3 Day Chemical Diet Menu

Second Week Menu Of The Chemical Diet

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Everyday breakfast: 1-2 boiled eggs + 1/2 grapefruit or orange


  • Monday: 2boiled eggs + green salad
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: lean meat or grilled fish + leaf lettuce
  • Thursday: 2boiled eggs, cheese and steamed vegetables
  • Friday: fish or seafood grilled or boiled
  • Saturday: lean meat on the grill + leaf salad + 1 orange or grapefruit
  • Sunday: boiled chicken + fresh tomatoes + 1 orange or grapefruit.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 2boiled eggs + 1 orange or grapefruit
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday: permitted fruit
  • Sunday: chicken without grilled skin or boiled + fresh tomatoes + 1 orange or grapefruit.

What Is The 3 Day Chemical Diet

The simplest way to describe this diet is that it is a short-term, low-calorie diet.

Various claims have been made about this diets ability to help people lose up to 10 pounds in 72 hours.

However, it is more accurate to say that the diets primary purpose is to give the body a systemic cleanse.

If your goal is to make a longer-term change in your eating habits, this diet can jump-start this goal by flushing out toxins and fluids that may give rise to initial food cravings.

Typically, it takes about three days for cravings to subside, which is why Dr. Oz and Dr. Fuhrman call this diet the 3 Day Sugar Detox diet.

Important Dos And Donts Of The Military Diet

There are a few things to be aware of though:

First and foremost, You CAN drink as MUCH water as you want during the 3 days, youre not losing water weight, the diet is not a diuretic aka water diet. The weight you lose should not be due to dehydration of any sort.

With that said, NO you CANNOT Drink Soda, Pop, sweetened or flavored drinks of any kind. You CAN have Plain Herbal Teas (no honey, no lemon, no stevia or artificial sweeteners of any kind.

You CAN Have Black Coffee or Tea , no creamers, no milk, no non-dairy creamers, etc. The key to this diet working is to be chemically balanced to boost metabolism. Also, make sure if youre going to drink coffee that you drink the kind WITH caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee is actually pretty horrible for you, health-wise.

We realize that there are food items here that dont seem particularly healthy such as the hotdogs on day 2- were aware of that. Theyre there for a reason, do not omit them.

It is NOT recommended to substitute certain items, such as grapefruit, Some foods that are acidic to taste, such as lemon, lime and grapefruit, are rendered alkaline once digested, placing, far less burden on the digestive system as a whole.

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Vegetarian/vegan Military Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The vegetarian or vegan version of the military diet is almost similar to the non-vegetarian version, except the non-veg foods are replaced with their veg or vegan alternatives.

Weve suggested the vegetarian substitutes for meat, tuna and eggs in the diet, while in the vegan version, youll substituting those with dairy-free variants.

Also, find the calories in the military diet for a better understanding of this low calorie diet plan.

Calorie And Food Restrictions

Pin on food

The various incarnations of the three-day chemical diet share certain features. They all are based on creating specific chemical pairings in foods, so substitutions are not allowed. If you cant stand a food that is recommended in the diet, you will do best to find other weight-loss strategies and diets. These diets are highly restricted in the calories you are allowed to consume. Three-day chemical breakdown diets also limit the types of food eaten, so the diets may not be nutritionally balanced. For these reasons, the diets are limited to three days in duration. Advocates offer that you can use the diet once a week or so, alternating between your normal diet and the chemical breakdown diet. One potential problem is that many people have difficulty maintaining highly restrictive diets and so fall quickly back into their old eating habits that helped them put weight on in the first place.

  • The various incarnations of the three-day chemical diet share certain features.
  • Three-day chemical breakdown diets also limit the types of food eaten, so the diets may not be nutritionally balanced.

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Can You Substitute Items On The 3 Day Military Diet Plan

The 3 Day Military Diet is a very specific food plan that must be followed precisely. Portions must be eaten exactly as specified and dieters are warned not to overeat — otherwise the promised 10 pound weight loss may not be achieved. Likewise, dieters should not under-eat, even if they are not hungry. However, there are a few substitutions that may be allowed for vegetarians and vegans, and those with dietary allergies or strong preferences. Substitutions must have the same number of calories as the original item. Aside from listed substitutions, there are no alternatives permitted.

In addition to its strict daily food prescription, dieters drink plenty of water or drinks that do not have any calories before and after each meal. Dieters can also drink as much caffeine free herbal tea as they desire, but they may only use stevia as a sweetener.

Snacking is not permitted, unless you save an item from one meal and eat it in between, but you may not add anything to the diet plan.


    • 1 cup black coffee or tea, with caffeine .
    • ½ grapefruit.
    • 1 slice toast .
    • 2 tablespoons peanut butter .


    • ½ cup tuna (substitutions: any very lean meat, cottage cheese, chicken, tofu, or almonds, or 1/2 an avocado plus 2 tablespoons of hummus.
    • 1 piece toast
    • 1 cup black coffee or tea, with caffeine and stevia if desired


    • 3 ounces any type of meat .
    • 1 cup green beans .
    • 1/2 banana .
    • 1 small apple .
    • 1 cup regular vanilla ice cream

    You Can Swap Out Certain Foods For Another Food

    You can still eat the same day twice, even if you dont like the item on the menu.

    If you dont like lamb chops or steak, you can always repeat day 2.

    Never substitute lamb chops with steak.

    The chemical diet requires eating exactly the same food as the meal plan.

    Please do not add fruit to your salads.

    Ill repeat what I just said.


    Do not add any other foods or have meals in between.

    If you do, you may not lose a stone in a week.

    Its all about sharing certain foods!

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    Who Should The Chemical Diet Plan Be For

    The Chemical Diet is recommended to follow the above food plan for a week.

    This diet is for those going through surgery or who have a medical condition such as Diabetes.

    Im a Type 2 Diabetic who has tried this diet several times.

    I have found that the Chemical Diet is best for me if I dont eat too many fruits at lunchtime as my blood sugar levels go up.

    It is easy if your determination and perseverance are strong.

    You will see weight loss.

    It was exciting for me to try it.

    You can also start a healthy weight loss journey by following the food plan .

    After the first week, you can add more vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, and salad to the diet.

    This works for me.

    Continue to do the Chemical Diet every other week .

    Calories Too Low To Exercise

    2 Keto Diet Unsafe | Keto Diet Recipes #shorts

    Eating fewer than 1,400 calories on diet days may make it challenging to do exercise, especially any high-intensity activities.

    Eating enough calories on the 4 days off will allow people to exercise more easily. However, proponents of the diet recommend sticking to fewer than 1,500 calories on these days too.

    One looking at alternate day calorie restriction , also called intermittent fasting, found that combining ADCR with exercise led to greater weight changes than either dieting or exercise alone.

    Following a VLCD can prevent people from exercising at all.

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    How To Follow It

    The plan sets strict rules for which foods you should consume for 3 consecutive days during the week. During the remaining 4 days, you can enjoy whichever foods youd like.

    This cycle should be repeated at the beginning of the next week as many times as necessary until you reach your goal weight.

    The meal plan provides detailed information about which foods to eat at which meals, as well as the amounts of each food permitted. During the 3 days, no other ingredients are allowed, nor can any substitutions can be made.

    Meals revolve primarily around toast and a source of protein. The calorie count is extremely low, at 8001,000 calories per day.

    The diet sets no guidelines for lifestyle changes, such as physical activity or hydration.


    The 3-Day Cardiac Diet requires dieters to follow a strict meal plan for 3 consecutive days and a normal diet for the remainder of the week.

    Does It Work For Weight Loss

    The Chemical Diet is a very low calorie meal plan that requires you to drastically decrease your food intake.

    In fact, most days on the diet involve eating fewer than 1,000 calories and some days provide only 400500 calories in total.

    Therefore, the diet is likely to cause short-term weight loss by reducing your consumption of calories .

    Although very low calorie diets may be effective initially, studies show that theyre likely to cause weight regain once you resume a typical diet (

    This could make it more difficult to maintain weight loss in the long run.


    The Chemical Diet significantly decreases your daily calorie consumption and may lead to short-term weight loss. However, its unlikely to be effective for maintaining weight loss in the long term.

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    The End Of The Diet Plan

    After the diet, at first you cannot eat very high-calorie foods, you must continue to drink enough water, drink a glass of kefir at night. Do not forget to eat a portion of vegetables and fruits, eat only a few pastries and sweets in the morning, and do not abuse alcohol. Include fitness, pool, Pilates or yoga in your schedule.

    The Chemical Breakdown Diet


    By | Submitted On August 28, 2008

    The Chemical Breakdown Diet comes with claims that it is possible to lose weight quickly – up to 10 lbs over 3 days is widely reported. If you feel the need to shed a little weight fast this is worth considering as the ingredients are foods commonly found in most supermarkets.

    Perhaps better known as the 3 Day Diet and the Tuna Fish Diet, the Chemical Breakdown Diet is reported to succeed due to the chemical reaction of the ingredients in acting on fatty deposits and flushing them out of the system. This fat loss effectively produces a loss in weight.

    Because the ingredients have been selected with this chemical reaction in mind, dieters are advised against substituting other foods and also to follow the order in which the ingredients are meant to be consumed.

    Some versions of the Chemical Breakdown Diet refer to it as the 3 Days On and 4 Days Off Diet, meaning that it is intended to be followed for three days only and there should be four days of normal eating before repeating the diet. Naturally, dieters are cautioned against excessive or unhealthy eating during the four day break if the weight lost is to be permanent.


    Salt and Pepper are the only recommended seasonings. Drink lots of water – 6-8 cups.


    Salt and Pepper are the only recommended seasonings. Drink lots of water – 6-8 cups.

    DAY 1:

    Morning:: 1 tbs of peanut butter allowed with 1 slice of toast, half a grapefruit, and one cup of tea or coffee .

    DAY 2:

    DAY 3:

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    What Is The Military Diet Plan And Does It Work

    Youd be forgiven for thinking the military diet is connected with the organisation because of the name, but its not actually linked at all.

    And, you may also be glad to know it doesnt involve any hard-core military exercises either.

    The diet has been nicknamed the military diet because it is pretty tough to follow.

    It requires three days of a prescribed diet, followed by four days of eating whatever you like .

    Week Chemical Diet Review

    Judging from reviews, the diet is tolerated easily. Some people feel weak and hungry. The results are different for everyone. Someone loses 6 kilograms in 4 weeks, and someone loses weight on 20 kilos. You should understand that the results depend on the state of health of each person and on the number of extra pounds. People with a large mass of excess weight can lose weight faster than those who have too little weight. Menu fans continue the diet for over 1 month to improve results. We further recommend engaging in sports during the diet.

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    Can You Really Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Days On The Military Diet

      The 3 Day Military Diet meal plan promises that you can lose up to 10 pounds in three days. On day 1 of the 3 Day Military Diet meal plan you consume around 1,400 calories, on day 2 around 1,200 calories, and on day 3 around 1,000 calories, although realistically, most of that weight is likely due to fluid loss and not the desired fat loss. Additionally, to achieve the proposed loss, exercise is only suggested but not required in the 3 Day Military Diet meal plan – a key factor in sustained and successful weight loss plans.

      A diet plan that restricts your caloric intake to eating less than 1,000 calories each day has the potential to lower metabolism so when you resume a normal diet you gain the weight back even faster.

      Day Chemical Breakdown Diet What It Is And Is Not


      The 3 Day Chemical Breakdown Diet has been called by many other names such as the 3day heart diet, the Mayo Clinic Diet, and the Cleveland Clinic Diet. Dont befooled by any of these names because it is simply a very low calorie fad diet.Theres no magical chemical breakdown in the 3 day chemical breakdown diet.

      That said, the 3 day chemical breakdown diet is useful for losing about 5 pounds ina very short amount of time. It is a modified fast that allows you to have about750 calories a day. Of course, this isnt sustainable over time, but if you arelooking to lose a small amount of weight in a very short period, it can be agodsend.

      On most sites promoting the diet, you will find warnings that you must follow thestated rules because the foods work in concert to break down fat. There isabsolutely no scientific evidence for this. Instead, as I mentioned before, thisdiet works because it has very low calories. Any 750 calorie diet will do thesame.

      Still, the 3 day chemical breakdown diet provides a nutritious balance of foods forthe 750 calories that you do get. If you are going to try to go on a modifiedfast, you can do worse than the 3 day chemical breakdown diet.

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      Contraindications Of Chemical Diet For A Month

      This diet has several contraindications:

      • Diseases of the digestive system and liver
      • Atherosclerosis
      • Period of pregnancy and breastfeeding
      • Allergy to eggs, citrus and protein
      • Urinary diseases
      • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

      Important! Even if you do not have any complaints, read the contraindications and consult your doctor.

      What Is The 3 Day Military Diet

      3-day military diet meal plan

      We mentioned that there is a diet that can help you lose 8-11 lbs a week, but did we mention that this diet only lasts 3 days? Isnt that good news too?

      This diet plan gives you a 4-day break after 3-days of dieting . This weekly cycle should be repeated until you reach your goal.

      The proponents of this diet say that it was created by the American army to bring its soldiers into good condition in the fastest and most effective way.

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      Day Military Diet Plan For Vegetarians & Vegans

      • 3

      Many people mistake that the military diet menu is only for non-vegetarians and hence stay away from the diet program.

      If youre a vegetarian or a vegan, then here is a good news for you.

      You too can follow the 3 day military diet by substituting the non-veg foods with their veg or vegan military diet alternatives.

      Does The 3 Day Military Diet Work Is It Safe

      The 7 day egg diet

      The 3 Day Military Diet plan may be dangerous or at least, harmful to your metabolism. According to Cindy Moore, former director of nutrition therapy at The Cleveland Clinic, “The only reason it causes weight loss is because it is so low in calories, not because of any food combinations or metabolic reactions.”

      Following a plan with fewer than 1,000 calories a day concerns Moore. “The plan yields about 1,000 calories a day which has the ability to lower metabolism so when you revert back to normal eating, you regain weight even quicker.”

      Moore adds that the diet, “sets up a vicious cycle of being hungry during the restrictive three days and most likely overeating on the off days.”

      Additionally, because the 3 Day Diet is so low in carbohydrates, it’s likely the initial weight loss is primarily water weight, as carbohydrates encourage your body to retain water. As soon as the dieter goes back to consuming a normal amount of carbohydrates, the water weight comes back.

      Weight loss is possible on the 3 Day Diet, but only because it is very low in calories. Going back to so-called “normal eating” does little to promote a healthier lifestyle instead the pattern promotes undesirable yo-yo dieting or an on-again off-again approach to weight management that is not successful long term.Bottom line? Keep looking for a well-balanced weight loss plan that controls calories every day, such as Mediterranean, Vegetarian, or Vegan, or low-fat diets.

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