3 Hour Diet Meal Plan

The 3 Hour Rule: An Example Schedule

How to lose weight by eating every three hours? | 3 hour diet

So what does that actually look like?

This means youll eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with 2 healthy snacks throughout the day.

Lets run through an example of what a typical eating schedule could look like if you wake up at 6:00 am and go to bed around 9:00 pm:

Your meal schedule will depend a lot on when you wake up, when you go to bed, when you work out, and what else you have going on during the day.

But the goal is that you will be eating frequently, preferably every 3 hours, for a total of 5 times a day.

A couple of quick things to note with these meals:

  • Your breakfast should include carbs, protein, and fats. This will help get you fueled up and ready to take on the day. Youll be using these important macronutrients throughout the day.
  • Your dinner should be lower in carbohydrates. A chunk of your days activities are over, and youll be winding down for bed. You dont need as much energy/fuel as youd need to start your day.
  • What Dr Melinda Ratini Says:

    Does It Work?

    You will likely lose weight on any diet if you eat less than 910 calories a day. But losing 10 pounds in 3 days is both unlikely and unhealthy. To lose just 1 pound of body fat, you need to reduce your daily calories by about 500 a day for a whole week. Thats giving up 3,500 calories over the course of 7 days. To lose 10 pounds in 3 days would mean decreasing your calorie intake by 35,000 calories in just 3 days! The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends a slow and steady weight loss of no more than 1/2 to 1 pound a week. Otherwise you are losing muscle and water, as well as weakening your bones. You also are much more likely to gain it all back.

    Is It Good for Certain Conditions?

    The 3 Day Diet is low calorie, but it certainly is not low-fat, low-salt, or low cholesterol, so it is not a healthy option for most people with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and high cholesterol. If you are overweight, weight loss is key to managing these conditions. But it should be a healthy and sustainable weight loss that includes healthy nutrition and exercise.

    The Final Word

    The 3 Day Diet is a very low-calorie diet that uses simple foods that are low cost and easy to find and prepare. A short-term weight loss is likely. But that is where the good news ends.

    Remember, when it comes to weight loss, slow and steady really does win the race.

    Plan Ahead For Healthy Meals

    Planning healthier meals and snacks can go a long way to helping you reach your goals. Talk to your registered dietitian or health-care team about the amount of carbohydrates that are right for you and for help with meal planning. A weekly meal plan will help you shop for the right foods and encourage more cooking at home.

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    Three Day Detox Diet Continued

    I have been doing this plan once a week for some time now, its easy and effective and allows me to go out to eat and really enjoy food. With that said, once a week is perfectly fine, but once a month is also fantastic!

    If youre looking to lose more weight, quickly, try out my free Detox Week Plan. You can also pick up the book here which includes 130 recipes and 4 weight loss plans.

    If youre looking to simply increase your health and eat better, try out my cookbook LOSE WEIGHT BY EATING DETOX WEEK. There are 4 detox plans in the cookbook, and the Detox Lifestyle will be perfect for you well, all 4 plans youll love as well as the 130 recipes.

    Who Doesnt Love Eating Their Favorite Taboo Foods Daily

    Hypoglycemia Diet Meal Plan

    On most diets that you have been on in the past, you have probably had to restrict yourself to meal choices and planning.

    With the Omad Diet, there are no restrictions on what you eat. You can eat all or whatever foods that you crave on a regular basis with your meal. This is one of the major physiological benefits of eating one meal a day.

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    What To Eat For Better Sleep

    Pictured Recipe: Sheet-Pan Salmon with Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli

    No question your diet has an effect on your sleep. “Sleep is meant to be a restorative time for your body to repair itself. However, if you eat too close to bedtime, especially spicy foods or those that are high in fat, fiber, or sugar, your body will not be able to send all the energy it needs to the jobs of healing but will instead spend energy digesting the food you ate,” says Marci Hardy, PhD, health expert for Brooklyn Bedding.

    Starting with breakfast, aim for a meal with complex carbohydrates , protein, and some healthy fat. Focusing only on traditional breakfast foodsbagels, toast, sugary cereals, muffinscan spike your blood sugar, says Hardy. That rise in glucose levels will be followed by a fall, which impacts your energy and mood. Often, when energy levels lag and your mood takes a dive, it’s natural to try to reach for another source of sugar for a pick-me-up, and that can set you up for a blood sugar rollercoaster throughout the day.

    Ideally, for dinner focus on putting together a meal balanced in carbohydrate, protein, fat and is low in sugar, adds Hardy. Eat at least three hours before bed, she suggests.

    Level Of Effort: Medium

    Thereâs no calorie counting or special meals to buy. But youâll need to organize your schedule around regular meal times. Cruise suggests eating breakfast at 7 a.m., lunch at 1 p.m., and dinner at 7 p.m., or eat dinner early enough so that you finish 3 hours before bed.

    Youâll also have to plan ahead for two 100-calorie snacks, such as a small handful of nuts or a piece of string cheese.

    Cooking and shopping: You can cook the recipes provided using readily available ingredients, or choose from a list of frozen and fast foods. A companion cookbook, The 3-Hour Diet Cookbook, offers more recipes that have appropriate portion sizes.

    Packaged foods or meals: None required.

    In-person meetings: No.

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    Benefit #: Helps To Avoid Binging & Allows You To Control Your Hunger

    Uncontrollable hunger is the #1 enemy to weight loss, and for some people, by keeping your hunger chained up all day , it can be so difficult to not want to devour absolutely everything in sight.

    The Mayo Clinic states that skipping meals or letting yourself get too hungry can lead to overeating and poor food choicesand may even cause your metabolism to slow.

    For some people, eating every 3 hours can help them keep their hunger in check and avoid spinning out of control into a hangry monster!

    We want to avoid that!

    Safe Rate Of Weight Gain

    3 hour diet – does the 3-hour diet really work ? | How to lose weight quickly

    While studies on the topic are scarce, an acceptable rate of weight gain is 0.52 pounds per week .

    However, in people with severe undernutrition, weight gain of about 4.4 pounds per week has been accomplished safely .

    Rapid weight gain may lead to uncomfortable side effects, such as bloating, stomach distress, and fluid retention. If youre an athlete, these side effects can hinder your performance by negatively affecting your workouts or practices .

    Whats more, rapid weight gain can increase your triglyceride levels, which may raise your risk of heart disease .

    How fast you gain weight depends on how many calories you need to maintain your weight.

    If you maintain your weight on 2,000 calories per day, you will gain weight much quicker on a 3,000-calorie diet than someone who maintains their weight on 2,500 calories per day.

    For example, one 8-week study showed that when 25 healthy people ate an additional 950 calories over their weight-maintenance calorie needs, they gained an average of 11.7 pounds 7.7 pounds of which was fat .

    If those same participants ate only 500 calories above their maintenance calorie needs for the same duration, they would likely gain much less weight.


    For some people, a 3,000-calorie may help you gain weight. An acceptable, safe rate of weight gain is 0.52 pounds per week.

    The calories in your diet come from three macronutrients carbs, fat, and protein.

    Protein and carbs provide four calories per gram, compared with nine for fat.

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    Calorie Meal Plan For Weight Gain

    While many people follow a diet to lose weight, there are just as many who do so for the opposite reason. Their goal is healthy weight gain. These people are intent on packing lean muscle mass to their frame. One way to do that is to follow the 3000 calorie meal plan. In this article, Ill lay out the rationale behind this diet and show you exactly how to implement it in your life.

    Day Clean Eating Diet Meal Plan

    Clean eating can have some negative connotations about boring, bland food but that could be further from the truth!

    Theres no dirty food per say, but a focus on healthy, whole foods. These include foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, fatty fish, and other lean proteins.

    These are full of the vitamins and minerals you need whilst ensuring added sugars and unhealthy fats are reduced to a minimum.

    This meal plan is easy to follow too, with all the recipes taking less than an hour and mostly no-cook breakfasts and lunches. Hey, were leading busy lives our meal plans should be the same too!

    The article below will cover everything you need to know about following a clean eating diet plan and offer a sample 7 day plan to follow.

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    Benefit #: Keeps The Metabolic Fires Burning

    As Chris mentions in the video above, picture your metabolism like a furnace. The more you fuel the furnace , the more it heats up to burn more calories and stored fat.

    The cooler you keep your furnace by fueling it less frequently, the more your furnace can slow down, which can send a signal to the body to store the calories.

    Research And General Acceptance

    Diabetic Dinner Menu Samples

    The 3-Hour diet did not appear until the mid-2000s and no significant scholarly research has been done on it. There has been some research on the effects of eating many small meals instead of three large ones on dieting success. The results have been mildly favorable. Many weight-loss professionals support the idea of distributing calories across five or six meals during the day.


    • Is this diet the best diet to meet my weight-loss goals?
    • Would a multivitamin or other dietary supplement be appropriate for me if I were to begin this diet?
    • Will this diet meet my long-term dietary needs?
    • Does this diet pose any special risks for me that I should be aware of?
    • Can my whole family follow this diet?
    • Do you have any experience with the long-term success of this diet?

    No research has been done on the âresettingâ of BMR by eating small, frequent meals. The consensus among dietitians is that people who lose weight on the 3-Hour diet do so more because calories are restricted to under 1,500 a day than because of any specific value in the 3-hour timing of meals. The timing may, however, help people to change their eating behaviors in constructive ways.

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    What 3 Hour Diet Plan Is

    3 hour diet plan is one of the most practical diet plans. The diet schedule points up consumption of several small meals in a day. There should be gap of not more than three hours between your meals. And your first meal should happen within one hour after waking up.

    Cruise asserts, principle of low carb foods propounded by most of diet plans for losing weight actually has contrary effects on your body. Low carb diet programs create dearth of foods in your body, as a result of which your body starts hoarding fats assuming that as stage of famine, and instead of melting pounds, you begin gaining pounds.

    Day Cleanse To Lose Belly Fat

    Day 1

    The first day of 3 day cleanse to lose belly fat


    As soon as you wake up, 1 glass of detox water

    Half an hour later, a green smoothie consisting of spinach, broccoli, parsley, green apple, and 7-8 raw almonds


    1 handful of raw almonds or 3-4 walnuts


    1 bowl of lean vegetable soup


    Quinoa salad with a little olive oil and a bowl of grilled vegetables and greens

    Day 2

    3 day cleanse to lose belly fat Second-day meal plan

    As soon as you wake up, 1 glass of detox water

    Half an hour later, mix 1 bowl of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of turmeric, 1 tablespoon of flax seeds, 1 serving of fruit , 1 cup of parsley juice


    1 handful of raw almonds or 3-4 walnuts


    1 bowl of lean vegetable soup


    1 bowl of grilled vegetables and a little olive oil salad, greens, and 1 medium grilled salmon

    Day 3

    3 day cleanse to lose belly fat Third-day meal plan


    As soon as you wake up, 1 glass of detox water

    Smoothie: A slice of pineapple, 1/2 banana, spinach, flaxseed, 3-4 strawberries, and almond milk


    1 handful of raw almonds or 3-4 walnuts


    A large bowl of grilled vegetable salad


    1 bowl of lean vegetable soup and 1 medium grilled salmon

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    Does It Allow For Dietary Restrictions Or Preferences

    Vegetarians and vegans: This menu is not for vegetarians or vegans. Its not low-salt, low-carb, or low-fat, either — just low-calorie.Gluten-free: This diet includes toast and crackers, which traditionally include gluten in the wheat. You could buy gluten-free versions if you chose to, but going gluten-free is not a feature of this diet.

    What Else You Should Know

    Jorge Cruz 3 Hour Diet Review

    This diet was most likely not developed by nutrition experts. One web site that offers the diet includes this warning: Neither the staff nor management of 3 Day Diets are experienced, licensed, or knowledgeable to judge or recommend the validity or safety of this diet. We do not necessarily endorse this diet and recommend that before trying this or any other diet to consult a physician or licensed medical practitioner. Use at your own risk.

    When judging any diet, including this one, keep in mind two key pieces of advice from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: First, if a diet sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Second, if you cant see yourself following the diet for the rest of your life, its not for you.

    Costs: None beyond your shopping.

    Support: None. This is a diet you do on your own.

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    Benefits Of 3 Hour Diet

    3 Hour diet program is an amazing diet program having numerous benefits, lets have a look at some of them.

    • Frequent meals allowed by diet program will keep check on your blood sugar level and will free you from diabetes.
    • Stress which is the main foe of healthy body will be swept away by the diet program. You will attain calm, peaceful and slim body while abiding by the diet program.
    • You wont find it difficult to abide by the diet program because it doesnt acknowledge removing several foods from the diet regime. It rather believes in eating in moderation.
    • The diet plan will gradually melt pounds from your body and will provide you perennial weight loss solution.
    • Emotional eating which is supreme cause of obesity will be brought under control.
    • Online community and support activities provided by diet program will assist dieters in tackling several weight loss issues.

    Here Is The Intermittent Fasting Diet Meal Plan

    You may know that the intermittent fasting diet has become quite popular. Maybe we can even call this fasting meal plan a health trend..

    You may encounter information online saying that there is no specific meal plan for intermittent fasting.

    This is not so wrong, because people who follow the diet can continue their normal eating habits, provided that they do not eat outside of the specified hours.

    Despite this, we have seen a need that those who wanted to follow this diet might have for a detailed guide. So, we have prepared a daily plan for you.

    Before introducing you to this plan, lets briefly examine the question of what is an intermittent fasting diet in the case of those who have just started researching this diet so that there is nothing we do not know.

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    Remember: Water And Salt

    When eating a strict low-carb diet, make sure you drink enough fluids water and/or sparkling water are the best choices. Make sure you are getting enough salt, too. When youre starting out, drink one to two cups of bouillon each day or add more salt to your food doing so can minimize the initial low-carb flu. 9

  • Skipping breakfast with ease is what practitioners experience with their patients and a very common report from people trying a low-carb diet. This is based on clinical experience of low-carb practitioners and was unanimously agreed upon by our low-carb expert panel. You can learn more about our panel here& larrhk

  • Intermittent fasting can help people lose weight. Note that many of the studies on this investigate restricting calories to very low levels for a limited time, like one or more days per week . Actual fasting means restricting calories to close to zero for a time, so it may or may not be even more effective.

    Intermittent fasting and type 2 diabetes:

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