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Make Lunch Your Largest Meal Of The Day

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A warm bowl of kitchari is on the menu all three days during the cleanse. Kitchari is a traditional Ayurvedic detox food containing a mixture of rice, lentils, and spices.

Its high in protein, very easy to digest, and healing for the digestive tract. I recommend using split yellow moong dal as they are much more digestible and detoxifying than other beans, like whole mung beans and others.

Even if youre at work during lunch, make an effort to sit down at a table , relax, and enjoy your meal distraction-free. This will help you finish the meal feeling satisfied, instead of thinking about if you have any chocolate stashed in the back of your desk drawer!

People With Health Conditions

People with conditions like diabetes, blood sugar disorders, low blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, liver problems, or kidney failure should not try a detox diet due to its potential risks. Such people are particularly prone to dehydration from not consuming enough fluids . They are also at an increased risk for gallstones when cutting out certain foods .

Red Zinger Breakfast Juice

Heres another great juice detox recipe to start your morning with. Its got a great nutritional profile from the vegetables and fruits, and it tastes great, with a slight kick from the lemons.

The beets are a good source of vitamins and minerals, such as folate, potassium, manganese, iron and vitamin C.

This is one of our favorite detox juices, for the color alone! But dont fret, this juice cleanse recipe is as delicious as it is beautiful!

When starting on a juice detox, you have to be sure you have a good juicer, this one is a best seller!

Red Zinger Breakfast Juice Recipe:

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In This Juice Cleanse Article:

  • What is Detox Juice?
  • How to Make Detox Juice
  • 10 Best Detox Juice Recipes
  • Juice Cleanse How to Guide
  • Juice Cleanse Meal Planner
  • Weight Loss Smoothies

I first learned about juicing in the 2010 documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, which brought about a lot of awareness of the health benefits of a juicing diet. It follows an Australian man on a juice only diet for 60 days and he ended up losing OVER 100 POUNDS!

Experts recommend you eat at least 6 to 8 servings of vegetables per day, which many people have difficulty achieving. Thats where juicing recipes for weight loss can help fill the void.

So if you struggle to get enough greens and fruits in your diet, keep reading this juice cleanse article to find out how a juicing detox can help you lose weight, eat more vegetables, and help detox your body.

Key Point: Try a juice detox if youre looking to increase your daily quantity of vegetables.

Below you will find 10 green juice detox recipes and a juice cleanse how to guide.

How Often Should You Do A Liver Cleanse

3 Day Easy Detox (Cleanse) Diet for Weight Loss

Everyone benefits from a healthy liver our lives depend on how well our livers process the foods we eat and remove the toxins. So the question is not whether or not to cleanse, its how often you should do a liver cleanse and how to go about it.

The short answer is a few times a year or when you notice the symptoms above creeping in. Ideally, if you are eating well and minimizing contact with toxins, as needed should be sufficient.

  • Healthy, Normal Blood Sugar Levels


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How Many Days Should You Be On The Detox Diet

You should be on the detox diet for at least 24 days. After 24 days, it will become a habit to eat nutritious foods and snack wisely. You will also learn to take care of your physical and mental health. It would not feel like a diet anymore.

The next most common question that may pop into your head is, what should you do if you are on medication? Here is what you should do.

What Is A 3

A 3-day juice cleanse is three days long detox diet where you consume only vegetable and fruit juices. You cannot consume any solid or processed food during this period. This radical diet is also known as a juice fast. It was started by Jay Kordich who wrote a bestseller on the subject, titled The Juicemans Power of Juicing. The book included juice recipes, which could help one lose weight, overcome fatigue, reduce your risk of many serious diseases, and relieve scores of common ailments.

While his findings later came under question with many experts questioning the health impacts of a juice-based diet, there are some decided merits in following this diet for the short term. A UCLA study published in 2017 in Scientific Reports found that vegetable and fruit juices contain beneficial elements like polyphenols, oligosaccharides, and nitrate which may have a prebiotic-like effect. The 3-day juice-based diet altered the intestinal microbiota associated with weight loss. It also promoted the feeling of general well-being.

A juice diet can be of different types:

  • With homemade juices or store-bought juices.
  • With juices or smoothies
  • With or without spices.

A 3-day juice cleanse can rid aid weight loss. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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Why I Decided To Do A 3 Day Juice Cleanse

I had heard a lot about them and after spending 7 weeks back in England with family, my body started to feel a little strained. We indulged in a lot of vegan junk food We ate things we wouldnt normally eat or just simply isnt available to us in Portugal. We didnt meal plan or cook as much as we do when we are in our own home & because of that I started to feel, shall we say, a little soft. I started to get some noticeable spots on my face, I felt sluggish, heavy and I noticed my hair getting oilier quicker.

  • On Holiday, Aged 17

Begin Your Morning With Water

#Shorts 5-Week Weight Loss Challengeðª| Week-3 Day-4 | Balanced Diet ð¥¦ð?ð¥ð? | Diet for 1000 Calorie

Drinking water, especially warm water on an empty stomach, is one of the best things you can do for digestion. According to Ayurveda, warm water takes less energy to digest and stimulates digestion while detoxing the system and helping food move through the digestive tract. Start your day with at least one full glass of room-temperature water before you consume any food.

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The Detox Prescription By Woodson Merrell Md

The Detox Prescription by Woodson Merrell, MD, offers three main options, with the intention of creating a complete lifestyle turnaround that has your liver thriving.

  • The 3-Day Turbo Cleanse consists of fresh juices, smoothies, and nut milks.
  • The 7-Day In-Depth Detox continues the 3-Day with added liver support through foods like dandelion root tea, coconut yoghurt, and lentil-cashew stuffed peppers.
  • The 21-Day Clean and Lean Diet picks up where the 7-Day left off and adds fish, quinoa, more nut milks, and fruits.

Remember: even a short break has benefits. One of the more remarkable aspects of eliminating or reducing toxins is that youll notice positive differences in your health early on in the process its often just a matter of days before youll feel clear-headed and have more energy.

Eat Your Way To Weight Loss

Strict starvation cleanses and detoxes arent something that we recommend, but several days of eating clean, nutrient-dense foods can be a great way to get back on track with eating. Cutting out the junkprocessed foods, added sugars, alcoholjump-starts your metabolism and reframes your outlook on food.

Our 3-Day Cleanse focuses on lean protein, smart carbs, and lots of veggies to provide optimal nutrients for around 1,300 calories each day. Menus are gluten-free, have no added sugars, and feature dishes that are quick and made with real food. Follow it through, and youll get rid of bloat, gain energy, and be motivated to continue eating healthy.

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Detox For Weight Loss

I know lots of people searching for a juice cleanse or detox will be considering doing it for weight loss.

If weight loss is your primary goal then a cleanse is not the answer. Sure, if you resolved to drink only liquid fruit and vegetables for 30 days at a time you will definitely lose weight.

You’ll probably notice you lose a few pounds doing a 3 or a 5 day cleanse but for healthy weight loss you should be aiming to lose 2 pounds a week over a sustained period of time.

I’ve been yo-yo dieting since I was 18 and the ONLY thing that worked for me was Weight Watchers. You can read more in my article Does Weight Watchers Flex Really Work?

Easy Start Detox Juice

The Best 3 Day Detox Diets Plans

This makes a good beginner detox juice recipe for those just starting out with juicing, thanks to its simple ingredients and delicious flavors that arent overwhelming.

Carrots have a lot of health benefits. They are a good ingredient when juicing for weight loss and have been linked to lower cholesterol levels and improved eye health.

This green juice cleanse recipe is a great starter to a juice diet, so is a great juicer, like this best selling electric juicer!

Easy Start Detox Juice Recipe:

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What’s The Story With Snacking

Everybody needs snacks. When participating in the cleanse, it’s important to snack when you are truly hungry, rather than eating out of boredom, habit, or thirst. Snacks are especially helpful for those who are more active on the cleanse. Any foods on the Cleanse Diet can be enjoyed as a snack between meals.

Before The Homemade 3 Day Juice Cleanse

It took me a while to build up the courage to share this publicly as im not in the best shape that Ive ever been in. As you can see in the photo im definitely not as big as when I was a teenager, but I still didnt feel myself and I wanted to take a reference image before the experiment began. For the purpose of science and to make it more interesting, I also recorded my body fat percentage, water weight and muscle & bone density, results will be revealed later on in this post.

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Results Of My 3 Day Juice Cleanse

The night before starting the juice cleanse I weighed in at 55.9kgs At the end of the 3 day cleanse I weighed at 53.4kgs which is a full 2.5kg weight loss.

My body fat from 26.2% to 23.8% & interestingly my muscle and bone density both increased even after 3 days with no food, only juices. I measured the stats on a regular multi function body weight scale that we picked up from the supermarket.

Pros & Cons Of Doing A Juice Cleanse

That’s Slomo Fitness Strength


1. You may feel tired and have low energy 2. You may experience headaches 3. You may get hunger cravings 4. You may start to feel sick & faint


1. Youare allowing your body to rest & repair by giving your digestive system a huge break 2. You will be guaranteeing that you are getting your full intake of fruits and veggies each day, which most people on a regular day to day diet dont.3. You may feel lighter & more energised as your body isnt having to use energy to break down solid foods. 4. Youll get the maximum vitamins and minerals from the fruits and veggies as they are not losing any through cooking methods

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What Type Of Results Can You Expect From Doing A Carb Detox

You arent going to try any type of diet plan unless it can produce results.

In the three days that you partake on this diet detox dont be surprised to drop 3-4 pounds.

Most of this will be excess water weight that you will shed. This water is being held onto by the carbs in your system so its time to set that water free. The other weight will be fat that is moving around.

You will also experience a huge energy boost. Many of us have trained our bodies to depend on carbohydrates for energy, but that also means that we are accustomed to periods of drowsiness from sugar crashes. When you can train your body to no longer rely on carbs you will find that you feel a lot more refreshed.

You can consider this clean energy.

A word of warning for you. The first couple of days will probably suck. Your body is used to a certain way of living and you are suddenly going to put it through some shock. For some people, this can mean headaches and a bit of drowsiness as your brain tells you that it needs the donut for survival.

You have to be prepared to fight through this and if you can, you will end up feeling better at the other end. Your body will start to better absorb the awesome nutrients that you are giving it which means better energy overall.

Most importantly, this diet will leave you with a sense of confidence. If you can get through it , you will know that you can complete any challenge you face. You might also start to notice a chance in your appearance for the better.

What You Need To Know About A 3

Nothing but juice, for three days. No Cheez-Its, no coffee, no celery.

But really, by juicing, youre giving your organs a break from cleansing out all the nasty stuff youre eating all the time.

Youre also re-training your palate to like healthy crap.

The premise is that you drink six juices a day, with as much water and green tea as you want. I know that sounds like living hell, but it isnt.

Whats difficult is the preparation.

Let me tell you: juicing is a hell of a lot of work. Its perfect if you work from home or can do it on a 3-day weekend. Otherwise, its going to be hard to find the time to cut up all the ingredients for the juice .

Ah yes, the juicer. Thats the only shitty part. You need one to do this. And theyre not cheap.

After I realized I like juicing, I bought this BALLER juicer, which costs $99 and is a #1 seller on Amazon. But at first, I just used my parents ancient one .

If youre not sure youre going to be into the whole juicing thing, then ask around odds are one of your health-nut friends has one. Or, if you live near a health food store , theyll usually make juice for you if you give them the recipes.

You can also go for one of the delivery cleanse kits, but theyre ultra expensive. Better to save your money for travel.

If you dont own a juicer, you can conceivably blend the ingredients together and then strain out the pulp. Just remember: no solids!

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Ideal Three Day Detox Diet Meals:

You can enjoy your Three Day Detox Diet 500 calorie meal anytime of the day, in fact I recommend you plan your other meals around it. For instance, say you have a lunch meeting or a date later tonight, that would be your 500 calorie meal and the other meals should be smoothies. This means that the Three Day Detox Diet is something you can easily do without modifying social plans.

If youre looking for new 500 calorie meals, all three of my cookbooks are filled with 500 calorie or less meals. My second cookbook LOSE WEIGHT BY EATING DETOX WEEK will best suit your needs while on the Three Day Detox Diet as it also has lots of Detox Smoothie, Detox Snack and Detox Drink recipes. However, one cant ignore all the under 500 calorie comfort food meals in my other cookbooks LOSE WEIGHT BY EATING and LOSE WEIGHT WITH YOUR INSTANT POT.

Here are some examples of meals under 500 calories, use the extra calories for a second serving or a glass of wine:

Tip- Do you like a glass of wine with dinner? With this Three Day Detox plan you can enjoy one glass of white or red wine! I like to have a lower calorie dinner so that the glass of wine is part of the 500 calories allotted for dinner. However, you can always trade in a snack for that glass of wine!

Common Juice Cleanse Recipes Include The Following Herbs And Spices:

3 Day Detox Diet
  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Parsley

Key Point: Detox juice is the nutritious extracted juices of fruits and vegetables. Its drank for certain periods to provide your body time to detox itself and lose weight.

Try some of the 10 detox juice recipes for weight loss cleanse below. Or check out one of our green juice diet plans below.

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Weight Loss 3 Day Juice Cleanse

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