Also, Pressure Cooker, as name suggests, coo…

    There always room for one more Kale Soup in detox soup diet! 🙂 This one has barley to make it filling meal.

    What Is Sacred Heart Diet

    The Sacred Heart diet consists of a systematic seven-day diet mainly consisting of a low-calorie vegetable soup. For the first six days, one should diet on the soup for lunch and on the seventh day, have the soup for dinner. During these seven days, you should include tea, coffee, water, skim milk and unsweetened fruit juices. Each day, you are allowed to eat certain foods, like fruits, and vegetables. Following this diet can allow a person to lose 10 to 17 pounds in one week.

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    Everything You Need To Know About A 7 Day Fruit And Vegetable Diet

    Are you tired of feeling sluggish and putting on more weight than youd like? If so, the 7-day fruit and vegetable diet may catch your interest. Its got a lot of potential it can jumpstart your weight-loss journey, cleanse your system, and help you learn how to enjoy eating healthy foods long-term.

    At the same time, a 7-day fruit and vegetable cleanse diet isnt for everyone. Whats more, you need to know how to do it right to get the best possible results. Lets dig in to learn more about what this diet plan does and doesnt offer.

    How Do You Do The 7

    The BEST Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Wonder Soup 7 Day Diet

    On the 7- day cabbage soup diet, you follow a specific eating plan every day. Along with eating these foods, you can have cabbage soup as often as youd like. This soup is also called wonder soup, weight loss soup, miracle soup, and weight watcher soup. So many names for this soup!

    This unlimited soup rule is what drew me to the 7-day cabbage soup diet. I love that I can eat this soup in unlimited quantities. I HATE being hungry, and I will not stick to any diet if Im hungry. Point. Blank. Period. Dont forget you MUST drink eight glasses of water each day. My results vary if I slack on water.

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    How Does The Cabbage Soup Diet Help You Lose Weight

    In general, soup diets focus on reducing calories and fat for several days. This can lead to quick weight loss and shedding a few pounds, helping some people stay motivated to eat healthier as they move on to a long-term diet. The cabbage soup provides many essential nutrients, and it can increase satiety, helping you feel fuller, so you eat less. However, diets like this should only be temporary because they do not include all food groups and can lead to nutrient deficiencies.

    Benefits Of Sacred Heart Diet:

    It is a soup-based diet that can help a person to lose about 10 to 17 lb within a week. The Sacred Heart Soup is the primary core of the diet. You can make slight changes with the recipe for added flavor.

    • The Sacred Heart Diet lasts for one week alone
    • Sacred Heart soup can be taken with fruits, vegetables, and meat

    Side Effects of Sacred Heart Diet:

    Any weight that you lose during this one week can possibly return after you change to your regular diet.

    • During this week, you tend to lose only the water weight
    • It can weaken bodyâs immune system
    • No long term benefits
    • Little energy to carry on the exercise because of the calorie restriction
    • Nutritionists and dietician are not much in favor of this diet plan

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